Odd Couples: 15 NBAers With Surprising Spouses

Every year there seems to be a revolving door of NBA wives and girlfriends. It's no surprise really, the league is loaded with wealthy, famous players. Just like other major sports, there is a profound advantage to having that fame and money. One of those perks is the ability to be around seriously attractive women, which we've listed in our Hottest NBA WAGS list.  I would like to say that most of these players return the favor with good looks themselves, however that’s often not the case. It should be no surprise that they still do okay for themselves in the woman department. It's also no secret that many NBA players like to get around.

Plenty of guys get caught up in the glamours of the NBA life. The women, the money, the fame. Often times their inner circles are doing nothing to influence them in another direction. A large percentage of these athletes cannot handle it all and end up falling in all kinds of traps. Players end up caring more about their next hookup than their next game.

However, we are covering players who most likely are not caught up in it all. These 15 NBAers make the list for having the most surprising marriages in the sport.  With as many players as there are, there are bound to be a few oddball couples.  For some players, it would be near impossible for them to have a "normal" spouse.  For others, their choice was one that we just thought was a little out of left field.  But for one reason or another, the spouses of these athletes have us all scratching our heads.  

7 Kobe And Vanessa Bryant

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One of the greatest NBA champions of all time, Kobe managed to win five NBA titles, one league MVP and score over 33,000 points. But his biggest wins may have come off the court. Kobe and Vanessa Bryant married back in 2001 at the ages of just 22 and 19. Though a beast on the court, Kobe had his problems off of it before his retirement in 2014.

First there was the infamous sexual assault case back in 2003. Then in 2011, Vanessa reported that she had caught The Mamba cheating with multiple women before. It’s no surprise the two decided to get hitched, but it is surprising that they have stuck together all this time. Despite his marital faults, Vanessa and Kobe called off their divorce in 2013 and recently had their third child. Maybe his $680 million in career earnings had something to do with that.

14. Dirk Nowitzki And Jessica Olsson

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Now a legend, Dirk has played for the same Dallas Mavericks team for 19 seasons, earning one regular season MVP and an NBA title in 2011. The big German stands a large seven feet tall, and with a sweet stroke has earned himself a reputation as one of the best stretch big men the game has ever seen. We now know that the big man will be returning for at least one more year in Dallas.

Off the court, Dirk found love in 2012 when he married Swedish Jessica Olsson. Not only is Nowitzki nearly 17 inches taller than Olsson, but their backgrounds are also quite unique. Dirk is a seven foot German, while Olsson was born to a Kenyan mother and a Swedish father. The two met while Olsson was vacationing in Scotland and stayed together ever since. They are now raising three children in Dallas.

6 Boban Marjanovic And Milica Krstic

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Boban has played just two seasons in the NBA. At 7’3”, the Serbian big man does not have much an NBA resume to this point. In addition to being a ginormous 7’3”, Boban would never be mistaken for the most attractive guy in the world. Which makes it even more shocking that he was able to land his wife, Milica Krstic.

Boban isn’t the only ugly NBAer with a smoking hot wife, but he is almost the tallest. We estimate Krstic to be at least 18 inches shorter than her counterpart, making them one of the most mismatched couples in the entire league.

12. Chris And Adrienne Bosh

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For 13 seasons, Chris Bosh was been one of the most effective power forwards in the league. At 6’11”, Bosh’s shooting ability made him a unique talent, pushing him to a career average of nearly 20 points per game. Bosh played four seasons with LeVron James as an effective sidekick, reaching the finals in four consecutive seasons. Unfortunately, recurring heart problems are now threatening Bosh’s career. Fortunately, Bosh has had a sidekick of his own during all of this.

Bosh married his wife Adrienne in 2011, although looking at a picture would make you think that she were his daughter. Standing just five feet tall, Adrienne is nearly a full two feet shorter than Bosh. The couple now resides in Miami and have five children together. Off the court, the Bosh couple works hard with his foundation, raising money and creating opportunity for youth.

