10 NBA Uniforms We Never Want To See Again And 10 That Should Be Brought Back

We have seen a multitude of NBA franchises use different uniforms throughout their time in the league. Some franchises have changed things up when it comes to their uniforms more than other teams, as we have seen teams like the Celtics or the Lakers keep their classic uniforms in tact over decades of competing in the league while other teams have tried utilizing many different designs to make their jerseys pop on teh court. There has been a lot of NBA uniforms that are absolutely awesome, and we have also seen some uniforms we can't believe made it out of the design room of the organization. Basketball may be the biggest sport to utilize some real artistic designs in their uniforms, which is why this article is being written, as there are plenty of terrible uniforms we never want to see again, and there are certainly some great NBA uniforms we would like to be seen brought back.

In this article, we will be looking at 20 NBA uniforms that have been deployed onto the court, 10 of which we never want to see again, and 10 that we wish are brought back into the league.

As always, feel free to leave any other uniforms you never want to see again or wish was brought back in the comment section below, as we would love to hear your thoughts on this article.

Here are 10 NBA uniforms we never want to see again and 10 that should be brought back.


20 Never Again: Bulls' "Stag" Throwbacks

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These were some interesting uniforms the Bulls designed to pay homage to the Chicago Stags, the basketball team who was playing for Chicago before it was the iconic Bulls.

It's not often we see multi colored uniforms when it comes to the jersey and the shorts, and that's probably a good idea, as it looks pretty ugly on the court.

This is a uniform we would rather not see the Bulls have their players wear ever again. These look like uniforms a team would wear in a semi pro league, or some alternate Harlem Globetrotters getup. They just don't belong on a modern NBA court.

19 Bring Back: '80s Nuggets

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The Nuggets had some of the best uniforms in the history of the league back in the 80s, due to their willingness to think outside the box unlike some other franchises. The mountains behind the city outline is awesome, and the colors that shine across the front of the jersey look great.

The Nuggets jerseys look a lot cleaner in today's day and age, but we would love to see these brought back even if some feel that these uniforms have past their prime when it comes to jersey design. Not often do you see a rainbow color scheme work on a jersey.

18 Never Again: 76ers' Shooting Stars

via cbsphilly.com

These are certainly some of the ugliest uniforms we have ever seen in the NBA, and sadly, it's my hometown favorites, the 76ers. These looked like something a 3rd grader would have designed, as the shooting stars across the uniforms just don't look good.

I know I just said it's good to think outside the box like the Nuggets above, but these just weren't the ones for Philly. We hope to never see these on an NBA court again, as they are just bad for a multitude of reasons. The Sixers have always had a good color scheme and this was just a poor use of the red, white and blue.

17 Bring Back: Jazz Mountain Unis

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These are some of the best uniforms in the history of the NBA, as John Stockton and Karl Malone dominated in style throughout the 80s and most of the 90s.

The dark colors fit the Jazz well, but obviously the focus point in these uniforms is the crisp mountains behind the Jazz logo, which really makes these uniforms a cut above the rest.

While the success the Jazz had in these uniforms made them a bit better, they are some awesome uniforms we would love to see the Jazz wear this upcoming season. They just felt like they were a better fit for the state of Utah.

16 Never Again: Vertical Blazers

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These Blazers jerseys from the late 70s are some digs that we are hoping to never see again on an NBA floor, especially with the Trail Blazers having some pretty cool uniforms in today's league.

What makes these jerseys terrible is the vertical text down the left side of the jersey, saying "blazers," this doesn't really look good at all and even though they had the legendary Bill Walton wearing them, lets leave these in the 70s for sure. Unfortunately, we get the funny feeling that with all the alternate NBA jerseys we see nowadays, that it's only a matter of time before the Blazers try this again.

15 Bring Back: Raptors' Pin Stripes

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I couldn't fathom that some sports lists had these as the worst Raptors' jerseys of all-time. We here at TheSportster think otherwise, as these are some really great jerseys that the Raptors had back when they had Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady on the same team years ago.

The pinstripes are a nice touch, and the Raptor and font on the front looks really good.

The best part of the uniform however, could be the name on the back, as it looks really great with the black background and silver shards on top. When you have a team name as cartoonish as 'Raptors' the uniforms should be over the top.

14 Never Again: Toronto Camo

Rick Madonik/Toronto Star

Staying with the Toronto Raptors franchise for this one, these camo uniforms they wore a few seasons back just did not hit the mark, and we rather not see them try these again. The Spurs already payed homage to the troops with a better uniform than these, and we would much just rather the Raptors play in their old Carter and McGrady uniforms than trying out designs like these. Camouflage is something that is best left for the field, not the court. While the cause was certainly a noble one, camouflage just doesn't work on a basketball court.

13 Bring Back: High Flying Hawks

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The Hawks used to rock these back when Dominque Wilkins was dominating the league for them with his insane athletic abilities. While they looked good based on skill alone, the uniforms they wore helped in that category as well, as they certainly were some of the better uniforms we saw come out of that era.

The colors, despite being a bit McDonald's-ish, looked vibrant on the court, and the white stripes with the red lettering made these logos pop out nicely. The Hawks' current unis are pretty sharp, but these would be worth bringing back on occasion as a third jersey.

12 Never Again: Grizzlies' Tams Throwbacks

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The Grizzlies wanted to throw it back to their days as the Memphis Tams when they played in the ABA in the 70s, but this just goes to show that uniforms from that era don't always work well in the modern era of basketball.

As you can see above, they went with a yellow jersey and green shorts, which obviously doesn't mesh very well together.

Green and yellow can make for a cool color scheme, but this wasn't a good use for it.

While the Grizzlies currently have some uniforms that could be tweaked, this is not better for the franchise and should not be brought back again.

