Top 15 Swaggiest Players in NBA History

'Swaggy' can feel a little ambiguous. Sometimes called 'flash', 'style', or 'swag', certain players have always done things with a little more character or pizzazz. Playing swaggy, in its varied form, has had its fair share of opposition.

Critics complain that the post-game died when Allen Iverson was born, that drop-steps stopped dropping upon the detachment of his umbilical. Some say Stephen Curry is single-handedly, triple-pointedly ruining a generation of hoopers while castrating the cojones of the cardinal long-2. Playing swaggy is doing difficult things because you want to, maybe for onlookers, amusement, or by nature. It's ignoring the prospects of an open lay up because of the appealing turn-around, fade-away J. It's pulling up for a shot that's certain to garner the complaints of a rubicund coach because you know that once the shot drops, the complaints will follow. Somehow, out of natural talent or unique practice, a bunch of guys have been able to successfully collate on-court proficiency with their braggadocio.

While new ballers like Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry miss the cut partly because they're too good and too recent, some older swag-on-a-millions like Chris Webber, Jamaal Tinsley, and Nick Van Exel aren't ranked because I'm currently suffering from recency effects. Some current shout-outs in include: Lou Williams scores a bench unit's worth and is known for having two girlfriends), Marreese Speights ( a ridiculous shot-selection that ex-coach Doug Collins wanted to get him therapy) and Lance Stephenson (who suspiciously blew in LeBron's ear) and the two Marios – Chalmers and Hezonja (the former is clutch and got away with yelling at LeBron, and the latter is literally in the league because of the swag-potential seen in his attitude, dunks, and range).

15  15. Nick "Swaggy P" Young

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

14 JR "JR Swish" Smith

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

13 Lamar "Snowdom" Odom


12 Isaiah Thomas

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

11 Stephon "Starbury" Marbury


10 Rafer "Skip to My Lou" Alston


9 Jason Richardson


8 Antoine "Employee #8" Walker


7 Gilbert "Hibachi" Arenas


6 Manu Ginobli

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

5 Jason "White Chocolate" Williams


4 Allen "The Answer" Iverson


3 Larry Bird


2 Pistol Pete Maravich


1 Jamal Crawford

Leon Halip-USA TODAY Sports

Recency effect comes into play here, but Jamal Crawford never did drills (“I don't do drills at all”), and has played strictly street-ball professionally for 16 years and counting. A lethal scorer, J-Crawf didn’t care about defense until he turned 34: "Honestly, this is the first time in my career where if I get scored on or if I make a defensive mistake, I'm like, 'Dang.'" J-Crawf’s career may have been stifled by coaching inconsistency (17 different coaches, 6th most in NBA history), but his unpredictable buckets have earned him the most 4-point-plays in NBA history and he is the 4th player to ever score 50 for three separate teams (the other three are all in the HOF). The guy gets respect from the entire league for treating the NBA like his summer pro-ams, and at 35 he’s still full of swag.

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