11. Shawn Bradley And Annette Evertson

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Talk about a large human being. Former NBA player Shawn Bradley was the third tallest player to ever play, at a staggering 7’6”. Bradley played for 11 seasons in the NBA, and although a mammoth sized man, was never a really dominant force in the league and retired in 2005.

Long before that, Bradley married his wife, Annette Evertson in 1993. Annette looks to stand between 5’3” and 5’5”, making the size difference about 25 inches. It’s really a miracle that she hasn’t been trampled in her own home. Jokes aside, the two now live in Utah together with their six children. Bradley has done work with multiple charities, including internationally with Basketball Without Borders and Rising Star Outreach. If I could choose one NBA couple to see in person, it would probably be this one. Honestly though, 25 inches? How do they even speak to one another?

5 Andrei and Masha Kirilenko

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Before retiring in 2015, Andrei Kirilenko put together a pretty good 13 year NBA career. The Russian only played on one All-Star team, but was an integral contributor to the Utah Jazz, averaging just over 12 points and five rebounds per game over a ten year span there.

In 2001, Kirilenko married Russian entertainment star Masha Kirilenko. The two made headlines in 2006 when it was reported that wife Masha had allowed the former player to cheat on her once a year! Imagine the number of NBA players on this list, let alone the entire NBA, who would take their wives up on that offer. Apparently the offer still stands for Kirilenko as of 2016, despite now being retired with kids.

4 Kevin Garnett And Brandi Padilla

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After entering the NBA straight out of high school, The Big Ticket played NBA ball for 21 seasons. As a perennial All-Star, KG finished with career averages of 17.8 points and 10 rebounds per game. In 2008, he paired up with Ray Allen and Paul Pierce to finally get that sought after NBA championship before retiring in 2016.

While he was hitting it big in the NBA, he also tied the knot in 2004 with Brandi Padilla. In fact, Garnett decided to pass on the 2004 Athens Olympic Games in order to have the ceremony. At an estimated 5’7”, Padilla stands about 14 inches shorter than the 6’11” Garnett, making the couple all the more interesting to look at. The couple remains living large with his $326 million in career earnings and their children.

8. Chris and Emilie Kaman

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Big man Chris Kaman is another NBA player with a mismatch marriage. The 7 footer isn’t much to look at, making his hot wife Emilie one heck of a catch. The two got married in 2010 and have one son together. As tall as Kaman is, the couple represents another gigantic size mismatch, in addition to the distinct difference in their looks. Just another example an ugly NBAer managing to get hitched to a beautiful women.

Kaman will be hoping to enter the league in 2017-18 as his 14th season. The 35 year old did not play last season, but never officially retired either. He was an effective scoring big man for a good portion of his career, having his best years with the abysmal Los Angeles Clippers franchise. If he doesn’t ever play again, at least he has beautiful Emilie to go home to.

7. Timofey And Alla Mozgov

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In 2016, Mozgov signed a four-year, $64 million contract to play with the Los Angeles Lakers. Although that venture has already ended after being traded to the Brooklyn nets this offseason, it was probably the most noteworthy point of his career. Widely regarded as one of the worst contracts in NBA history, Mozgov was coming off of a season in which he averaged just six points and four rebounds per game.

In addition to his abysmal play, Mozgov strains the eyes to look at, making his marriage to wife Alla even more puzzling. This goes without mentioning the fact that Mozgov, 7’1”, is probably about 15 inches taller than his partner. The two have one daughter together, however her beauty and his height make this one of the more surprising marriages in the league.

3 Dikembe And Rose Mutombo

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At 7’2”, Mutombo was one of the biggest players to ever step on an NBA floor. The big man played for nearly 20 seasons, averaging double- digit rebounds for a career and recording the second most blocked shots in league history. Now known for the iconic finger wag, Mutombo was also one heck of a player. He was an eight time all star and resides in the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame after retiring in 2009. Along for most of the ride has been his wife Rose.