11 Bring Back: KG Era Timberwolves

via si.com

These Timberwolves uniforms were maybe the best in the league. KG was drafted back in 1996, as he turned the franchise around and did it in some pretty awesome jerseys. The logo for the team was a great font that fit the Wolves theme nicely, and the number font is really great as well as it moves away from that same basic number font we see all the time in sports.

Also, the green trees or whatever that is around the side and neck of the uniform looks great, as these jerseys pop in white, blue, or black. Karl-Anthony Towns would look pretty cool rocking these.

10 Never Again: Gold Kings

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The Kings introduced these gold uniforms back in 2005, and they stayed on the court in Sacramento for a whole two years before they were finally pulled. These uniforms went for an all gold look, which just doesn't look good. Yes, we get the Kings were going for a monarch theme, but gold is better as a secondary color on a jersey. It didn't help that the Kings struggled immensely through those seasons, as fans came to hate seeing Kings players in these all gold uniforms losing games.

It's okay to use a touch of gold, but all gold uniforms is not the way to go and you can see why.

9 Bring Back: Vancouver Grizzlies

via vancitybuzz.com

It's hard to believe you can find these retro throwbacks on a lot of ugly NBA uniform lists, as these were some of the best uniforms in the league when they were around back in the late 90's and early 2000's.

These jerseys did have a lot going on, but it was the right move for the team from Canada, as they were new to the league and needed a standout uniform.

The logo on the front is interesting and the designs on the neck and arm stitching is great. These uniforms didn't stick around for long, but we would love to see the current Grizzlies throw it back to their old Vancouver days.

8 Never Again: Shiny Mavericks

via spotsillustrated.com

These Dallas Mavericks uniforms were worn for just one game, yes, just one game in 2003, before being pulled and never worn again. These uniforms were something different than we have seen before, as they absolutely shimmered on the court, using a new material that just didn't work.

They were dubbed "the trashcan jerseys" and other unflattering names, as these are some uniforms we don't even have to wish to never see again.

The Mavericks assistant equipment manager at the time recently expressed fondness for the unis:

“The color scheme of a gray or a metallic was great,” Al Whitley remembered. “With our royal blue, it really popped. I thought it would be a popular jersey.”

We'll respectfully disagree with Mr. Whitley.

7 Bring Back: Pacers' Pinstripes

via bleacherreport.com

There is something about pinstripes on an NBA uniform that just looks right. Several teams have tried it and it's very rare that the look doesn't work. These old Pacers uniforms were some of the best in the game back then.

Reggie Miller was wearing these uniforms as he was hitting big shots with Indiana, becoming one of the better teams in the East.

The Pacers uniforms now certainly don't look like these, as they have a circular logo now with the number in the middle. If they want to go back to these old classics, nobody would be mad.

6 Never Again: Two-Tone Kings

via si.com

We saw these uniforms debuted in the 90s with the Kings as an alternate uniform, and it wasn't a well liked jersey then, so why they brought it back a few seasons ago was a head scratcher. You can see why we don't want these uniforms to ever come back, as a few odd choices outweigh whatever cool designs the Kings were thinking, as the purple and black color split is just bad. The checkered siding looks like it would be better suited for Nascar, which is why these are some of the worst uniforms we have seen in the NBA.

5 Bring Back: 90s Hawks

Al Bello /Allsport

Another retro uniform you can sometimes find on a "worst NBA uniforms of all-time," these uniforms the Hawks had in the 90's were actually awesome, not ugly in any way. Over the top? Yes. But, they were unique. The gradient color choices of the red fading to the black looks great, and the number in the top right is a nice choice, rather than having it right under the logo in the middle of the jersey like a lot of other franchises have. The Hawks have had some great uniforms, but this may take the cake for them as we want Atlanta to bring these back.

4 Never Again: Teal Pistons


No, no, no. Grant Hill was taking the league by storm in these uniforms, but they were really ugly due to the terrible color scheme, which is why these didn't last long before being pulled for a much more rich blue and red style.

The Pistons shouldn't have tried this new color scheme, as the light teal is just bad for a primary color.

The Pistons original blue and red color scheme is much better suited for the NBA court. Unsurprisingly, the Pistons didn't stick with this color scheme for long and went back to a style far more similar to their bad boys days.

3 Bring Back: Iverson's Sixers

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Allen Iverson would have looked good hooping in any jersey back in the early 2000s, but the 76ers really found a good look during that era, and it is a shame they strayed away from it into the new era of the game. The Sixers logo with the ball shooting around it was classic, and the black and red colors rather than a more blue and red scheme looked great for a team such as Philadelphia. The 76ers should look into bringing these back to the City of Brotherly Love. While their current unis are great, it'd be cool to see these on occasion as a third jersey.

2 Never Again: Buffalo Braves Throwbacks

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The Clippers payed homage to their old team the Buffalo Braves, and the uniforms they designed to take us back to the 70s was, well ugly.

The colors look like they should be the Cleveland Browns, and the stripes down the jersey and the pants just clash terribly, with the Braves logo being lost in it as well.

We'd be really surprised if these jerseys actually sold when they were briefly brought back.

If the Clippers want to pay tribute to the Braves again that's fine, but they better design a new jersey because we don't want to see these again.

1 Bring Back: Big Bucks

via nba.com

There is just something awesome about a gradient color-way on an NBA uniform that is done right, and you can see an example above. The focus point of these uniforms are certainly the giant buck on the left side, but the purple fading into green on the Buck adds to the uniform nicely. Green and purple go well with Milwaukee, and the organization didn't change up the colors which is why these should be brought back for the current team to play with.

So, out of all the jerseys you've seen on this list, which do you feel should be brought back to the NBA?

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