15 Little Known Facts About Steph & Ayesha Curry's Marriage Only True Fans Would Know

Without a doubt, Stephen Curry has become an inspiration on and off the basketball court. Whether it be his generous charity donations to help causes with Malaria in 2012, or his signature Under Armor shoe deal referencing a Philippians 4:13 scripture verse, Curry has really made an impact in the lives of our youth. Curry has also shown the ability to speak out on social and controversial issues in our society, something many other players and coaches have so religiously tried to do.

Curry is also one of the great players in the NBA today. Whether it be his effortless three point stroke, flashy assists or the occasional dunk— Curry is clearly among the best PG’s in todays league. Curry has a career average of 25.5 PPG since stepping into the league in 2009. The GS PG is a unanimous MVP, 5x All Star and a 2x NBA Champion. And he has played with the USA National team as well. To put things in perspective of how deadly a perimeter shooter Curry is, he held the single season record for the most 3 pointers made in a season. And he shattered his own record a year later with 402 3 pointers made. His staggering list of accomplishments is just remarkable and his career in the NBA seems far from over.

Similarly, Curry’s wife Ayesha has certainly made a name for herself as well. Prior to her marriage with the Warriors PG in 2011, she was an actress, known for Underground Street Flippers (2009), Dan's Detour of Life (2008), Love for Sale (2008), and guest roles in several television shows like Whittaker Bay, Good Luck Charlie and Chopped.

With these things in mind, this article takes a look at 15 Things About Steph And Ayesha’s Marriage Only True Fans Would Know.

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15 Their First Meeting Was Nothing Special

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Let’s first start with how they met. It turns out that Steph and Ayesha Curry first met when they were teenagers at a local church both their families attended. They were both in the youth group at the church, the Central Church of God in Charlotte, North Carolina.

However, according to the Charlotte Observer, their relationship didn’t start then. “It’s funny, our parents used to make jokes about how cute we were together, but we didn’t know,” Stephen says. Ayesha had also remembered that she and Steph had both lived in the Toronto area and loved the same candy. “I got him some fuzzy peaches, but I was so shy I didn’t say anything. I just handed them to him and walked off,” she laughs. Stephen also admitted to being equally shy, but he says he was always aware when Ayesha was around.

“He was just the one guy at my church that all the girls were obsessed with” Ayesha told People. Steph added to the point saying, “I don’t really remember how I first met her, there was no wind in her hair or backlight”. It is clear that the couples meeting at the time was nothing special, which explains why they are both very humble.

14 They Reconnected After High School

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Meeting at their local church in Charlotte was just the beginning of their relationship. After high school, Ayesha had moved to Los Angeles to pursue her aspirations of becoming an actress. During that time, Stephen was in L.A for a basketball camp. According to the Charlotte Observer, Ayesha seemed to play hard to get at first. “She tried to play me off, saying we could hang out another time if I was ever back in town,” Stephen said. “She didn’t know I was coming back the next week.”

Part of the reason why Ayesha didn't say yes right away was because she had it in her mind that she didn't want to date an athlete.

She had it in her mind that athletes were arrogant, but obviously after getting to know Steph a little more, she changed her tune. As we know about Steph Curry now, he's far from being arrogant and is in fact, one of the most humble superstars you'll ever find in sports.

After hours of talking back and forth over the phone, Steph would eventually land a date with Ayesha. The couple spent their first date running around Hollywood, drinking lattes and taking pictures with historical statues.

13 Steph's Mother Sonya Wanted Him To Focus On School

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In March of 2008, Curry became a national star on college basketball's biggest stage. He led the nation in scoring averaging about 30 PPG, and really blossomed into a star— leading Davidson to the Elite Eight. Even though they would lose to Bill Self’s Jayhawks that year, it was a remarkable accomplishment and really put Davidson on the map.

However, during this time while Steph and Ayesha were talking, Steph’s mother Sonya was somewhat against Steph pursuing a relationship, according to the Mercury News“For years she had been praying, fervently, that her teenage son would focus on school and basketball, and “stay away from girls, stay away from girls, stay away from girls.”

