Ranking Every New NBA Nike Jersey From Worst To Best

Attention all NBA fans! Save up your money because your throwback, purple, pinstripe, Raptors Vince Carter Jersey is not the best jersey on the market anymore! In a ploy to increase new jersey sales, the NBA has agreed to an eight-year, global apparel partnership with Nike. In conjunction with this deal, the typical dark, home jerseys, and light, away jerseys, will be eliminated in favor of "Association" and "Icon" editions. So home teams can wear whichever color they want. Don't worry, they must coordinate with the away team so there are not any issues.

Being the critics that we are at the TheSportser, we decided to breakdown each new NBA jersey to truly see which team has the best threads on the court. Is there color scheme cool? Is there lettering standard or did they "jazz" it up? Are the jersey's stolen from a local high school?  What about the Timberwolves? Is their modern look an improvement over what they've shown in the past? How about the Cavs updating their look?

Lace up your Jordans and hit the court, because we are ranking every 2017-18 NBA jersey from worst to best. Let us know who you think has the best and worst jersey entering this season!


30 Denver Nuggets

The Denver Pacers? What happened to the baby blue uniforms 'Melo was rocking as a rookie? Or even the crazy rainbow skyline throwback that every frat bro in Colorado owns? In a city that is being funded by the MJ industry right now, I'm surprised at how unimaginative these jerseys are. Just your typical dark blue and white jerseys. Nothing special. They tried to incorporate the baby blue in some of the lettering outline but these uniforms clearly fall flat and are definitely the worst in the league for 2017-18.

The yellow is gawky and there were so many better options out there (check out these artist's mock-ups). Fans are even joking saying they want Western Union (whose patch is on the top corner) to wire them money to buy new jerseys! Savage.

29 Boston Celtics


Boring! Boring! Boring!  Celtics fans will obviously disagree. "They're wicked awesome dude! It's like Bird and McHale used to wear back in the day. Your rankings are BS!" Well typical Bostonian, in today's NBA, you have to add a little bit extra to your game, and these jerseys miss the mark. There is always something elegant and mystifying about a simple uniform, but this design looks simply lazy. I think they went to a local high school and just recreated the jerseys they found in the storage room adjacent to the gym teachers' office. You know the one I'm talking about! And to go with a sponsor like General Electric? Bold move, Paul Gaston. You could have pleased the entire northeast if you would have went with Dunkin' Donuts instead.

28 Los Angeles Lakers

Despite this tweet, sometimes, the classics do get old. The "Icon" edition of the Lakers' new jerseys is old! It's like nothing has changed in the last several years.  Their "Association" jerseys are the exact same thing too, except in white! So much for creativity. It's like whoever was in charge was supposed to turn in an assignment, but got too drunk the night before, and found an assignment from a past student online, and just turned that one in. That is why you receive no credit for this assignment, Los Angeles. You finally got your franchise star in Lonzo Ball (and there are tons of rumors about LeBron coming to L.A.), the least you could do is make him look good on the court.

27 Toronto Raptors


What on earth are these? Where are the purple pinstripes? Albeit the colors match, but these jersey's are so basic! The supposed clawed basketball on the side of their shorts just looks like a WNBA basketball. I didn't know Sue Bird played in Canada. Anyway, the lettering is clearly boring. Imagine how sick this jersey would look with the raptor dribbling the basketball, with purple and black lettering, and no bright red. Come on Toronto, just because you don't understand helping verbs ("WeTheNorth") does not mean you should use a crappy font on your jerseys. There are so many better options.

The good news is that when it's cold outside, the homeless in Toronto will get off the sewer grates because to stay warm, they can just stand next to someone with a jersey that looks like a "dumpster fire." Shame! Shame on you, Toronto.

26 Houston Rockets

Nike executive thought process - "I'll just copy from Adidas, paste into our template and print. No one will ever know!" Houston, we have a serious problem, nothing has changed!Where are the "ketchup and mustard" alternates? Or even the navy blue "space city" pinstripes? I feel like a middle-class parent who finds out for the first time that their kid got wasted. I'm not mad, and I understand their thought process, but I am extremely disappointed. Under D'Antoni, Houston's style of play is all about flash: upbeat, high-tempo, steals, assists, threes, dunks!  But their uniforms say more half-court, pass it to the elbow, watch some guy try to bank in a hook shot. What a disgrace, Houston, that is why you come in at number 26 on the new NBA jerseys of 2017-18.

