15 NBA Stars More Worried About Chasing Girls Than Championships

There exists a notion that every NBA player enters the league with the goal of winning championships. This idea, furthered by the drive of hyper-competitive stars like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, is borne out of own desire to invest emotionally in the highest level of a sport where the athletes competing care about winning just as much as we do watching the game. It is, however, often challenged by the reality of a culture that rewards NBA players with huge salaries, a glamorous lifestyle and plenty of other perks.

Like bees to honey, there will always be certain women drawn to ball players and the NBA lifestyle. The basic transaction between NBA player and NBA WAG is a long-held staple of the culture surrounding the league. In this modern era of hook-up apps and social media, this once covert interaction has grown increasingly visible, even in the face of unwritten rules that aim to snuff out the circulation of incriminating pics.

There is nothing wrong with a young, successful pro athlete enjoying some extra-curricular activities off the court, albeit hopefully infidelity isn't involved. As it pertains to basketball, though, a player's skirt-chasing will only grow problematic when it gets in the way of ring-chasing. And if you think that NBA stars are too smart to let such distractions consume them, then you probably have a little to much faith in some of these players. Remarkably, some of the biggest names in recent league history have taken their eye off the ball in pursuit of a partner.

15 Kris Humphries

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We all surely remember the tabloid-friendly, 72-day marriage of Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian back in 2011. It's legitimacy was brought into question, especially given that the couple agreed to have their nuptials aired on E!

The marriage to Kim Kardashian did considerably raise the profile of the journeyman power forward.

Now, the question is whether that's been a good thing for Humphries. Along the way to a 13-year NBA career that has stalled this season based on a lack of interest from teams, the Minnesota alum has never struggled to find a date, particularly post-divorce. The challenge for Humphries comes in who he can trust. On top of a public feud with Kim, the 6'11 rebounder has found himself victimized by a woman who claimed that he gave her an illness and another flame who attempted to extort money from him. In this case, you could almost sympathize with the poor guy's clouded focus.

14 Nick Young

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They don't call him 'Swaggy P' for nothing. Nick Young has certainly made the most of the opportunities afforded to him by playing in marquee markets like Los Angeles with the Lakers and with the NBA superpower Golden State Warriors.

The self-assured shooter is best known for his relationship with pop star Iggy Azalea.

But that's hardly where his Rolodex (okay no one has those anymore, but I digress) ends. Things with Azalea, his one-time fiancee, didn't end well for Young. The "Fancy" singer dumped the former USC standout amidst allegations of cheating. He had reportedly been bringing women back to their home while the rapper was touring and even reignited a previous romance that resulted in an unexpected pregnancy. Think that Young might be regretting his 2015 Halloween costume, in which he was dressed as a present bearing a tag that said, "To: Women, From: God"?

13 Dwyane Wade

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If you evaluate Dwyane Wade based solely off of his arrival in the NBA out of Marquette and latter years as a league veteran boasting a Hall of Fame resume, you'd likely conclude that D-Wade was practically a choir boy. He entered the league while already married to his high school sweetheart Siovaughn Funches, who is also the mother of his first two children. Since 2014, the 2006 Finals MVP has been married to his long-time girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union. Both seemingly idyllic relationships had some serious rough patches for Wade.

With Funches, the three-time NBA champion filed for divorce in 2007 but was mired in a legal battle all the way up to 2013 before reaching a settlement.

His union with Union (sorry, had to!) appears considerably happier at the moment, although even that relationship featured a break in which Wade fathered a child with another woman.

12 Kyrie Irving

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It's good to be Kyrie Irving. Already an NBA champion, Irving looks to have gotten off the sinking ship of the Cleveland Cavaliers at just the right time as he now anchors the Eastern Conference-leading Boston Celtics. This considerable luck has carried over for the former No. 1 overall pick off of the court too.

Based on pics and chatter on social media, Irving doesn't seem like he has too much trouble when it comes to courting ladies.

