NBA WAGs: Ayseha Curry Vs. La La Vasquez - Who's More Attractive?

It's obvious that professional athletes most likely have attractive wives and girlfriends. A lot of women throw themselves at pro athletes because of their fortunes and swaggers, even if the men are just decent looking and nowhere near handsome.

NBA WAGs are often known for appearing in reality television shows, but let's take a look at two WAGs who are more independent than dependent. Their names are Ayesha Curry and La La Vasquez. Ayesha is the wife of Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry and La La is the estranged wife of Oklahoma City Thunder power forward Carmelo Anthony.

These two women live in different worlds. Ayesha is a celebrity chef who hosts a Food Network show called Ayesha's Homemade and owns a pop-up restaurant in San Francisco, Calif., called International Smoke. Ayesha has also written a cookbook titled The Seasoned Life: Food, Family, Faith, and the Joy of Eating Well. On the contrary, La La is a television personality who has starred in La La's Full Court Life and La La's Full Court Wedding. La La is also a New York Times best-selling author who wrote a book titled The Love Playbook.

Both Ayesha and La La are good-looking women who are successful in their own rights, so it can be debatable if you want to discuss which one of the two are more attractive. We also had a tough time choosing which lady has the upper hand, but we compiled a list to compare the two ladies. We will take you through some interesting facts and accomplishments of theirs, accompanied by some very lovely pictures and you get to decide who you'd rather take home.

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16 Ayesha: The Seasoned Life

via justjared.com

Ayesha's culinary career took off after she released a cookbook titled The Seasoned Life in 2016. Since then, she began to host her own show Ayesha's Homemade on the Food Network and even collaborated with famous chef Michael Mina to create a pop-up restaurant called International Smoke.

Ayesha seems to be a busy mother who raises her two daughters Riley and Ryan, but she reportedly wouldn't have it any other way. She has the looks and the cooking skills, so it would be a shame if she put them on the back burner to focus on becoming a full-time and/or stay-at-home mom. It's good to see her forming her own career, rather than just settling on being Mrs. Curry. But hey, she has to relax on the beach every once in a while, right?

Keep doing your thing, Ayesha!

15 La La: Full Court Wedding

via atoz.com

Not to be outdone, we thought we'd come back with La La hanging by the beach. La La actually began her entertainment career at the age of 15 as an intern for WQHT-FM, 97.1 in Atlanta, Georgia, and later served as a co-host in her radio show "The B-Syde" on 92.3 The Beat in Los Angeles, Calif. She continued to rise to prominence after getting engaged to Melo, giving birth to their son Kiyan and tying the knot with him at Cipriani's in New York City.

The couple's wedding was aired on La La's Full Court Wedding. Their personal lives were chronicled on La La's Full Court Life. The couple have been separated since April 2017, but let's remember them in happier times. La La was every bit the beautiful bride every man dreams about. Let's also hope Melo will try to salvage his marriage to this lovely lady.

14 Ayesha: Plaid

via pinterest.com

Unlike La La, Ayesha appears to be a little more laid-back when it comes to her fashion sense. Maybe it's because of the fact the Bay Area is hella chill. Who knows?

In this photo, Ayesha sort of looks like a college student who's getting ready for a long day of classes. Why's that? She's rocking a lengthy hot pink plaid shirt, black tank top, dark gray leggings and matching booties.

Despite the youthful look, there's nothing wrong with Ayesha looking younger than her age because that just means she still got it. There's no doubt the mother of two continues to look like a cute brunette. It's like her and her husband are two people that just don't age.

13 La La: Denim

via vogue.com

La La may have an exquisite taste for clothing and accessories, but added a touch of a girl-next-door quality to her debut denim collection, where all items are priced at $120 or lower, regardless of size and style.

“Denim is a universal language in clothing,” La La told Vogue. “We go from size 0 to 24, which is amazing because we can cater to all body types.”

As for the authenticity of this photo, La La appears to be working them jeans that flatter her thick curves and effortlessly paired the jeans with a simple gray jacket and white top. Her entire silhouette looks absolutely perfect in this casual outfit.

