Nike Re-Brand: 8 NBA Jerseys That Look Better And 8 That Look Worse

Every NBA franchise is getting a new uniform set courtesy of the Nike corporation. This off-season has already been one of the most, if not the most exciting summers in all of the NBA's long history. A new set of uniforms would be a bigger deal in any other off-season, but the Nike re-brand has taken a bit of a back seat to other storylines such as Kyrie Irving to Boston, Jimmy Butler to Minnesota, Chris Paul to Houston and many more. This article however, is all about the uniforms, and it is dedicated to examining the new uniforms in the 2017-18 season.

In this article, we will be looking at eight NBA teams whose uniforms improved from the Nike re-brand, and seven teams whose uniforms actually look worse than last season. With these new uniforms come new provocative ideas, which are no guarantee to make fans happy. The reason being is that this coming season uniform advertisements have made their way onto the court, which is quite controversial. Having a random retail store or corporate bank on a classic NBA jersey is something that many are not a fan of. Advertisements are here however, and they will play into our article with which uniforms got worse, as not all franchises were able to stay clear of these ads on their uniforms.

Here are 8 NBA jerseys that look better and 7 that look worse from the Nike re-brand. It goes to show you that money in this case can buy you a spot on the NBA court, even if you can't make a shot. As always, feel free to leave any comments you have on this matter in the comment section below. We would like to hear your opinion on these new uni's.


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15 Better - Sacramento Kings

via sbnation.com

The Kings had a great off-season this summer, as they added some nice young pieces to the roster with the likes of De'Aaron Fox, Justin Jackson, Frank Mason and Harry Giles. They also signed some nice veteran players such as George Hill and Vince Carter to the roster, which will balance out the young team and add mentors for the young players to go to. The Kings' new jerseys this year took a step forward rather than a step back, as a few new details and colors make the jerseys pop. The team has ditched the darker toned purple for a more upbeat color, and the crown on the chest is now gone as well. They are one of the few teams that uniforms have gotten better even with the decision to add a logo, as their Blue Diamond advertisement doesn't look bad, as it looks more apart of the jersey than some of the other ads.

14 Worse - Philadelphia 76ers

via phillymag.com

The 76ers uniforms haven't changed much through the re-brand, but the slight changes ultimately make the jerseys worse in the eyes of many Sixers fans, me being one of them. The home uniforms don't pop like they used to as the red outline for the blue colors just don't make the colors pop like they did when they were just the blue numbers. Not to mention the Stub Hub logo that will be seen every single game doesn't look great, as the logo takes away from the jersey as the 76ers uniforms have been classic for a while now, and now with the hit and miss number designs and the Stub Hub label, even though the Sixers are one of the most exciting young teams in the league, the Nike re-brand hurt their image on the court just a bit.

13 Better - Dallas Mavericks

via mavsmoneyball.com

The Mavericks didn't made any real significant changes to their jerseys, but were still able to take a step up when it comes to their on court style, as the few changes they did may have worked out for them giving them the stylish look they are trying to achieve. A simple color change can do wonders, and that's what happened for the Mavericks, just by lightening their blue and purple colors just a bit makes the jersey nicer than the darker ones we have seen in previous years. The Mavericks were also able to stay away from any advertisements on their jersey, so the only new addition is the Nike symbol, which looks great in either blue or white on both the home and away uniforms. The Mavericks have given themselves a slight edge on the court when it comes to their new Nike jerseys.

12 Worse - Denver Nuggets

via slamonline.com

The Denver Nuggets changed their jerseys up more than other franchises did when it came to the Nike re-brand this off-season, and all in all it ended up doing them worse than if they would have just left it alone. The team is now gravitating more to the darker colors that were popular with the team a few decades ago, as their away jerseys are now dark blue instead of baby blue, and in a league where bright colors are becoming the style, the Nuggets went in the opposite direction. It's unfortunate that this color choice did not work out well for them this year.

The Nuggets had an opportunity to do some really cool design changes as this team were ahead of the curve color wise just last year. They have also added a Western Union logo in the top left of the jersey, and it ultimately takes away from the new digs. The Nuggets' new uniforms look worse than they did last year, but fans of the team still have a lot to be excited about as they are an incredibly talented young team.

11 Better - Los Angeles Lakers

via nba.com

No one expected the Lakers to change their uniforms up to much, as the team's uniforms are absolute classics, and steering away from jerseys would be a bad idea most likely. Even without making big changes like the Nuggets did above, the Lakers were able to make their jerseys even more stylish than they have been in recent years with some subtle changes that will show on the court. The Nike logo looks great in front of the nice Lakers colors in either yellow, white, or purple, and the team was able to stay away from getting an advertisement on the jersey due to the big market of the city and the money they get without needing ads on the jerseys. The uniforms have also been slimmed down a bit, as the jerseys are now more cut and are closer to the body instead of being baggy. Lonzo Ball is going to look good in his new tapered digs this season.

10 Worse - Brooklyn Nets

via netsdaily.com

The Brooklyn Nets are the worst team in the NBA, and to make matters worse, their uniforms will look worse than they did last season. The Nets are one of the teams that went with an advertisement on their jersey, but their new Infor sponsor patch is just way too big and takes away from the simple look that the Nets have been going for. The Nets got lucky and would have been even further down this list if they kept their original idea, as they even had the Infor logo as red in the beginning of the summer, which they changed to white and black to match with their color scheme. A big red patch on the black and white jersey would look bad, and even though the Nets jerseys have gotten worse, it could have been much worse for Brooklyn.

