The 30 Biggest NBA Draft Busts Since 2000: Where Are They Now?

Every year, NBA General Managers gather together their scouts and front office personnel in preparation for that year's draft. They search all over North America, and sometimes in other countries, in search for the game's best young talent. For teams who hold the first few picks in the draft, this is especially true since they are hoping to find talent who can step in to the NBA and make an impact right away. Teams with draft picks a bit further down in the first round hope to be able to acquire young, controllable talent able to help their team in a year or two.

In a perfect world, the draft process would be a quick way for teams to help rebuild and become a playoff team. They would be able to tank for a year or two, at least, before having top young talent to be able to propel them to the top of the standings. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Rebuilding through the draft is hardly an exact science and requires a certain mixture of genius front office scouting abilities, luck, and talented players. For even the best NBA General Managers, an NBA draft is often a crapshoot.

Even with all the advances in scouting, every NBA draft is full of busts. For some reason or another, they failed to live up to their pre-draft hype and ultimately became a major letdown once they reached the NBA. In this article, we will examine thirty of the biggest draft busts in the NBA since the turn of the century.

30 ROBERT SWIFT - 12th overall, Seattle SuperSonics (2004)

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Robert Swift was drafted 12th overall in 2004 NBA  by the Seattle SuperSonics. He had caught the attention of many scouts, and Seattle eagerly anticipated plugging him in as their starting center for years to come. Sadly, it never turned out that way for Swift or for the SuperSonics. Swift proved to be very injury prone right from his first season when he ruptured his anterior crucial ligament. Even when he wasn’t injured, Swift wasn’t all that productive on the court either. In parts of 4 seasons, Swift played only 97 games and averaged 4.3 points, 0.2 assists, and 0.3 steals. He never even made a successful 3-point shot!

After leaving the NBA in 2009, he spent a few years in the D-league, in various semi-professional basketball leagues, and overseas in Japan. He last played basketball in 2011 for the Tokyo Apache, in a Japanese basketball league. Not much is known about what he has been up to since, but he has unfortunately found himself in some difficult legal trouble. He has repeatedly been arrested by police on charges for possession of drugs, guns, and armed robbery.

29 MICHAEL BEASLEY - 2nd Overall, Miami Heat (2008)

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It took nobody by surprise that the Miami Heat selected Michael Beasley 2nd overall in the 2008 NBA draft. Many had considered Beasley to have been the second best prospect available in the draft, behind Derrick Rose. The Miami Heat had absolutely every reason to feel good about their chances when they selected Beasley. After all, in his only season at Kansas State, Beasley averaged 26.2 points and 12.4 rebounds. That ridiculous amount of success never translated to the NBA, while those drafted behind him include Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love. Though he has had a decent career, the combination of the expectations associated with the pick and the quality of the players drafted behind him mean Beasley must be labelled a bust.

Beasley is actually still around in the NBA, playing for the New York Knicks. He has not done much of significance in the league, and even went overseas to play in China on two separate occasions. He continues to sign one-year deals, so it remains to be seen how much longer the 28-year-old will last in the NBA.

28 JONNY FLYNN - 6th Overall, Minnesota Timberwolves (2009)

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Jonny Flynn was drafted 6th overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves in the 2009 edition of the NBA draft. That draft ranking made a great deal of sense at the time, as Flynn was just coming off an excellent college basketball career. Flynn even had a pretty respectable first year in the NBA, averaging 13 points in the 81 games he played in for the Timberwolves.  Unfortunately, everything went downhill from that point on. He averaged only 5.3 points the following season, and was out of the league entirely after his third season. Perhaps most frustrating for the Timberwolves? They missed the chance to draft future 2-time MVP Stephen Curry.

As for Flynn, he spent a season in Australia playing for the Melbourne Tigers. He tried to play in the Chinese Basketball Association but was unable due to injury. In 2014, his injuries limited him to only playing in 2 games for the Orlandina Basket of Italy. Since then, Flynn has stayed out of basketball entirely.

27 DARKO MILICIC - 2nd Overall, Detroit Pistons (2003)

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Darko Milicic was drafted by the Detroit Pistons with the number 2 pick in the 2003 NBA draft. The Pistons had anticipated that Milicic would have been that star player who could have put finally put them over the top and ultimately win an NBA championship. Even though Detroit did win it all in 2004, Milicic was hardly a contributor to his team's success. He was a huge disappointment, and averaged merely 1.4 points and 1.3 rebounds. Milicic somehow managed to earn $50 MM in his career, despite being a very underwhelming player and out of the league by age 27. As for Detroit, it must hurt that they drafted him ahead of talents such as Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade.

