Early Look: Re-Drafting The 1st Round Of The 2018 NBA Draft

The 2018-19 NBA Season is now underway, and fans are starting to get a taste of how their rookies are playing against real NBA talent. The draft is a huge part of the NBA, as it really is a chance for all 30 teams to select the next diamond in the rough, and it looks as though this draft class has a lot of them. There was a lot of hype around this draft class, which we are starting to see more and more as social media is bringing fans together with these young prospects years before they even enter the league. The talent drafted in this class could change the outlook of the league quickly, as they are all looking to make some noise.

In this article, we will be re-drafting the first round of the 2018 NBA Draft. While it is still early, we have gotten a chance to see how top rookies are performing, and we are starting to get a view of all the players playing better than their draft spot and all the rookies that are underperforming so far. This is just an early look, as there is still a multitude of games left for all of these rookies to play. There's still plenty of time, so we'll likely have to revise the list later on.

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Here is our re-draft of the 2018 NBA Draft.


30 1st Overall: Phoenix Suns - Deandre Ayton

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Deandre Ayton

The Suns were lacking a dominant young big to build around and pair up with the likes of Devin Booker, so they used their first pick overall to select Deandre Ayton out of Arizona. This is looking to be the right decision at this point in the season, as he has done everything that the franchise has expected him to do, as he is averaging close to 20 points and 10 rebounds a game for them. Ayton could certainly be one of the best centers in the league in a few years time. The Suns have a really nice young core that is going to be an exciting watch for a long time.

29 2nd Overall: Sacramento Kings - Marvin Bagley III

Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Marvin Bagley III

Marvin Bagley was one of the biggest names to come out of high school, and his season with the Duke Blue Devils was good enough for him to be selected 2nd overall to the Sacramento Kings. The Kings have been hesitant in giving young Bagley a lot of minutes at the beginning of this young NBA season, so his stats are not as good as some of the other rookies in his draft class. However, the Kings wanted to get a big man secured in this draft, and with Ayton being gone, Bagley has still looked good early and the Kings would make the same move given the change at this point.

28 3rd Overall: Atlanta Hawks - Luka Doncic

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Luka Doncic (Traded to Dallas)

The Hawks used their third overall pick on Luka Doncic, the highly coveted player from Europe. They ended up trading Doncic for Trae Young, however, and in this re-draft, we have the Hawks keeping Doncic, as he really has looked spectacular so far for the Mavericks, as he could very well be the rookie of the year. Trae Young has looked good too, for sure, but Doncic really has a chance to be an all-time great in this league, and that is just a ceiling we don't believe Young has.

27 4th Overall: Memphis Grizzlies - Trae Young

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Jaren Jackson Jr.

The Grizzlies selected Jaren Jackson Jr. to be the first real young piece to begin their rebuilding process, but the center has struggled to produce efficiently since entering the league. He is shooting a putrid 15 percent from three-point land, which was a part of his game that scouts were very high on in college. Trae Young would be the better pick for the Grizzlies in this re-draft, and while he plays a completely different position than Jackson, Memphis is looking for the best young talent at any position at this point.

26 5th Overall: Dallas Mavericks - Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Trae Young (Traded to Atlanta)

The Mavericks had a very successful draft night, as they were able to use smart trading to basically use their fifth overall selection to get Luka Doncic from the Hawks. In this re-draft, however, the Mavericks would not have this same luxury and would have to find another player to select other than Doncic, who has played so well for them. We have them taking Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, who was originally selected 11th overall. He is shooting a whopping 60 percent from deep, as he is now a rotation player getting good minutes for the Clippers.

25 6th Overall: Orlando Magic - Wendell Carter Jr.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Mohamed Bamba

The Magic used their original sixth overall selection to select young big Mo Bamba from Texas, who despite showing flashes, hasn't put up the best of numbers early on. He has not been rebounding the ball very well or sending shots back as much as the team would like, and they would be better off if they have had selected Wendell Carter Jr. from Duke. Wendell has looked good for the young Bulls, as he has shown he can score efficiently and rebound and defend at the NBA level very well for his young age.

