The Worst Active NBA Player From Their Home State

Today I will be listing the worst active basketball player from every single state. These players are listed by their birthplace, and where they grew up. I am only ranking current NBA players, so don't be offended if a fan favorite (Ex. Kwame Brown) isn't on here. I will go in depth on every player, and use my personal opinion to decide who is the worst in each state. I try to exclude rookies, because it does not seem far to categorize them as the "worst" this early in their young careers.

The format will feature their home city, the other two considerations for the spot, and then the players stats on the year. If a state does not have a current active player, they will not be ranked. The players on this list are in no way, shape, or form bad at basketball. They are just the worst player from their birthplace.

Think about all the famous basketball players in the league. Now think about their hometowns. LeBron and Ohio, Steph Curry in Charlotte, Damian Lillard and Oakland. Everyone remembers these guys and there hometowns, but what about the lesser known players? These are the worst players from every single active state.


42 Alabama- K.J. McDaniels

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

K.J. McDaniels is a nice young shooting guard for the Brooklyn Nets that Kenny Atkinson should be able to develop and mentor for the next couple years. However, K.J. is still the worst player from the state of Alabama. K.J. has already played for three different teams in his young career. He was drafted by the the Philadelphia 76ers and played with them until the trade deadline. At the trade deadline, McDaniels was shipped to the Houston Rockets, where he spent 2 and a half years before he was traded to the disaster that is the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets might be very good for young guards like K.J.. Kenny Atkinson was known for developing guards in Atlanta (Demarre Carroll, Kent Bazemore, Tim Hardaway Jr.). It would not be crazy for K.J. McDaniels to turn into a valuable piece of the Brooklyn Net's rebuild.

41 Alaska- Mario Chalmers

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

This one is kind of a stretch, considering Mario Chalmers isn't currently on a NBA roster. Chalmers is the only player EVER that grew up in Alaska and made it to the pros. For that reason alone, Mario deserves a spot on this list. Mario had a wonderful collegiate career at the University of Kansas. After eventually landing with the Heat on draft night, Mario wanted to prove to everyone that his abilities will translate to the pros. Mario was pretty decent in his years playing for Miami, and he even won a couple rings with the team. Once he moved on to Memphis, Mario really started to shine as an NBA player. Sadly, all the success came crashing down once he tore his Achilles towards the end of a regular season game. Chalmers hasn't been signed by a team since.

40 Arizona- Alan Williams

Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona does not have many residents who currently play in the NBA. Alan Williams has a bright future in the NBA. On this list, however, Alan is not looking so bright. Alan Williams is not half-bad for the Phoenix Suns and he should be a good role player in the future for the Suns. Alan is great in the paint, and he gets to the foul line quite a lot for a bench player, showing off his aggressiveness. If Williams can develop a jump shot, he will be a superb stretch four for a rebuilding team. He provides a good injection of youth off the bench from Phoenix. After going undrafted, Alan Williams latched on with his hometown Suns, and he should remain with the team for the foreseeable future.

39 Arkansas- Archie Goodwin

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

With all the teams Archie Goodwin played on his short career, you got to feel sorry for him. Imagine having to keep trying to find apartments, moving from one 10-day contract to the next, trying to get your foot in the door on a team. It doesn't seem like a very enjoyable lifestyle. Archie is not that half-bad either, so it's confusing as to why he couldn't stick with a team until late in the season. Archie signed a multi-year deal with the Brooklyn Nets, which is funny considering Brooklyn has another Nets shooting guard on this list as well. Goodwin was pretty good for the Suns in 2015, so it was surprising to see them release Goodwin once the season started. Hopefully, Archie will grow from these experiences and become a good role player in the NBA.