After his basketball career ended, Milicic decided to pursue a kickboxing career. That ended being shortlived, having lost his only fight. He is now apparently working as a farmer in Serbia, his home country, and owns a 125 acre (51ha) apple orchard.

26 SHAUN LIVINGSTON - 4th Overall, L.A. Clippers (2004)

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Unlike many of the other players on this list, Livingston actually ended up having a fairly good career. The problem is he was not that good to warrant being drafted 4th overall in 2004 by the Los Angeles Clippers. He was drafted with the belief he would become a franchise cornerstone with his playmaking abilities, but he turned out to be simply a journeyman. Much to Livingston's credit, he battled back from a devastating knee injury that caused many to think his career was over.

He returned to the NBA and even ended up becoming a 2-time NBA champion, both with the Golden State Warriors. That makes him one of the few busts on this list who is actually still an active player on the list. Not only that, but Livingston plays for one of the top teams in the NBA! Though he is a bust due to his failure to live up to his draft ranking, at least Livingston is still managing to make some decent money in the NBA.

25 O.J. MAYO - 3rd Overall, Minnesota Timberwolves (2008)

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O.J. Mayo had been considered to be the best prospect in the 2008 NBA draft, after having a very strong season at USC. This prompted Minnesota to draft him with their third overall pick, before immediately flipping him to Memphis in a trade that also involved Kevin Love. As it turned out, Minnesota got the better end of the deal as Mayo turned out to be a major draft bust. The four years that Mayo spent in Memphis was a disppointment, and it beame clear that he was vastly overrated. While he is not the worst player, he is not particularly good either. It especially hurts that Kevin Love, drafted after Mayo, developed into the star many had expected Mayo would become.

Mayo appeared in the NBA as recently as the 2015-16 season with the Milwaukee Bucks. The NBA dismissed and imposed a league ban on Mayo on July 1, 2016, for a drug violation. He will be able to be reinstated in 2018, when he will be 31 years old. As of right now, it remains to be seen what the future holds for Mayo.

24 ANTHONY BENNETT - 1st Overall, Cleveland Cavaliers (2013)

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There was a ton of hype for Anthony Bennett as he became the first ever Canadian to be drafted 1st overall, when the Cleveland Cavaliers drafted him in 2013. Despite being drafted fairly recently, Bennett is no longer playing in the NBA which is a sign of how far he has fallen. Bennett averaged only 4.4 points and 3.1 rebounds per game, across his 151 career NBA games. He has spent four seasons with four different teams (Cavaliers, Timberwolves, Raptors, Nets). In fairness, the 2013 draft was really weak but there were still high expectations associated with Bennett. For that reason, he must be labelled an NBA draft bust.

Bennett played for Fenerbahce of the Turkish Basketball Super League, and helped them win their first ever EuroLeague championship. Bennett is currently playing for the Northern Arizona Suns, the NBA G-League affiliate of the Phoenix Suns.

23 GREG ODEN - 1st Overall, Portland Trail Blazers (2007)

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Being drafted first overall comes with a boatload of expectations, whether fair or not. Greg Oden can certainly attest to that. After having been drafted first overall by the Portland Trail Blazers in 2007, Oden played in 82 games.... over 5 seasons. That, unfortunately, is precisely the reason why Oden had to make an appearance on this list. Oden always had the talent, he just failed to stay healthy enough to make any meaningful contributions to the teams he played on. Unfortunately for Oden and the Trail Blazers, he was drafted ahead of someone called Kevin Durant. That just magnifies things so much more!

The 29-year-old left the NBA in 2014, and has played for the Jiangsu Dragons in China. This came after he unsuccessfully tried to make a comeback to the NBA. After the single season overseas, Oden confirmed that his playing days are behind him. He is now getting his college degree at Ohio State, while also serving as the manager for the men's basketball team. At least Oden is keeping busy and working towards earning his degree.

22 DERRICK WILLIAMS - 2nd Overall, Minnesota Timberwolves (2011)

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The 2011 NBA draft featured a lot of talented players, most of whom went on to do quite well for themselves in the NBA. The Minnesota Timberwolves were hoping they would have gotten a real solid player when they chose Derrick Williams 2nd overall that year. Though he was 6'8 and a good shot, Williams never transformed into the player the Timberwolves had hoped he would be. Though he has been in the NBA for several seasons now, he has failed to live up to the expectations of being a #2 pick. This is especially true given the quality of players drafted after Williams, namely Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard, and Jimmy Butler.