Based on most online accounts of his dating habits, the superstar point guard has bounced between three serious relationships while in the NBA: baby mama Andrea Wilson, singer-songwriter Kehlani and popular Instagram-er Chantel Jeffries. In between those, Irving has still found time to engage in plenty of off-court activities, not the least of which was a yacht party filled with scantily clad - and almost exclusively white - women.

11 Joel Embiid

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Does anybody ever ask Joel Embiid about basketball? Whether it is injuries that cost him what should have been his rookie season, his involvement in "The Process" in Philly or his well-documented skirt-chasing since arriving in the NBA, it seems that on-court activities are the least interesting part of the Sixers' budding superstar centre. His interesting life includes a selfie posted last Valentine's Day of him posed shirtless next to reality star Olivia Pierson. Soon after Pierson posted the photo on Instagram, however, the 23-year-old seven footer replied with #FakeNews scrawled across the pic.

While Pierson may no longer be in his life, he has recently been apparently trying to catch the attention of Canadian model Danielle Knudson.

One woman he definitely can no longer be linked to is Rihanna, whom he famously pursued in his rookie year before being allegedly told to become an All-Star first.

10 Chandler Parsons

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As unlucky as Chandler Parsons has been when it comes to staying on the court, the same cannot be said for his fortune in the female department. Evidence of the part-time model's plentiful companionship isn't exactly hard to come by online. One Elite Daily post from back in 2015 titled "Chandler Parsons Is Actually The Biggest Playboy in the NBA" embarked upon the daunting undertaking of chronicling all of his known liaisons, but who knows how many more women there have been. Those women include the likes of Kendall Jenner, supermodel Nina Agdal, actress Bella Thorne and former Leo DiCaprio flame Toni Garrn. Oh, and if you don't already hate the guy, the sharpshooter is in the midst of a contract that will pay him $94 million through 2020.

9 Klay Thompson

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Most NBA followers are readily familiar with the cute love story of Steph Curry, who met his wife, Ayesha, at just 14 years of age. Less is widely known, however, about the personal life of his fellow Splash Brother, Klay Thompson. Perhaps that's because that while Ayesha stands as a very public presence in Curry's life, Thompson plays his love life decidedly more close to the vest.

The three-time All-Star and son of NBA veteran Mychal Thompson can try to keep things under wraps all he wants, but social media seems to know all. It was Instagram model Hannah Stocking who spilled the details on catching Thompson with another woman while fellow social media mega-star Abigail Ratchford brought her own relationship with the Golden State Warriors shooting guard to light by posting pictures with his dog, Rocco.

8 Royce White

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There is, no doubt, a dubious notoriety for an NBA player that comes with the rare distinction of having more baby mamas than career games played. Though not exactly the type of stat you can track on NBA.com, it seems fair to assume that Royce White is part of a decidedly small fraternity - if not the group's lone member.

According to various reports, the 16th overall pick of the 2012 NBA Draft has sired children with five different women, which would put him two ahead of his career games played mark to date (three).

White, of course, has experienced well-documented mental health challenges that stand at odds with the typical NBA lifestyle, including anxiety over flying. That complex issue aside, it's hard to offer much sympathy for baby mama drama that reportedly includes offering money to encourage one of his conquests to not have the baby.

7 Quincy Miller

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In the life of NBA WAGs, you don't always go home with the superstar. Despite hardly being a household name, Quincy Miller has reportedly done fairly well for himself off the court. The former Denver Nuggets guard isn't even in the league right now, but he does seem to be a prominent name on Baller Alert, a website dedicated to tales of late night shenanigans. Most of the accounts on the site aren't exactly fit for publication here.

Multiple supposed first-hand reports on Miller have highlighted the 25-year-old's considerable endowment.

While we certainly aren't in any position to verify these claims, there is always strength in numbers. What doesn't help is being called out for getting around by none other than the daughter of Deion Sanders. Who knows - maybe Miller would still be in the NBA if he wasn't so preoccupied off of the court.

6 Chris Duhon

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Even though he stuck around long enough to play in over 600 career games, there was nothing particularly exciting about Chris Duhon's NBA game. Prior to reaching the NBA, however, Duhon's profile was considerably higher as the big man on campus with the Duke Blue Devils and he even won a national championship. That kind of status in college can have certain perks to it.