12 Ayesha: Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Ayesha and Steph Curry have a very interesting relationship. They first met when they were kids at church, but after Ayesha moved away from Charlotte to L.A. to pursue an acting career, her and Steph lost touch. They eventually reconnected through Facebook and while Steph was in the area for a basketball camp, he asked her if she wanted to hang out. “She tried to play me off, saying we could hang out another time if I was ever back in town,” Stephen told The Charlotte Observer. “She didn’t know I was coming back the next week.”

They had their first date in L.A. and from there, their relationship blossomed. Eventually Ayesha professed her love for Steph, but he didn't say it back, saying that he was very careful about how he'd ever tell somebody he loved them. There's certainly no question about that now.

11 La La: Puerto Rican Beauty

Ladies...Fall in love with YOURSELF FIRST ❤️🇵🇷#boricua

A post shared by LaLa (@lala) on

La La certainly knows how to show off her god-given curves while proudly displaying the flag of Puerto Rico. In 2017, the Power actress traveled to Puerto Rico and celebrated the breathtaking island with smokin' hot swimwears. She's the estranged wife of Melo, who allegedly cheated on her, but the front view of the 38-year-old is not bad. If you didn't know what the Puerto Rican flag looked like before, you sure won't forget it now. She captioned the photo: "Ladies...Fall in love with YOURSELF FIRST ❤️?? #boricua"

Both of La La's parents are Nuyorican so it makes perfect sense their eldest daughter hasn't forgotten her roots. La La is a steamy Puerto Rican woman who apparently does it all while looking like a million bucks. Buen trabajo chica!

10 Ayesha: Red Carpet

via chicago.cbslocal.com

Let's take a look back at the 2016 ESPY's, where Steph and Ayesha walked the red carpet in a satin blue suit and red sequined dress.

Steph was announced the first winner of the evening and picked up an award for Best Record-Breaking Performance for his three-pointers in a single season. During his speech, he commended his fellow NBA players for speaking out about Black Lives Matter at the beginning of the show.

Ayesha also turned heads at the show with her designer dress, shoes and accessories. It was more of a low-key ensemble, but the minimalism brought out her inner glow, which made her look 10 times more beautiful than usual. No wonder Steph decided to get married at a young age.

9 La La: Lady In Red

Bad Ting 🌶

A post shared by LaLa (@lala) on

When it comes to fashion trends, La La isn't an apprentice! She has always been slaying tons of looks on Instagram and this picture makes her look like a bad thing, fine as hell.

La La sure showed her seven million followers that she can rock a red leather mini dress and a matching part of knee-high boots. Somebody call 911 because this woman is on fire and can set the entire building up in flames!

La La put on an eye-popping display in her sizzling hot red dress. She certainly brought the red to the holidays, which was fiery look to say the least. With 2018 now here, we can't wait to see what she has in store for us in the new year.

8 Ayesha: Warriors Color?

via popsugar.com

Ayesha has admitted she wasn't a sports fan at all growing up, but she became a Dubs fan because of Steph, who was selected by the team with the seventh overall pick in the first round of the 2009 NBA Draft. So she's technically not a bandwagon fan since she has been supporting the royal blue and golden yellow since 2009.

Ayesha's one of the more vocal WAGs out there. She has seen her man bring home two NBA championships, but made headlines during the 2016 finals when the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead to the Cavs. Ayesha called out the NBA for questionable officiating in that series and went so far as to say that they were rigging the series.

7 La La: Taking The Spotlight

via people.com

Here's a photo of La La during happier times. As you can see, La La and Anthony attended many swanky events together, and while Carmelo tends to want the spotlight when he's on the court, there was no taking the spotlight when he was arm in arm with La La.

A positive attitude is key to a person's overall beauty and personality. While we're pretty sure La La continues to brim with confidence, she's probably smiling less frequently because of her separation from Melo. The two have been very hesitant in going through with a divorce for the sake of their children, so hopefully they can work things out. Being separated for as long as these two have can be tough, but it'll be up to them as to whether they'll stick it out or not.

6 Ayesha: Her Background

This might have been obvious, but Ayesha is a bi-racial girl. She's the daughter of John and Carol Alexander. She has four siblings: Maria, Janiece, Jaz and Chad. Her mother Carol is of Afro-Jamaican and Chinese Jamaican descent while her father John is of Polish and African American ancestry.

