13 Unrecognizable Siblings Of NBA Stars... And 5 Of NBA Legends

NBA stars and NBA legends see their lives change pretty quickly when they first come into the league. They undergo a massive life change for themselves and their families. The NBA Superstar starts making huge amounts of money and may help family members that helped the NBA player get to where he is now. We've seen NBA players that have siblings try to make it in the NBA some work and some don't. Some NBA stars and legends have siblings that don't even look alike. The NBA stars that have siblings in the NBA like Seth Curry and Steph Curry have the same athletic abilities when it comes to the sport. However, there are some siblings of NBA stars that don't make it in the NBA and play in the D-League.

In this list, you will see siblings of NBA stars and legends that don't look like their star sibling in the NBA. But they may help their sibling in other ways off the court. Some of the siblings might be an agent or even run the NBA players charitable foundation. Either way, they contribute a big part in their sibling's life who's a star in the NBA. Here are some unrecognizable siblings of NBA stars.

18 Legend: Larry Jordan (Michael Jordan)

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Michael Jordan is still considered by many to be the greatest basketball players of all time. The talent of Michael Jordan was incredible and no one was as clutch as him. Michael Jordan was a 14-time All-Star and a six-time NBA Champion. Jordan also is a six-time NBA Finals MVP. He has a brother Larry, however you wouldn't know they were related. Larry Johnson is 11 months older than Michael, and apparently was a better basketball player in Larry's younger days than Michael. James Jordan, Michael and Larry's father, always thought Larry was the basketball talent in the family. In 2013 Michael Jordan promoted his brother as Director of Player Personnel for the Charlotte Hornets. Looking at Larry though you'd never guess he was Michael's brother.

17 Current: Tony Durant (Kevin Durant)

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Kevin Durant caused a lot of heat when he went to the Golden State Warriors to win a championship. Luckily, his brother Tony has been by his side through it all. You would never know Tony and Kevin are related as Tony is a lot bigger than Kevin. Kevin is taller and the athlete in the family. When Kevin was drafted in the NBA, Tony was the first person he hugged because of how much Tony has supported him to get selected as an NBA athlete.

Kevin told ESPN in 2008 "He was the first person I hugged when my name was called,, something he and Tony had watched every year together since they were kids. "We went through so much together that people don't know about, stuff my mom doesn't even know about. My mom always told us that in the end, we only have me and him, we only have each other. We're sort of like the same person." They aren't the same player with basketball talent but definitely have the same core values.

16 Legend: Sharia Bryant (Kobe Bryant)

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Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He is also one of the greatest Lakers of all time. Kobe Bryant has two sisters one of his sisters Sharia Bryant doesn't look like him at all. Kobe did have issues with both sisters because they were relying too much on their own identities. Kobe thought they were relying on him to help them both out financially instead of helping themselves. Sharia is married and has two children, while his other sister Shaya is married with three children. They still supported him though throughout his career to NBA stardom. In 2016 he wrote a letter to his younger self-warning him not to give money to his sisters or anyone in his family.

15 Current: Raynard Westbrook (Russell Westbrook)

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Russell Westbrook is doing his best to lead the Thunder to their first NBA title, especially after Kevin Durant abandoned him two years ago. Luckily, he also gets support from his brother Raynard Westbrook who texts him every game during halftime. Raynard doesn't even look like Russell. Russell wouldn't trade Raynard for anything as he said during the 2017 NBA Finals acceptance speech. Russell gave Ray his college diploma at the University Of Central Oklahoma. Ray would then go on to get his masters degree at the University Of Oklahoma.

It's very important they have a great relationship supporting each other. If you saw Ray walking down the street you wouldn't know he was even related to Russell Westbrook. He looks like just another fan.

14 Legend: Bruce Walton (Bill Walton)

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Bill Walton is a former basketball legend. His brother Bruce who looks nothing like him, played football back in his heyday. Bruce played in Super Bowl X for the Dallas Cowboys. Bruce and Bill were both on the same basketball team and won a championship for Helix High School in San Diego. Bill praised his brother for always being his protector:

“When those opposing teams would try to get physical with me, Bruce would do whatever it took to protect me,” Walton said.

Bill Walton will move on to pursue his basketball NBA dream and find himself in the National Basketball Hall Of Fame. Bill won two NBA championships with the Portland Trail Blazers and the Boston Celtics. Bruce was in the NFL for three seasons from 1973 to 1975, all with the Dallas Cowboys as an offensive lineman. They, however, look nothing alike.

