16 Pictures Of NBA WAGs Khloe Kardashian And Ayesha Curry

There’s not really much that you can compare between Tristan Thompson and Steph Curry, but you can compare the two women they are with. Khloe Kardashian and Ayesha Curry are two of the most dazzling NBA WAGs. While they both come from different backgrounds, there’s no denying how incredibly beautiful both of these women are.

Khloe Kardashian comes from one of the most intriguing families in America. Her family has a history of fame starting from when Bruce Jenner, now formally known as Caitlyn Jenner, played a key part in the O.J. Simpson case in 1991. Kim Kardashian, Khloe’s sister, also contributed to much of Khloe’s fame after a tape between Kim and her ex-boyfriend Ray J took the Internet by storm. Just a few months later, Kim decided to start the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Ayesha Curry’s background is nowhere near as entertaining as Khloe’s, but she is looked highly as a role model in society. Ayesha was an actress before dating Steph Curry, being a part of a few different shows and movies. Once she and Steph got married, Ayesha gained a lot of fame. She started her own cooking show called Ayesha’s Homemade. Ayesha also became the spokesperson of CoverGirl in 2017.

While both of these ladies have successful partners and are gaining different types of fame, one thing remains similar between the two: their everlasting beauty.

16 Close Up On Khloe's Makeup

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When it comes to makeup, Khloe might be your girl to talk to. While Ayesha is more of a natural beauty, Khloe seems to apply a lot of makeup on to her face. Surprisingly, Khloe doesn’t spend as much money on her makeup as many may think. Khloe told reporters that her favorite mascara only costs her $7. Whatever she is using, works though. From her soft lips to her wavy hair to her beautiful eyelashes, Khloe always shows that she has to be the center of attention. And quite frankly, as long as Kim isn’t around, she is the center of attention.

Khloe lost a lot of weight and had a photo shoot that shocked fans seeing how much better looking she got. So, maybe Khloe is more natural than many may think.

15 Ayesha Showing Her Enchanting Beauty

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Being the new spokesperson for CoverGirl, Ayesha has to prepare to shine on the big stage. Ayesha applies makeup, showing her incredible skills as well as her beauty. Unlike Khloe, Ayesha is not very provocative with what she wears. Ayesha is the type to dress very professional, but has natural beauty which still makes her one of the more attractive women dating am NBA player.

It was a pleasant surprise to find out that Ayesha Curry would be the face of this incredible company. As there were so many choices that could have been made, Ayesha was the surprising winner.

“We thought it’d be great to celebrate one in particular, who not only has a different role than we have in the past, but plays a number of different roles, and does so really successfully and is admired for millions because of it.”

Sometimes, all it takes is being a genuine person in this society to gain recognition.

14 Khloe Kardashian's Relationship With Tristan Thompson

For Khloe, things spin in the opposite direction. Khloe is the one who has all the fame, and Tristan Thompson actually gains some fame from a different aspect of the media because the two are engaged. Tristan Thompson was drafted as the fourth-overall draft pick of the 2011 NBA Draft. Since he got drafted, he’s had some highs and some lows, but is currently struggling, and might see his time in Cleveland coming to an end.

In 2016, Thompson was a part of a Cleveland Cavaliers team that won the NBA Finals. The milestone was huge for the city of Cleveland, as it marked the first ever championship for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and ended the drought of the city not having a championship brought back to them.

Tristan and Khloe just recently got engaged, and now have a child on the way.

13 Ayesha With Her Husband

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There’s only one way that you can go from a low profiled actress, to becoming one of the most influential people in society without really doing anything. You have to marry into fame. Ayesha is married to arguably one of the NBA’s best ever shooters, Steph Curry. Steph’s success with the Golden State Warriors, eventually led them to finishing the 2015 season as the only ever NBA team to win 73 wins in a season. That same season, Steph Curry also became the unanimous MVP. During this time, this is where Ayesha started to gain a lot of her popularity.

