15 NBA Stars Who Need To Change Teams This Off-Season

With this year’s hectic NBA trade deadline finally passed, it is now time to look toward the playoffs and off-season. The trade deadline brought upon a lot of surprises, mainly from the Cleveland Cavaliers, and this very well will impact the way the off-season goes down. As every NBA fan knows, this year’s free agency class has some of the biggest names in the entire league and it is expected that a lot of them will be switching teams. Yet, what many people do not realize is that there is also an abundance of players who are locked on deals who are likely to be traded as well. This off-season could very well go down as one of the biggest in the entire history of the NBA and we as fans should be extremely excited.

With all that said, in this article, we will be looking at fifteen NBA players who absolutely will be moving on to a new team this off-season. This list will have players who will be free agents, but also potential trade candidates. It is important to note that the trade deadline this year very well could severely impact the way the off-season goes down for many teams. There has definitely been a switch in power by specific teams and that will be discussed further in detail as this article progresses. At the end of the day, we can expect that these moves will end up determining the futures of many organizations around the league.

Nonetheless, let’s take a look at the fifteen NBA players who will be signing to new teams this off-season!

15 Avery Bradley: San Antonio Spurs

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Avery Bradley is going to be one of the most popular players available this off-season because he is a solid depth player. Although he is not necessarily a star in nature, he is a good player that a team can use off the bench. This season has been a bit of whirlwind for the veteran, so he will definitely look for a contract that will provide him with some security. At this point, he deserves that.

The San Antonio Spurs were rumoured to be interested in Avery Bradley on deadline day, but a deal did not go through. With that said, the Spurs may look to bring him in this off-season so they can add some depth to their top tier lineup. The price for Bradley should also be fairly cheap, so this is something the Spurs should end up doing. It could end up benefiting them immensely.

14 DeAndre Jordan: Philadelphia 76ers

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The Los Angeles Clippers have had an absolute fire sale and made it clear when they traded their franchise star, Blake Griffin. With that said, it is extremely shocking that they did not trade DeAndre Jordan this deadline and now are at risk of losing for nothing. With the way the clippers are as a team now, this is extremely likely. Jordan wants to play on a winning team at this stage in his career.

DeAndre Jordan should join a team with a bright future and the Philadelphia 76ers fit that description. The 76ers have an elite group of players, but could use another star on their roster to make them become contenders. The 76ers also have a lot of money as of now and should use it to better their team. This signing would make a lot of sense for both parties.

13 Derrick Rose: Miami Heat

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Rose was traded yesterday from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Utah Jazz. He is expected to be let go by the Jazz and hit the open market. Although Rose has been injured a lot over the past few years, he has been effective and should end up with another contract next season. The real question that looms is where would be a good fit for the former MVP.

The Miami Heat would be an intriguing option because they are a team that are looking to contend again. They picked up Dwyane Wade yesterday as well, so this could be the perfect time to acquire some veterans. A Derrick Rose contract would most certainly be cheap as well, so this is something that makes sense on all levels. Will it happen though?

12 Kevin Love: Utah Jazz

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Shockingly, the Cleveland Cavaliers decided to not move Kevin Love at the deadline. There have been reports that the Cavs have been very angry with Love and that he could be a negative influence on the locker room. Yet, he is still a member of the Cavs today and will be on their roster for their playoff run.

Yet, there should be little doubt that Kevin Love will end up traded this off-season. When it has been made to the public that you are disliked on your team, moves normally follow. The Utah Jazz would be an excellent team to acquire Love because they are on the rise and could use a superstar. It could be a career saver for Love and make him elite once again.

11 Isaiah Thomas: Chicago Bulls

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Isaiah Thomas found himself traded at the deadline shortly after stating that he wanted to stay in Cleveland. This is a heartbreaking experience for Thomas because all he wants to do is be on a team long term. Yet, Thomas simply was underachieving in Cleveland and definitely needs a fresh start with Los Angeles. Yet, will he stay on the rebuilding Lakers?

Isaiah Thomas wants the opportunity to be the number one guy like he was in Boston. With that said, the Chicago Bulls would be perfect because they currently are on the rise. This would also give Thomas the chance to secure a long term deal with a team that definitely would want him. Although the first year or two may be hard, the future is bright in Chicago.

10 DeMarcus Cousins: Washington Wizards

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When looking at how severe DeMarcus Cousins’ injury was, it was incredibly depressing, especially after his stellar season. Cousins was on the verge of getting a massive contract this summer, but the injury may hurt his chances a bit. However, Cousins will have the chance to be a star where ever he decides to sign and it is easy to understand why.

DeMarcus Cousins would be an excellent fit with the Washington Wizards because they are already extremely talented and have the opportunity to win. With a team centred around John Wall, Cousins would have the chance to put up some huge points with the club. Although it may be hard for him to leave New Orleans, it may be the best time for him to cash out.

9 Tyreke Evans: New York Knicks

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Tyreke Evans was expected to be traded at the deadline, but the Memphis Grizzlies simply asked for too much. Now with that, the Grizzles are extremely likely to lose Evans for absolutely nothing. This is a massive mistake for a team that is trying to find an identity and improve with their youth. It is time for Evans to move on.

