These 15 NBA Players Could NOT Stop Making Babies

It seems as if NBA players have it all in their lives. They have a ton of potential and athleticism, more money than they know what to do with and much more. One thing that many of them also have is a lot of children. While every NBA player doesn’t have a ton of kids, many do. Some of these men have had their children with one woman, while many others have had many women mother all their children.

These men in the latter category should have known better. While one or two children happens from time to time, these guys should have learned to use protection after so many children. While very few of these guys were true deadbeat dads (in fact, many pay tens of thousands of dollars a month in child support or are actively in their child’s lives), some are, which is to be expected as some of these guys had other issues.

Either way, there is no doubting that these 15 NBA players didn’t know when to say no to the ladies, as evidenced by the well over 50 children between them all!

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15 Juwan Howard - 6 Children

via OregonLive.com

After a solid NBA career that spanned many years, Howard retired from the league and finally got to spend some quality time with his family. However, this time away from the game won’t be full of beaches and relaxing like many NBA players and their families. This is because Juwan Howard is a father to six different children. While he is not playing in the NBA anymore, he still does some coaching as a member of the Miami Heat. In addition to being a parent and coach, he also is a philanthropist and helps out his alma mater (the University of Michigan) and underprivileged children. He is a great example of how having a lot of children with more than woman doesn’t make you a bad guy or a guy who doesn’t have his life together, as he is doing pretty well for himself.

14 Jason Caffey - 10 Children

via cavemancircus.com

Back in the day, Caffey was an instrumental part of the Chicago Bulls and helped them to win two straight NBA championships. He also signed for millions and millions of dollars after those wins and went on to play for many more years. So while that all seems well and good, that is not even close to why most people know who Jason Caffey is. Most people know Caffey because he had a whopping 10 children with many different women and filed bankruptcy after not paying child support to his baby mommas. He also had a ton of different personal problems off the court, including an assault charge in 2003. While he had a promising career, his personal problems and love for not using protection were his downfall.

13 Scottie Pippen - 8 Children

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Scottie Pippen had the rare and fortunate role of being Michael Jordan’s right-hand man. As a result, he has a ton of different accolades and championships under his belt. In addition to being one of the best defensive players in history, he was a seven-time All-Star and won six NBA championships throughout his near-20 years in the NBA. So while he was a very busy guy on the NBA court over his career, his life off the court was even crazier. In fact, he has seven different children with four different women over his life. There is no doubt that he is paying an arm and a leg in child support every month, thankfully, there is a good chance he can afford it. Even still, you thought that a guy would have learned after the fifth kid or so that maybe he should be a little safer.

12 Shawn Bradley - 6 Children

via rsoutreach.blogspot.com

While he was often ridiculed on the court as being on the wrong end of a lot of big slam dunks, Shawn Bradley actually had a pretty successful NBA career that spanned more than 10 years. He was one of the best shot blockers in NBA history and scored his fair share of points too. He is a public Mormon, and they are sort of known for having a lot of children, with Bradley being no different. In total, Shawn Bradley has six different children and not only that, but all of their names begin with the letter “C’. Now that he is retired from the NBA, he has much more time to spend with these children and the rest of his family. You don’t hear too much about him anymore, but it is good to see he is doing well!

11 LeBron James - 3 Children

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Even for those who don’t know much about the world of sports, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t know who LeBron James is. He is arguably the best player in the history of the NBA and when he retires, we will be glad we got to see him play. Also, when he retires, he will finally get some time to spend with his three children. So with all of his hard work, endorsements and a crazy schedule, LeBron still has time to have a pretty good family life. He posts about his children on social media a lot, and by all accounts, he is a great father and with the kind of money he has made throughout his career, his children will be set for life about a dozen times over.

10 Willie Anderson - 9 Children

via rant sports.com

This will be the first of two Andersons you will learn about on this list. Wille Anderson was small forward that played for a few different NBA teams, most notably with the San Antonio Spurs from 1988 to 1995. While his career on the court was fairly average, his life off of the court most definitely was not. As a result, that "off the court" lifestyle of his is why most people know him. He was known as quite a player (and not the "NBA player" kind), and there is good evidence to support that it was the case. This is because Anderson knocked up seven different women and had a grand total of nine kids (that we know about) throughout his life. To be able to do that while traveling around as a member of an NBA team must not have been an easy task.

9 Larry Johnson - 5 Children

via nypost.com

Larry Johnson was a two-time All-Star and won the 1992 Rookie of the Year. He had great career averages and played in the NBA for a decade. So while he had a good career on the court, his career when it comes to parenting is a little bit less than stellar. In total, Larry Johnson had five children with four different women throughout his career and life, which is not a great statistic. So that is bad enough, but apparently, Johnson was also in mountains of debt during his life. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed child support payments, which caused him to declare bankruptcy. So while he was a great player on the court he might not have been that great of a guy off of it, at least when it came to his children.