Williams has gone on to play for the Sacramento Kings, New York Knicks, Miami Heat, and Cleveland Cavaliers. Williams is still a free agent, so it remains unknown what the future holds for the 26-year-old. He might be holding out hope for an NBA contract when an injury appears, or he might head overseas like so many others players on this list.

21 TYREKE EVANS - 4th Overall, Sacramento Kings (2009)

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Tyreke Evans was drafted 4th overall in the 2009 draft by the Sacramento Kings. Evans actually a really good rookie season in the NBA, winning Rookie of the Year honours. However, little did we know that would also represent the peak of his success. Since then, Evans has battled injury after injury and struggles to stay healthy to be productive enough on the court. It should be safe to say that the Kings had hoped for better things out of their #4 pick, especially given the quality of the players drafted after him (DeMar DeRozan, Jeff Teague, and Stephen Curry).

Tyreke Evans is still in the league, currently playing for the Memphis Grizzlies. Playing for a team currently in turmoil, Evans is presently the team's starting point guard following Mike Conley's injury. He is in the midst of a respectable season, with 11.6 points per game thus far.

20 EVAN TURNER - 2nd Overall, Philadelphia 76ers (2010)

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Evan Turner was regarded as a "can't miss" prospect leading up to the 2010 NBA Draft, alongside John Wall. Even though Wall was ultimately drafted first overall, there were many who felt as though Turner should have gone first. The Philadelphia 76ers felt they had every reason to celebrate when they nabbed Turner 2nd overall. Turner, as it turned out, was fool's gold. More often than not, Turner was overmatched and became diffiult to watch on offense.

Health issues were always speculated to have hampered Turner's ability in the league, although that can hardly be to blame for his frequent poor performances over the years. He is still getting paid in the NBA, now by the Portland Trail Blazers, though he continues to battle the injury bug. Turner does not ever seem likely to be the star many had anticipated.

19 COLE ALDRICH - 11th overall, OKC Thunder (2010)

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Cole Aldrich was drafted by the Oklahama City Thunder with the 11th overall pick in 2010. In fairness, not many elite players fall all the way to #11 in the draft. That being said, Aldrich turned out to be a major draft bust. Aldrich spent most of his rookie season in the D-League, and has only sparingly played in the NBA every season since. That is far from what was expected of Aldrich, as scouting reports indicated he was a tenacious defender who could become a solid starting center in the NBA.

Despite all the knocks on Aldrich, he is still living his dream in the NBA. During the 2016/2017 season, Aldrich appeared in a career high 62 games where he averaged just 1.7 points per game. He is currently in the second year of a 3-year/$22 MM contract signed with the Timberwolves.

18 ADAM MORRISON - 3rd Overall, Charlotte Bobcats (2006)

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Adam Morrison was the first draft pick made under Michael Jordan's guidance with the Charlotte Bobcats. They made the bold choice of selecting Morrison third overall in the 2006 NBA Draft. Morrison actually had a pretty decent rookie season, but sat out his entire sophomore season due to a knee injury. Upon his return, Morrison was never the same as he only averaged 4 points a game and struggled mightily. All told, Morrison never seemed to be able to adjust to the NBA style of play and couldn't adapt to the league. It was a huge disappointment that a guy drafted third overall only lasted three seasons in the NBA.

Following his departure from the NBA, Morrison spent a season in Serbia and another season in Turkey. He retired from basketball altogether following an unsuccessful stint in Turkey and a failed return to the NBA in 2012. Morrison is now an assistant coach at Gonzaga University, where he was previously one of their top players.

17 STROMILE SWIFT - 2nd Overall, Vancouver Grizzlies (2000)

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There was considerable hype surrounding Stromile Swift leading up to the 2000 NBA draft. He was being hyped as the second coming of Shawn Kemp, and the then-Vancouver Grizzlies (now Memphis Grizzlies) took Swift second overall that year. As it turned out, Swift came nothing close to the player that Shawn Kemp was. He didn't bottom out right away like many others on this list, which was at least something good for Swift. In fact, he carved out a 10-year career and put up some "okayish" numbers. That being said, he never came close to living up to his draft ranking.