24 7th Overall: Chicago Bulls - Mohamed Bamba

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Wendell Carter Jr.

We have the Bulls going with Mo Bamba here at this pick, as in this re-draft, the man they originally drafted in Wendell Carter Jr. is already off the board, so they will have to adjust. Bamba despite not being very dominant at all so far this season, still has a lot of upside when it comes to his game, as scouts think he could be a special player. The Bulls are in total rebuild mode, and while they do have some great young bigs, adding Bamba with the seventh pick in our rebuild could be a great move for them.

23 8th Overall: Cleveland Cavaliers - Jaren Jackson Jr.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Collin Sexton

The Cavaliers have gone back to being one of the most unforgettable teams in the association with King James deciding to leave home for Los Angeles. In the original 2018 draft, the Cavaliers selected Collin Sexton to be their point guard for the future, but in this re-draft, we have Jaren Jackson slipping out of the top 5, and the Cavaliers going with the talented big man. While he has struggled to shoot immensely, he has a good stroke and a body made for the league. The Cavaliers would have a nice frontcourt with him and the veteran Kevin Love.

22 9th Overall: New York Knicks - Miles Bridges

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Kevin Knox

The Knicks made a solid decision in going with young Kevin Knox from Kentucky, but in this re-draft, we have them taking Miles Bridges, who has looked very good early on this season for the Charlotte Hornets. He is shooting the ball well from both the field entirely and from deep, and not to mention, he has been throwing down highlight dunks. Kevin Knox, on the other hand, sustained an injury a few weeks ago, and while his return is imminent, Bridges has been playing like a top 10 pick.

21 10th Overall: Philadelphia 76ers - Michael Porter Jr.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Mikal Bridges (Traded to Phoenix)

The 76ers made some questionable moves on draft night, as they ended up selecting Mikal Bridges, the Villanova alumnus, but traded him to the Suns to get the rights of Zhaire Smith, who has yet to play a game due to injury. Michael Porter Jr. is another rookie who hasn't played a game, but he would be a perfect player for Philly, as he could come in and add a scoring spark at the forward position for them. He was expected to be a top 3 pick a year ago, and the 76ers could afford to swing for the fences on this 10th overall pick.

20 11th Overall: Charlotte Hornets - Mikal Bridges

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (Traded to Charlotte)

The Hornets used this selection to trade for Miles Bridges, who has looked to be a really solid for them so far this season, but in this re-draft, Miles Bridges is already off the board to a team who should have drafted him earlier. We have the Hornets pivoting to Mikal Bridges from Villanova, who is a solid prospect who could be a great player in this league. He could have fit nicely with the Hornets roster and added shooting and perimeter defense to the franchise.

19 12th Overall: Los Angeles Clippers - Kevin Knox

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Miles Bridges (Traded to Charlotte)

The Clippers ended up having both the 12th and 13th pick of the 2018 NBA Draft, and they used the two selections on Miles Bridges and Jerome Robinson, and ended up trading Bridges for Gilgeous-Alexander. This is a re-draft, however, and Miles Bridges is already off the board to the Knicks, so we have the Clippers settling for whom the Knicks actually picked in real life, Kevin Knox. Knox sustained an injury already this season, but he is young, and could have been a nice piece to add to the Clippers.

18 13th Overall: Los Angeles Clippers - Collin Sexton

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Jerome Robinson

The Clippers would have the opportunity on selecting Collin Sexton in this re-draft, as we have him slipping a bit from his actual draft position, despite him looking pretty good early on for the struggling Cleveland Cavaliers. The Clippers could use a nice point guard to build around for the future of the franchise, and Collin Sexton has shown promise that he could be that for a team in this league. Jerome Robinson has looked good for the Clippers, but we don't have them passing up on Sexton who was drafted 8th overall in the real 2018 NBA Draft.

17 14th Overall: Denver Nuggets - Jerome Robinson

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: Michael Porter Jr.

The Nuggets made one of the biggest selections of the night, as they went with Michael Porter Jr. who surprisingly slipped all the way to the 14th draft selection of the night. With him already being off the board to Philadelphia, we have the Nuggets going a different direction and selecting a player who could actually help them win games now - Jerome Robinson. Robinson is currently averaging about 3 points per game, in, get this, only 5 minutes of playing time per night for the Clippers. It looks as though he could be a good scorer in this league in no time.

