15 Photos Of NBA WAGs On Their Baddest Behaviour

WAGs have a certain level of responsibility they must stomach when they decide to take on a relationship with a professional athlete. The sports star has to maintain an image for his team and league; the person he chooses to date or marry ultimately has some affect on that image. Whether they like it or not, media and fans pay attention to the woman behind the man, sometimes more than the man himself.

Overtime, WAGs have gained their own fan following, with shows like Basketball Wives and WAGs. We see them in their own environment, living their own lives and having their own drama – and the drama sometimes gets way out of hand. NBA players seem to have some of the more out of hand WAGs than any other sport. They have to deal with their significant others getting into fights with other WAGs or the paparazzi. They have to face their lover blasting them and their personal life all over social media. And they sometimes have to face the reality of the WAG getting arrested.

It’s hard enough trying to keep your own life on track with practices and games, but when you add in an out of control wife or girlfriend it’s no wonder many of these guys fly through tons of women. It’s important for a pro-NBAer to find someone who can calmly handle the pressure of the lifestyle. No one can be perfect all the time, though. Here are 15 photos of NBA WAGs on their worst behaviour.


15 Savannah (Brinson) James

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Wife of Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James, Savannah is often considered a “princess,” as far as WAGs go. She’s sweet and kind; she’s a wonderful mother and an active philanthropist. Savannah fully supports LeBron in all of his endeavours and cheers him on at games. It’s kind of hard to imagine Miss Savannah doing anything scandalous or bad. After all, it’s LeBron who has been caught up in cheating incidents and partying. But there was a Savannah before she was married to LeBron, and no one can maintain perfection all the time.

Before marrying LeBron, Savannah had a wild bachelorette party and many details of it were caught on tape. She danced around with friends, drinking and celebrating her future life with the star basketball player. When women get with friends, there’s no telling what will go down.

14 Kendall Jenner

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One of the Kardashian’s half-sisters, Kendall Jenner grew up in the spotlight. She was only 12-years-old when E! Network’s Keeping up with the Kardashians premiered their first season. Every one of her life’s mistakes has been very public. Kendall recently became linked with former Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin (recently traded to the Detroit Pistons). She could usually be found court-side at games cheering Blake on.

Outside of her relationship, Kendall got a pretty bad reputation as the mean older sister to Kylie Jenner and the bratty daughter to her mom. Kendall is a famous model but has been seen getting real sloppy out at clubs for a few years now, and she only just recently turned 22. Kendall likes to display her worst behaviour out to the public with her lack of modesty in clothing and her wild lifestyle.


13 Gabrielle Union-Wade

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Gabrielle Union is a famous actress and wife to Miami Heats’ Dwyane Wade. During their relationship, there has been quite a few ups and downs, including Dwyane getting another woman pregnant. However, all of the issues or scandals usually were because of something Dwyane did. Gabrielle is always considered one of the classier WAGs of the league. But every relationship has their secrets, and the Wade’s like to let their freak flag fly quite often.

They talk openly about their "personal" activities and have both been photographed without clothing in public. When they set out to party, they don’t let anyone tell them no. They party hard and get into trouble along the way. In one instance, at a Miami party, the pair was told to calm down or leave. Their response was to party harder and make a scene.

12 Hencha Voigt

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Hencha Voigt has dated numerous NBA players and was briefly linked to one of LeBron James’ cheating affairs. Due to her role in the life of many NBA players, she was cast in E! Network’s WAGs Miami. The Instagram fitness model has no problem stirring up conflict and getting in people’s faces. She has been involved in many altercations showcased on the reality show and even ended up with a not-so-flattering mug shot for her involvement in a blackmail scam.

Hencha was arrested for trying to extort $18,000 by blackmailing one of the most popular social media personas, YesJulz (Julieanna Goddard). Hencha, along with an accomplice, got their hands on YesJulz’s personal cellphone, hacked it and discovered embarrassing photos and videos. They threatened to release them to the public if she didn’t pay up. Instead of Goddard showing up to pay, the police showed up and Hencha paid, instead.


11 Kim Kardashian

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Although Kim Kardashian is currently married to Kanye West and not any NBA player, but she left too big of a mark on the NBA world to leave out of the list. Kim married former NBA star Kris Humphries in 2011, but famously filed for divorce just 72 days later. She left Kris broken and never able to really recover in the NBA world. It would take forever to list all of the times Kim was on her worst behaviour, but a few instances really stand out.

Not only has she published numerous revealing selfies of herself to Instagram, she has been accused of having her oldest daughter, North West, take the photos for her. Kim has also been caught out partying and getting pretty far gone. Kim K actually found her biggest claim to fame while on her worst behavior… the notorious "tape" with singer Ray J.

10 Ayesha Curry

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This genuine NBA WAG hasn’t always acted in a professional manner. She has her own cooking show on the Food Network and raises her children with Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry in a Christian life. One of her most prized roles in life is cheering on her husband and supporting him 100 percent, sometimes a little too much. During the 2016 NBA finals, the Golden State Warriors were playing Cleveland Cavaliers and the Curry’s experienced a few downfalls.

The bus was delayed, so the team barely made it. Ayesha’s father was stopped at the entrance and forced to show identification. And to top it off, Steph had a rough game and was ejected from the game for throwing his mouthpiece in anger. Ayesha took to Twitter and let her true feelings show, claiming the whole thing was rigged.


9 Daniela Rajic

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Daniela Rajic used to be an exotic dancer at a popular Miami club before she got involved with Oklahoma City Thunder’s Paul George. Paul got Daniela pregnant and was accused of trying to pay her a huge amount of money to not have the baby. Daniela didn’t and gave birth to the pair’s first daughter, Olivia in 2013. They didn’t stay together at that time but reconnected again a few years later.