25 New York Knicks


Is there anything the Knicks are actually good at, because clearly their design department did a horrible job.  Someone probably stood up in a board meeting and said "What if we mimic our jerseys with our style of play?," and someone else said "meh" and the first person said, "Exactly!"  There are so many other ideas out there that New York could have tried.  New York is the city of lights, the city that never sleeps, but these jerseys are so boring I actually may go to sleep.  The numbers seem a little small too!  I think Porzingis would look better wearing any other NBA Jersey (*cough* trade him *cough).  But no matter what the Knicks wear, they probably will still suck like they have for the past 10 years.

24 New Orleans Pelicans

Honestly, the Pelicans jerseys aren't that bad. Nothing really changed. They kept the fancy font (probably because of the French heritage of the region) but made the lettering a little darker and bolder. They also kept the team colors the same, despite a positive fan reaction from their red alternate jerseys. This year, Cousins and Davis will try to lead NOLA to the playoffs in a tough Western Conference.  How the hell are they supposed to crack the top 8 in the West when every Superstar (besides LeBron) will be playing you multiple times a year.  Since they are probably going nowhere in 2017-18,  I have an idea for a uniform that will bring in some money. The pelican mascot should have a unibrow! Yes, to honor their star player, New Orleans should give the Pelican one, united eyebrow.  It would be great, and definitely better than what they have now.


23 Miami Heat


Okay, so Miami has not officially released their 2017-18 jerseys, so we are a little premature with this list. But thanks to the wonderful world of social media, we have a leak! Rookie Bam Adebayo (what an awesome name!) leaked what looks like the new Miami Heat Nike uniform via Twitter. There has also been a confirmation from the Rookie photo shoot. Pat Riley has always been stuck in his ways in Miami, so it's no surprise to anyone that these jerseys remained relatively unchanged from previous versions. In some cases, you just have to think "If it's not broken, don't fix it!" Look for the heat to get back in the playoff hunt this year since Hassan Whiteside has emerged as a young star in the NBA, and Erik Spoelstra is one heck of a coach!

22 Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks' jerseys change about as much as the Cowboys jerseys... never!  What is Mark Cuban doing in North Texas?  What happened to the sexy blue and green throwbacks?  I mean they aren't really throwbacks for Dirk since he is older than dirt.  According to the Mavs, they went with a slightly darker blue, but again, nothing else has changed from their old jerseys.  Yes, it's a "new rook", but it's definitely an "old look."

I know throughout this article we have been focusing on jerseys, but I'm gonna take a turn here with the Mavs. If you are a basketball fan, tune into a Dallas games this year, because their rookie Dennis Smith Jr. is an absolute beast.  Look for this kid to do some big things and be the face of the franchise in the future.

21 Milwaukee Bucks


The Bucks jerseys don't look that bad. All Milwaukee fans have mixed feelings on the child-like font. Did a third-grader design these? If so, that kid deserves a time-out and no stickers for the rest of the month! The dark green and tan, while somewhat bland, really embody the working class city of Milwaukee. But these earth-tone jerseys have a gaudy, orange Harley-Davidson ad on the left shoulder, making them stick out like a sore thumb.  Without the patch, the Bucks probably would have made our top 15, but you can't deny that the advertisement does not match the color scheme of the jersey. Giannis needs to be draped in the finest linens to truly be considered a "Greek God,"and these jerseys simply do not cut it.

20 Philadelphia 76ers

Land of the free and home of the NBA's longest "rebuild," Philadelphia, dropped their new jerseys in early August.  Nothing much has changed from the 2016 jerseys except there is a dark red drop-shadow behind the lettering.  This gives the lettering a little pop, and 3D effect. The sleeves have a slightly deeper cut here too. The blue jersey is just plain, but when you take a look at the white jersey, there are the extra stars on the sides to commemorate the importance of Philadelphia in American history. Each jersey is inscribed with the city's famous nickname, "Brotherly Love." Good job Philadelphia, while you only make number 20 on our list, the jerseys don't look too shabby. Let's hope you stop rebuilding soon.

