Steven Adams Responds To Twitter Prom Request Three Years Later

Steven Adams has been on a meteoric rise over the last three seasons. He went from being known as simply a Game of Thrones character to becoming of the NBA's most improved players. That is evident by the New Zealand big man signing a $100 million contract at the start of the 2016-17 season.

With Adams' NBA profile rising, that likely meant that he didn't have much time for social media over recent years. One can only imagine what a pro athlete's @mentions look like, so it comes as no surprise that this tweet from three years ago fell through the cracks.

@itsloyo shot her shot and asked the pre-beard, pre-stache, pre-muscles, pre-tattooed Adams to accompany her to law school prom. The twitter user is even rocking the Carmelo Anthony arm sleeve so maybe she knew something that the rest of us didn't know back in 2015 about Melo joining OKC.

But three years passed since that tweet with no response from Adams. Actually it was three years and three weeks before Adams finally responded but @itsloyo got the answer she was looking for.

Adams makes no mention of his response being three years late and who even knows if he knows her tweet was from 2015. Adams has over 1,300 tweets but he hasn't been that active as of late and, aside from retweets, that is his first actual tweet of 2018.

@itsloyo is now no longer in law school and is actually a full-time lawyer. She had some fun with Adams' late acceptance and speculated that she may invite him to her law firm's Christmas party.

Other twitter users said that she should invite him to her wedding instead so it appears as @itsloyo has moved on after three years of suspense.

While @itsloyo got her prom request answered, Adams' response fills us in on what NBA players are doing during the All-Star break. Some players have as many as seven days off and while many went on vacation to the Bahamas or the Caribbean, Adams went through the backlog of his @mentions so if you tweeted at him two, three or maybe even four years ago, maybe he'll get around to it this week.

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