Swift last appeared in the NBA in 2009 with the Phoenix Suns. Although he signed a contract with the 76ers for the 2009-10 season, he was released a month after signing it. He ventured overseas and played for the Shandong Lions of the Chinese Basketball Association for a season. Since then, he has remained fairly quiet as a father and operating a small business in Louisiana.

16 KWAME BROWN - 1st Overall, Washington Wizards (2001)

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Kwame Brown has had a pretty decent career as a backup center since being drafted in 2001 by the Washington Wizards.  The problem is, Brown was drafted with the first overall pick. This was a huge bust as backup centers should never be drafted that high in the draft, especially when far better players were available, such as Tyson Chandler and Pau Gasol. As you can guess by now, Kwane underperformed significantly. He only averaged 4.5 points and 3.5 rebounds during his rookie season, before he was traded to the L.A. Lakers in 2005.

Apparently backup centers have career longevity in the NBA, as he managed to keep a job until 2013. He spent three years away from the sport, before announcing his plans to make a comeback in August 2016. That never materialized, but Kwame Brown was the fifth overall pick in the inaugural draft of the BIG3 league.

15 DAJUAN WAGNER - 6th Overall, Cleveland Cavaliers (2002)

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DaJuan Wagner was drafted sixth overall in the 2002 NBA draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. He was drafted that highly for good reason too - he attracted a great deal of attention for scoring 100 points in a high school basketball game. In the end, it was his reputation and top notch skills that led to the Cavs drafting him 6th. His rookie season showed lots of promise, as he averaged over 13 points per game. Unfortunately, his career went downhill from there. He battled various injuries since his sophomore season and he was able to maintain any level of consistent play, never again averaging more than 6 points per game.

Since the Cavaliers cut ties with Wagner in 2005, he signed on with the Golden State Warriors. He only ended up appearing in one game with the Warriors, and they bought him out. He tried to play in Poland in 2007, but he faced a similar fate because of his injuries. The 34-year-old still holds out hope of playing again, despite not having played anywhere since 2007.

14 YI JIANLIAN - 6th Overall, L.A. Lakers (2007)

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Who knows what the Milwaukee Bucks were thinking when they drafted Yi Jianlian 6th overall in 2007. Maybe they had hoped he would turn into the next Yao Ming, whom he had drawn some comparisons to leading up to the draft. Jianlian ended up coming nowhere to close to the player Ming was. In fact, he never even came close to being worth a first round draft pick. In three seasons, Jianlian averaged around 8 points per game with the Bucks. He also had a couple of very subpar seasons with both the New Jersey Nets and Washington Wizards.

After returning to his native China, Jianlian attempted an NBA comeback in 2016 with the Los Angeles Lakers. He was never given much of a role with the team, so Jianlian requested, and received, his release. After that, he once again returned to China and is now playing for the Guangdong Southern Tigers.

13 DERMARR JOHNSON - 6th Overall, Atlanta Hawks (2000)

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Drafting DerMarr Johnson seemed like a safe bet to work out well for the Atlanta Hawks. The number 6 overall pick in 2000 had done it all. He was a high school All-American and Player of the Year; he even attended University of Cincinnati, which produced several noteable NBA stars. Unfortunately for the Hawks and Johnson, it never worked out that way. Johnson had a less than stellar NBA career, averaging only 6.2 points per game over his seven year playing career. He deserved much credit for repeatedly trying to make a comeback and prove himself to teams, but it was not meant to be.

Johnson was undeterred. Ever since leaving the NBA in 2008, he has spent every year since playing for basketball teams overseas. He last played for the Cupes De Los Pepines, a team in the Dominican Republic, in 2016.

12 FRAN VAZQUEZ - 11th Overall, Orlando Magic (2005)

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When the Orlando Magic drafted Fran Vazquez 11th overall in the 2005 draft, they anticipated they were getting an athletic player with great on-court maturity and character. The Magic felt as though Vazquez's speed, mobility, and coordination would mesh well with Dwight Howard. Vazquez ended up being one of the biggest busts in NBA history, since he never even played in a single NBA game! The Magic could have drafted just about anybody else in 2005, and been better off than Vazquez.

Vazquez is, however, still playing basketball in Europe. The 34-year-old spent several years playing for FC Barcelona in the EuroLeague. He even won the EuroLeague Championship with the team in 2010. More recently, he won the Champions League as well as the FIBA Intercontinental Cup with Iberostar Tenerife in 2017.

