12 Awkward Photos Of Current NBA Stars (And 12 Retired)

The camera lens has a way of finding us in our least proud moments. The ability to capture an instant, one that lasts mere microseconds, can result in some truly hilarious and head-scratching visuals. And the embarrassment is not limited to us mere mortals – it can happen to anybody... Including NBA stars, past and present.

The NBA has seen some of the most colourful and controversial personalities walk through its doors. Whether you cite the rainbow that was Dennis Rodman's hairstyle, or perhaps you remember Blake Griffin's cameo on Broad City...either way, NBA stars are some of the finest authors of awkwardness you will find in professional sports. Hell, their facial expressions to calls they deem questionable routinely turn into chuckle-worthy memes.

The NBA stars of today are a gold mine for Kodak Moments, but that's not to discount the golden moments we were treated to from the stars of previous eras. For as long as cameras have been around, people have been around as well – looking to make things awkward.

With the table set, let's take a look at some truly awkward moments featuring NBA stars of the past and present. If awkwardness frightens you, this post will give you nightmares.

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24 Retired: Glen Davis

via sbnation.com

Glen "Big Baby" Davis entered the NBA following a decorated college career. Apart from holding three-year averages of 16 points and nearly 10 rebounds per game, Davis was named the 2005-06 SEC Player of the Year. At the professional level, Davis was a solid pro but never ascended to the levels he reached in college. Apart from a couple of solid seasons with Orlando, he failed to assimilate into the NBA game – and he got really far from game shape...

Davis's fitness was an ongoing issue throughout his career.

During his time playing for the Los Angeles Clippers, a reporter asked head coach Doc Rivers what he thought of Davis' weight loss heading into the season – "It's like throwing a deck chair off the Queen Mary." was Rivers' response. Not exactly the support one would hope for from their boss. Other unfortunate moments for Big Baby includes the time Kevin Garnett dressed him down on the Celtics' bench, resulting in Davis living up to his nickname and crying on national television. And more recently he was aprehended for possession but assured his fans to "not believe all that stuff on the internet". Stay away from the camera Glen, it's not doing you any favours.

23 Active: Lance Stephenson

via latimes.com

Lance Stephenson is a star... I don't care about numbers! He annoys LeBron James more than any other player in the league and alone is grounds for the "star" label. He's also given us more than a few golden moments caught on camera. The 2014 playoffs featured many things including the Spurs dismantling the Super Miami Heat. But perhaps the most memorable moment of those playoffs came in the round prior when Lance, during a stoppage, took the opportunity to blow sweet nothings into the king's ear.

Stephenson and James have had quite the rivalry over the years and it's only possible because of Stephenson's lack of fear when it comes to opposing possibly the game's greatest player to ever live – He simply doesn't care. And we should all be thankful for him... The league needs more Lance Stephensons in it! Those who are offended by his actions are simply not in tune with the art of competition, specifically in the context of professional sports. It’s about irritating and getting under the skin of your opponent – if done correctly it can have a huge impact on your odds of winning. The blowing incident is icing on the cake of Lance Stephenson cake. There are plenty more layers to him that make him an upper echelon NBA player.

22 Retired: Yao Ming

via pinterest.com

Somebody has overly sensitive armpits... Ming getting tongue punched in the armpit elicited a facial expression much more in line with other forms of human stimulation. Ming's NBA career was cut short by injury, otherwise, he may have very well become a top-5 big man of all-time – yes, he was THAT good. The NBA is credited with being the first major North American sport to effectively penetrate and seize the opportunities presented in the Chinese market. And Ming was obviously vital in that process. He was the symbol the Chinese market needed in order to fully embrace the game of basketball. Along with growing the game as a member of the Houston Rockets, Ming's participation in the Chinese national program helped the country grow and introduce the game to the country's younger generation.

Seeing all his hard work pay off today and how China has embraced the NBA game probably produces a similar reaction on Ming's face today. He was one of the truly good guys to ever play the game. The NBA, in its present economic state, has Yao Ming to thank for unlocking the league’s largest untapped market and in the process positioning the NBA as a truly global brand with widespread appeal.

21 Active: Blake Griffin

via thescore.com

Blake Griffin made a truly epic cameo in Comedy Central's Broad City. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you check it out, though be warned that it might not be for all audiences. The details surrounding how Griffin came to appear on the show are rather straightforward in that he was a fan of the show, and so, when he was contacted to do it Griffin said yes. In an interview with James Corden, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer talked about what it was like filming such a scene with him. Mad props to him for participating in equal opportunity acting! Strides, people, we are making strides.