19 Chicago Bulls


Sleek and classic! These uniforms are timeless. While many fans want the old school, cursive (Chicago) written on these jerseys, they look good as is. I do have a gripe about the white jerseys though. The black outline on the front looks good, but to write the names of players in just black on the back makes them look like heat jerseys. But, I guess they have D-Wade.

Aside from the jerseys, come on Chicago, what did you do this off-season!  You got rid of Jimmy Butler for future bench players? They are officially "rebuilding" and it's sad to see Bulls fans, who once wallowed in the greatness of MJ, to be sulking in disgust over this current Chicago team. On the court though, with these jerseys, they will look pretty good losing!

18 Detroit Pistons

Alright Pistons, touche! The new Detroit jerseys are pretty nice. They have a very unique font that is playful yet professional. I can see Drummond putting up double-doubles in these threads.  It looks like they finally matched the red and blue to make a pretty cool jersey. The design is very sleek, but the colors are bright and vivid, allowing for the jersey to pop off the screen. My problem is that they could have had those bad ass, old school, turquoise jerseys that Grant Hill was rocking back in the day. Maybe they were blue (i'm  little colorblind) but they were cool as hell! Oh, and did I mention the logo on the shorts?  Come on, I think there are some other SFW acronyms that the Pistons could have used.

17 Cleveland Cavaliers


LeBron and the Cavs got hacked! Not really, but a Twitter user did leak the new Cavs uniforms in late July, only to be met with mixed reviews. Many fans liked them. The colors are normal, and the cut looks good. But immediately, fans pointed out the likeness to the Atlanta Hawks' 2014-15 alternates. The shade of red, the accents of yellow on the black lettering, they are definitely similar. The dark lettering on the red jerseys is a little hard to see and probably would look better with a white accent, or white lettering all together. For Cleveland fans, even if you like the jerseys, I would hold off buying them, because it looks like everyone wants out of northeast Ohio next year!

16 Memphis Grizzlies

Not all changes need to be noticeable, to be big.  The Grizzlies made some subtle changes to last year's jersey, but there is a lot of room to go to get into the top 10. The jerseys no longer have the the blue and yellow Memphis logo on the collar or on the bottom of the shorts. There is not a corporate sponsor on this jersey, but many expect a local company to be featured on the uniform (likely FedEx, since Memphis is where they are headquartered).

Apparently, through some sort of scientific miracle, these jerseys have a "high-performance design." Now, maybe that is some kind of marketing ploy, but the only people that should actually be playing basketball in an NBA jersey are kids and NBA players. So, that guy with the Vancouver Grizzly jersey at the YMCA, probably a weirdo.

15 Sacramento Kings


I don't know what's worse, the Pistons' shorts logo, or what the Kings decided to write across their chest (not pictured here, just go check out De'Aaron Fox). There are just too many immature people like myself in this world! Other than "Sac," the design of these jerseys look great and there were not many changes from last year's design.  Like most other NBA teams, the logo moved from the chest, to the waistband. The Kings, however, also changed the collar to more of an angled design, while all the colors remain the same.

According to Nike, these are made of a special mesh that allows for air-flow and moisture wicking. Again, sounds like a marketing scheme, but maybe it will help the Kings finally break into the playoffs for the first time since 2006.

14 Golden State Warriors


Again, there are mixed reviews around the Bay Area. Nothing much has changed with the jerseys, except they replaced the three stripe Adidas with the Nike Swoosh. The thing about the Warriors' jersey is that it's different, which makes it unique.  The Golden Gate Bridge sits firmly in the seal on the jersey, and since the Splash Bros, KD and Draymond, have been so good, the Warriors have been a global brand!  The one thing I don't like about these jerseys is where the number is located.

From this picture, the 17 looks slightly off-center in the seal and slightly off-center with the rest of the jersey. Continue to look for Steph and friends in the new jerseys this year, dominating the Western Conference and most certainly winning another NBA Championship!

13 Utah Jazz


Besides the addition of a corporate patch, not much has changed with this classic jersey since 2016.

According to,

"The custom number font that was introduced in 2016 remains, as does the thick color blocking of navy, gold and green on the side panels. This color blocking—which is an homage to the coloring of the trim on classic Jazz uniforms and warmups—remains on the uniforms sliced at a 66-degree angle to match the angles of the Jazz logo.

New features include the addition of the Nike logo on the jersey and shorts and a 5 For The Fight partnership patch on the jersey. The word "UTAH" has been removed from the back of the shorts, and the neck color blocking has been simplified."