As she was seen as the wife of one of the top superstars in the NBA, many sports fans started to recognize Ayesha. Many times if you were watching a Warriors home game, you would see Ayesha at some point pop up on the television.

12 Keeping Up With Khloe

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While Ayesha is doing her thing with cooking and making herself successful away from Steph, Khloe kind of uses her family’s fame in order to build her own fame. A lot of her popularity comes from the TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The show basically gives you a tour into the life of what it’s like to be a part of one of the most criticized and dramatic families in America. Khloe at one point in her life tried starting up a TV show with her ex-husband, Lamar Odom. The show didn’t really last that long.

Khloe also was a participant in The Celebrity Apprentice, in which she was eventually fired by Donald Trump. She’s guest appeared on many other television shows, but she also is into fashion. The Kardashians all have their separate collections with different companies including different apparel and fragrances. As you can tell, Khloe really thrives off of the fame of her family.

11 The Cooking Master: Ayesha Curry

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Obviously, there’s a part of Ayesha Curry that doesn't spotlight Steph. And that part of life is cooking. Ayesha has become one of the most popular cooks in the country, and has her own TV show on the Food Network. Not only does she just have a television show which she goes through recipes and different meals, but she also writes a blog about her different recipes. And even on top of that, she makes YouTube videos where she posts instructional cooking videos.

The television show is fairly new, as it made its debut on April 30, 2017. Steph and their two daughters appear on the show, but this time, it’s Ayesha’s turn to shine. She’s also involved heavily with charity, and does her best to help children in need.

10 Khloe Stretching 

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Khloe tends to have her own style by the water in comparison to her sister. She tends to wear a lot of one pieces, but even with those, her features are too great to keep away. As she stretches, her assets cannot be kept as a secret. A woman with her type of body may just be impossible to try and cover up her body when at the beach or near the pool. Many times, Khloe actually tries to stay away from the media when she’s at places like the beach.

If you try and Google pictures of Khloe at the beach, many of the pictures are taken at the beach from a distance, and many times Tristan is in the way of the angle to fully get a look at Khloe. For a Kardashian, you would expect that she would constantly be taking swimsuit pictures. Maybe Khloe is the exception.

9 Pizza By The Pool With Ayesha

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Unlike many other stars, Ayesha really does her absolute best not to be seen looking like she’s some 20-year-old model with all of her features out. Even when it comes to going to the beach, Ayesha is pretty much covered compared to what you see some of these other ladies where to the beach. Although she’s not very good at hiding, as Guy Fieri, another famous cook, caught Ayesha laying back wearing a pizza onesie while eating some pizza. It may have been staged, but who knows.

Her choice of outfits for the beach aren’t very inviting for many men, but she promotes what a role model should promote. Even without having her body fully exposed to the media, her natural beauty still takes over the spotlight.

8 Khloe's Protein World Ad

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Khloe unsurprisingly gets a lot of modeling gigs and is very busy, but she takes time to go to Cavs games to support hear beau. Of course, when Khloe goes to a Cavaliers game, there has to be someone else with her. Many times, we have seen her sisters tag along with her to games, as they rock their Tristan Thompson jerseys. It is a bit tougher for Khloe to attend games, as she’s a lot more famous than Ayesha, which means a lot more fans come up and bug her for pictures and what not. Where Ayesha can blend in with the crowd better, Khloe is clearly there. And it doesn’t really help that she wears a bright yellow Cavaliers jersey.

Ayesha may be the better fan, as she’s known for attending a ton of Warriors games. It’s not very common to see Khloe at games, or publicly at those games. Now that she’s pregnant, it makes it more difficult for her to get out in a public setting like that.

7 Ayesha Turns Heads Too

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Obviously whenever either of these women attend a game, it becomes a big deal. Ayesha doesn’t typically wear jerseys to games, but she does oftentimes wear Warriors apparel underneath another piece of clothing that she’s wearing. In this picture, Ayesha decides to go with a more professional look. It seems more and more that when she goes to games, you would immediately think she’s in charge. And with her become so popular, it’s just as great to meet Ayesha as it is to meet Steph.