In saying that it is still objectively surprising to see a person of Griffin’s stature appear so comfortable and natural while filming a scene that should make most non-actors very uncomfortable – heck most trained actors would have issues doing what he did… Of course, Griffin came across this opportunity while still playing for the Los Angeles Clippers – the team that promised to retire his jersey one day. It's not always the player who's void of any concept of loyalty. Griffin found that out when the Clippers traded him to Detroit only six months after promising him the world. And with that, Blake Griffin's California Dreamin' came to an abrupt end. Enjoy the gritty Motor City, BG.

20 Retired: Kobe Bryant

via pinterest.com

The perpetual gym rat, Kobe Bryant never wanted to be outworked. And for the most part, he succeeded. He did, however, lose many times by being outplayed. And yet I still hold Kobe in very high regard in terms of NBA GOAT'. Kobe never found a moment too big for him. He was the consummate seeker of pressure. To be great, you must embrace, learn, and grow from failure. And few did that as well as Kobe Bryant – he won, but he also lost, a lot.

The last few years of Bryant's career were a roller-coaster, culminating in a painful-to-watch but apropos ending to his time as a player – in a 101-95 victory over the Utah Jazz, to finish 17-65, Bryant scored 60 points on 50 shots. The closest Laker player, Jordan Clarkson, had 12 points on 10 shots. A one-dimensional offense to say the least. The years of feuding with Shaq, the debacle in a Denver hotel and countless more emotionally charged moments made Kobe's career one for the ages. And if you asked him how he felt after his final game, he'd likely strike a similar pose to the one above... he did tweet this following the game: #MambaOut

19 Active: Kyle Korver

via twitter.com

I literally forgot Kyle Korver played in Chicago until I came across this photo... How does a deadeye three-point shooter wind up going from a once-upon-a-time Eastern Conference contender to playing alongside King James? Well, the best thing that happened to Kyle Korver was when Atlanta went in the proverbial you know what last season and prior to the deadline chose to sell off pieces. One of those pieces was Kyle Korver who, despite having never played a day of defense in his NBA life, can end teams with daggers from distance more effectively than most. That's a covetable trait in today's shot-happy NBA.

LeBron James meanwhile has long found comfort in being surrounded by shooters. So adding Korver made sense, and that is precisely what happened when Cleveland sent two players plus a first-round pick to the Hawks in exchange for the 37-year old sharpshooter. Since the trade, Korver's three-point mark in Cleveland of 45.3 percent is the highest of his career. As for what LeBron James told Korver following the Cavaliers acquiring him – "The first thing I told him when he walked into the locker room: If you want to fit in, shoot the ball every time you get it. Shoot the ball as soon as it touches your hands." (the above quote can be found here).

18 Retired: Shaquille O'Neal

via bossip.com

Did you know that Shaq is a cop? True story. He's also a first-class entertainer, whether he has a basketball or not. Since retirement, Shaq has stayed in the basketball spotlight, as an analyst for TNT. From dancing with LeBron, as seen in the above photo, to having a Christmas tree fall on him he has treated us to countless awkward yet funny moments. (He also got pushed into a tree on set once).  It’s been so long since he played that when you see his demeanour and clumsiness in moments on TV it’s easy to forget just how dominant he was as a player – he was literally unguardable! And yet somehow Ben Wallace contained him in the 2004 NBA Finals, which allowed the Detroit Pistons to upset the juggernaut Los Angeles Lakers.

Starring in Adam Sandler movies, and routinely chirping Charles Barkley on live TV, Shaq is not afraid to push the envelope when it comes to potentially awkward moments. He's come too far to give a you know what about the opinions of others, and we are all better off because of it. Oh and he was also the inspiration behind a 1994 Mortal Kombat-inspired round-fighting game – Shaq Fu. Check it out, but don't expect it to be anywhere as gory as the game that inspired it.

17 Active: Dirk Nowitzki

via blogspot.com

Somebody tell that woman in the background to put her friggin phone down! CLEARLY, Disco Dirk is holding court at the Mavericks' title party – why are you living life through your phone right now?! The tall, loveable German Nowitzki resembles Peter Parker on European steroids. And that dude in the blue is his biggest fan (look at his starstruck eyes). Though perhaps he's marveling at how gooned Dirk is so early in the night. HEY DIRK, SCALE ME BUD! HOW YA FEELING? A LITTLE SAUCED ARE WE?