This revelation continued with “one spring morning, she woke up and prayed. Before she even got to “Amen” she realized her prayer had suddenly changed.“I said, ‘Dell, oh my gosh. I’m praying for Stephen’s significant other,’” Sonya recalled telling her husband. “He said, ‘Whaaaaat???’ I said, ‘I know. I’m freaking out.’ “I was ready for him to find someone.”

Obviously, Steph's mother's concerns weren't anything to worry about, as Steph didn't have his mind on "girls, girls, girls". He had his heart set on one and it still is today.

12 Ayesha Moved Back To Charlotte While Stephen Was In His Junior Season At Davidson

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After several text messages and visits to Davidson, Steph and Ayesha would eventually start dating once Ayesha moved back to Charlotte. She moved back when Stephen was in his junior season at Davidson. Now, for some players, it would probably be somewhat of a distraction to have someone visit them frequently when they constantly have games going on. However, for Steph, it was just an excuse to see his girl.

Bryant Barr, Stephen’s best friend since they were freshmen on the Wildcats, knew things were serious because Stephen was often “AWOL.”

"No time for the fellas. He spent his spare time with Ayesha. She was there so much,” Barr said, per the Mercury News. “People thought she went to Davidson”.

As we know by watching Ayesha today, she is constantly at Warriors games and her support for Steph hasn't wavered, as she's one of the most passionate NBA WAGs out there, almost to a fault. As fans may remember, she caused quite a stir when she accused the NBA of rigging the 2016 Finals to get a Game 7 out of the Warriors/Cavs series. Still, a part of you has to admire that Ayesha cares so much about Steph's game.

11 Their Relationship Had Substance

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Curry was one of the brightest college basketball stars during the 2008-09 season. As previously mentioned, he led the nation in scoring with about 30 PPG. He led Davidson to one of their best regular seasons of all time in a very tough conference. And he led them to the Elite Eight with victories over top programs like Gonzaga, Georgetown and Wisconsin.

Curry was indeed a star on the NCAA Tournaments biggest stage, and perhaps, one of the most ready NBA players heading into the draft.

Regardless of Steph’s performance on the basketball court, Ayesha’s interactions with Steph never changed.

According to the Mercury News: “Whether he scored 30 points and his highlights were on SportsCenter or he had a bad night shooting and Davidson lost, she didn’t change how she interacted with him. At a time when everyone swooned over Steph for his basketball skills, Ayesha was simply into the man and not his game.”

Steph added to this saying “That meant a lot to me, she didn’t care about the NBA or none of that, she just let me do whatever I wanted, and I liked that.”

It is clear that the couple's relationship indeed had substance, which again is very reflective of their humble personalities. The two personify #RelationshipGoals.

10 Steph’s Proposal Was Quite Unexpected

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The couple had been dating for a couple years prior to Steph planning his proposal. On the day he planned to propose to her, Ayesha was planning to have a housewarming party at her new apartment in Charlotte. According to the Charlotte Observer, Ayesha said, “We were going to go to his sister’s volleyball game and then come back here. He showed up dressed really nice, with a fresh haircut and cool sunglasses; I was like, ‘Wow, look at you!’” she said.

After the game, the couple stopped at Stephen’s parents’ house to grab the board game Pokeno. And as they were walking up the driveway, Stephen stopped. “He asked me if I knew where we were standing. It was the spot where we had our first kiss,” she says. “He pulled me close and started saying all these sweet things and then dropped down on one knee. I was in a state of shock.”

“She looked at the ring and asked if it was real,” Stephen laughs. “The next thing I knew, people were screaming from inside the house. All of our family was inside waiting, it was awesome!”, the couple said.

That definitely is one of the cuter proposal stories we've ever heard.

9 They Were Married In The Church They Grew Up In

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The two were married when Steph was 23 and Ayesha was 22 in the church where they first met in Charlotte, North Carolina. They both wanted a traditional wedding, and wanted a venue that would be enough to hold 420 friends and family for the wedding ceremony.

According to the Charlotte Observer, the ceremony was very emotional for them. “When the doors to the church opened, Curry was overwhelmed at the sight of his bride. “Our pastor told me to look at him if I started tearing up, but he was already way past my tear level,” Ayesha says. later on soaked in a 10 day honeymoon in Bora Bora before heading home to hit the books.