Daniela probably knows how to party pretty well. She’s been caught out on several occasions wearing barely any clothing, drinking and getting cozy with Paul. Her own Instagram account has quite a few of her provocative shots displayed out for the world. Paul doesn’t really seem to mind Daniela’s bad behaviour though, because they welcomed their second child into the world toward the end of 2017.

8 Khloe Kardashian

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Khloe Kardashian has been a WAG to more than one NBA player and has been caught up in some type of troubles with each one. Although she had her run with James Harden and is now pregnant with Cavaliers’ Tristan Thompson, her worst behaviour, though, occurred before she began dating former LA Laker, Lamar Odom and after they split. As a Kardashian, every aspect of Khloe’s life is made very public. Every mistake and every accident is printed on the front page of magazines. She’s been photographed very drunk and partying with her sisters and friends.

In 2007, Khloe was pulled over and arrested for a DUI. This might be the lowest point of her young life, and it was filmed and photographed by the paparazzi. She didn’t go to jail for the DUI, though, but did end up behind bars a year later for violating her probation.


7 Brandi Maxiell

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Wife to former Detroit Pistons basketball star, Jason Maxiell, Brandi Maxiell found her own claim to fame by starring on VH1’s Basketball Wives L.A. During her time on the show, she had no shame and didn’t care to walk on any egg shells. She has been involved in many of the shows top arguments and fights. She has openly talked trash about some of her closest former friends, and it didn’t stop there.

Brandi has taken her personal feelings of hate toward her own husband straight to the public. She has not once, but twice, ripped into Jason on Instagram and in front of cameras over his infidelity. The couple currently remain together, but it can’t be long before we see Brandi act out again.

6 Kate Bock

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Kate Bock is a Canadian fashion model featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue for the last four years. She is also holds a coveted spot in Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kevin Love’s heart. The pair began dating around the summer of 2016 and have been together since. As a model, it’s not rare to see Kate wearing barely anything. Her skin is displayed all over magazines and the internet. It is her job, though, so could it be considered her worst behaviour?

Even outside of her job, Kate likes to show off her tall, slender frame. She also likes to enjoy the nightlife with friends, often without Kevin by her side. Even though this could be becoming the norm right now, it’s still not the best way to present yourself.


5 La La Anthony

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NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony's wife of seven years La La first found fame as a VJ (video jockey) for MTV’s TRL in the early 2000s. She’s also hosted reunion shows for several of VH1’s reality dating shows. Her life was literally surrounded by rowdy, partying crowds. After marrying Carmelo, La La’s life took a small change toward becoming his personal support system during the stressful NBA seasons.

But even NBA WAGs still get chances to party hard, and La La has been caught right in the midst of many a good time. Carmelo has recently been caught in a really bad cheating affair where his mistress got pregnant, causing La La to separate from him. As the whole situation plays out, we might get to see La La act out in even worse behaviour.

4 Teyana Taylor

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Teyana Taylor and Cleveland Cavaliers’ Iman Shumpert (recently traded to the Sacramento Kings) have been married since the middle of 2016 in a secret wedding ceremony. The pair were able to somehow keep most of their relationship a secret in the beginning. Aside from her role as WAG, Teyana is a famed actress and recording artist.

She was featured in one of Kanye West’s more controversial music videos. Teyana was heavily criticized for her role in the video because she featured sweating and wearing a very tight and revealing clothing. She doesn’t care what others think of it, because to her it was more of an emotional dance than anything to do with her body. Teyana is an outspoken WAG who loves to share her opinion with the media, no matter how loud she has to be to do so.


3 Meghan Allen

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Heff's January 2008 Cyber Girl of the Month, Meghan Allen is also the wife to former Dallas Mavericks, and current Denver Nuggets,’ Devin Harris. As a "film" star, Meghan has let her worst behaviour be displayed all over the place for eternity in revealing photos. Once you’re featured alongside anything to do with Heff, there’s really no going back. Meghan has also been on NBC’s Fear Factor, but other than that, she’s not really known for much else.

Since marrying Devin in 2013, her life has drastically calmed down. Meghan’s worst behaviour was probably during her time as a model. She posed in both skimpy outfits and completely uncovered. In 2014, both Devin and Meghan opened up a civil lawsuit against a Dallas pre-school after enrolling their daughter in the program and not being given what they were promised before enrolment. They were promised a refund.

2 Brittany Renner

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Brittany Renner is a self-proclaimed fitness model and popular social media persona, but she’s most famous for her large features. Brittany has been linked with several big-named, famous men, but her most recent link to the NBA was with Philadelphia 76ers’ Ben Simmons. When she was dating the rising star NBA player, Brittany didn’t get along with his family.

Since her bottom is her most popular feature, showing it off is something she has to do to stay in the public eye. She parties, and she makes sure she’s seen. Before dating Ben, Brittany was briefly involved with former NFL player Colin Kaepernick and accused him of getting her pregnant. She is no longer with Ben or Colin. She was most recently associated with rapper Lil Uzi Vert and has no shame in letting everyone know they are intimately connected.


1 Ashley Pettiford (Ashley King)

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Former Denver Nuggets’ baller Ty Lawson and his baby mama, Ashley Pettiford/King were arrested together in 2013 over a domestic altercation. According to the police reports, Ty was arrested for shoving the then pregnant Ashley, but she was also arrested for criminal mischief because during the dramatic fight she destroyed his cellphone. Ashely was featured on Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club, so behaving is not something she must enjoy.

After the pair were arrested, they brushed it off as just a disagreement and promised they’d be working things out. However, a couple of years later, Ashley publicly slammed Ty over not spending time with the child they share together. Ty posted a cute picture of his daughter with a basketball and she commented, “You don’t take care of your kid. Or see your kid.”


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