15 Photos Of Kendall Jenner That Would Drive Chandler Parsons Crazy

Kendall Jenner is a member of the ultra famous Kardashian clan and can be seen plastered all over every social media site and causing a stir basically whenever she steps out of her front door for some reason. She is pure tabloid fodder and even seems to want everyone to know what she’s up to every minute of everyday as well as her wacky family that runs through music industry and NBA boyfriends like a box of tissues on Dr. Phil. Her father Bruce is now famously known as Caitlin and her sisters are up to everything and anything you can imagine. It's getting hard to "keep up".

Kendall publicly dated Chandler Parsons a little while back and the two have found themselves popping up on tabloid sites more recently as it appears they’ve been enjoying each others company in more of a “friendly” capacity, even taking it to the point as to going on a double date with Kendall’s new beau Blake Griffin (Recently departed for Detroit from LA). We’re pretty sure that leaves the door open to rekindle things a little more romantically with Parsons.

Kendall is a total babe and if we were her ex we would probably be trying to spend as much time with her as we could as well. Smart move Parsons, just situate yourself in the picture and see if you earn yourself a second chance at becoming a permanent fixture on a reality show. A man can Dream!

15 GQ

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Imagine going grocery shopping, full cart, pulling up to self check out, when you see your ex staring at you from the cover of GQ magazine, a magazine that millions of men read every month. That’s just another day in the life of Chandler Parsons. Now the good news is that these days the two ex’s seem to be getting their flirt on a little and with Kendall’s most recent beau Blake Griffin's move to the Detroit Pistons it leaves the door open for them to rekindle their romance. But you still have to wonder if Chandler would have picked up that magazine again while trying not to let anyone notice in line. Maybe rip out a few pages to stick up on his wall.

14 Brand Ambassador

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Everything else aside, Kendall Jenner is just a beautiful lady. Chandler Parsons is just lucky to have flown so close to the sun and still have his vision intact. He can go home and at least think back fondly on the time he spent with one of the world’s most attractive debutants and thank his lucky stars that the two of them are once again spending time together. It must drive him crazy that he can just tap his ex’s name into a search engine and literally thousands of photos of her beautiful face and gorgeous body just blast their way onto a screen. Just try to be her friend Chandler, it might hurt too bad if you end up losing this lady again.

13 Styling With Styles

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Now it’s not only professional Basketball players who seem to be of interest to the Kardashian clan. They also have a penchant for dating extremely popular musicians, and we’re talking the top of the charts popular. Back in 2013-2014 Jenner was linked to mega star and One Direction stand out Harry Styles. We can admit that we liked them together. After a short split the two rekindled their romance in 2016. Seeing as how it was late 2014 that Kendall and Chandler were reportedly getting together it must make Parsons blood boil when he sees a photo of Harry and Kendall looking happy together. Don’t worry too much about it big guy, you’ll still always be her first NBA player, just not her first rock star.

12 He Could Be Her Boyfriend

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Around the same time as Kendall and Parsons were allegedly together the world also caught wind of a potential Bieber/Jenner romance which has just got to be the biggest tabloid fodder to ever hit the internet. After moving on from Harry Styles it seemed that Kendall had found herself another music mega star to get over him. The reports came back saying this was not a serious relationship, and while that should be comforting, instead it conjures images of them being "casual" together. Isn’t that wild! Imagine if either of these two were on your quick call list! Or better yet, wouldn’t it drive Parsons crazy if he saw a text saying ‘You up?’ light up Kendall’s phone and it was from Justin Bieber.

11 Old Flame

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It’s got to be tough for Chandler to see his ex everywhere he turns as she dominates the ‘famous for being hot and famous’ category of the internet and our everyday lives. But his has to be even tougher when he comes across an old photo of them together. It must send a little sting into his heart knowing that he had potentially the love of his life on his arm, but Kendall is too young and too much of a force of nature to end up with just one fella now. She has to play the field and explore herself as a woman in a woman’s world before settling down. There’s just too many professional basketball players out there to choose from. You got to the party too early Parsons!

10 Pepsi Or Coca Cola

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Kendall Jenner is everywhere, and we mean everywhere. She dominates Instagram and Twitter and pops up in magazine spreads and covers all over the world. More recently she starred in a poorly planned Pepsi commercial that definitely struck a sour chord with many groups as she gives a can of Pepsi to a riot policeman at a protest meant to mirror the classic ‘daisy in the rifle barrel’ photo from the 60s peace movement, and then the protest turns into a Pepsi party. The world was trying to deal with serious issues and Pepsi and Jenner used the tense political and social climate and made light of some very serious situations. And Chandler Parsons just had to sit there and watch, not even invited to the Pepsi party. Poor guy.

9 Leaning On Someone Else

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Kendall is a very sought after model and will be for the remainder of our existence as a species or until the planet is destroyed by a world ending event, and we have come to terms with that. She will forever be posing with other gorgeous women and handsome dudes and the images will be used to sell us things we didn’t know we needed. Unfortunately for her ex Chandler Parsons he will have to watch all of this go down as she writhes around on guys and fake kisses girls all in the name of fashion, occasionally ending up just cradled in some dudes lap sitting on the floor because it will help a bespoke sheer shirt company sell a $600 piece of fabric to an 18-year-old with low self-esteem.