And then this photo was taken. Maybe a little sauced – like "this much" (holds up fingers). It’s hard to picture him not being a total gem when he’s been a tad overserved, no? Never change, Dirk. Never ever, ever change. #staygoldenponybo. Now that he's 40-years-old as of this year, the end is nearing for him, as he looked very ordinary for a truly awful Dallas Mavericks team in 2017-18. With the Mavs likely headed for more bad years before things turn around it's hard to imagine Dirk playing more than a year or two more before calling it a career. A first-ballot Hall of Famer, Dirk entered the league in 1998 and since then his legendary status has done nothing but grow. This picture in no way hurts that.

16 Retired: Grant Hill And Derek Fisher

via cloudfront.com

The image of Grant Hill appearing to coddle and comfort a whining Derek Fisher is hardcourt gold. Both players had phenomenal careers, Hill's being substantially better statistically but Fisher's ended with far more titles – five to zero. It pays to share the court with Kobe and Shaq for a good chunk of one’s career – looking at you D-Fish, Rick Fox, and Luke Walton. This moment came at the ends of both their careers. Both well past their primes they were simply squeezing every last dollar out of their NBA shelf lives. Hill now does analyst work, a traditional career transition whereas Fisher went from a player to coach of the New York Knicks. That was a short-lived experiment. But the reality of being fired shortly after taking the reigns of one of the NBA's historic franchises did not slow down Fish.

The former Laker would go on to propose to Gloria Govan, the ex-girlfriend of current NBA veteran Matt Barnes, prompting Barnes to confront Fisher after driving nearly 100 miles. According to both of them, the beef has been squashed, though I have a hard time believing something like that can be merely swept under the rug and considered old news.

15 Active (Maybe): Chris Bosh

via pinterest.com

The player who most closely resembles a dinosaur should've never left the Toronto Raptors. But alas he did, to join LeBron and D-Wade in South Beach, and went on to hold not one but two Larry O'Brien trophies. Hard to fault him when you think about it... As a supporter of the Raptors, I remember how angry I was at Bosh's decision to forego frigid winters and routine playoff faceplants in favour of sunshine, sand, and the opportunity to win titles with LeBron James. But now I realize it made perfect sense...

Which brings me to the above photo – which makes literally zero sense. Last time I checked, Toronto wasn't exactly crawling with cowboys. Was this a pre-season photo shoot in the Prairies, or something? I actually have no clue how and why this gem came to be. On a more serious note, Bosh has been out of basketball dealing with serious health issues. He's recently announced his intention to resume his playing career so perhaps a city whose team plays in cowboy-friendly confines will give CB4 a ring and tell him to ride his steed into 2018-19 training camp. As far as talent goes, Bosh certainly has the ability to keep playing. Whether his body permits him to is another story…

14 Retired: Shawn Marion

via nba.com

Shawn Marion once guarded Smush Parker a little too close…some might have even called Marion a pain in Parker’s rear. “I think I got it… hold still, don’t move! Yup it’s in my fingers, and…” Marion giving Parker a check up mid-game qualifies as awkward. Whether Marion himself qualifies for the star label is up for debate though anybody with the nickname The Matrix was probably pretty good in his day...

The fan reactions to this moment are also priceless. Notice the smiles and laughing faces, also the more distant expressions are mostly humorous or at the very least inquisitive. Once again the ability of a camera lens to capture the oddest, most awkward moments is impressive and scary all at once. Shawn Marion was a transition aficionado, routinely capping off Suns' fast breaks with dunks that seemingly defied the laws of time and gravity, hence the nickname. His shot will never be found in any How-To basketball handbook but lucky for him he rarely had to rely on it thanks to Steve Nash's perpetually feeding him for easy layups and dunks. Now let's just hope in retirement he doesn't get any crazy ideas – such as going to medical school. Maybe he’ll take up bullet dodging…

13 Active: Pau Gasol

via performgroup.com

Pau Gasol helped Kobe Bryant get over the championship hump after Shaq left town. After winning three straight alongside Kazaam, between 1999 and 2002, Bryant had a dry spell going five seasons without a title. The arrival of Gasol led to Kobe and the Lakers returning to the NBA Finals only to lose in six to the Boston Celtics. But the following year would be the first of two consecutive titles for Kobe, Pau and the Lakeshow.