38 California- Isaiah Taylor

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Be honest everyone, do any of you know who Isaiah Taylor is? I'm sure Texas Longhorn fans will chirp in, but this is relatively unknown player who is currently a bench point guard for the Houston Rockets. I must say, a TON of active NBA players are from California, so this was pretty hard to choose. Taylor did amazing things for that Texas Longhorns team, but he just doesn't get enough playing time to shine in the NBA. This is not a knock on Isaiah Taylor,but the man only played 4 games in the season, and for one of those games, he only got 48 seconds of playing time! He very well might dig himself a role as a back-up point guard in the league some day, but for right now, Taylor is the worst NBA player from California.

37 Colorado- Jason Smith

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Smith is not a bad center in the NBA. In fact, he has even carved out nice role as a backup center for a very good Wizards team. Believe it or not, not that many NBA players came from the state of Colorado. Jason Smith also had a nice role on a struggling Orlando Magic team a year ago. He also had a stint with the New Orleans Pelicans. Jason Smith has a very nice mid-range shot, and can crash the boards when he has to. Jason is extremely slow, and that causes defensive lapses sometimes. Coincidentally, that's about all he can do. Smith has had a very long and prosperous career. Jason Smith should be a fixture on the benches of teams for years to come.

36 Connecticut- Michael Gbinije

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Gbinije (#9) is a young guard/forward for the Detroit Pistons. After a pretty good career with Syracuse Gbinije took his talents to the NBA, where he was taken in the second round, with the 49th pick. Michael's playing time is very sparse on the Piston's squad, but maybe after a couple years of development Michael can build a role on the struggling team. He has an okay three-point stroke, and with his 6'7 frame, he can take it inside as well. Gbinije is a good inside and out player who can play the two and the three on the court. The Pistons could use someone Versatile like Gbinije in their line-up, as he could provide mismatches on both ends of the floor playing both the shooting guard and small forward positions.


35 Florida- Alonzo Gee

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Alonzo Gee struggles to stay on a team for a very long time. Alonzo had two different stints with the Wizards, two different stints with the Nuggets, and he played on the Spurs, Cavaliers, Trail Blazers, and Pelicans. Alonzo has only been in the league for eight years. He's had eight different stints with teams. Alonzo is not a bad player, he is just mediocre at everything. For a team looking for depth at the small forward position, Alonzo is not a very bad option. Alonzo should get rotation minutes on most teams. He is a pretty good defender and he has even had two seasons with Cleveland where he averaged double digit points! Alonzo Gee may not be bad off the bench, but he is the worst talent in Florida.

34 Georgia- Malik Beasley

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I know I said I would try to not involve rookies on this list, but Malik Beasley hardly gets any playing time, so it seemed alright to me. In the future, Malik should definitely have a significant role on a team. For right now, Beasley is just a young guard who only appeared in 22 games on the entire season. For what it's worth, Malik Beasley had a wonderful career at Florida State. His collegiate career helped lead to him being taken with the 19th pick by the Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets have two many good guards in front of Malik in order to get playing time. The Denver Nuggets have Jamal Murray and Will Barton in front of him on the pecking order, so playing time will be hard to come by.

33 Illinois- Steve Novak

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Novak (#6) has been mildly mediocre for his entire career. And when I say an "entire" career, I mean it. Novak has played on 9 different teams in 11 full seasons. The most points he has ever averaged is 9, and it came with the New York Knicks in 2011. I will say this: Steve Novak is one of the best shooting big mans in the entire league today. However, he doesn't get any playing time because of how bad he is at virtually everything else. He isn't physical enough to crash he boards, and he isn't fast enough to get back on defense either. It is for these reasons that I rank Steve Novak as the worst player out of the State of Illinois.

32 Indiana- A.J. Hammons

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

A.J. Hammons is another one of the rookies who doesn't get a whole playing time. It's a shame we didn't get to see a whole lot of A.J. in his first season. Hammons had great career for the university of Purdue. He is a big dude that can clog up the paint and grab rebounds with the best of them. A.J. only got about nine minutes a game, but he tried to make the most of that time. The pure 7-footer even flashed a silky touch, shooting 50% from three. As A.J. continues to develop aspects to his game such as his jump-shot or his athleticism, he very well might start for the Dallas Mavericks eventually, who took him with the 46th pick this past year.