11 RAFAEL ARAUJO - 8th Overall, Toronto Raptors (2004)

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The Toronto Raptors selected Rafael Araujo with the #8 pick in the 2004 draft. The Brazilian big man came to Toronto with lofty expectations, and he flopped pretty much right away. He was yet another one of those players who experienced success in college, albeit in Brazil, but unable to translate that to success at the NBA level. Araujo only lasted for three years in the NBA, before heading to play in Russia.

He has not done much of significance on the international basketball season, and has not even attempted an NBA comeback. That being said, Araujo did manage to make international headlines in January 2011. A video surfaced of him shattering a glass backboard with a powerful dunk during a game!

10 SHELDEN WILLIAMS - 5th Overall, Atlanta Hawks (2006)

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Shelden Williams was an imposing 6'9 power foward when the Atlanta Hawks drafted him 5th overall in 2006. The fact that he was tall was apparently enough to convince the Hawks to draft him. They would have been much better off taking Brandon Roy, taken one spot behind Williams. In what is a recurring theme here, Williams had a stellar college career for Duke - he is ranked 16th in career points for Duke. Williams simply struggled to adapt to the NBA and, as a result, he bounced around from team to team.

After a few years of bouncing around the league, Williams embarked on a career in European basketball. He spent two years overseas before his playing career appears to have ended in 2015.

9 ANDREA BARGNANI - 1st Overall, Toronto Raptors (2006)

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Andrea Bargnani was arguably the biggest bust to have come from the poor 2006 NBA draft. The Toronto Raptors managed to secure the top pick in that year's draft, and used it on Andrea Bargnani, who was drafted out of Italy. The Raptors obviously hoped he would be help provide support to their star Chris Bosh and turn the club's fortunes around. Bargnani proved to be a huge letdown for Raptors fans and never lived up to the hype that surrounded him. With Jonas Valanciunas in the mix, the Raptors managed to offload Bargnani onto the New York Knicks. Imagine if the Raptors had taken LaMarcus Aldridge (2nd overall in 2006) instead!

In July 2016, Bargnani left the NBA and decided to return to play basketball in Europe. He signed a two year contract with Baskonia, a Spanish team. However, he left the team in 2017 after having experienced several injuries.

8 BEN MCLEMORE - 7th Overall, Sacramento Kings (2013)

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In case you weren't already aware, the Sacramento Kings front office is a model for dysfunction. They haven't had a winning season in 11 years to this point (ouch), and their draft history plays a big part in that. To that end, the Kings chose Ben McLemore seventh overall in 2013, hoping he would be the young star they could build around.  Coming out of college, McLemore drew comparisons to Ray Allen. Unfortunately, McLemore proved to be a huge bust despite not being completely awful. He simply failed to live up the hype and expectations placed on him.

After spending a few years with the Kings and their mediocrity, McLemore signed with the Memphis Grizzlies this past summer. For those unaware, the Grizzlies are also... embroiled in some turmoil themselves. As he has for most of his career thus far, McLemore comes off the bench for the Grizzlies.

7 NIKOLOZ TSKITISHVILI - 5th Overall, Denver Nuggets (2002)

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Aw, come on. You can't tell me you haven't heard of Nikoloz Tskitishvili. That seven-foot guy drafted 5th overall by the Denver Nuggets? No? Oh well. It was worth a shot.

Unless you were a hardcore fan of the Denver Nuggets in the early-2000s, odds are you've never heard of this guy. Apparently, the Nuggets saw his incredible height and thought he would make for a solid basketball player. It turns out his height was pretty much the only thing he had goung for him. He departed the league rather quickly, after bouncing around in the NBA for three years and playing sparingly.

Tskitishvili is actually still playing basketball, and hasn't stopped since his NBA career ended in 2006. He has mostly played overseas, bouncing around between various teams in Europe. The list of teams is actually quite long , but he hasn't yet spent two consecutive years on the same team. Hey, but at least he is still playing!

6 JAY WILLIAMS - 2nd Overall, Chicago Bulls (2002)

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Three spots ahead of Tskitishvili in the 2002 NBA draft was yet another bust. Jay Williams was taken 2nd overall by the Chicago Bulls. Unlike his fellow 2002 draftee, Williams actually put together a respectable rookie season. He averaged 9.5 points and 4.7 assists per game, which at least gave the Bulls some reason for optimism. Though he demonstrated signs of good decision-making on the court, apparently that didn't translate to his personal life. Williams made the poor decision of not wearing a helmet while riding his motorcycle, when he crashed into a street light at night. In doing so, Williams violated his contract and never again played in the NBA.

