10 NBA Free Agent Signings (And 5 Trades) That Will Happen This Off-Season

The NBA off-season will be upon us very soon and it is expected to be on that is full of major moves. With this year’s free agent class being one of the best ones in recent memory, expect to see some major fireworks around the league. Also, because many teams underachieved this season, it is extremely likely that some major superstars may be dealt away as well. NBA fans have a lot to be excited for because this could truly be the year that brings significant change around the league. Free agents like LeBron James and Kevin Durant are available and everyone knows that they are likely to move on from their teams if things do not go right for them. Them and so many other stars will needed to be watched closely this summer.

With all that stated, in this article we will be looking at ten major free agent signings that will happen this off-season and six trades that will surprise us. This definitely has the potential to be one of the most intriguing NBA summers in recent memory, so this will be something we will all need to watch. The dynamic of the NBA has the potential to completely alter and that is something that many fans are likely to want to see happen. The players that are available via trade are also huge names as well, so there is way more to look out for than just free agency. Expect this summer to be a massive one with major transactions. It is time to mark your calendars, NBA fans.

Nonetheless, let’s look at the ten NBA free agent signings and six trades that will happen this off-season!

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15 Signing: Isaiah Thomas (Los Angeles Clippers)

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Isaiah Thomas is currently having a pretty difficult season. After starting the regular season with a significant injury, Thomas was quickly dealt from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Los Angeles Lakers. This move was seen as a major surprise because Thomas was starting to readjust to the NBA, but now finds himself with a rebuilding squad.

It is highly likely that the Los Angeles Lakers will be letting Isaiah Thomas go at the end of this season, as they are looking to bring in new star talent. With that said, Thomas will likely be looking for a new home yet again. Although a Boston Celtics’ reunion would be nice in theory, it just cannot happen due to cap salary. Expect Thomas to join the Clippers and help them with them contend.

14 Signing: DeMarcus Cousins (Chicago Bulls)

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

DeMarcus Cousins was having a career year this season with the New Orleans Pelicans, but tragedy struck when he suffered a season ending injury. This injury may make teams a bit hesitant when it comes to acquiring his services, but he still will have a lot of takers because he is a legitimate superstar in the NBA. It just may result in a shorter team deal.

Due to his injury, DeMarcus Cousins may be given a bridge type of deal because there is uncertainty with how he will recover from it.

Due to this, Cousins’ best bet may be joining a team that is in a rebuilding phase like the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls have some young talent, but could use a star on their roster like Cousins to help with their developments. This may be a weird one, but stranger things have happened.

13 Trade: Dirk Nowitzki (Houston Rockets)

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Even with old age, Dirk Nowitzki is still a very talented basketball player and one of the best players on the Dallas Mavericks. It is apparent that his skill has dropped off a bit since his prime, but that is totally acceptable. Even with that, Nowitzki is still a very effective passer and shooter and could even play longer after his contract expires in 2019.

The Dallas Mavericks are clearly at the bottom of the league and as a gift to Dirk Nowitzki, they should move him to a legitimate contender. The Houston Rockets would make a lot of sense because it would not be a major move for Nowitzki and would also give him the chance to maybe win another championship. Nowitzki deserves to go out in glory, not with a whimper on a rebuilding team.

12 Signing: JJ Reddick (Utah Jazz)

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

J.J. Redick is doing a fine job with the Philadelphia 76ers this season and will likely be given another strong contract this off-season. Redick has been a very talented veteran player for their young roster and is a major factor in their rise in the standings this season. Yet, it is also likely that the team may move on from him, as they hope to bring in more stars.

J.J. Redick will likely be in a similar situation this off-season as he was last year and may opt to join a club that is young and on the rise.

The Utah Jazz would be a great destination for him because this club would allow him the chance to be a major contributor, but also join a team who could be very productive. This signing would make a lot of sense for both sides.

11 Signing: Paul George (Los Angeles Lakers)

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There is little doubt that Paul George will be testing the market this off-season, as he stated his desire to do this in the past. With the Oklahoma City Thunder having a bit of a down year, it is likely that the George will consider going elsewhere so he has the chance to win. The Thunder appear to be falling off and that very well is enough for George to leave town.

Paul George will very likely be on the Los Angeles Lakers next season, mainly because he has openly stated his desires to play there.

With the Lakers clearly on the rise and with their rich history, it makes a lot of sense for George to join them. George will be their star and the player who helps attract other superstars to join the Lakers. It is the best move on his end.

10 Trade: Dwight Howard (Orlando Magic)

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard was once of the most dominating players in the entire NBA, but Father Time has definitely taken its hold on him. Howard has seen his play drop off dramatically and has never been able to be the same player he was during his younger years. With his career likely on the verge of completion, this could result in another trade involving him this off-season.

Although the Orlando Magic are not a contender by any means, they could look to trade for Dwight Howard to bring back some nostalgia. Howard was an absolute superstar during his time with the Magic and probably should have never left there. Howard coming back to his good years may do his career wonders and could allow him to find his game yet again.

9 Signing: Chris Paul (Houston Rockets)

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Paul is still one of the best players in the NBA and has done a fantastic job with the Houston Rockets in his first season with the club. Although his contract is set to expire this summer, it is extremely unlikely that he will opt to leave a team that very well could win the championship for many years to come. He will be back for sure.

