Showtime: The 15 Most Attractive Women Los Angeles Lakers Players Hooked Up With

As we look into the history of the Los Angeles Lakers, there is so much to talk about. Sixteen championships, 31 conference titles, 9 retired numbers, and some of the greatest players to ever play the game. We have seen players star in yellow in purple, like Kobe Bryant, Wilt Chamberlain, and Magic Johnson. The history goes on and on, but there is something about the Lakers that is always overlooked. The Los Angeles Lakers are known for hooking up with some of the most attractive girls around.

Winning the championships is cool, and becoming an All Star is fun too, but there’s nothing like hooking up with some of the best-looking chicks in the world. Many of these Lakers have had no problem with grabbing some fine women. Some of these Lakers players have been known for not only scoring on the court, but being even better scorers off the court. Guys like Wilt Chamberlain and Kobe Bryant have been known for hooking up with many women, being some of the most popular players of their time.

It may not be the most important thing to fans knowing who they got with, but when they see how beautiful some of these women are, they will be extremely impressed with what some of these players can pull off. This list will include women who hooked up with both current and former Lakers.

15 Vanessa Williams (Rick Fox)

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Many may not even know who Rich Fox is, because he never made a huge impact on the Los Angeles Lakers. But Fox did manage to marry a fine woman, named Vanessa Williams. The former small forward for the Lakers married celebrity Vanessa Williams. Williams has a bit of an older look to her, but she is gorgeous. The marriage never worked as, as they were living on two different coasts during their marriage. Fox never really scored much on the court, but he scored with Williams. He had himself an older woman that had a gorgeous smile, who won multiple awards for her looks including Miss America in 1984. Williams may be best known for her part in the Desperate Housewives television show. Unfortunately, Fox couldn’t score for much longer.

14 Laticia Rolle (Shaq)

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Shaquille O’Neal scored big time, when he started dating Laticia Rolle. The picture shows it all, with her incredible booty. The two have been dating since 2014, and no wonder why Shaq is holding on to this girl. She’s definitely a keeper. And not only is she sexy, she’s very intelligent. She graduated from Eckerd University with a degree in business management and communications. On top of her degrees, she has a blog called Bluhazl. The most important part maybe for Shaq besides her booty, is that she used to play basketball as well. She played at Eckerd, but eventually her career ended due to an injury.

Rolle is really popular on Instagram, which seems to be normal now when you have an incredible body. She has 25,200 followers, and posts some of the most eye-catching photos.

13 Michelle Money (Carlos Boozer)

Some contestants leave the Bachelor feeling the need to find love, while others just want to continue sleeping with other dudes. Michelle Money had no problem having an affair with former Lakers player, Carlos Boozer, while he was married. Now this is known throughout sports that many players tend to cheat on their wives due to all the attention that they get, so that makes this news not as much of a surprise. Money was known for being aggressive on the show, especially when she threatened to hurt Bachelor Brad if he didn’t take her on a one-on-one date. Maybe Boozer felt like he was being threatened, but at the same time, Money is absolutely stunning. As bad as a thing Boozer did, he got to hook up with one of the hottest women to appear on the Bachelor, even if she was crazy.

12 Ashley Henderson (Lou Williams)

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Lou Williams was living the life a few years ago when he was dating two girls at once. One of those girls, Ashley Henderson, was absolutely gorgeous. Not saying anything negative to the other girl, but Henderson was one beautiful catch. What was even hotter about Henderson, is that she considered this to be a three-way relationship. For many guys, they may love to know that Henderson doesn’t mind going both ways. Henderson ended up splitting from the relationship in 2016, but she is fine. Her big chest, and curvy body is one of the many reasons for men to absolutely drool over her. The crazy thing is that Williams didn’t just have her, but also had Rece Mitchell. What Williams was able to accomplish was legendary, and many be one of the greatest accomplishments off the court for any Lakers player.