13 Current: Teiosha George (Paul George)

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We just talked about Russell Westbrook a few slides ago, so let's turn our attention to his teammate Paul George. George is a five-time All-Star and after a good run in Indiana, he was traded to the OKC Thunder to help bring Westbrook a championship to Oklahoma. In his one season with the Oklahoma City Thunder has played in every game. He got his athletic skills from his sister Teiosha George if looking at them you wouldn't know they were related. Teiosha George spent three seasons on the practice squad for Pepperdine. In 2003 Tesiosha was on the Waves at the University of Oregon. Paul George and his sister have the same athletic ability when it comes to basketball. They both have the desire to win.

12 Legend: Shaquille O'Neal And Jamal Harrison

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Shaquille O'Neal was a great basketball player and a Hall Of Famer. Shaq is a 15-time All-Star and a four-time NBA Champion. Shaq is a two-time scoring champ and a three-time NBA Finals MVP. He played for the Lakers, Magic, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Boston Celtics.

O'Neal has a brother Jamal who doesn't look like him but did play at LSU like his brother Shaq did. This one's unique in a sense that Harrison is actually Shaq's stepbrother, as his mother re-married.

Jamal wouldn't have the same success Shaq did, as it's not known what happened to him after he attended LSU. Shaq is a big family man and takes care of his family a lot.

11 Current: Jaleel Cousins & DeMarcus Cousins

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DeMarcus Cousins has made it well for himself in the NBA. His brother Jaleel Cousins is trying to be as good as his brother. This past summer the two played a game of one on one. Jaleel beat his older brother DeMarcus Cousins and he said it felt good even though it didn't count. The two don't look alike when they stand next to each other. DeMarcus was the number five pick in the 2010 NBA Draft out of Kentucky.

Jaleel didn't get drafted in the NBA Draft in 2016 and spent playing in the Gatorade League. He played with the Texas Legends and the Reno Bighorns. Jaleel averaged 5 points and 3 rebounds a game. His brother averaged 21 points and 10 rebounds a game in the NBA.

10 Legend: Tim Duncan & Scott Duncan

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Tim Duncan is a NBA legend for the San Antonio Spurs. His brother Scott, who looks nothing like him at all, has a different career path. Scott Duncan is a film director. He's won 10 Emmy Awards for Individual Achievement and Cinematography and Best Documentary. He has also received a total of 29 Emmy nominations in his career. Scott Duncan is the older brother by nine years to Tim. Scott has a crazy hair do while Tim's got a buzz cut. But they're as close as siblings can be:

“Growing up, our family motto has been ‘get it done,’” he said. “I think that’s the thing. We enjoy life every day, but we work hard and love what we do. That’s why you see the type of competitor that Tim is."

However Tim beats Scott bad in video games probably the NBA Live games or NBA 2K. Duncan earned his Bachelor of Arts degree at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

9 Current: Reggie Rose (Derrick Rose)

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Derrick Rose is an accomplished player in the NBA. Derrick and his brother Reggie look nothing alike though. At least his brother Reggie is well taken care of. Last month, Derrick signed a 14 year Adidas deal and his brother gets a benefit from the deal too. Reggie makes $250,000 annually as a consultant which is a pretty big profit. The complete deal is worth about $190 million over the course of 14 years. So $250,000 shouldn't be too bad. Reggie supports Derrick as he sits courtside almost every game. The two brothers had it rough growing up but made it through together.

Reggie sometimes speaks for his brother when he's going through a tough time. In August of 2017 Reggie told the Daily Herald that his brother Derrick has been going through a lot mentally.

8 Current: Houston Lillard (Damian Lillard)

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Damian has done well for himself in the NBA with the Portland Trail Blazers. Damian has proven that he's a legit player in the NBA and an NBA All-Star. Since coming into the league in the 2012-13 season Lillard has played in over 460 games and started them all in his NBA career. His brother Houston Lillard (pictured on the far right) doesn't look like him at all but both have athletic abilities.

Houston Lillard doesn't play basketball but does play football in an indoor football league. Houston is a quarterback in the football league while Damian is a point guard in the NBA. Here's another thing they have in common; they both love to get the ball in their hands during the game.

