Find Out How Much Michael Jordan's Game Worn Sneakers Sold For!!

via solecollector.com

The most expensive pair of Michael Jordan's shoes ever sold at auction were the pair of Air Jordan 12's that he wore during his famous 1997 NBA Finals "flu game." Those went for $104,765 back in 2013.

The second highest money amount ever received at auction for a pair of Jordan's shoes happened just yesterday when the bidding closed on a pair of signed Nike Air Ships that Mike wore in a game against the Lakers early in his rookie 1984-85 season. The bidding on those closed at $71,554!

The shoes had been in the possession of a Lakers ball boy, Khalid Ali, who had kept them in a closet at his mother's house in the intervening years. Ali told ESPN.com how he got the shoes:

"Ali originally asked Jordan for the shoes that were on his feet during warm-ups that night at the Great Western Forum -- red, black and white Air Jordans. Jordan, Ali said, switched into the Air Ships for the game, signed those and gave that pair to him instead."

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