31 Iowa- Nick Collision

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Collision has played for the Oklahoma City Thunder franchise for all 12 years of his long career. Is he technically a franchise player. I'm obviously joking but to stay on a team for that long, you must be doing something right. Never scoring in double digits, Collision was best coming off the bench for a young Thunder team. He could grab rebounds and score when he needed to, but what really made him stick with the team for so long is his preparation and charisma. Nick is seen as mentor for the rookies on the Thunder year after year. Nick does all these great things for a franchise without being a great player, this is kind of why he is the worst NBA player from Iowa.

30 Kansas- Ron Baker

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

A surprisingly successful rookie season with the New York Knicks almost made me want to exclude Ron from this list. After a great career with the Wichita State Shockers, Ron Baker shocked the NBA by being a halfway decent player. Baker is an excellent shooter, and he grew into a starting role for the under-preforming Knicks squad. He has great basketball I.Q., and runs the pick and roll with Kristaps very well in the infamous, "triangle offense". The most surprising part of Ron's success is the fact that he went undrafted through 60 picks. In my honest opinion, Baker had one of the better rookie seasons this year. Ron should actually be a substantial part of the Knicks uncertain future, that is, once Carmelo and Phil Jackson are out of town.

29 Kentucky- Shelvin Mack

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Shelvin Mack has been a serviceable back up point guard since he was drafted with the 34th pick out of Butler by the Washington Wizards. He now plays for the Utah Jazz, and backs up George Hill from time to time. He also backed up Jeff Teague during his time in Atlanta. Shelvin has never been a "bad" player for his entire career, but he never has done anything great so far. The only reason is ranked here, is because there are only three players from Kentucky in the NBA right now, and two of them are former all-stars. Shelvin is definitely not an all-star, but it doesn't feel right to call him the worst player of anything, considering his bench impact for teams year after year.

28 Louisiana- Brandon Bass

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Bass is an NBA veteran, who has played for many different teams. Spending his best years in Boston, he has now reunited with Doc Rivers in Los Angeles to play off the Clippers bench. Brandon had some underrated years in Orlando as well, playing in the finals next to Dwight Howard vs. the Los Angeles Lakers. Last year, Bass actually played for the Lakers, flipping locker rooms in the off season to play for the Clippers. In his prime, Bass was a pretty good scorer in the paint, who also had a valuable defensive presence. Being drafted in the second round, Bass proved some people wrong with his play. Recently, Bass has developed a jump-shot, hoping to extend his career a couple more seasons.

27 Maryland- Rodney McGruder

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Rodney McGruder has twice as many starts as Joel Embiid this season. He has been a rough, junkyard dog for the Miami Heat. After a college career at Kansas State and a struggle to finally get into the NBA, Rodney was able to sign with the Miami Heat. It took him a little while, but Rodney made it and he was ready to get started with the Miami Heat. To everyone's surprise, McGruder took Dwayne Wade's lifelong role of the Miami Heat's starting shooting guard. Those are quite the shoe's to fill and Rodney wanted to take the challenge head on. What Rodney lacks in talent, he makes up for with intensity. Rodney should be a wonderful shot of energy coming off the bench for the Heat.

26 Massachusetts- Jake Layman

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

If only Jake Layman were as good as his hair is. Jake Layman, already a fan-favorite for the Trail Blazers, is the worst player in the state of Massachusetts. Taken with the 47th pick by the Orlando Magic out of  Maryland and then traded to the Trail Blazers, Jake Layman has already gone through the motions as an NBA player. Jake was a superb scorer for a very good Maryland team. If his sparse minutes in the NBA show us anything, Layman is a good scorer in the NBA as well. Layman is a 6'9 small forward who can shoot the three. That is one of the best features Layman has to offer, his height. He can make a very versatile stretch 4 on the Trail Blazers for years to come.