Whether he's done it quietly is debatable but what's not up for debate is how good a player Gasol has been in his career. Not flashy in any sense of the word but he's been a constant force in the league for more than 15 seasons. He began by carrying a Memphis squad for seven seasons, before winding up in Los Angeles – in addition he spent a couple seasons in Chicago before winding up with his current team, the San Antonio Spurs. I would love to ask him what about the above moment caused him to let out what appears to be a primal roar – was it Dwight Howard's breath, or how the then-Orlando Magic franchise player looks to be this close to kissing him as a defensive maneuver?

12 Retired: Vinny Del Negro

via hiveminer.com

Del Negro was by no means a star in his playing days, but this photo of him all up in Blake Griffin's grill was too juicy to pass up. What or who is Griffin gesturing to while VDN is giving him business? Del Negro, recently, has been celebrated for his coaching incompetence. He began in Chicago but lasted only two seasons before assuming the role with the Los Angeles Clippers. In the beginning, Vinny's Clippers did not dazzle, going 32-50 in the first season under his guidance. But the next two seasons saw them produce records of 40-26 and 56-26 (2011-12 was the lockout-shortened season). Unfortunately, such is often the case with the Clipshow, they failed miserably in the playoffs following a promising regular season.

After losing in the first round of the 2012-13 playoffs (after finishing first in their division), Del Negro was fired. He's yet to find another front office job since. Whether he does or doesn’t likely depends on how he’s grown as a coach. Being fired when your team is winning division titles tells me something is fundamentally wrong with Del Negro’s approach… Maybe he should try and ditch his obvious close-talker label. Perhaps people would be more willing to engage with him...just a thought.

11 Active: Russell Westbrook

via youtube.com

Westbrook's style of play doesn't exactly make you want to yawn or go to sleep. Precisely the opposite as a matter of fact. Few players have the explosiveness and demeanour that Russell Westbrook displays on a nightly basis. And yet when he goes to the bench he seemingly gets all heavy-eyed and in need of a snooze... Nobody denies Westbrook’s passion for the game but he has been criticized for being too selfish when it comes to controlling the flow of the game. He doesn’t like to defer…ever!

Westbrook and his team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, are at a major crossroads after an early playoff departure. Carmelo Anthony is relatively playing like garbage as an outdated NBA commodity. Paul George figures to attract interest from every team this off-season and Westbrook meanwhile has shown little interest in relinquishing control over his team's on-court dealings, seemingly unwilling to defer to others with any sort of regularity – it begs the question, "why would anybody of any substance want to sign there, knowing they will spend a large chunk of their time watching Westbrook's exciting but infuriating brand of hero-ball?" Share the wealth, Russ, and cover your darn mouth when you do that. Don't you know that yawning is contagious?

10 Retired: Steve Nash

via twitter.com

Be aware that this might only be the second most awkward photo of Dirk Nowitzki you'll see in this post. The overall lack of intensity here makes Mark Cuban's shirt all the more perfect. Does nobody else think Cowboy Chris Bosh shouldn't seriously consider Dallas as a destination for his comeback? Although if winning is important, he may need to table the cowboy character in favour of a Warrior persona or something.

This more awkward than awkward photo came at the time of the Mavericks’ surge into relevancy. They had become the league’s offensive dynamo due in large part to Nowitzki and Nash’s brilliance. Throw in Michael Finley and Josh Howard, and the Mavs were a nightmare to game plan for. Steve Nash has gone on record, calling the photo "highly embarrassing". And once again with the jeans and tight tuck! The strength needed to hoist and hold a seven-foot-tall Dirk has to be substantial. He's not exactly Muggsy Bogues or Earl Boykins. Hauling Dirk around your back should certainly qualify someone for a ribbon – some sort of recognition. And he’s the owner of the team!  One final thought: is it just me, or does Dirk not look like your typical stoner roommate in college?

9 Active: Kevin Love

via wordpress.com

Blake Griffin: "Yo, who has the spaced out guy? Who's guarding the zen dude?! Somebody get on him!" If LeBron is Batman, then Kevin Love is most certainly Robin. Ironically enough the above photo perfectly encapsulates how Love initially felt following his trade to Cleveland, to be James' wingman. It was not all roses and violets when Love first arrived in Cleveland. In Minnesota he was the go-to option, routinely scoring 20-plus points and grabbing 20 rebounds. His final three seasons saw Love's usage rate north of 28 percent. However, the move to Cleveland would require him to take a backseat to LeBron – his usage in Cleveland averages out to just under 24 percent.