Chris Paul is a major reason why the Houston Rockets have seen a rise in the standings this year and could end up beating the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs. They do look like the new team to beat in the West at times, so Paul should stay there. Paul is definitely reaching the concluding years of his career, so he needs to win soon and Houston is his best bet.

8 Signing: Avery Bradley (Memphis Grizzlies)

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Avery Bradley is having a fairly decent year this season and as a result of this, will definitely be rewarded with another NBA contract this summer. Bradley is a great player to add to an NBA team because he has the ability to either be a starter or come off the bench.

At the end of the day, a team knows that they will be getting consistency from Bradley.

The Memphis Grizzlies could end up being a solid destination for Avery Bradley because they have the money to pay him and he would have the opportunity to play at a far better level. Bradley could become their guy and lead their offensive production. This would be a wise move for both parties and one that NBA fans should expect to end up seeing.

7 Trade: Carmelo Anthony (Philadelphia 76ers)

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Carmelo Anthony is still one the top NBA players in the league when looking at what he produces offensively and that means he packs a lot of trade value. With one year left on his deal and the Oklahoma City Thunder continuing to look like a team that simply cannot win, it may be time for them to part ways with their veteran superstar before it’s too late.

If Carmelo Anthony accepts a trade from the Oklahoma City Thunder, which is likely if everything goes wrong this off-season for them, the Philadelphia 76ers should push to make a deal happen. The 76ers have a great cast of young players, but if they want to be legitimate contenders, they need a veteran superstar like Anthony. This would make them a team to beat in the East.

6 Signing: Kevin Durant (Golden State Warriors)

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant is one of the best basketball players in the entire league and because of this, will have a lot of teams looking to acquire his services this summer. Durant will be given a big deal no matter where decides to go, but it is hard to determine where he will end up. Durant wants to win championships, so it will be challenging for him to find a team as good as Golden State.

With that said, it is extremely likely that Durant will opt to stay with the Golden State Warriors, as they are still at the top of the league. Durant made a very risky decision when he decided to join the Warriors a few summers ago, but it ultimately was the best decision for his career. Now, due to this, he will stay a part of the Warriors and look to help this team become a dynasty.

5 Signing: DeAndre Jordan (Washington Wizards)

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The chances of DeAndre Jordan staying with the Los Angeles Clippers hit an all time low when they opted to move Blake Griffin in a surprise trade with the Detroit Pistons. Now, Jordan is put in a tough situation, as he is a veteran who wants the opportunity to win. With that said, it is extremely likely that Jordan will be leaving the Clippers this off-season and going elsewhere.

The Washington Wizards would be an ideal destination for Jordan because they could use a big superstar on their roster to help them reach the top of the Eastern Conference standings. Jordan would have the chance to play with some solid players and be an important part of their core. Jordan to Washington makes all the sense in the world and very well could happen.

4 Trade: Marc Gasol (Toronto Raptors)

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Marc Gasol is getting up there in age, but he still is a superstar in the NBA. Yet, he has spent the entirety of his career stuck playing with a mediocre team and one has to wonder when he will finally be traded. Gasol has been in the rumour mill for years it feels like and with the Memphis Grizzlies still playing terribly, one has to think this will be the summer it happens.

Marc Gasol has been linked to the Toronto Raptors for quite some time and with the Raptors being legitimate contenders, they should trade for his services. The Raptors are a very good basketball team, but they could use another superstar to help them compete with the Celtics and Cavaliers. Gasol to Toronto should finally just happen so we can put the rumour to bed.

3 Signing: LeBron James (Philadelphia 76ers)

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James is the king of the NBA right now and has been throughout the entirety of his career. James is the reason why the Cleveland Cavaliers have finally won an NBA Championship, but it is likely that James will be leaving them this summer. The inconsistency of the club and interesting decisions by management makes this apparent.

LeBron James wants to win and it is likely that the Cleveland Cavaliers are starting to fall off a bit. With that said, James may decide to sign with the Philadelphia 76ers this season, as they have the money and young star power to make a championship team around him. If James could win a championship with a third team, this would only help his legacy even more.

2 Signing: Tyreke Evans (New York Knicks)

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Tyreke Evans is having himself a very strong season this year and will be a very popular free agent target because of it. Although he may not be the biggest star available, he is a player who has the ability to dominate the court when he is on his game. He has been one of the top players in the league this year while being on one of the worst clubs.

Tyreke Evans needs to take advantage of his strong season and get a large contract this summer. The New York Knicks may opt to acquire his services because they are currently on the rise and could use another top player for their roster. Evans may not be the flashiest name available, but he is extremely reliable and could blossom into a star with the Knicks.

1 Trade: Anthony Davis (Boston Celtics)

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Davis to the Boston Celtics makes a lot of sense because there is mutual interest and the Celtics are in a win-now mode. This has been in the rumour mill for quite some time and the Celtics truly could use another superstar on their roster to help them win more games. This would be a deal that could finally carry this club over the hump and make them the best.The Boston Celtics are currently one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference and they need to make sure that they keep this status. A trade for Anthony Davis would help them immensely and give them security for the future. Davis would provide them with another star to help back up Kyrie Irving. Every championship teams need an elite big man on their roster and Davis fits that perfectly.

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