9 Better - Chicago Bulls


The Chicago Bulls had one of the cleanest jerseys in the league, and the new sleek Nike touch it now has makes the Bulls uniforms even better then they were before. Not much has changed on the uniform, but the lettering on the front of the player looks more bold, and the colors really seem to pop as the bold writing on the front looks as crisp as ever. What makes the Bulls Nike re-brand a bit different than the rest of the league, the Bulls will be wearing their red jerseys at home this season, and their white uniforms away from Chicago. That is not the NBA norm, but it will still look very good as the Bulls' slight tweaks have enhanced their classic jerseys.

8 Worse - Milwaukee Bucks

via milwaukeejournal.com

The Bucks still have one of the nicer jerseys in the league don't get me wrong, but the addition to the Harley Davidson patch in the left corner just doesn't look great, which is why the Bucks find themselves on this part of the article, being worst than last year. Harley Davidson is not the company I thought the Bucks would represent themselves which, and the company isn't bad of course, but the orange and black colors take away from the nice bright green, blue, and gold colors that the Bucks have introduced over the past few seasons.

This is a classic case of an NBA uniform getting worse due to the advertisement, and while fans will get used to his patch most likely, the Bucks took a step back due to the odd colors of the logo they will be wearing each and every night.

7 Better - Utah Jazz

via twitter.com

The Utah Jazz used to have one of the most boring and worst jerseys in the league due to their boring colors and designs. Now, the Jazz have one of the best jerseys in the league in my opinion, as the days of dark green and purple are gone as bright colors and sleek lines have taken over in Utah. The Nike re-brand helped out even more, as the uniforms are looking as good as ever. The lining down the side and neck of the uniforms set the Jazz apart uniform wise, as the big lining looks good and makes the logo pop, and the one color siding looks better than what the Jazz had last season, where they featured two colors instead of one on the lining. Their new path "5 For The Fight" isn't just a random company like other teams, it is the Qualtrics Cancer Charity. Good job Jazz.

6 Worse - Boston Celtics

via SBnation.com

At least the Celtics' new logo for General Electric matches their green color scheme, but the classic Boston uniforms have been tainted just a bit with an advertisement taking away from the simplicity of the uniform. No major changes were made to the Boston Celtics uniforms, which will probably be the case for a long, long time, but the new addition of the General Electric company on the uniform is a bit of an eye sore. Fans would much rather just see a four leaf clover or something where the logo is, and the ad really does pop out unlike some of the advertisements that just seem to blend in better than it is shown here. The Celtics jerseys aren't bad that is not what I am saying here, but the Nike re-brand has the uniforms taking a bit of a step back.

5 Better - Minnesota Timberwolves

via nba.com

The Minnesota Timberwolves underwent one of the biggest changes both on their roster with the addition of Jimmy Butler, and also with their uniforms. The Wolves are going with a whole new look when it comes to on court style, and fans are definitely split on if the new uniforms look good or not. In my opinion, the Wolves did a great job in re-branding their jerseys honestly. The stripes near the neck of the uniform is different, and the color way they are now going with with the teal blue and different shades of blue all comes together great on both the home and away jersey. Fitbit makes their debut on the jersey as well, but doesn't take much away from the uniform as it slides right in between the lines. A brand new uniform set for a brand new era of Timberwolves basketball, awesome.

4 Worse - Indiana Pacers

via indystar.com

Another new uniform that is getting split reactions, the new Pacers uniforms are definitely different, that's for sure. All in all though, the Pacers missed on their new re-branding I believe, as the new style they are going for with their rebuild isn't as good as it was last season. The lettering is wrapped in a circle around the players number, and while you have to respect the risk they took on this one, it looks a bit goofy in the end. The stripes down the sides of the jersey and shorts don't look great either. It looks like they are going for a cutting edge design, but it just doesn't hit the mark. The Pacers lost Paul George in an awful trade with the Thunder, and it looks as though this decision to re-brand was a wrong move as well.

3 Better - Phoenix Suns

via nba.com

The Suns have been tinkering with their uniforms for a long time now, as it seems they have a new uniform set every single year. Another change with the Nike re-brand, is it looks as though the Suns have found what they were looking for, as they now own some of the cleanest uniforms in the entire NBA. A lot of the teams in the league made their logos and numbers a tad smaller this season, and the Suns did the opposite, making their logo and numbers very big and it really looks great. The new lettering is bold and makes the statement that the Suns are ready to be a dominant and respected team in the NBA. The orange and purple coloring is there this season for Phoenix, and the Suns will be looking awesome on the court as their new re-brand really looks good now.

2 Worse - Los Angeles Clippers


The Clippers are another franchise that have been tinkering with their uniforms over the past couple of seasons, but unlike the Suns, the Clippers may have missed the mark with their new Nike re-brand uniforms. The jerseys just look a bit bland to be honest, as the colors aren't as vivid as some of the other teams in the league, the team has gone with a darker color scheme than what we have seen from L.A. the past few years, and it doesn't look great. It makes sense the team wanted to make a change uniform wise as they enter in a Chris Paul-less era, but the new uniforms don't do much to impress and will end up being one of the more boring jerseys in the league.

1 Better - Cleveland Cavaliers


The Cavaliers have transformed their uniforms from one of the worst in the league to the one of the best just like that, which is why they get the number one spot on this list. As you can see above, the Cavaliers did much more than just add a Nike logo to their uniforms, as they have all new lettering, a new logo, and an awesome winged Goodyear patch on the top left, which actually fits right in, which you have to love. They stayed true to their colors on these new uniforms, but the clean slick look they now give off is something awesome, and fans are very excited to see King James and company go to work in these bad boys.

Looking like a suit of armor, the Cavaliers uniforms look much better than they did last year, and maybe the new jerseys could give them the edge they need in the talented NBA this season.

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