15 Photos These Los Angeles Lakers Would Rather Keep Private

The NBA life is filled with fame, wealth, and women. Yet, with the paparazzi lurking around every corner, every restaurant, and every club, many of these professional ballers fall victim to the dreaded tabloid photo. Sometimes, these guys are plastered in the club and other times, they get into hot water with the law. On top of all that, their private lives are aired out to the public, leaving some of their smokin' WAGs exposed.

Now, not all teams have to deal with these ridiculous rumors. Franchises like OKC and Portland are in small enough markets to stay out of the national spotlight most of the time, safe for the occasional big story. But, if these players suit up for Miami, New York, or LA, their dirty laundry is free for the taking. The Lakers are one of the most decorated franchises in all of sports, and

It's time to dive into one of these mass market teams, digging up 15 photos that the following Los Angeles Lakers, both past and present, would rather keep private!

15 Gasol's Fashion Sense

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Looks like Gasol wasn't too thrilled with this fan picture. We aren't sure when this photo was taken, but with the former Laker's short haircut and lack of stubble, he has to be in his mid-20s. Nowadays, as a member of the Spurs, the Spanish seven-footer looks like a combination of Grizzly Adams and comedian Chris D'Elia.

Also, aside from the fact that young Gasol looks like he just put back a few tequila shots, what the heck is up with that shirt?! It's got a Mary Poppins like character, the Sydney Opera House, and some ridiculously bright colors. Maybe Dennis Rodman or Russell Westbrook could rock this cut-off, but I think this the six-time All-Star wishes that this photo was kept off the internet!

14 Little Isaiah Thomas

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The newest addition to the Los Angeles Lakers, Isaiah Thomas, was traded just in time to make our list of embarrassing photos. For those of you that haven't heard, the Cavs decided to shuffle their roster, sending Thomas to L.A. in return for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. (among other less integral pieces). IT probably won't miss too much about Cleveland, since he was only their for a few months, but I'm sure he'll miss his longtime bud, Kevin Love.

As seen from this picture taken back in 2005, Love towers above his little bro. All you haters out there will claim that Thomas is just younger than Love making the picture misguiding. Well, you would be half-right, but Kevin is only four-months older than IT!  Both future All-Stars were 16 or 17-years-old at this time!  Seems like Thomas was just a late bloomer.

13 The Ever-Injured Bynum Is Healthy To Party

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Is there a more recent hated Laker than Andrew Bynum? For years, the seven-foot Lakers center was nothing more than a pariah on the court, and in the locker room. He constantly whined like a pre-teen, and never could stay healthy to contribute to the team. Although he was named an All-Star in 2012, many experts still consider 'Andrew the Giant' to be an NBA bust.

But, busts still get to live the lavish lifestyle of a professional athlete. Bynum looks like he's living it up in this photo at the Playboy Mansion. We are surprised he is strong enough to pick up this jersey chaser, since he always crumbled under the weight of competition. I'm sure he ended up injuring himself somehow during this party anyway.

12 Rick Fox's Old Flings

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Former Los Angeles Lakers forward, Rick Fox, has dated his fair share of women in his time. While in LA, he began dating former Miss America winner, and all-around entertainer, Vanessa Williams. The couple eloped in 1999, but split amicably in 2004, still acting together in the show Ugly Betty.

After playing the field for a few years in Hollywood, Fox began dating actress Eliza Dushku. While it's unknown how the two began dating in 2009, we have to imagine they got together on the set of Ugly Betty, since Dushku had a small cameo during a season two episode. After dating for five years, the LA power couple split up in 2014.

So why would Rick Fox went any of these photos private? Well, I think if you dated celebrities as beautiful of these ladies, any reminder of your past relationships with them would be utterly devastating.

11 Swaggy P's Admitted To What?

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"First things first, [Nick Young's not] the realest!" Australian rapper and beauty, Iggy Azalea, started dating Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard, Nick "Swaggy P" Young back in 2013. The two made headlines as the next big Hollywood couple as their engagement was announced in June of 2015. That was until Young's teammate, D'Angelo Russell, posted a candid video on Instagram of Swaggy P admitting to taking home a 19-year-old from a club.

Clearly, Russell broke the bro code, but Young seriously effed up with Iggy. The 'Fancy' rapper broke off their engagement in 2016, leaving Swaggy P single and free to ravage through the club. We have to imagine that photos, like the one above, still pain Young. He had everything a man could ever dreamed of in Azalea, but sadly, he threw it all away for some random hookup.

