NBA Star Buys His Teammates EXPENSIVE Rolex Watches

John Wall loves his teammates so much that he gave them all Rolex watches at their before Christmas meeting.

Sometimes it pays to be on a basketball team in the NBA. There’s the multi-million dollar contracts of course, as well as the marketing and product placements, but there’s also the fact that your secret Santa get-togethers can bag you some serious swag.

According to TMZ, John Wall of the Washington Wizards commissioned 16 Rolex watches from Govberg Jewelers in Philadelphia, with the model being President Day-Date. That particular model, besides being a beautiful timepiece, also is so named because it used to be worn by President Eisenhower back in the 50s.

It also retails for $40,000.00 a pop. Multiply that by 16 teammates and you have a $640,000 Christmas giveaway.

Wall captioned the video with, “Merry Christmas to my brothers I love y’ all, Enjoy!!”

Wall presented his teammates with the Rolex’s at the Wizards’ morning meeting before the Holiday break, and they were all stunned. The room was filled with the low murmurs of “oh my god” and “oh my lord,” with quite a few upping the ante to “that’s crazy man” or the timeless “daaaaaamn boy.”


On the back of each watch were each player’s names inscribed on the gold plate.

Before you get too blown away by Wall’s generosity, keep in mind he just signed a $207 million contract extension with the Wizards back in June, so $640 grand is a drop in the bucket. He’ll get way more than $640k back just from the Republican tax cuts alone.

Wall also made headlines recently after the Wizards-Pelicans game last Tuesday, proclaiming that Kentucky Wildcat alims "run the league".

On the court that day alone were six former Wildcats: John Wall, Jodie Meeks, Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins, Rajon Rondo and Darius Miller. Kentucky has the most NBA players, but also some of the league's best with Wall, Karl-Anthony Towns, Devin Booker, and more.

"We've got a lot of pros. We're going to get more and more every year," Wall told Yahoo! Sports. "It's like a brotherhood."


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NBA Star Buys His Teammates EXPENSIVE Rolex Watches