11 Vanessa Bryant (Kobe)

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Normally there would be no need to put someone’s wife in an article like this, but Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa Bryant, is absolutely stunning. Her gorgeous smile and soft lips are just the beginning of what we can talk about for hours about how gorgeous she is. Vanessa has stayed with Kobe through many different tough situations including sexual assaults and even claims of him cheating on her. Apparently, there were also some issues between Kobe and Karl Malone, who was flirting with her off the court saying he was trying to “hunt down some Mexican girls.” Vanessa is Mexican, which would refer to Malone trying to hook up with Vanessa. Kobe obviously wasn’t a fan, but that’s what happens when your wife is a gorgeous.

10 Gloria Govan (Matt Barnes)

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The fact that Matt Barnes couldn’t hold on to this beauty is pathetic. Gloria Govan is one of the most beautiful woman on this list. From her smile, to her perfect side boob in her dresses, to her curves, she has physically everything any man could want in a woman. There was fights going back and forth, trying to have Barnes pay more child support for the kids they have together. Their marriage didn’t last long, and it was worse knowing that Govan used Barnes’ former teammate, Derek Fisher as a rebound. It sucks for Barnes to know that such a beautiful woman, may not be the best person for him. On this list so far, Govan is hands down the sexiest one, even if she may not be the most loyal woman.

9 Vanessa Curry (Kobe)

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Kobe Bryant will go down as one of the greatest players to ever play under the Los Angeles Lakers organization. But Bryant was already great off the court with the ladies. A rumor went around that may include Bryant hooking up with Vanessa Curry, one of the Lakers cheerleaders. This sounds like a dream for some players, who would absolutely love to get with some of the sexy cheerleaders that are dancing half naked on the sidelines for you. Some organizations try to separate the two, but Bryant is too big of a star to let that happen. In 2008, Kobe was said to have been having a thing with who was an 18-year old cheerleader for the Lakers at the time. Bryant was known for cheating on his wife as many as over 100 times, and this beauty was one of the ladies who may have been one on that list.

8 Silvia Lopez Castro (Pau Gasol)

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Who would think that the former giant from the Lakers, Pau Gasol, could score with a beauty like Silvia Lopez Castro. There are some pictures on the Internet of Castro in a thong and topless on the beach, and she looks like she could easily be on Playboy. Back in 2011, many reporters believed there was something going on in the locker room when the Los Angeles Lakers were swept by the Dallas Mavericks which bumped them out of the playoffs. Gasol’s numbers during the series dropped, as issues occurred between him and Castro which led to their engagement being pushed off at the time. Claims were that Castro was also sleeping with Shannon Brown. Unfortunately, even though Gasol scored big, he didn’t seem to score with one that could stay loyal.

7 Camila Poindexter (Dwight Howard)

We can go on and talk about how Dwight Howard and Camilla Poindexter might have been dating, but that body of Poindexter is even more interesting to talk about. Poindexter was on season eight of Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club, and Poindexter is most definitely a bad girl. Her body is something to dream about, and even better than most bodies that you see in Playboy magazines. She can do it all, from showing her curves while she’s half naked, to showing them while she has a dress on. It’s almost impossible to resist Poindexter while she’s in the room, as she has that body that you can’t keep your eyes off of. On top of her incredibly sexy body, she also has a beautiful smile, which is basically for her the cherry on top. Mr. Howard may have not succeeded while in Los Angeles, but he definitely scored big time with Poindexter.

6 Iggy Azalea (Nick Young)

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Now we get into some of the more popular celebrities, where we have Iggy Azalea who dated Nick Young of the Lakers. If you don’t know Iggy, she is an Australian rapper who is known for some of her most popular tracks including “Fancy” and “Black Widow.” Not only is she known for her voice, but her incredible body. Many people rave about her body, and it’s definitely worth raving about. Her booty is huge, but in a very good way. She’s almost like the rapping version of Kim Kardashian, as her body is so sexy. Nick Young messed their relationship up when he apparently cheated on her. It’s hard to believe why he would cheat on one of the sexiest singers in the game right now. And besides that, he’s one of the few players that dated a celebrity that is actually more popular than himself.