Most of the time you actually don’t see Ayesha on the bottom level, as she actually sits a few rows back. Many times, the screens in the stadium will show her at some point. She’s known to be quite loud, especially in big games.

6 Post Workout Selfies With Khloe

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Unlike her sister Kim, Khloe’s Instagram doesn’t really show that much of her features. While there are photos of her body looking great, there are also a lot of pictures that include Tristan Thompson, as well as workout pictures. Recently, Khloe has been known to become a huge “gym rat.” Khloe Kardashian went from what may be considered the less attractive Kardashian, down 40 pounds to become one of the better-looking ones.

It clearly shows, as even in her selfies now she looks a lot better. While the media sometimes tries to claim that her pictures may be photo shopped, Khloe is doing a great job at maintaining a healthy weight and staying in incredible shape. We're sure many are debating on who the better Kardashian sister is now.

5 On The Road With Ayesha

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Selfies have erupted as one of the most popular forms of picture taking when posting on social media, so it only makes sense to compare the two. It seems that Ayesha is big on Snapchat, as both pictures come from her Snapchat account. Ayesha’s Snapchat is a lot more business and family oriented. While some famous women will post Snapchats or pictures on their Instagram of themselves at the beach or in skimpy clothing, Ayesha is always in business attire or is showing off her family. There’s not really much more you could ask from Ayesha Curry to prove that she’s the perfect role model. Even in a generation where social media exposes stars at their worst, Ayesha remains to stay at her best, while looking her best.

4 Down The Red Carpet With Khloe

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Unlike Ayesha Curry, Khloe Kardashian is willing to let it all out on the red carpet. Open shirts that show off her assets, tight skimpy dresses, all of that stuff is probably sitting in the closet of her room. But Khloe has to be the best-looking women on the red carpet at all times. Whenever there’s a Kardashian at some major event, it’s always publicized, and the camera is always on them. So, it kind of makes sense why she has to have all these breathtaking outfits.

But, there’s no argument about how she looks at these events. Her outfits really do put on a show, and sometimes steal the actual show. Her beauty and body speak into so many different stories throughout the media, just by Khloe walking down a red carpet.

3 ESPYs With Ayesha Curry

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There comes a point where when you’re dating a famous athlete, you have to make some appearances down the red carpet. For Ayesha, she shines bright every time. It’s her gorgeous smile that speaks a million words in every picture. Ayesha might have one of the prettiest smiles among NBA WAGs. Still, with plenty of other beautiful women also walking down the red carpet with their gates, Ayesha has no need to dress skimpy and show her features. She’s the true definition of a role model, and deserves a ton of credit. But, maybe she doesn’t get intimidated by these other women. She does have one of the best all-time shooters in NBA history as her husband. And if you've ever heard how their relationship started, it'll make you like them more.

2 Wow, Khloe

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Khloe Kardashian may not be the role model that Ayesha Curry is, but she does influence other women around the world, too. She has proven that even when the spotlight is away from you, you can still work hard and achieve your dreams. Khloe definitely speaks out for many of the women that are struggling to lose weight and feel bad about themselves, that they can do it too. It may be a tough journey, but if you stick hard to your goal, you can do it. Khloe stole the show away from some of her sisters that used to have all the attention, but now Khloe holds her own.

And let’s not even get to the point, that Khloe Kardashian has a slick body. Maybe, we’ll start talking about Khloe being the better looking Kardashian in the future.

1 Shine Bright, Ayesha

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No matter what your opinions are on Ayesha Curry, you can’t take away her courage to become a role model in a society desperately needing one. She encourages women around the world live their kind of life, without having to have the super model look. Although Ayesha Curry is a beautiful woman in her own right, she gives inspiration to some of the women out there who may not want to flaunt their chest or lower back area. She shows different ways that you can succeed, without it having to include your looks.

Ayesha may have received a little bit of help from her husband Steph, but she clearly shows that she’s an independent woman that can move her way up in society on her own. She’s exactly the type of role model this country needs.

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