Without Gordon Hayward though, we probably won't see much of this jersey in the playoffs.

12 Brooklyn Nets


Nothing changed! That's the point. Despite Brooklyn's lack of success, in typical Brooklyn fashion (pun absolutely intended), their jerseys are extremely stylish. The minimalist, monochromatic look was almost ruined by the corporate logo. Back in February, Brooklyn announced their corporate patch, Infor, was going to be red, throwing off the whole look of the jersey. Luckily for fans in the Boroughs, they changed the patch back to black and white, sticking with the theme of the jersey. Some other minor changes were added when Nike came along: the neckline is slightly wider and the piping on the shorts splits into two. I guess being a somewhat newer team, it is important to keep a consistent image for the fan-base. For more videos on the Nets jerseys, check out their twitter account.

11 Los Angeles Clippers


Now, I think these jerseys are pretty sick, especially since their detail pays homage to the nautical origin of the Clippers. I think you should just let the Clippers explain themselves...

"The new on-court look combines the cutting-edge expression of Nike basketball innovation, balanced with modern visual design elements that evoke flight and speed, the defining features of a Clipper ship. Each jersey features the team’s traditional colors – white, blue and red, built upon the franchise’s nautical origin.

Placed above the Nike jock tag are a series of international maritime signal flags converted into Clippers colors that spell out ‘Clipper Nation’, a nod to the team’s dedicated fan base."

Ay Ay Captain! I'm sure Blake and DeAndre like the look, but I doubt we will see these uniforms come late May and June. The Clippers definitely made an improvement here, as their questionable logo isn't the focal point of the jersey.

10 Oklahoma City Thunder

I have always liked the Thunder's jerseys. Clean and crisp with bright orange to catch the eye; the makings of a great NBA jersey. OKC can always go back to the SuperSonics throwbacks too, and make Ray Allen proud. The new jerseys go on sale as of September 29th, 2017. So grab yourself an MVP uniform!

Some technological updates in this year's Nike jersey include modified arm, leg, and neck holes to eliminate irritation and distraction, and Alpha Yarns (whatever the hell those are) and recycled polyester. Each uniform consisting of about 20 PET bottles. On top of all these technological and environmental upgrades, the fabric itself is supposed to wick moisture at a 30% higher rate than previous fabric. Look for the Thunder to bring the fire on court with these new jerseys.

9 San Antonio Spurs


Clean-cut, aesthetic look. The Nike design team really embodied the Spurs team mentality with these jerseys. No corporate sponsor, no flash, just straight business. Fans were hard-pressed to spot any differences but there are some subtle (and one glaring) differences. The old, bulky, Spurs lettering is a thing of the past and the current font is more clean and visible. The shorts have some clear differences, with a new Spurs logo. But the one glaring difference is the back of the jersey. The shoulders are cut racer-back like, like sports bra.  Seriously, if I couldn't believe in when I saw it first either (just scroll through these pictures). While everything else looks awesome, Leonard and company will look like a women's rec league with these jerseys this year.  Innovative and ergonomic?  Probably, but we will see what the uniforms truly look like this winter.

8 Portland Trail Blazers


Not much has changed with these Blazers jerseys, and that's exactly what fans want.  The classic red, black, and white look remains.  The "Rip City" pinwheel still sits on the shorts and the blaze still runs across the front. Art director of the Portland Trail Blazers, Mario Milosevic, said this of the new jerseys.

"We looked at different color combinations, style design elements, iconic symbols. And what we learned from (fans) is that they have a lot of pride and love for our current logo and uniforms. They didn't want us to change much. And this process, for the uniforms, they wanted us to be authentic to our heritage ... and reflect our community and culture."

Way to keep the tradition in Portland alive Mario. We will wait and see what Lillard and company can accomplish in the new unis this year.

7 Orlando Magic


So again, not much has changed with the Magic's uniform. They have not officially released their new uniforms yet, but Nike published a photo from the Rookie shoot where we can clearly see the new threads. Of course, Disney is their corporate sponsor, because Orlando would barely be on the map if it wasn't for the theme park. Instead of their logo, the Magic have opted to just put "Magic" on the waist band, which is not very exciting. They maintain the white pinstripes  with the black stripe on the side. Some people don't like the pinstripes, but I honestly think they are stylish because they stand out from the rest.  The Magic make our top 10, but could clearly use some more "flash," and should utilize their black alternate jerseys more often.