Ayesha was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, but moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, at the age of 14. She met her future husband Steph in Charlotte in a youth group at a local church. Since then, she has showed all of us the many foods of her diverse background.

While accompanying Steph on his China tour, Ayesha (and Steph) got a hands-on lesson on dim sum, dumplings and spring rolls in Guangzhou, China. Not only the Warriors become China's favorite team, one of the Warriors' star players has a wife who has some Chinese ancestry.

5 La La: Brunette Ombre

via zimbio.com

The ombre hair trend isn't dead yet. The super contrasted look leans more towards a sun-kissed effect in modern times.

La La's ombre hair is no different from any other female's ombre. But we have to admit she can actually rock her ombre like a true daredevil. Take, for example, this picture. Her brunette hair gradually gets lighter, like a golden blonde, and the ombre suits her well. In addition, her sequined salmon pink top completes the daring look in a smart way as it tones down the bold look by a notch. La La is definitely still one of the NBA's most attractive WAGs and if she and Carmelo were to finalize a divorce, it's clear she wouldn't be on the market for long.

4 Ayesha: Blonde For A Day

via essence.com

2017 seemed like a year where all of our favorite celebrities went blonde. Ayesha is more of a celebrity chef than an actual celebrity involved with television and music, but she's still going to be a spokesperson for CoverGirl—the first spokesperson in the brand's history who's not an actress or singer.

Ayesha looked like an easy, breezy, beautiful CoverGirl at the 2017 ESPY's with her amber blonde waves. Her makeup looked fresh and flawless, like she isn't wearing makeup at all. Don't get us wrong, she's always cute as a brunette, but the blonde locks help her kick it up a notch! By lightning and possibly bleaching her hair, she sparkled in a black sequined jumpsuit...and a diva-esque grace!

3 La La: Oh Mama


A post shared by LaLa (@lala) on

La La may never get back together with Melo, but she's seemingly living her best life with or without her estranged hubby. She has been spending more time with her son Kiyan along with her best friend Ciara and her hubby Russell Wilson along with their two kids Future Jr. and Sienna. We can't get over how good they all look, especially La La!

She went to school, got a job, met her future husband, had a son and still looks drop dead gorgeous for a 38 year old! She seems to be an independent woman who would be just fine without Melo. She's described her son Kiyan as her heartbeat, which is hands down one of the sweetest things a mom could ever say to her child.

La La is one hot mama! Melo, what were you thinking when you cheated on her for a cheap fling with a stripper?

2 Ayesha: Repping The Carolina Panthers With Her Hubby

via sfgate.com

Remember when Steph attended Super Bowl 50 with his wife Ayesha at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif.?

No, the well-known NBA couple aren't bandwagon Carolina Panthers fans. They grew up as Panthers fans in their hometown of Charlotte. You may not agree with Ayesha's favorite NFL team, but you have to admit she looks good in the black, blue and silver. She's not your typical Southern gal, but she's still from a Southern state...and looks just as great.

The Panthers are up for sale at the moment as owner Jerry Richardson reached four settlements from at least four employees for sexual harassment, and in one instance, saying a racial slur at a team scout. Also, GM Dave Gettleman was recently fired for his snappy management style that made him unpopular with the players since his first days on the job in 2013. The Panthers were 40-23-1 and won three consecutive NFC South titles under Gettleman. Marty Hurney is the interim GM.

That being said, Curry apparently wants a piece of the Panthers.

If Steph does become an owner of the team, Ayesha would become one of the prettiest wives in the history of owners.

1 La La: Seattle Seahawks Family

via bossip.com

We don't know if La La has an actual NFL team she religiously cheers for, but we'll assume for now that she might be a New York Giants or New York Jets fan at heart since she's from Brooklyn, New York—though, she's best friends with Ciara, who's married to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. So she might be a Seahawks fan.

La La was one of the many celebrities who attended the Giants vs. Seahawks game at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Here, La La and Kiyan (son) were on a game day play date with Ciara, Future Jr. and Sienna (daughter). Not a whole lot of kids get to have play dates at football games, but La La and Ciara are BFF's who appear to be great moms and attractive to the 10th power. That being said, La La is photogenic, regardless of what team(s) she roots for.

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