Shaq Takes a Tumble on TNT Set

When giants fall, they fall hard.

But when it's Shaquille O'Neal who takes a tumble, all that comes out of it is a good laugh, some great video (and memes), and at worst a small reading on the Richter Scale.

As he was getting up from his chair on the TNT set last night, Shaq somehow got tangled up in a computer monitor - and its several wires - that was inexplicably sitting near his feet.

As he falls, Shaq loses a shoe that is big enough to double as a youth-league baseball bat. Chaos ensues as the rest of the crew goes bonkers, forgetting for a moment that they are on live television and soaking in the hilarity of the moment.

Shaq was a good sport about it all, posting the video on Twitter and later tweeting out that he would give $500 to whoever made the best meme of him falling.

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