6 Charlotte Hornets

Purple and blue, classic Hornets colors. I'm sure Mugsy would be proud. But if you look closely at the jerseys, you will notice there is one subtle difference when compared to the rest of the NBA.  Jumpman! Jumpman! Jumpman! Since MJ is the chairman of the Hornets, he gets to put the Jordan brand on the jerseys. Pretty sweet, right?

Even though these all just look like normal jerseys, Nike put in a lot of work behind the scenes. Apparently, they took body molds and heat maps of different NBA players, then based on the areas of heavy sweating, changed the weight of the material and direction of stitching. You might not like your team's jersey but damn, that's impressive.  he NBA jersey, where form and function, meet art!

5 Phoenix Suns

Alright! I love the Suns new jerseys! While on the "Association" white uniform, the lettering for "Suns" is a little large, everything else looks awesome. The Phoenix Sunburst, which is element from their previous logo, is displayed on the waistband. With high performance tailoring that allows for a full range of motion of the shoulder, these Phoenix uniforms are on fire.

Despite having great threads on the court, the Suns' play has lacked luster the past few years.  But the good news is that they are young. Devin Booker seems to be a rising star in this league and I think Josh Jackson will be a key player in Arizona. Let's hope they continue their rise in the west through 2017-18, especially since they will have their new uniforms.

4 Minnesota Timberwolves


Maybe some of the most mixed reviews out of all the new Nike jerseys, Minnesota comes in at No. 4 on our list.  I like these for one reason, they are all new!  Someone actual sat down an took the time to make a new identity for a team who truly needed one.  They haven't been to the playoffs since Garnett was a starter on their team.  That's a long time!  Now, especially with Towns, Wiggins and the addition of Butler, this team is looking like a 5 or 6 seed in the West, at least! One slight disappointment is that in their new logos, there is a hint of lime green, and fans were hoping they would incorporate this lime green as an outline to their jerseys, but there is only a hint of it on the shorts. Either way, the new look Timberwolves now have the means to write their own history.

3 Washington Wizards

Not much has changed in DC when it comes to jerseys, but that's exactly what Wall and company needed. Sort of a semblance of the old Bullets uniforms, but with a new flair. They are a rising power in the eastern conference and battled with the Celtics last year in the semifinals, gaining huge national attention. Their jerseys embody Washington D.C. and America as a whole. The broad stripes, the red, white, and blue, scream 'Murica!

But these jerseys could have been better. A fan recently took time to design some concepts of what the new Nike jersey's should look like and they hit a home run with the Wizards'concepts. Those things are awesome! Too bad Nike didn't look at this guy's ideas earlier.

2 Atlanta Hawks

Say what you will about the Atlanta Hawks new jerseys, but I will definitely be buying one (if they ever sign someone decent)! The black and red, with yellow accent is amazing. The white ones are alright too, but don't pop of the page like the black ones do.  While the official announcement hasn't been made from the Hawks, we got a peak into the Rookie photo shoot.

You are probably thinking I'm an idiot for putting Atlanta No. 2 on the list, but their jerseys are feathered! Feathered!  The little triangles give the jersey texture to increase moisture wicking, the triangles make it look cool, and it's called feathered, like a damn Hawk! It just works on so many different levels and that attention to detail is seriously impressive.

1 Indiana Pacers

"We grow basketball here!" That is the Pacers new motto. Too bad they can't keep superstars like Paul George on their team for too long. Anyway, their jerseys this year make No. 1 on our list. Why? Because they reinvented the typical lettering and went against the grain.  Some experts have ranked these jerseys one of the worst, but come on, I'm giving Indiana a chance.

A representative with the Pacers, Todd Taylor, said the following:

"We wanted to have a traditional uniform, but with a much more modern look. So as we started research, the (Fort Wayne) Zollner Pistons was a uniform that we looked at from a long time ago that had a name identifier and team identifier on the front. We thought it would be interesting to try to incorporate both Indiana and Pacers to reinforce that we are a team of the state and not just Indianapolis."

Larry Legend, nobody knows why you stepped down with Indiana. Maybe it was Paul George leaving, but man, you sure missed out on the best new jersey in the NBA.


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