A married man since 2010, Duhon certainly didn't seem to be quite so monogamous during his Duke days.

He can be found in many photos surrounded by women, apparently enjoying himself. One photo even features the former McDonald's All-American performing what appears to be an exotic dance on a female companion in a dorm room, all the while keeping a $5 bill in between his teeth.

5 Amar'e Stoudemire

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Amar'e Stoudemire is a far different person now than he was in his NBA days. Since last playing in the league in 2016, the 14-year veteran has explored his "culturally Jewish" roots and even led the Hapoel Jerusalem team he owns to the Israeli League championship. This cultural journey has come alongside just one woman - his wife Alexis Welch, who is also the mother of his four children. Being a one-woman man wasn't always the case for the six-time NBA All-Star.

Prior to Welch, Stoudemire engaged in an extensive series of trysts that allegedly included the likes of Serena Williams, Ciara and Amber Rose.

As such, he was a frequent presence on Page Six, the New York Post's gossip column, during his five seasons in the Big Apple. Stoudemire allegedly fathered a baby girl out of wedlock with another woman during his one season with the Miami Heat.

4 Paul George

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They call him PG-13, but Oklahoma City Thunder star Paul George's love life has been anything but.

It's easy to see the appeal of the 27-year-old, given his superstar status and the fact that he is poised to cash in big in free agency as early as this summer.

The soon-to-be five-time All-Star hasn't always done the right thing when it comes to women. His sometimes chaotic and tumultuous love life might be best summarized with this confounding TotalProSports.com headline from last summer: "Pacers’ Paul George Expecting 2nd Child With Woman He Tried To Pay To Not Have The 1st One". Indeed, George reportedly offered her $1 million to not give birth, resulting in lawsuits both ways. Apparently, he is now set to father another child with the same woman.

3 Dwight Howard

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Clark Kent could scale tall buildings in a single bound when he transformed into his alter ego. When it comes to the 'other' Superman, however, it seems that Dwight Howard's super power is being uniquely adept at impregnating women. A devout Christian upon entering the league out of high school, the 2004 first overall pick emerged from something of a sheltered existence to a riches-filled NBA lifestyle.

An instant star for the Orlando Magic, Howard quickly found himself submerged in an intoxicating wave of attention. Suddenly, beautiful women were readily available to him, an opportunity he certainly took advantage of. He has since admitted to fathering five children with five different women. The three-time Defensive Player of the Year has been linked to a series of baller chasers over his career until most recently getting engaged to Christina Vest, the mother of his four-year-old son, Dwight Jr.

2 JR Smith

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A key contributor on the 2016 NBA champions and reigning three-time finalists, JR Smith has been riding high over the past few seasons - well, at least until this year's spontaneous combustion by the Cleveland Cavaliers. The rap sheet on Smith is a lengthy one, including arrests off the court and inane antics like untying opponents' shoelaces on it.

What many fans best remember about JR Swish, however is an incredible leaked DM back in 2013 with a random groupie in which he unambiguously asks her, "You trying to get the pipe?" He's hardly been shy about flaunting his antics online, tweeting out an intimate picture of model Tahiry Jose. Maybe Smith, who dumped a girlfriend of two years and married his baby mama days later back in 2015, wasn't wrong when he tweeted that he could, "have his pick of the litter."

1 James Harden

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An insightful Sports Illustrated profile published last March delved into the changes undergone by Houston Rockets superstar guard James Harden in his bid to simplify life and weed out distractions. One quick Google image search for "James Harden women" tells you all you need to know about that previous lifestyle of 'The Beard'.

Whether he wants the pictures out there or not, there exists a plethora of rather incriminating shots depicting Harden enjoying the company of a vast array of female followers. Known to have dated Khloe Kardashian and a handful of porn stars in the past, the Houston Rockets superstar has been photographed with a slew of ladies hanging off of him at a white party and, more controversially, been the subject of a picture with a random girl - while he was asleep.

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