The New York Knicks would be a surprising option for Evans, but would be an excellent choice. There is no doubt that the Knicks are finally getting better and could use a star on their roster to help their core. Although it would cost them a lot, New York would benefit immensely and finally have extra support.

8 Marc Gasol: Toronto Raptors

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Marc Gasol is one of the top players in the NBA and has found himself in the rumour mill quite a lot. The Memphis Grizzlies simply have not been able to form a good team around him and it is finally catching up with them. There is no doubt that they should look to move Gasol because they are wasting his prime years. They could use the assets for him.

Marc Gasol has been rumoured to be traded to the Toronto Raptors for quite some time and it should happen this off-season. The Raptors are often forgotten when looking at the best teams in the league, so adding Gasol would change that immensely. It would allow them to compete with the Celtics and Cavs far more.

7 Kemba Walker: Detroit Pistons

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Kemba Walker was one of the top NBA players available at the deadline and almost got traded to the Spurs. Yet, the Charlotte Hornets simply asked for way too much and the deal was not finalized. Walker still has a year on his deal, so this is not a huge deal, but they need to rid of him for team morale. It is time for the Hornets to retool their roster.

The Detroit Pistons shocked the NBA world when they traded for Blake Griffin and showed fans that they are soon to be contenders. Kemba Walker would be an excellent addition to their squad because he is an all star who knows how to be clutch at the best times. Walker would instantly make the Pistons far better and would take less pressure off of Griffin.

6 Carmelo Anthony: Minnesota Timberwolves

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Carmelo Anthony is one of the best players in the league even with his age, but his time of winning a championship is decreasing rapidly. When he was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder, many thought this could finally be the year he wins. Yet, the Thunder this season are average at best and are not threats to win at all. With that said, it is Anthony’s time to move on to a team who may win.

With Paul George’s contract expiring as well, there is a good chance Anthony will opt to move on from OKC. Anthony should look at the Minnesota Timberwolves because they are looking great this season and are definitely on the verge of being legitimate contenders. A one year deal would be safest for Anthony though because he is of an older age and he will want to continue going to the teams with the best chances.

5 Paul George: Los Angeles Lakers

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking of Paul George, he most likely will choose to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder as well. He wants the opportunity to be the top guy on his roster and the franchise player. That simply can’t happen with Russell Westbrook in OKC. With that said, it is extremely likely that he will opt to leave and join a new squad. It will not be challenging for George to find a new team because he is one of the best players in the entire NBA.

Paul George has been linked to the Los Angeles Lakers for quite some time, so it is easy to believe he will end up there. Although they are rebuilding, they have the finances and market to build a contender very quickly. George will be the first step in making this happen and he will cause many more stars to want to go there too. This in return, will make the Lakers a top tier squad again and could even net them some championships.

4 Seth Curry: Golden State Warriors

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Seth Curry is currently doing well with the Dallas Mavericks and due to this, has decent value. With the Mavs being a rebuilding squad and Curry’s contract expiring next season, it is time for them to look to move him. The Mavericks are unlikely to be able to keep his services, so they should avoid losing him for absolutely nothing.

This may be an extremely strange situation, but Seth Curry would look absolutely sick in a Golden State Warriors jersey playing with his brother. The Curry Brothers could dominate the floor together, with Seth coming off the bench. Although Seth is definitely not a superstar, he would be an excellent and cheap player for Golden State to have off the bench.

3 JJ Redick: Orlando Magic

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

J.J. Redick may not be an elite basketball player to some, but he is one of the top players on the 76ers as of now and should have a good payday this summer. Redick has not lost his touch with his three point shots and that will end up making him an impactful player until he decides to permanently retire. The real question is, where might he end up?

J.J. Redick was a fan favourite on the Orlando Magic so a potential move back to there would make a lot of sense. Redick could be the go to guy on the rebuilding Magic and help the club find their ways. Although Redick would not have the chance to win the NBA title with them, he could build his value as a leader there and show his true skill.

2 LeBron James: Houston Rockets

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James will definitely be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers after this season because of how badly the organization handled the roster and he wants to win. James is still the best player in the entire game, but as of late, he is far too concerned with his own legacy, rather than his club. With that said, there is no way he will be back in Cleveland and he will fleece them yet again.

LeBron James will be a member of the Houston Rockets after this season because they have the money and team to make it happen. James Harden and LeBron James on the same team would easily make the Rockets compete with the Golden State Warriors and may finally knock down their dynasty. This is essential for James if he wants to win again.

1 Anthony Davis: Boston Celtics

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Pelicans said that they are not going to trade Anthony Davis, but with all the rumours that are present, it is hard to buy that entirely. The Pelicans are a team that will simply never win with their lack of money and lacklustre roster of players. Yet, they also cannot fully rebuild and tank because they have a star of Anthony Davis’ caliber. This is where the situation gets intriguing.

Anthony Davis is a huge candidate to get traded because of these facts. The Boston Celtics are the team that has shown the most interest in Davis and it is extremely likely that they are the only team that have the assets to bring him in. Davis could be the final player that allows the Celtics to become the best team in the entire NBA. With the C’s desperation and hunger to win, this is likely to happen this off-season.

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