8 Kenny Anderson - 8 Children

via nydailynews.com

With a 14-year NBA career, Kenny Anderson had quite the run on the court. He is a former All-Star and played more many different teams in his career. While his career on the court was solid, his life was a bit of a crazy mess off of it. This is especially true when it comes to his relationships and children. In total, Anderson has eight different children with five different women, which is a pretty insane number. As you could imagine, this could be very expensive, as raising that amount of children is not cheap in the slightest. In fact, despite earning well over $60 million throughout his NBA career, he filed for bankruptcy in 2005. This was, of course, largely because of the fact he has so many different children with so many different women.

7 Dwight Howard - 4 Children

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard is one of the few people on this list who is still active with the NBA today, as he is a center for the Charlotte Hornets. In fact, he is still playing at a high level on the court and is a starter in the league. However, just because he has a busy schedule on the road for an NBA team, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t still find time for the ladies. Throughout his career, he has had plenty of time for them. Currently, Dwight Howard has four different children from multiple women. There are also rumors swirling that the four are just the ones that he admitted to, and that he has many other children out there. In addition to this, Howard has also had problems with teammates, coaches and general managers, so it seems he is a guy who cannot avoid off-court drama.

6 Danny Ainge - 6 Children

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

After more than a decade as an NBA player, Ainge is now the current General Manager for the Boston Celtics, and is one of the most well-known GMs in the league. However, during his NBA career, he did much more than score points on the court. In fact, he was busy somewhere else other than the basketball court as well, and that was the bedroom. In total, Ainge has six children with his wife. Many of his children have gone on to follow in their father's athletic footsteps and Austin Ainge even works alongside his dad as the director of player personnel for the Boston Celtics. Once again, he is a shining example of the fact that having a lot of children in the NBA doesn’t mean you are a bad person in the least.

5 Shaquille O’Neal - 5 Children

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Any conversation about the best big man in NBA history isn’t complete without mentioning Shaquille O’Neal’s name. He has done it all on the court, from winning titles to MVPs and everything in between. And off the court, he was no slouch either. O’Neal has five children and with their dads’ genes inside of them, we wouldn’t be shocked to see a few of them in the NBA in a couple of years. He is one of the better fathers on this list as he has remained in the lives of his children and hasn’t been in the news too much for any wrongdoings, which can’t seem to be said for a couple of the fathers on this list. Shaq had remained in NBA circles for years after retiring and he is one of those guys that they are proud to have in their corner.

4 Royce White - 4 Children

via Dave Chidley/Toronto Star

Royce White is a very interesting character during his time in the spotlight. After being highly touted ahead of his NBA career, he currently plays in a professional league in Canada. White has not been quiet about his struggles with mental illness and has become an advocate for it, and he expressed concerns about the lack of a mental health policy in the NBA. He seems to be an okay guy, but when you look at his relationships and what they have created, some of his decisions weren’t so good. Despite only being 26 years old, White reportedly has four different children with four different women. There are also rumors that he tried to get them all to have abortions and hasn’t shown much interest in raising the children himself.

3 Scott Skiles - 6 Children

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

While Skiles is currently isn’t coaching anymore in the NBA and hasn’t in a few seasons, he was the coach of a number of different NBA teams through his coaching tenure including the Orlando Magic, Indiana Pacers, and the Philadelphia 76ers. But what you might not have known is that he was actually a player in the NBA at one time too. He was a point guard for a variety of different teams (including the Magic, who he went on to later coach) and actually holds the NBA record for most assists in a game with a whopping 30! Another thing you likely didn’t know about Skiles is the fact that he has an unbelievable six children. How he was able to be a head coach and NBA player for years while also having six kids is pretty incredible.

2 Shawn Kemp - 7 Children

via pinterest.com

Shawn Kemp made quite a name for himself on the basketball court for a few different teams, most notably the Seattle SuperSonics. He was an incredibly passionate player and known for his absolutely ferocious dunks and love for the game. He was a six-time All-Star and made the All NBA second team a couple of times too. While he is long retired, his legacy in the NBA lives on to this day. One part of his legacy that no one will ever forget is his love for the ladies and apparently not using protection throughout his career. Kemp is the father to at least seven children from six different women, and there are rumors that the number could be much higher. In addition to that, his life has been full of various problems with drugs, which has led to numerous arrests for possession.

1 Calvin Murphy - 14 Children

via pinterest.com

In a league that has a number of guys with a lot of children, one guy has to have the most. That distinction goes to none other than Calvin Murphy, former point guard in the NBA. Even after retiring, he continued to work with the NBA as a broadcaster and host. He fathered an almost unbelievable 14 children with nine different women throughout his life, which is a stat you almost don’t want to believe. While he is definitely known for this astonishing feat of having more than a dozen children, he actually had quite the NBA career as well, and found a lot of success. He played for the Houston Rockets for 13 years and not only had his number retired by them, but is also the shortest player in the Hall of Fame at 5’9".

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