Obviously, getting married in this particular church was very special.

Regardless of how anyone may feel about the best venues for a wedding, the fact that Curry met his future wife in this particular church, then ended up marrying that woman in the same church truly is an amazing story. Their relationship truly came full circle with the wedding taking place there. The Currys didn't have the most glamorous wedding of all NBA couples, but it certainly was the most sentimental, given their story and their nuptials.

8 The Couple Has Matching Tattoos

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Some couples get two of everything— usually before moving in together. They get the essentials like tooth brushes and toiletries, and they get accessories like phone cases or other things of that nature. Then there are couples who get something permanent like ink almost as a symbol or to represent something. And for this couple, it seems to be quite evident of how they conduct themselves.

Steph and Ayesha both have matching tattoos. Ayesha reportedly got the ink done first, and Steph followed with a tattoo of two arrows pointing to each other. Steph explained the meaning of the couple's matching tattoos a little more saying "This signifies that the past is behind us and the future is in front of us, so we stay in the middle, in the moment," he said. They even have a pregame ritual: "I smack my tattoo and she does the same.”

While it's certainly not the flashiest tattoo, it's subtle and it's really only meant to be seen on a regular basis by the husband and wife, as the tattoo is meaningful to them and it's a perfect example of how to do something special as a couple without having to flaunt it endlessly like so many celebrity couples do.

7 Ayesha Put Her Acting Plans On Hold To Start A Family

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The couple had a child at an unexpected time when Ayesha was just 23 years old. And as a result of that, Ayesha had to out her acting inspirations on hold to start a family. Shortly after her marriage with Steph, Ayesha found out that she was pregnant with Riley, who she described as a “borderline honeymoon baby”. As a result of this, she was forced to put her acting inspirations on hold to start a family with Steph and manage her new life.

Ayesha told Popsugar.com “That became my next move. I struggled with that for a while.”

While every couple has challenges with the next phase of their lives, it was clear that this was just another one of those for Steph and Ayesha. And although It may have been difficult, they appeared to have made it work. Given that Ayesha has now sacrificed quite a bit in order to raise the kids, you wonder how much longer she will put her career on hold, or if she has just moved on from that dream altogether to focus on other projects she can pursue while still being a full-time mom. Will it ever be Steph's turn to be a stay at home parent?

6 Riley Doesn’t Know She's Famous

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The couple's first child, Riley Curry, was born on July 19th, 2012. Riley entered the public spotlight by comically crashing one of her fathers press game conferences as he was trying to answer questions from reporters after the Warriors won the 2015 NBA Finals. While reporters were trying to ask Steph questions, Riley chimed in with a “be quiet.” She continued to go viral on the internet and many social media platforms as a result of this comical interview.

Curry was reportedly offered several movie and television roles after her press conference appearances.

She made a cameo in TLC’s Playhouse, when the show debuted a customized playhouse for her. In other words, Steph’s daughter Riley doesn’t know she’s famous. And perhaps when she gets older, Steph will inform her of all the attention she drew at such a young age from the press. Ironically, Steph was once semi famous himself as a kid, as he once starred in a commercial for Burger King alongside his dad Dell.

While the jury's still out on Ayesha's acting career, perhaps Riley will be the one who eventually crosses that threshold. We'll see if she's around Steph in press conferences again if the Warriors make another run to the finals this year.

5 Ayesha Defended Steph’s Hair Style

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Some people lie to one another just because they don’t want to hurt the other's feelings. Whether it be telling that best friend to keep a beard going even when they know it looks awful, or telling someone that piece of clothing looks good on them when it really doesn’t— we have all been there and it happens to all of us.

For Steph and Ayesha, it seems that they certainly fit this category. And they do anything to support each other in their decision making.

Ayesha was supportive of this questionable hair style Steph had for a little while.

Ayesha responded with a tweet after Steph’s first game rocking the hair style saying, ”I love his hair. Super sexy. Super authentic and something he’s always wanted to do… it’s a process and I embrace it whole heartedly.”

Indeed, some couples are brutally honest with each other, and others love to build each other up regardless of what the public may think. Obviously, Curry's hairstyle isn't unanimous among fans, but his wife is the one supporting him, so what does he really care? Unless of course Ayesha is praying it's just a weird phase that Steph 'grows out of' eventually. Get it? Grow?

