202000 No. 1: Jamal Crawford

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Original Pick: Kenyon Martin, New Jersey

The New Jersey Nets selected a guy from Cincinnati who ended up playing 15 seasons in the NBA. 15 seasons is good. 15 seasons is a long time to play in the NBA and most players can't achieve any type of success that far into

their career. And Martin was no exception. After his initial few years in the league, knee surgeries kept Martin from any type of stardom as a veteran.

He became a known name throughout the league as he played on six different squads. But he wasn't great. For the most part, he barely scratched the surface of being good. Although Martin was an NBA All-Star in 2004, he peaked that year. One great year is not enough out of the first pick of the NBA draft.

This draft ranks near the top for those in the 2000s with the least star power. Most guys out of the first round were duds. Some had average careers but nobody could truly call any of the guys drafted this year a superstar. Mike Miller was drafted with the fifth pick this year. Some may claim the two-time champion was the best in the draft. But he wasn't. Miller became a good guy who could come of the bench and hit a three-pointer, but he wasn't consistent enough. The only reason he won two championships is because he rode the bench while LeBron James and Co. took command of the league in Miami.

The Nets should have snagged Jamal Crawford here. Crawford is still finding ways to contribute with the Clippers, and has been named Sixth Man of the Year three times. Crawford does mostly come of the bench, but to still be playing and playing well, that's more than anyone else in this draft class can say.

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