7 Current: Janis Porzingis (Kristaps Porzingis)

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Janis Porzingis and Kristaps Porzingis don't look like each other but they are closely knit brothers. Janis works for Kristaps as a representative. They both support each other and Janis is always looking for his brother's best interests, especially when Kristaps was working on his contract before the season this year. Before the season, Kristaps was eligible to sign a five-year rookie extension. Janis was sticking up for his brother and wanted the Knicks to treat him right with a contract extension. Kristaps skipped the team's exit interview and Janis had his back saying that he should be paid the way he plays.

He told the New York Daily News "In reality, if he for once decided to fight for something, we wouldn’t be in this situation and Kristaps wouldn’t be forced to take all the damage on himself."

6 Current: Tragil Wade (Dwyane Wade)

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Dwyane Wade has returned to the place that won him a championship the Miami Heat. Dwyane Wade has a sister named Tragil who oversees the foundation. Wade's World Foundation, supports programs which include promoting education, health and social skills for poor children. Tragil Wade isn't just Wade's sister which by looking at them you wouldn't know it, she's also a college graduate. She has a degree in elementary education. She continued to take classes at the University of Notre Dame continuing her education saying in 2016: "I continue to educate myself in this space, I know that this is my life." Wade's career seems to be winding down now, and in the next phase of his life, his sister will continue to be a big part of it.

5 Current: C.J. Paul (Chris Paul)

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Chris Paul has a brother named C.J. who is his personal general manager. C.J. Paul makes sure he sticks up for his superstar NBA brother Chris Paul. They don't really look like each other but they share the same love for basketball. They were both taught the fundamentals of basketball at a very young age by their father. The older brother C.J. decided to not to pursue basketball and instead become Chris Paul's mentor, personal general manager, and close friend. Chris said without his brother C.J. that he would be stressed out all the time. Chris Paul just plays on the court. C.J. takes care of the rest of the negotiations. C.J. And Chris support each other through the good and the bad.

4 Current: Asia Irving (Kyrie Irving)

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Kyrie Irving is a great basketball player and one of the NBA's best players in the game today. With Kyrie out of LeBron James' shadow, he can show off his talent even more now. Kyrie and Asia are both successful people. His sister stands by his side through everything. Asia Irving is a model and has become successful in the fashion industry. With Kyrie being an NBA All-Star, it gave her the opportunity to work with high profile athletes. She has also worked as a freestyle men's wardrobe stylist and has helped design outfits for many NBA and WNBA prominent athletes. Needless to say, her brother was a good connection to have. Asia Irving even surprised her father with a home renovation on the TV show My Houzz.

3 Current: Sydel Curry Curry (Steph Curry)

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Stephen Curry is one of the most respected and dominant players in the NBA today. Curry's jersey sales always seem to be popular as a lot of young athletes look up to him who are just starting out in the league. All of the Currys have athletic genes in them even with his brother Seth Curry not quite living up to his brother's name in the NBA. Even his sister Sydel Curry who attends Steph's basketball games played sports too. You can't tell Sydel and Steph Curry are related but they are. Sydel Curry played volleyball in high school and college. Sydel stands by Steph's side through everything. Sydel said in a 2015 interview with ESPN that Steph is the kindest person on the court. He's got a kind heart and works hard for everything he does she said.

2 Current: Aaron Gamble (LeBron James)

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LeBron James is the most dominant player in the NBA. However LeBron didn't always have millions in the bank as he grew up with his single mother Gloria. Things didn't turn out the same for his half-brother Aaron Gamble. Aaron Gamble and LeBron James have the same father and LeBron wants nothing to do with his father which means he doesn't speak to Aaron. Aaron is struggling to make ends meet while LeBron makes millions playing basketball for a living. Gamble reached out to LeBron in 2015 when his mom passed away last year. LeBron never responded and never went to the funeral. Hopefully in time LeBron can see that his father's past shouldn't affect how he feels about someone he's related to.

1 Current: Iesha Davis (Anthony Davis)

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Anthony Davis a successful athlete by all accounts. Davis has really broken out this year and everyone took notice when he scored the most points in an All-Star game 52 points earlier this year. He is currently averaging a career-high 28 points and 12 rebounds this season. His sister Iesha played college basketball at Richard J. Daley College in Chicago. She would be drafted by the Harlem Globetrotters, and she would become a reporter.

She put her reporting skills to use when she interviewed her brother for Redbull on national sibling day last year.

They both get along really well and support each other through the good and bad. With Anthony Davis proving he's going to be the next dominant player, Iesha should be proud.

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