Over time, James and Love have established a lethal partnership and it's been on display this post-season with James doing king things, and K-Love surging after a sub-par series versus Indiana. Against Toronto, Love was Cleveland's second-best player, precisely how it needs to be if the Cavs have any hope of winning a title this year. Totally independent of basketball, Love did do a great thing earlier in the season, following in DeMar DeRozan’s footsteps when he shared with fans his personal struggles with mental illness. Very admirable.

8 Retired: Rafer Alston

via pinterest.com

I can't be certain but was this photo taken moments after Rob Babcock gave Rafer Alston a six-year, $30 million contract? – because the player they call "Skip to My Lou," in no way, deserved such a thing. Alston was a gimmicky point guard for 10 seasons. He was never more than that and yet the former Toronto Raptors GM got sucked into believing Alston was. Only a year into the deal, Alston would be traded for journeyman guard Mike James, who actually had his best season north of the border. Meanwhile, Alston went to the Rockets, James' former team, and continued to fall short of the expectations his contract carried.

It's hard to not just assume that since signing that deal, Alston has simply run around hugging and kissing everything. He never could've imagined his mediocre play would result in a team giving him that sort of cash – especially not the team that had come off paying him less than $40,000 for a series of 10-day contracts signed earlier in his career only to see him bolt for Miami and be mediocre there. What happened in between to justify such a raise in pay? Nobody has, or ever will figure out the answer to that question. Alston, the lover of all things, should be unfazed by it all.

7 Active: Steph Curry

via heavy.com

Steph Curry is known more for his shot than he is for body-surfing. Shots of his shots so to speak are graceful and depict an elegance previously unseen when it comes to basketball shot mechanics... but photos of him hitching rides on opposing backs lack the grace of his shooting stroke. Oddly enough, I wouldn't be surprised if Trevor Ariza was called for an offensive foul on this play. Can't dip the head when going to the rim, what can I say?

The Golden State Warriors are the golden boys of the NBA – they've appeared in three consecutive Finals, winning two of them – and Curry has been at the forefront of the team's surge to the top of the NBA mountain. He's single-handedly transformed how offense and defense are played in today's game with his seemingly limitless range. Never before has the NBA seen a player that, upon crossing half-court and even steps before doing so, must be guarded closely, or otherwise risk him draining what's long been considered a cheat code shot. Even then, Steph still holds the title for most fragile ankles in the NBA. It’s actually a genetic issue apparently – dude just has soft ankles! But man oh man, can he shoot a basketball.

6 Retired: Michael Jordan

via twitter.com

Michael Jordan wasn't always the slick, cooler than cool OG that he is today. And this photo proves it. Comfortable in his own skin, I have no doubt he was that but my oh my how time transforms us – anybody else having trouble picturing LeBron James, or any of today's NBA superstars rocking the blue jeans tight-tuck polo look? Maybe Russell Westbrook could pull it off but I start and stop at him...

MJ's career resume speaks for itself. Dude got bored of basketball so he tried baseball. If only today's landscape permitted LeBron to take a year off basketball to play tight end for the Cleveland Browns. Back to the photo though I'm not quite sure what the umbrella's purpose is here other than a potential musically-inspired accessory – is he grooving to the Weather GirlsNonetheless, this is a humbling photo for perhaps the game’s greatest player. LeBron is coming for that title but there will always be those who say MJ never has and never will have an equal on the hardcourt… A final note: that's a small dorm room for a big human. Can't imagine he ever had a good night of sleep on a bed that's size is suitable for a 12-year old.

5 Active: Kyle Lowry

via globalnews.ca

NBA Cares...anybody else familiar with those commercials highlighting the efforts players put forth in the communities they play in. Well this photo of Kyle Lowry kissing a young fan court side should be used in the promoting of NBA players' community involvement. And yet I’m still left looking at it and asking – “Is the play still going on? Get back on defense, Kyle!!”