25 Michigan- James Young

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

James Young is still very young (not a pun). He barley gets any playing time, which is why I have him as the worst player from Michigan. He can play both the guard and forward positions, making him valuable to someone like the Celtics. The Celtics have Jae Crowder and Jaylen Brown currently on the roster, making it near impossible for James Young to see the floor unless one of those guys were to get hurt. James Young is also just not that great at basketball. He's not great at shooting, passing, and rebounding. James is a above-average defender and can guard multiple, but that is about it. One day, James Young won't be the worst player from Michigan, at least Celtics fans sure hope not.

24 Minnesota- Alan Anderson

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Alan Anderson has enjoyed a long career considering he's not too great at basketball. He's already 34, and has played pro basketball since 2005. Alan has avergaged double digit points once in his career, in arguably his best season, for the Raptors in 2012. Alan had some nice games for the Brooklyn Nets when they were in the playoffs too. Anderson's three point shot has more or less decreased every year since 2011. He even played in Europe towards the beginning of his career for about FOUR seasons before returning to the NBA with the Toronto Raptors . This season, Alan played the reserve role next to Paul Pierce for the Los Angeles Clippers. Considering he should be retiring soon, Alan Anderson is the worst player from the state of Minnesota.

23 Mississippi- Johnny O'Bryant

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Johnny O'Bryant has bounced around from a couple teams as a speedy power forward since he was drafted in 2014. Originally drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks out of Louisiana State University, you can see why O'Bryant was picked up. He has great speed and size for a four, he even played some small forward once he got in the league. Never really being able to shoot the three, in order to maximize his role in the NBA, he will have to develop a jumper from behind the arc. After the Bucks cut ties with Johnny, he went to the Denver Nuggets on a ten-day contract. Then he went to the Hornets and later signed with the time on a year-long deal. Johnny is easily the worst player in Mississippi,

22 Missouri- Brandon Rush

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Rush is a real professional, which is part of the reason why he has been in the league for so long. Brandon is already 31, and he also has a championship ring under his belt. Brandon has always been a pretty good shooter at the small forward position. His best years easily came while he played for the Indiana Pacers from 2008-2011. This off season, Brandon Rush signed with the youthful Minnesota Timberwolves to be a mentor for young players such as Zach Lavine and Andrew Wiggins. He knows what good teams look like, he played on the record breaking Golden Sate Warriors squad that won a chamionship and made it to the finals back to back seasons. Brandon Rush will help shape the Minnesota Timberwolves locker room into a championship caliber team.

21 Nevada- C.J. Watson

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

C.J. Watson is a 33 year old point guard who plays for the Orlando Magic. He also is the worst NBA player from the state of Nevada. C.J. has enjoyed a long career, even if he was never the best player on the court. C.J. actually served as the back-up for the Orlando Magic team for most of the year. He has always been a pretty good pull up jump shooter, and the point guard position really helps show off that skill. C.J. began his career with the Golden State Warriors, and then moved on to Chicago, and then Brooklyn, and then Indiana, and finally to Orlando. He does some good things for Orlando, but that doesn't stop the old point guard from being Nevada's worst current player in the league.

20 New Hampshire- Matt Bonner

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, I know Matt Bonner retired during the off season this year. I put him on the list because he is the Red Mamba, and he deserves a spot. Matt Bonner, the longtime back up power forward and ultimate professional player for the Raptors and Spurs, has won two rings in his time with the Spurs. In Bonner's 10 years with the San Antonio Spurs, he was no doubt a fan favorite. One of the best shooting big mans in the league during his tenure, Bonner provided valuable bench scoring during numerous playoff and NBA finals appearances. Backing up a hall of fame power forward like Tim Duncan is not for everyone, but Matt Bonner was up for the challenge and he did extremely well.