10 Matt Barnes' Arrest

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NBA's resident bad boy and journeyman, Matt Barnes, rounds out the top 10 of Lakers player's photos they would rather keep private. Back in 2012, the  6'7" small forward was arrested in Miami after an outstanding traffic warrant.  Barnes proceeded to cuss out the arresting officer, and was slapped with an additional felony for resisting arrest. One creepy mugshot and $26,000 in bail-money later, Barnes was released.

But, that's not the only incident that got this NBAer in trouble with the law. In 2010, he was arrested for suspicion of domestic violence to then-wife, and NBA jersey chaser and Basketball Wives star, Gloria Govan. The couple split up in 2014, but Govan stated at the time that the media blew Barnes' arrest out of proportion, and if it wasn't for their "nosy-ass neighbors," everything would have been fine.

9 Derek Fisher Steals Barnes' Ex

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Oh, we aren't done with Barnes just yet. His ex-wife, Gloria Govan, after their divorce in 2014, moved on to the journeyman's former Lakers' teammate, Derek Fisher. Rumor has it that Barnes even drove through the middle of the night during training camp, after his twin sons told their dad that Fisher was over at the house during a party, just to fight Fisher. A scuffle by the ensued, with Barnes goal to "beat the s**" out of him. Per sources, Barnes got the better of his former teammate, emerging from the skirmish with only a few scratches. Fisher, however, did not not press charges.

Even if he did get his butt whooped, that didn't stop Fisher and Govan's relationship, as the two are still dating. Barnes has since let it go, but admits he felt disrespected that his former teammate pursued a relationship with his ex without telling him.

8 Phil Jackson Dips Pen In Company Ink

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We move from former Lakers players, to former Lakers coach, the Zen Master himself, Phil Jackson. Back in LA, the 11-time NBA Championship winning coach had an odd relationship with the front office. In 1999, it was announced that Jackson was engaged to the Lakers' owner daughter, Jeannie Buss. I'm sure Jerry didn't care as long as Phil kept bringing in championship revenue to his squad.

But in 2016, as Jackson was floundering in the front office with the New York Knicks, the couple's 17-year engagement was officially called off. According to a recent interview, Buss was shaken up by the entire situation, her voice 'trembling' as she mentioned Phil's name.  Clearly, the two NBA business people want to keep the details of their separation out of the public eye.

7 Metta World Peace's Inebriated Confession

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From 'Malice in the Palace' to admitting to be molested by a ghost , the NBA forward formerly known as Ron Artest is no stranger to airing out his dirty laundry to the public.  As you can see from the club photo, World Peace is also no stranger to the partying lifestyle. With those glazed-over eyes and loose body language, this former Laker looks like he's only a few shots away from passing out.

But, the former NBA Defensive Player of the Year doesn't limit his drinking to outside the court. In 2009, World Peace admitted to regularly taking a few swigs of cognac during halftime. Jeez, I can barely move after sippin' on Henny, let alone play 24 more minutes of basketball. While we gotta give him some credit, it's probably something that he should have kept to himself.

6 Steve Nash: The Party Boy

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Steve Nash has an impressive résumé: floor general, two-time NBA MVP, eight-time NBA All-Star, and legendary party boy. 'Captain Canada' may be one of the greatest point guards of all time, but we like to remember him as one of the greatest partiers of all-time too. The former Laker can be seen in this picture, getting his groove on. Drink in hand, Nashty Nash's dazed facial expression tells us he's absolutely blitzed, and we love it.  Maybe they started playing "Hot in Herre," and he just proceeded to follow the instructions.

That's not the only drunken moment that Nash probably wants to keep private. At a Nicki Minaj concert, the three-time First Team All-Pro, was pulled up on stage, and received a  NSFW lap-dance from the Grammy-nominated artist. While I'm sure he enjoyed every second of it (who wouldn't), he wouldn't want some dude on the internet using it against him. Wait.. oops!  Sorry Nash!

5 Vanessa Keeps Kobe In Check

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The Black Mamba' steamy wife, Vanessa Braynt, is out there strutting her stuff on Instagram, and we are pretty sure the future Hall of Fame Lakers guard wants to keep some of those photos private. The high school sweethearts have made it through a multitude of rough patches in their career, but always seem to pull through.

