Top 10 Loyal NBA Husbands And 10 Major Playboys

You’re young. You’re a multimillionaire. Most nights you’re on TV playing basketball which you are really good at. And women all over the country literally throw themselves at you. Can you honestly say you wouldn’t take advantage of the situation and be a playboy? Throughout NBA history the top stars have been notorious for what they get up to away from the court. Legend has it that the great Wilt Chamberlain slept with 10,000 women. During the '80s Magic Johnson was known to have slept with between 300 and 500 women every year. Shawn Kemp famously fathered 11 children with 9 different women!

Of course back in the day it was easier to keep these things behind closed doors. In the current digital age of Twitter and gossip columns, the lives of NBA superstars are played out in public. Thanks to the various members of the Kardashian family penchant for hooking up with basketball players, there is a never-ending rumor-mill of who is dating who, and who is divorcing who.

Some try as hard as they can to keep their personal lives private, while other’s embrace their playboy reputations. Then there are of course those that shun all the opportunities to sleep with groupies (and Kardashians), and remain faithful to their spouse. Here are the Top Ten Loyal Husbands and the Top Ten Playboys currently playing in the NBA.

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20 Loyal Husband - Russell Westbrook

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Russell Westbrook just finished one of the most historic seasons in NBA history breaking Oscar Robertson’s 55-year-old record for triple doubles in a season. Westbrook has won fans over the country for his ferocious intensity he brings to every game. His personality away from the court, however, is much more grounded.

Unlike his former teammate Kevin Durant, Westbrook clearly values loyalty both in who he plays for, and who he spends his life with.

Westbrook met his wife Nina Earl in college. They both played basketball for the UCLA Bruins, and have been together ever since. Their wedding in Beverly Hills was a relatively low-key affair, although judging by the photo booth photos that surfaced online, Russ and his teammates had a good time.

It definitely appears Westbrook is in the long haul with his college sweetheart, and the two announced they are expecting their first child in January.

19 Playboy - JR Smith

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JR Smith demonstrated at the Cavaliers 2016 Championship celebration, and at Game 7 of the Indians-Cubs World Series, that he’s not a necessarily a huge fan of keeping his shirt on. No-one has accused Smith of being too shy, particularly after an incident in 2013 while playing for the Knicks that a girl screenshotted a direct message from JR asking her, “You trying to get the pipe?” The screenshot is still twitter legend to this day. You can even buy t-shirts of it.

And Smith’s blunt, straightforward strategy with women has certainly earned him some success. He had a rocky relationship with R’n’B singer K. Michelle. He tweeted a hotel room photo of cover model Tahiry Jose’s Derrière wearing just a thong in 2012. He even dated Rihanna for a while.

Smith has settled down now though, married to Jewel Harris, and has three daughters, the last of whom, Dakota, was born prematurely in January weighing only one pound, and continues to make a miraculous recovery. But his past makes him one of the NBA’s most high profile playboys.

18 Loyal Husband - Dirk Nowitzki

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When Dirk Nowitzski proposed to Jessica Olsson, she made him go through a tradition from her native Kenya. Dirk was presented with six girls completely covered from head to toe, and Dirk had to identify his wife. Luckily for Dirk he correctly picked out Jessica.

Jessica Olsson was born in Kenya and raised in Sweden, with her twin brothers who play professional soccer in England. The two married in Dallas in 2012, and had ceremonies in Germany and Kenya. Being the greatest foreign-born basketball player the NBA has ever seen, Dirk has become a beloved figure in the Dallas community. But Dirk and Jessica want their two children to know more than DFW, and be aware of their roots, so they make trips to Germany and Kenya in the off-season every year.

17 Playboy - Tony Parker

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When your wife is featured regularly on lists of the Most Beautiful Women in the World, you’d think you’d do all you can to make sure she sticks around. Not San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker (Pictured Middle). A couple years into their marriage, Eva Longoria came across hundreds of text messages in Parker’s phone from another woman. Even worse, the woman in question was Erin Barry, the then-wife of Parker’s teammate Brent Barry.