19 New Jersey- Rakeem Christmas

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Rakeem Christmas is a project for the Indiana Pacers, and they knew that when he was drafted with the 36th overall pick in 2015 by Larry Bird and company. He has only played in 30 games in two seasons for crying out loud. In those 30 games, he only gets around 8 minutes per game. Rakeem gave a nice rim presence at Syracuse and will hopefully bring it to the NBA one day. For right now, Rakeem doesn't get enough playing time to show how good of a player he is. Because of that, we don't really know what to make of Christmas, or if his talents will even translate to the pros. Rakeem will be the worst player in the state of New Jersey until he can get some consistent playing time and he can perform.

18 New Mexico- Andre Roberson

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Fun Fact: Andre Roberson is the only active player that is from the state of New Mexico. By default, Roberson has to be on this list. In my opinion, I think Andre is one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA. He should definitely be on a All-Defensive first team once NBA awards roll around in about a month. Roberson is the starting small forward for the Thunder, and he has been starting for the Thunder for about two years. He is not too great on offense and he can't shoot at all, but the defense makes up for it. If Roberson can develop a jump-shot, he will be a very good NBA player. So yes, Andre Roberson is the worst player in New Mexico, but he is also the best player in New Mexico.

17 New York- Ryan Kelly

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Former Duke Blue Devil Ryan Kelly (Pictured Left) is the worst basketball player from the big apple. He currently plays for the Atlanta Hawks in a reserve role, and he doesn't get very minutes. Kelly has a nice three ball, and he is an all around good scorer, as seen by his years in Los Angeles playing for the Lakers. After being taken with the 48th pick in 2013, Ryan played pretty well for the Lakers that year. After joining the Hawks in free agency, Kelly has a much smaller role. He still is not very good on defense and he isn't the strongest finisher either. Kelly is a very solid player for a bench to have in the NBA. Sadly, he still is the worst player in New York.

16 North Carolina- Montrezl Harrell

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Montrezl Harrell, the 6'8 forward out of Louisville is the worst player from North Carolina. Currently, he is a pretty good bench player for an over achieving Houston Rockets squad. Taken with the 32nd pick, Harrell will probably be a steal in the future looking back on the 2015 NBA draft. Appearing in 58 games and making 14 starts, Harrell is actually a very good player. He would not normally be ranked on a list like this, it's just that not many people grew up in North Carolina and went on to the NBA. Montrezl is a real gritty player who is great in the paint and has a nice post presence on a team that needs a lot of interior defense. Montrezl should be a fixture on the Rockets for the near future.

15 North Dakota- Doug McDermott

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Doug McDermott is the only active NBA player from North Dakota, so by default, he is included on the list. McDermott really started to come on strong for the Bulls recently, until he was shipped to Oklahoma City along with teammate Taj Gibson, to play with Russell Westbrook and the Thunder. Doug's game has developed early in his years with Chicago, and it was surprising to see him traded. "Doug McBuckets" is a great scorer coming off the bench, and he has been a great shooter since college. Creighton University is actually where that nickname came from, and his college success led to him being taken 11th in 2014 by the Chicago Bulls. McDermott should continue to be a threat off the bench for the years to come.

14 Ohio- Luke Babbitt

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Luke Babbit, the small forward for the Miami Heat, is not very good at basketball in the NBA. Formerly of the New Orleans Pelicans, Babbit can really only do one thing: shoot the basketball into the net. You can't ask him to pass. You can't ask him to rebound. You can't ask him to defend. You can only ask him to shoot. He is actually a very good shooter, but he doesn't score very much, his career average only being 4.7 points per game. After playing pretty good at the University of Nevada, Babbitt was taken with the 16th overall pick. Looking back, that was definitely a mistake for the Portland Trail Blazers. Luke Babbitt may be a good shooter, but he is the worst NBA player from Ohio.

13 Oklahoma- Josh Richardson

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

You want to know the two current players from Oklahoma? Josh Richardson and Blake Griffin. Josh Richardson is by no means a bad basketball player, in fact, he's pretty dang good at the sport of basketball. When it comes to the state, however, Richardson is the worst in the state. Being a big piece of the Miami Heat's future, the combo guard can do pretty much anything asked of him on the court. He shot pretty well in his first two seasons, and he has nice athleticism for a smaller player in this league. Josh is a big reason for Miami tearing up the league once 2017 hit. It is a shame they couldn't make it into the NBA playoffs. Who wouldn't want to see that?