You've got Kobe's sexual assault in Colorado, which the NBA WAG stuck by his side.  You've got Vanessa's overly flirtatious attitude with Bryant's former teammates, which led Kobe to beef with Karl Malone. Then there was the brief two year separation in 2010 when Vanessa was rumored to to be dating fighter, Victor Ortiz. But, through thick and thin, ups and downs, scandal after scandal, the Bryant's remain together today. How? Probably because no one else can deal with Kobe's BS.

4 Magic Johnson's Son

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No, it's not ironic that the NBA legend, who left the game due to HIV, has a gay son. Your conspiracy theories are not wanted, so keep them to yourself. In 2013, Magic's son, Earvin Johnson III, or EJ as he's referred to, came out as gay. TMZ caught the then-20 year old strolling down the street, hand in hand with his boyfriend at the time. It seems that at first, Magic was ashamed and disappointed in his son's choices, even stating in a 2016 interview that he "didn't want" his son to be gay.

As Johnson, and his wife Cookie, got a grip on the situation, they fully supported their son's decision, as good parents do. In the same interview, Cookie said:

"I’m not going to sit here and say that I understood that he was gay at that time, because I didn’t. I just knew that this is what made him happy. And as time went on, it never changed. You gotta love your child. Love wins.”

While we sense a hint of regret from that answer, we are glad the Johnson family is loving and supportive of each other.

3 Shaqtin' A Fool

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Once Shaq went through the embarrassment of starring in Kazaam, nothing phases him anymore.  Actually, he doesn't mind being the butt of a joke, or the center of attention.  Therefore, he doesn't care if any of his ridiculous photos go viral. Whether he's dancing on the court, wearing crazy wigs on set, or partying out with his friends, Shaq doesn't give a damn about his reputation as a funny man.

But, it's not a photo that Shaq wishes was private, it's a video! While off the court, embarrassing moments are nothing to 'Big Diesel', his embarrassing moment comes from the wrong end of a posterization! During his rookie year with Orlando, Shaq got dunked  on by Derrick Coleman. For someone who spent their career on the giving end of the slams, it's gotta be embarrassing to be on the receiving end of one!

2 Dennis Rodman's Life Is One Big Party

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Just like Shaq, anything and everything that Dennis Rodman has done has been devoid of embarrassment. He's truly an open book. "The Worm" has talked openly about his love life with Madonna, Carmen Electra, or the other 2,000 women that he has claimed to have slept with. He broke "Little Dennis" not once, not twice but three times, with the last fracture leading to an emergency room visit! Oh yeah, let's not forget the group session he 'accidentally' broadcasted during a party at his house in the Hamptons. The man is an absolute legend!

Today, the five-time NBA Champion, and former Laker, plays the role of unofficial liaison and diplomat to North Korea and Kim Jong-Un, trying to solve the world's issues by using basketball as a stepping point. Sounds like a great movie, but can we get someone else to play Dennis? His past film reviews have been atrocious.

That all being said, what embarrassing moment would Rodman want to keep private?  Actually, nothing! I guess it was just fun to rant on about his crazy adventures.

1 Lamar Odom's Crazy Addiction

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Former Laker and NBA Sixth-Man of the Year, Lamar Odom tops our list of photos (and stories) that these NBAers in purple and gold, want to keep private. Outside of basketball, Odom gained famed for marrying the least attractive Kardashian sister, Khloe. In 2010, a spin-off of the famed Keeping of with the Kardashians, titled Khloe and Lamar, lifted Odom to stardom outside the basketball world. But, there were some demons in the closet that haunted the 6'10" forward.

In 2013, Odom was arrested for DUI, but things got worse. In October of 2015, the two-time NBA Champion was hospitalized after being found unconsciousness at a brothel outside Vegas. He was in a coma for several days, and had been partying for weeks on end prior to the incident.

Odom has since been recovering from addiction, despite going through a divorce with Kardashian. The whole situation is utterly embarrassing, but what's even more shocking is that Lamar still isn't sober. As you can see from the photo, he was getting his drink on at the airport, and had to be kicked off a Delta flight in July 2016 after vomiting on the plane before takeoff. Clearly, addiction is no laughing matter, and I'm sure he would have loved to keep the entire incident out of the spotlight.

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