16 15th Overall: Washington Wizards - Donte DiVincenzo

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Troy Brown Jr.

The Wizards are struggling early on this season, and while they do not have Dwight Howard back yet for him to make his debut in Washington, their pick on draft night could have been better. Donte DiVincenzo has looked really good for the Milwaukee Bucks, which shouldn't be a surprise to many, as he dominated in the National Championship game for Villanova last year, and turned out to be possibly the most athletic rookie coming into the league, which was shown at the draft combine this summer.

15 16th Overall: Phoenix Suns - Lonnie Walker IV

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Zhaire Smith (Traded to Philadelphia)

The Suns made a splash in the 2018 NBA Draft, as they drafted DeAndre Ayton, which is looking to be the right move at the No. 1 spot, and they managed to secure Mikal Bridges, who is a promising young player. With this pick in our 2018 re-draft, we have Phoenix going with Lonnie Walker IV, a great scorer from Miami who has still yet to play a game due to injury. With the Suns already getting two rookies in the top 15, we had them use this pick on someone who would be out with injury but a high ceiling.

14 17th Overall: Milwaukee Bucks - Grayson Allen

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Donte DiVincenzo

The Bucks used their 17th overall pick to select Donte DiVincenzo from Villanova, who has proven to be a solid player for Milwaukee so far into the 2018-19 NBA season. With him being gone in this re-draft, we have them going with scorer Grayson Allen from Duke, who is proving that he can score the ball at an NBA level. He certainly isn't the all-around player that DiVincenzo is at this point, but that's how it goes when teams hypothetically have the ability to go back and change their pick, which is why the Bucks would have to settle for Allen.

13 18th Overall: San Antonio Spurs - Kevin Huerter

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Lonnie Walker IV

Kevin Huerter is a pure shooter, and he showed that during his college career at Maryland. Huerter has looked really solid for the Hawks so far in his rookie season, as he is shooting the ball from deep at over a 40 percent clip, which is all the Hawks are looking for him to do. The Spurs would be a nice team for Huerter to play on as well, as he would space the floor nicely for them to allow DeMar DeRozan to get in the teeth of the defense and maybe kick it out to him for some three balls.

12 19th Overall: Atlanta Hawks - Allonzo Trier

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Kevin Huerter

The Hawks are certainly a young team looking for explosive talent, and Allonzo Trier, the undrafted shooting guard from Arizona, is looking to be that type of player for the New York Knicks currently. The Hawks would be able to plug him in and get offense from him, and he could be one of the biggest steals of the night if he keeps playing the way he has been. With Kevin Huerter off the board with a pick before to the Spurs, Trier would be a nice move for them.

11 20th Overall: Minnesota Timberwolves - Josh Okogie

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Josh Okogie

The Minnesota Timberwolves has been a franchise filled with drama since they traded away great young talent to the Chicago Bulls for Jimmy Butler. They have shown some serious highs and some serious lows so far this season, but one of the highs would have to be how their rookie, Josh Okogie is playing. He is looking very solid for Minnesota so far, as he is averaging around 10 points for the team. If given the chance, we have them going with the same guy as they did before.

10 21st Overall: Utah Jazz - Landry Shamet

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Grayson Allen

The Utah Jazz are certainly one of the better teams in the league, and they have gotten to that point mostly because of their ability to select the right players for the system in drafts. Grayson Allen has worked out for them up to this point, so much that he is already off the board once the Jazz come around in this re-draft. We have them taking Landry Shamet, the 76ers rookie who was originally taken with the 26th overall pick. He has looked good early on, showing he can shoot the ball well from the field.

9 22nd Overall: Chicago Bulls - Omari Spellman

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Chandler Hutchison

The Bulls have a lot of great young talent to build around at this point, but Chandler Hutchison doesn't look like the right selection for them. He has even started a few games, but has seriously struggled to score the ball or do anything positive at all so far. Omari Spellman, drafted with the last pick in the first round, has made much more of an impact for the Hawks, which is why we have the Bulls going with Spellman rather than Hutchinson.