12 Oregon- Kyle Singler

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

How is Kyle Singler still in the NBA? When Singler was taken with the 33rd pick in the 2011 draft, he was actually pretty good. By the time Singler makes it to the Oklahoma City Thunder, he couldn't do anything on the court. For some reason, the Thunder RE-SIGNED Singler to a multi-year contract worth quite a bit of money for your last bench player. Kyle Singler shot 18% from three this year. 18%. The weird thing about it is, Singler was a pretty good player for Detroit, even in his rookie season. What changed once he put on that Thunder uniform? He was a good shooter before he switched teams. I don't think I've seen a trade that has hurt a player more than Kyle Singler. He is definitely the worst player from Oregon.

11 Pennsylvania- Lavoy Allen

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Lavoy Allen has been a serviceable back-up power forward since he entered the league in 2011. He does everything you want out of back-up power forward, and he is a plus on both sides of the court. Lavoy was taken with the 50th overall pick in the 2011 draft by the Philadelphia 76ers. He started in 15 games his rookie season, and continued to play with the team the next two and a half years before being sent to the 1-seed Indiana Pacers at the trade deadline. Lavoy backed up David West for the rest of the season, and he played pretty well for the Pacers. He has played with them for the last three seasons. Throughout all this, Lavoy is still the worst player to come from Pennsylvania.

10 South Carolina- Brice Johnson

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Brice Johnson took the world by storm during his time at North Carolina, and he wants to do the same in the NBA. Throughout his first season, he scored a TOTAL of nine points. The 22-year old power forward wants to have a much bigger role and impact this year for the Clippers. He knows he has to back-up Blake Griffin, which is a pretty daunting task. Under Doc Rivers, and playing with guys like Chris Paul, Brice Johnson should develop into something special in Los Angeles. Brice Johnson grew up in South Carolina and then he ventured to North Carolina for college, and he played exceedingly well. With that being said, Brice Johnson is the worst player from South Carolina just due to the sheer fact he played 9 minutes on the season.

9 South Dakota- Mike Miller

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Miller has multiple championship rings and years upon years of NBA experience, but he isn't the same sharpshooter he was for those Memphis and Orlando ball clubs. Mike Miller has tons of accolades, including a Rookie of the Year award, Sixth Man of the Year award, and two NBA championships. Mike can help mentor the young guards and forwards on the Denver Nuggets. As of right now, Miller is more of a coach than an NBA player. He only appeared in 20 games and averaged seven minutes per each game. He is the worst current NBA player from South Dakota right now, I am sure at one point he was the best current NBA player from South Dakota.

8 Tennessee- John Jenkins

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

John Jenkins, the first round bust by the Atlanta Hawks in 2012, is the worst player from Tennessee. Jenkins, the 23rd pick in 2012, had an illustrious career at the University of Vanderbilt. His talent did not translate to the NBA. Jenkins shots just refused to fall and he struggled mightily in his stint with the Atlanta Hawks. After being released by Atlanta, Jenkins signed with the Dallas Mavericks, who waived him just 21 games into his contract. He then moved onto Phoenix, where he wasn't awful in his first year as a Sun. This year, Jenkins played a total of 13 minutes, where he only scored 7 points. John Jenkins is easily the worst player in the State of Tennessee after all of his struggles in the NBA.

7 Texas- Josh Huestis

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

First off, I must say that there are a whole bunch of players in the NBA who came from Texas. This one was hard to pick the worst, but I believe Josh Huestis is the worst NBA player out of Texas. Josh was taken with the number 29th pick in 2014 by the Oklahoma City Thunder, but he didn't make his NBA debut until March 24th, 2016. Josh has played in seven games during his two-year NBA career, and he hasn't played too great either. Josh shot the three ball very well in those 7 games. Josh is a pretty good defender for a 6'7 defender, and he is not a bad shooter either. Josh can be a good player in the NBA one day, once he gets his opportunity.