5 Carla DiBello (Kobe)

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Carla DiBello really isn’t known for much besides being friends with Kim Kardashian. And Kim isn’t known much for either except, something that she may not want to be known for. DiBello was another one of the women who hooked up with Kobe. DiBello was just another one of the many that Kobe cheated on his wife with. Unlike many of the other women on this list, DiBello isn’t really known for her body. She seems to have a very nice style, and beautiful eyes and nice lips. She doesn’t need the crazy physique and the booty popping out to show her beautiful self. Instead, her outfits make her seem classier and show more professionalism. Maybe Kobe was trying to find himself someone more professional, that may look more sophisticated.

4 Kendall Jenner (Jordan Clarkson)

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Who would ever think that Kendall Jenner, would date an unpopular basketball player like Jordan Clarkson. The Kardashian family is known for being with some of the biggest stars. Kim is married to Kanye West, Khloe was married to Lamar Odom, and Kylie is currently with Travis Scott. There seems to be a pattern of dating guys who are extremely famous, but it seems that Kendall wanted someone who maybe doesn’t have as much fame. But for Clarkson, he landed a dime. Even though Kendall’s age may be a bit of a concern, she’s absolutely gorgeous. You would never be able to tell her age with the way she looks. Unlike Kylie, she is known more for her smile and eyes, rather than her body. She’s really the only one in the family who doesn’t have an incredible body, as Kendall is actually quite skinny. But regardless of how skinny she is, she still managed to land this player.

3 Carmen Electra (Dennis Rodman)


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Here we go with one of the sexiest women who have ever appeared in movies. Carmen Electra electrifies the screens of many with her sexy body, and seductive scenes. Electra has been in movies such as Scary Movie, Meet The Spartans, and Epic Move. Electra even appeared in Playboy magazine, because of her incredible body. Electra at one point was married to former Laker, Dennis Rodman. Rodman was a lucky man to date this dime, but the marriage never held up. The man must have done something wrong, as there’s no reason why he should want to give up a woman as sexy as Electra. Her scenes in some of these movies are priceless, and may be some of the sexiest scenes in movie history. I couldn’t imagine being able to live in these scenes, and having my wife be the women who is that sexy women on the screen.

2 Hope Alexa (Dwight Howard)

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Dwight Howard is some lucky man to be able to date some of the finest women. Hope Alexa is one of the steamiest fitness models there is on the Internet. While some fitness models may seem very masculine and too tough, this one is just perfect. Alexa’s body is beyond stunning, and she’s extremely fit. This may have worked out for Howard who as a basketball player, needs all the workouts he can possibly get. He may wish Alexa was still around considering his production has decreased since he left the Orlando Magic. Alexa is the mother of one of Howard’s children, so lucky Dwight may still even get to see Alexa sometimes even if they aren’t currently together. If we could give a piece of advice to Dwight, it would definitely be to do whatever it takes to make up with Hope, because she is one sexy women.

1 Khloe Kardashian (Lamar Odom)

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What better way to finish this article than by adding Khloe Kardashian? Kardashian was married to Lamar Odom, before they finally got divorced in 2016. Surprisingly, Khloe went through a lot as Odom claimed to deal with drug usage and cheating on her. As a Kardashian, she knows she can do better, so she moved on with her life. Khloe was never really known as one of the sexier Kardashians as Kim always took the spotlight, but a recent photoshoot turned thoughts around about Khloe. At this moment, Khloe may honestly have the nicest body out of all the Kardashians. She’s nice and fit, and has nice curves. She definitely looks a lot better now than she did while she was married to Lamar Odom. It seems that Khloe wants to start over, and by starting over, it means by looking stunning as ever, showing Odom what he messed up on.

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