4 Ayesha Accused The NBA Of Rigging The 2016 Finals

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Although the two both came from very humble beginnings, which indeed reflect their personalities, that doesn’t mean they haven’t had their shortcomings. In Game 5 and 6 of the 2015 NBA Finals, Ayesha Curry made headlines across social media for her comments about the NBA officiating saying it's “rigged for money”.

Although the officiating was somewhat questionable down the stretch given the Cavaliers were the home team, and the suspension of Draymond Green, one could assume the officiating was swayed to some extent. She later deleted the tweet and apologized. She added in her apology that her father had been racially profiled by the police at the arena earlier in the night. "Tweeted in the heat of the moment because the call was uncalled for," she wrote.

Obviously, Ayesha wasn't the only one criticizing NBA officiating, as it's been a constant point of discussion among fans that goes beyond that 2016 NBA finals series. However, being that Ayesha is married to a star player in the league, obviously her comments are bound to attract more attention and hopefully she has now learned her lesson. Curry's Warriors are likely to be the team of the decade in the NBA, so there'll be plenty of other titles to win.

3 The Couple's Drive Home Is The Date

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ayesha has been a supporter for most of Steph’s life. Whether it be showing up to his visit him at Davidson, or going to almost all the Warriors games to watch Steph play, she has clearly been there for him. She used to bring Riley to those games, but now that they have two children, Ayesha thought it would be more important for the two to spend some time together.

For some couples, their idea of a date may be going out to a fancy bar or restaurant. However, for this couple, they laid down the law on Parents Magazine explaining that “The drive home is the date.” Steph added to the conversion saying “We’re in the same building, but its all eye contact. Then we have the drive home.” For some couples, a long drive home may be tiring or boring, but for this couple, it’s probably just a nice time to talk to each other.

Obviously many couples have difficulty setting aside a special "date night" once they start having kids but Ayesha doesn't seem to place blame on Steph, given his hectic schedule of being an NBA pro. It's good to see the couple is on the same page in this aspect of their relationship.

2 The Two Are The Stars Of A New Cooking Game

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Ayesha was also really into cooking along with her acting inspirations. After the couple's marriage and honeymoon in Bora Bora, Ayesha really hit the books. She finished her degree online and is now a celebrity chef and cookbook author. She has made a name for herself in the realm of cooking publishing The Seasoned Life: Food, Family, Faith and the Joy of Eating Well, as well as starring in her own food network show, Ayesha’s Kitchen.

The couple recently have developed a new cooking game which has Steph taking the orders and Ayesha cooking the food. Ayesha goes a little bit more into this on eater.com saying “When we were conceptualizing the game, I wanted to make sure it reflected the challenges, intensity, and gratification that goes along with managing a kitchen, whether at your home on Thanksgiving serving friends and family or in a high-paced restaurant serving customers.”

So it appears the couple has found new ways to bond. Ayesha may not have gotten the acting career she initially set out to have, but she has acquired some fame in her own right. She has a cooking show and she has many social media followers: over 946K followers on Twitter and a whopping 5.5 million on Instagram.

1 The Couple Is Against The Relationship Hashtags

Just celebrating 💛💛💛 congrats to Chris and Erika!

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It’s clear that the two have been able to make it work throughout their lives. And they both have continued to make a name for themselves. Stephen Curry continues to make noise on the basketball court with his effortless and stunning play, while Ayesha is a very successful chef and author of her new book.

They both are very successful in what they do which is probably why they are one of the most popular couples.

However, the couple has publicly voiced their displeasure associated with the omnipresent relationship goals hashtag, something that is so easily thrown around on social media these days. Steph goes a little deeper into this on People magazine saying, "I don't like people looking at someone else’s image...We want to represent the right things because that's who we are, but we don’t like when people say '#RelationshipGoals' and stuff. I want people to understand they have to live their own lives the way they want to and not just do what we do.”

That's a remarkable attitude and even though Steph and Ayesha are somewhat of a celebrity couple, they've kept themselves grounded and are aware of the influence their relationship could have on others.

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