He did attempt a comeback in 2006, but he never made it anywhere because of injuries. Williams is now working for ESPN  as a college basketball analyst and has done some work as a motivational speaker. Like many former athletes, Williams wrote an autobiography. He named his "Life Is Not An Accident: A Memoir of Reinvention." This refers to his motorcycle accident that ended his promising career, but he had to reinvent himself.

5 EDDY CURRY - 4th Overall, Chicago Bulls (2001)

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Leading up to the NBA draft in 2001, Eddy Curry was regarded as one of the best high school players in Illinois. That says a lot about his talents, considering Illinois generally has a lot of high school basketball talents. In 2001, NBA teams were allowed to draft players straight out of high school and that is precisely what the Chicago Bulls did. The Bulls made the ill-advised move of drafting Curry 4th overall in 2001, and looked to him to be their savior. It became glaringly obvious that Curry lacked the maturity to exceed at the NBA level. This proved why it was always a huge risk drafting players straight out of high school.

Curry has battled various health problems, which has plagued his career (amongst other things). He spent a decade in the league, although he played about half the time for the most of that. Curry has battled cardiac problems as well as gastroenteritis, which ended his stint with a Chinese basketball team. Curry appeared in VH1's Basketball Wives LA show, featuring his wife Patrice Curry.

4 MARCUS FIZER - 4th Overall, Chicago Bulls (2000)

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In what is a recurring trend, Marcus Fizer excelled in college but ultimately failed to have any sustained success at the highest level. Entering the 2000 NBA draft, the Chicago Bulls held the fourth overall pick. They already had a strong power forward, Elton Brand, but decided to take a chance on yet another power forward in Fizer. The Bulls made the mistake of trading Brand to the Clippers and relying on Fizer, who never panned out. He battled some injuries and only managed to appear in 289 career games.

Fizer only lasted a few years in the NBA, before he opted to head overseas. He has played for basketball leagues around the world, such as in Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Though his career hasn't exactly gone the way many had hoped, he does have a backup. Fizer has served as a minister in the past, so he always has that.

3 DION WAITERS - 4th Overall, Cleveland Cavaliers (2012)

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After having lost LeBron James to the Miami Heat, the Cleveland Cavaliers drafted Dion Waiters with their 4th overall pick. The Cavaliers drafted the diminuitive, but confrontational, player ahead of future stars such as Andre Drummond and Draymond Green. Waiters never really contributed much to the Cav's efforts, and certainly did nothing to make them look smart for drafting him. Furthermore, drafting Waiters 4th overall surprised many because he was not a starter in college and chose not to work out for any teams leading up to the draft.

Waiters was shipped out to the Oklahoma City Thunder when LeBron James returned to Cleveland in 2015. He spent a season on the bench for the Thunder, before they cut ties with him. He is now playing for the Miami Heat, where he is currently in his second season with the team.

2 JOE ALEXANDER - 8th Overall, Milwaukee Bucks (2008)

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Joe Alexander was the player selected eighth overall by the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2008 NBA Draft. Many scouting reports believed that Alexander had all the tools to become a very solid player in the NBA. Between his abilities, his work ethic, and competitive drive, there was an expectation that Alexander would have become a solid small forward for years. The reality was that Alexander managed to only play in 67 games, and averaged a mere 4.2 points per game. He turned out to be a major bust.

The 34-year-old, who was the first Taiwanese-born NBA player, has continued to bounce back and forth between Europe and the NBA D-League. Since 2014, however, he has been playing in Europe for various teams. So far this season for Maccabi, in the EuroLeague, Alexander has put up some respectable numbers.

1 HASHEEM THABEET - 2nd Overall, Memphis Grizzlies (2009)

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After a season in which the Memphis Grizzlies finished with only 24 wins, they determined they needed to gain size in order to take the next step. For this reason, they drafted Hasheem Thabeet second overall in 2009. Demonstrating why taking size over skill is ill-advised, the Grizzlies missed out on stars such as James Harden and Ricky Rubio. Thabeet struggled right out of the gates, and had difficulty earning palying time as a rookie. It says a lot when many analysts labelled the pick a bust right away, which makes his struggles fairly unsurprising.

To his credit, he refuses to give up his basketball dreams. He bounced around between a few teams, and spent quite a bit time in the NBA D-League. Thabeet is now playiing with the Yokohama B-Corsairs of a Japanese Basketball League.

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