6 Utah- C.J. Wilcox

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

C.J. is the second Orlando Magic member on this list, and guess what, they are both named C.J.. Wilcox was traded to the Magic from the Clippers at the beginning of the year, and he struggled to get playing time with the Magic. In the 22 games Wilcox appeared in as a member of the Magic, he couldn't make any shot he took. Wilcox was taken with the 28th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft by the Los Angeles Clippers, it is fair to say Wilcox was not worth that 1st round pick. Clippers played in 44 games for the Clippers, and he shot pretty good from the perimeter during his tenure in Los Angeles. C.J. is the worst player from Utah, and he is the second C.J. on this list.

5 Virginia- James Michael-McAdoo

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

James Michael-McAdoo has a championship ring. He can't be that bad right? After a career at North Carolina, James Michael-McAdoo went undrafted in 2014. That off season, McAdoo signed with the Golden State Warriors. In James's 108 games with the Warriors, he has averaged three points a game. He is actually a pretty good power forward for depth purposes, in case an injury to one of the Warrior bigs. He is pretty quick for a power forward, fitting the Warriors's "run and gun" system they have in place. Out of all the players in Virginia, James is an easy pick just due to how little playing time he gets. Considering McAdoo is only 24, I can see him making his way into an NBA rotation at some point in his career.

4 Washington- Joe Harris

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Harris was the 33rd overall pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014. In 56 games with the team, Harris was very underwhelming with his scoring and passing abilities. At the end of his second season with the Cavs, Joe was released. In the off season, Joe signed with a struggling Brooklyn Nets team where he knew he would get playing time as a shooting guard. Harris started in 11 games and scored an average of eight points per game with the Nets squad, playing the best basketball of his career. Joe's season was cut short due to a shoulder injury, but it was still his best season. If that is considered his best season, you can see why he is the worst player from Washington.

3 West Virginia- Deron Williams

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Deron Williams has had quite the career as a point guard for the Utah Jazz, Brooklyn Nets, Dallas Mavericks, and Cleveland Cavaliers. Deron is nearing the end now, but that doesn't take away the great seasons he had in Utah and Brooklyn. Williams made three all-star games and two all-NBA teams as members of these two teams. You all are probably wondering, "why the heck is he on this list?". Deron is the only active player from the state of West Virginia. Currently, Deron Williams is the back-up point guard for the Champion Cleveland Cavaliers. Deron backs up Kyrie Irving in the hopes of finally securing that elusive first ring. I would never rank Deron Williams on this list if it wasn't for the fact he is the only NBA player from West Virginia. Sorry, Deron.

2 Wisconsin- Diamond Stone

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

With a name like Diamond Stone, you better turn out to be an all-star in the league. Instead, Diamond is the worst player from the state of Wisconsin. Diamond was drafted with the 40th overall pick in 2016 by the New Orleans Pelicans. He was later traded to the Los Angeles Clippers on draft night. Diamond has appeared in 7 games for the Clippers, and scored a total of 10 points. Diamond had a nice career for the University of Maryland, showing off his abilities as a post scorer. He is only 20 years of age, so he still has a lot of time to grow as a center in the league. Diamond is the worst player in Wisconsin because he doesn't get a whole lot of playing time.

1 Wyoming- James Johnson

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

James Johnson should be the Sixth Man of the Year in a couple of weeks when NBA awards are announced by Adam Silver. He has done absolutely everything for the Miami Heat coming off the bench. James Johnson is one of the biggest reasons the Heat have played so well since the month of January. Johnson's defense and grittiness is unmatched by any players in the league. He has improved his three point stroke since his days in Toronto and now he is a force to be reckoned with behind the line. In Toronto, James Johnson was an okay player. Once he signed with Miami, he became a great player. James is the worst player in Wyoming, considering he is one of the only active players from Wyoming.


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