Dikembe and Rose were married after his first engagement was called off. At 7 foot 2, any woman is going to look short next to Mutombo, although Rose holds her own better than most, standing at around 5’9”. Rose is also from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the two work hard to provide humanitarian efforts in the country. The Mutombo’s now care for six children.



Perkins is known more for his resting enforcer face than he is for any of his basketball talents. The 6’10” center has carved out a solid NBA career as a defensive role player. Despite his heavy footed, lack of offensive talented self, he has played 13 seasons and won an NBA title on the star studded Celtics Team in 2007-08.

Perkins appears on the list as the first player not to have a “stunner” wife like many of his unattractive NBA colleagues. Perkins married wife Vanity Alpough in 2009. By no means are we calling his wife ugly, like himself. However, compared to some of the other women we've talked about, she probably doesn't top the list.

4. Amar'e Stoudemire And Alexis Welch

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From 2004 to 2010 Amar'e Stoudemire was one of the most gifted big men in the NBA. He made six All-Star teams over that span, while averaging well over 20 points per game and nearly 10 rebounds. In 2010, Stoudemire signed a five- year deal with the New York Knicks, where he would slowly see his career fizzle out. By the time he hit age 30, Stoudemire had trouble staying on the floor and being effective on it.

Soon after being drafted in 2002, Amare met his future wife Alexis at a Nelly concert. Apparently the two hit it off and stayed together until marrying in 2012. At 6’10”, Stoudemire represents another surprising marriage where the husband is more about a full foot taller than his spouse. Fortunately for Amar'e, he doesn’t make this list for being one of the uglier players who somehow got a hot wife. 

3. Kyle Korver And Juliet Richardson

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For 14 NBA seasons, Korver has been the sharpshooter of the NBA. Drafted in 2003, Korver has used his 6’7” frame and deadly shooting ability to be a productive NBA role player. He has consistently averaged between 25 and 30 minutes per game, despite never averaging over 14.5 points per game in a season.

When Kyle was playing for the Utah Jazz, he was introduced to American recording artist Juliet Richardson. These two make the list for reasons we haven’t seen yet. First of all, wife Juliet actually has shorter hair than her NBA husband Kyle. This is not to say that she is not a pretty woman, she is. However, when thinking about the stereotypical NBA wives and girlfriends, she is one that stands out from the pack in her own unique way.

2. Hakeem Olajuwon And Dalia Asafi


Hakeem The Dream. The Hall of Famer was the first overall selection out of Houston in the 1984 NBA draft. For 18 years thereafter, he proceeded to terrorize NBA opponents with nifty offensive footwork and an unstoppable defensive presence. Olajuwon made 12 All-Star teams in his first 13 seasons and won two NBA titles in the process.

One year after his second championship, Olajuwon was married under certain unique circumstances. Due to their Islamic faith, Olajuwon and wife Dalia took part in an arranged marriage in 1996. Olajuwon was 33 years old at the time, and wife Dalia was just 18. However, this is customary in Muslim countries and the two went on to have two children together. Olajuwon also stands at a towering 7’0”, contributing to the trend of incredibly tall men and incredibly average sized women.

1 Michael Jordan And Yvette Prieto


The GOAT. Winner of six NBA championships, five season MVPs and ten scoring titles. Jordan has always gotten what he wants. He even retired, played baseball, and returned to the NBA to win three more rings. So it should come as no surprise that a man with this resume can get just about any women he wants, even at age 54.

This became apparent after Jordan and his wife of 17 years split in 2006. Jordan then married Cuban model Yvette Prieto in 2013. At 38 years old, Pretto is more than 15 years younger than MJ. And, Prietto is about as gorgeous a woman as you’ll ever see. But really, did we expect anything less for the best player a sport has seen? MJ stays winning.

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