8 23rd Overall: Indiana Pacers - Hamidou Diallo

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Aaron Holiday

The Pacers are one of the best young teams in the Eastern Conference, and fans in Indiana are excited for the brand of basketball they will be in store for them for a long time. The Pacers ended up having the 23rd pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, and they decided to go with point guard Aaron Holiday, brother of both Jrue and Justin. Holiday has barely gotten any real playing time to show his talent, but someone who has shown their talent is Hamidou Diallo, who was drafted 45th overall. He has played well for the Thunder, especially on defense, and the Pacers would end up going with him if given the chance.

7 24th Overall: Portland Trail Blazers - Elie Okobo

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Anfernee Simons

The Portland Trail Blazers were looking for a playmaker with their 24th overall selection in this past year's draft, but Anfernee Simons has yet to really break into the rotation for the team yet. Someone who has broken in and made a name so far is Elie Okobo, the Suns' second-round draft pick, who has been a solid contributor for the Suns. He is also showing good signs of playmaking for Phoenix, and it looks as though he should have been selected earlier than 31st overall.

6 25th Overall: Los Angeles Lakers - Moritz Wagner

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Moritz Wagner

Moritz Wagner was a great player for Michigan in college, and the Lakers decided they wanted him to join the new-look roster and drafted him with the 25th pick overall in the 2018 NBA Draft. Wagner is coming off of a knee injury, and he is just getting cleared to play and considering they don't have much depth at center, he will be seeing his fair share of minutes. We are going to keep the Lakers selecting young Wagner, as he has the potential to be very solid.

5 26th Overall: Philadelphia 76ers - Devonte Graham

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Landry Shamet

The 76ers were looking to select a point guard with their 26th overall pick, and they ended up going with Landry Shamet, who has looked good enough we have him getting picked 21st overall rather than at this spot. Considering this, we have Philly taking Devonte Graham from Kansas, as he is showing some sparks for the Hornets whenever he seldom makes the court. He could have worked nicely behind Markelle Fultz, adding another nice young piece to the 76ers.

4 27th Overall: Boston Celtics - Dzanan Musa

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Robert Williams

The Celtics are seriously primed for greatness with all of the young talent they have on their roster, but their pick with Robert Williams hasn't looked to be the best for them, as he has struggled to make an impact for the team as of yet. Having them select Dzanan Musa instead of Williams is certainly a different move for them, but Musa has shown he can shoot the ball, and the Celtics would love to add another shooter to the team to help space the floor even more.

3 28th Overall: Golden State Warriors - Anfernee Simons

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Jacob Evans

Despite us having Anfernee Simons slipping to 28th because he has yet to find a way to get minutes for Portland, he still has potential to be a good player and the Warriors can certainly afford to take a chance with their 28th overall selection. Jacob Evans has gotten some time to show his talents, only because the Warriors are blowing teams out by the third quarter. Despite this, he has really struggled to put the ball in the basket and it seems as though he is just a ghost on the court at this point.

2 29th Overall: Brooklyn Nets - Jalen Brunson

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Dzanan Musa

The Nets made a solid choice in selecting Dzanan Musa with the 29th overall, but with him being gone at this point in our re-draft, we have them going with Jalen Brunson. He had a wonderful career at Villanova, winning multiple national championships as the starting point-guard.

Brunson has looked good coming off the bench for Dallas this season, and he could have added a winning attitude to the Nets, who certainly need it considering they have been at the bottom of the East for years now.

1 30th Overall: Atlanta Hawks - Bruce Brown Jr.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Original pick: Omari Spellman

It looks as though the Hawks got a solid young player in Omari Spellman with the last pick in the first round, but he is off the board to the Bulls at pick number 22, so we have the Hawks going with Bruce Brown Jr. from Miami. Brown has looked good so far for the Pistons, and while his shot from deep hasn't been falling, he has shown he is not afraid to shoot the ball. The Hawks could have been a great fit for him to show his talent, and we have him moving up from his original 42nd draft spot.

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