Far more awkward than cute, the still frame is mostly to blame for the awkwardness. It's also worth noting the guy beside the little girl comes off as super-bummed Lowry didn't opt to plant a wet one on him – maybe next time dude... After yet another playoff failure it's a safe bet to say Kyle may be seeking out a few extra hugs and kisses to help cope with the pain associated with bending a knee to King James for a third straight season. You’d have to think something must change if Toronto hopes to move the needle and give themselves a realistic shot to dethrone the king in future bouts – this core seemingly doesn’t have what it takes to claim the Iron Throne. (Glad I managed to fit a Game of Thrones reference in here. Always a nice touch)

4 Retired: Magic Johnson

via pinterest.com

Jack Nicholson is a treasure. So is Magic Johnson, obviously, but the NBA and Los Angeles Lakers need an engaged Jack back sitting court side. But before that can happen, Magic needs to bring the Lakers back to championship relevancy – LeBron to the Lakers would have Jack back in (and out) of his seat, one hundred percent! And who knows, maybe he'd go full Jack Torrance on LaVar Ball and do us all a favour.

Anyways onto to the clearly fun-filled relationship between Magic and the man they simply call Jack. Little did I know but there are plenty of rare and rather humourous photos of Earvin "Magic" Johnson during his playing days. One of them is this one: him giving what appears to be a piggyback ride to actor and Lakers superfan, Jack Nicholson. It's this sort of joy that has been missing from Los Angeles basketball for the last five seasons – the Lakers have missed the playoffs all five of the last seasons and the Clippers haven't made it past the second round. Now as their main executive, it'll be up to Magic to reignite Showtime at Staples Center. We're all tired of "Keeping up with the Ball Family".

3 Active: Lonzo Ball

via theviews.fr

At what point will Lonzo Ball once and for all tell his overprotective and objectively annoying father, LaVar, to be quiet and stay away...? Lonzo was drafted by his childhood favourite and hometown team, the Los Angeles Lakers, thus fulfilling the prophecy his father predicted for him all along. His rookie season was far from impressive and while his numbers on paper indicate that he's capable of impacting the game on many levels, his shot remains a complete and total train wreck – like his father.

Pictures such as this befuddle me – how can Lonzo still think his father's actions are setting him up for success? So confident that you're willing to stamp a family photo with approval, in the form of a cheeky tongue display. Buy some real shoes, never mind your dad's garbage. If you want to rap, that's fine, but so help me heaven if LaVar's voice ever comes on one of your tracks, that'll be the final straw. I want to like you, Lonzo, I really do. Help me out! How are you going to succeed when your biggest fan is saying stuff like the things that LaVar Ball has become so famous for saying?

2 Retired: Brian Scalabrine

via twitter.com

If you've made it this far, congratulations. This was not a short piece and while I've tried to make each snippet a short fluid and easy read, they add up and before long you realize you've missed ten Trump tweets and left your food in the oven way too long...I commend you once again. I cannot think of a more awkward yet awesome than this – Celtics LEGEND Brian Scalabrine flaunting his championship bling. Brian Scalabrine played 520 games in his career, not bad for a pale ginger from Long Beach.

How in the hell did he handle the California sunshine growing up?! As a fellow ginger whose gotten sunburnt during long car rides, I'm genuinely curious. The mere thought of California makes me shake (understandable) but not cause of quakes but rather the harmful rays that await me. Anyways, Scalabrine played a total of 246 playoff minutes in 2008, the year Boston won the title on the backs of the first super-team in this modern era: Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen. As for how he felt after not playing a single second in the title-clinching game, Veal Scalabrine wasn't too concerned... Talk about Brian! (You can tell kids anything…)

1 Active: LeBron James

via gq.com

This picture feels like a scene out of a Bad Boys movie – "Just another day with Mike Lowrey..." Riding a banana boat with your best friends alongside a ginormous yacht scream "just another day with LeBron James", doesn't it? – James along with Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union (Wade's wife) enjoyed some quality time away from the hardcourt and it involved all piling on what I consider to be a shark magnet – Screw the ocean man, it's trespassing in my opinion. But perhaps LeBron, being the mammoth that he is, fancies his chances against the ocean’s apex predator. Hell he’s the same size as most of them, no?

Anyways how about we get back to the three horseman and one horsewoman… The awkwardness here is subtle and perhaps not there for some. James struck a particularly aggressive and tight pose – the other three look relaxed whereas King James looks as though he's still in playoff-LeBron mode. Does the dude ever just relax? As if I'm questioning someone's ability to relax while they're pictured on a banana boat in the turquoise postcard-worthy water. I'm going to a float spa now, to really relax. Hope you enjoyed my rundown of some truly awkward moments featuring NBA stars of the past and present.

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