8 Live Fast

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Back to the parade of ex’s! in 2015 Kendall was linked to superstar British race car driver Lewis Hamilton and was even photographed wearing his chain at one of his races. Now we already know that Kendall has a good history with British guys as she dated Harry Styles for quite sometime and she loves sporting stars and Hamilton checks both of those boxes. It must have been rough for Parsons seeing the girl of his dreams wearing another man’s chain so openly. Now Jenner and Hamilton were reportedly never ‘full on’ but we don’t doubt they spent some quality time together and that just never feels good when someone you are super into ends up with a hunky Brit who drives fast cars. What’s a guy to do?

7 Big Entourage

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Chris Brown!? Chris Brown!? Really Kendall? Come on! Jenner has been reportedly involved with Chris Brown on two separate occasions which totally bums us out so we can’t imagine how that would make Chandler Parsons feel. Brown has been a Kardashian family friend and has spent a lot of time with all the girls so these might just be pure rumours and we hope so. We tend to lose a lot of respect for anyone who associates with Chris Brown after the horrible Rihanna incident that showed his true colours. We just wouldn’t want anything bad happening to you Kendall. Despite all appearances you're a smart girl with a bright future. You should be with a nice, tall, basketball playing guy… Chandler Parsons perhaps… not Chris Brown.

6 Rolling In Style

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One of Kendall’s most publicized relationships was that with A$AP Rocky and it left many wondering if she was going to take the ‘Kim’ route and end up with a music icon or stick to the ‘Khloe’ path and choose an NBA star, as the sisters seem to only have a choice between those two types of guys. Jenner and Rocky spent a lot of time together and A$AP even reportedly took Kendall to Harlem for the first time which is a long way away from sunny LA. Alas, lucky for Chandler Parsons the two didn’t go the distance and eventually split up paving the way for the next basketball star in Kendall’s life who may have actually been a stepping stone back to Chandler.

5 Better Baller

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Blake Griffin is a big man who plays big and was the centre piece for the resurgence of the LA Clippers in recent years (although the team never really competed against the monstrous teams dominating the NBA West). To top off a great career up to this point Blake snagged one of the hottest girls in the world in Kendall Jenner. The two had just recently been heating up the tabloids when Blake was dealt to the Detroit Pistons and something tells us that Kendall isn’t a long distance relationship kind of girl. That means it appears to be bye bye Blake, which has to make Chandler Parsons sleep a little easier. Maybe there’s a chance for you two after all guys!

4 Family Ties

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Now Kendall might be a sweet girl, but we have to say her family is a little bananas. The Kardashians and Jenners are the kind of famous that separates you from the real world and isolates you in a land of delusions and grandeur the likes of which are rarely achieved by us normal folks out here. Chandler might want to be with Kendall with all his heart but that doesn’t mean whenever he sees a picture of her crazy family he doesn’t, even for just a split second, want to run away in sheer terror and never look back. But then he probably sees a picture of Kendall on her own and all the fears go away. It has to be a stressful situation.

3 All Over The Red Carpet

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But how can Chandler deny that feeling of butterflies he gets in his stomach (and potentially other areas) whenever Kendall Posts images of her amazing body and that famous Kardashian/Jenner booty. Wars have been started and ended over such backsides. Very night before he goes to bed Chandler probably scrolls through Twitter and Instagram trying to catch a glimpse of one of the hottest rear ends to grace the internet. He must be driven mad with desire and the thoughts of yesteryear when he could just cozy up to Kendall and they could explore each others bodies. Maybe someday soon you can again Chandler. There’s always a chance that you two could end up back together and all other suitors will fall by the wayside.

2 Blowing In The Wind

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Let’s face it, Kendall Jenner is a gorgeous girl, and is quickly becoming a symbol of beauty in her own right. She comes from a wealthy, powerful, and extremely influential family. She could win us over with a smile, or knock us to our knees with a smouldering look. Heaven forbid she actually strips down to a bikini in front of us to enjoy a day at the beach because our heads might explode. Kendall we’d be your slave if you asked us to and we’re sure you’ve put some fellas through heck and back as they tried to catch your attention and win your affections. But let our boy Chandler Parsons off the hook. He had you and lost you. Don’t play with his heart.

1 Catching Feelings

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Recently it seems like Chandler Parsons and Kendall Jenner might be rekindling a little bit of romance and the rumours are starting to fly again. In late 2017 it was reported that Kendall and Blake Griffin went on a double date with Chandler and Hailey Baldwin but word on the street is that Chandler and Baldwin are claiming that they are just pals (or at least that’s what Chandler is saying) and Jenner and Parsons were spotted flirting with each other at a Bentley dealership earlier in January! The 21-year-old Jenner and the 28-year-old Parsons have dated before in 2014 and we have high hopes for our boy Chandler that the two will spark up their romance again. C’mon Kendall, give him another shot!

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