During divorce proceedings Longoria revealed that Parker’s infidelity involved many more woman than just his teammates. After the divorce Parker didn’t wait around either, as he was seen dating French journalist Axelle Francine soon after the divorce was finalized. The two have subsequently married with two children, and it appears Parker has put his playboy days behind him.

16 Loyal Husband - Al Horford

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When you’re married to officially the most beautiful woman in the Universe you would be a pretty stupid man to be a playboy. Technically, Amelia Vega was only the most beautiful woman alive in 2003, becoming the first Dominican to win the 2003 Miss Universe contest. Still, you have to admit Al Horford has done well for himself.

Horford showed just how much his family meant to him in November 2016 when Horford announced 8 hours before a game against the Heat that he would miss the game so he could be with his wife, who was in labor delivering the couple’s 2nd child. Some commentators took exception to Horford’s decision. Boston-based sports radio personality Michael Felger said, “If the mother or the child or something happened where there were complications, then I totally understand. But if it’s just a generic birth? Play the game. Play the game.” But Horford chose to be with his wife, proving that he’ll always out family head of his career. Good dude.

15 Playboy - Dwyane Wade

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A little over a decade ago Dwyane Wade appeared to be the model MVP of the league both on, and off, the court. After climbing out of tough life in Chicago, Wade had risen to being an NBA Champion, one of the league’s elite superstars, and married to his high school sweetheart Siohvaughn Funches. Then in 2007 Wade filed for divorce, Funches citing unfaithfulness as one of the main reasons for the breakdown of their marriage (Funches claimed she knew Wade was cheating on her when she contracted an STD from him).

According to Funches, Wade told her that he need to “Sow his wild oats.” And sow he did, before settling down with Gabrielle Union. However, it was within days of the engagement that it was revealed that Wade had secretly fathered a baby with another woman.

Wade and Union have overcome any issues, and Wade appears to have calmed down and be in a healthy marriage, and put his past mistakes behind him. To atone for his past Wade is involved in multiple philanthropic community-based organizations that help promote education, and help children in difficult situations.

14 Loyal Husband - Steph Curry

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It’s hard to find a more perfect couple than Steph and Ayesha Curry. They may even be a little too perfect for some. The media has been obsessed with the couple since the Warriors started winning, and their relationship couldn’t appear to be more genuine. They met at a church in Charlotte as teenagers and married in 2011.

Ayesha is a celebrity in her own right with her own cooking show on Food Network “Ayesha’s Homemade” where Steph makes regular cameos. The couple are well-known for posting in-jokes to each other through Instagram.

When Steph won his MVP for the 2015-16 he dedicated a large portion of his 40-minute speech with a heartfelt thank you to his wife. “You’re my backbone, you allowed me to do what I do, to focus on basketball and my career, and still have a family.”

13 Playboy - Joel Embiid

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Joel Embiid (Pictured Left) is perhaps more of a wannabe playboy, than an actual playboy. During the 2017 All-Star voting the 76ers center conducted a nationwide Twitter movement to get people to vote for him, because that was the only way he could get Rihanna to agree to go on a date with him. “I was trying to get this famous girl and she said ‘Come back when you’re a All Star’ bruhh.” The closest he got was a Follow from the singer.

While publicly courting Rihanna, Embiid made it clear he was open to other offers. After Canadian model Danielle Knudson attended a Sixers game, Embiid tweeted “Danielle is the real MVP.” And in January Embiid said on The Ringer’s NBA show that he would like to be a contestant on The Bachelor, “Just to slide into their DMs.”

By February it seemed that Embiid had finally got a girl, when Olivia Pearson, former girlfriend of Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis, and star of the E! show ‘Wags,’ posted a Valentine’s Day message with an intimate photo of the two of them. However, Embiid was quick to shoot down the rumor by posting a screenshot of the photo with the words #FakeNews written over the image.

12 Loyal Husband - LeBron James

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Every King needs his Queen. And LeBron met his in high school when he was only 16. While LeBron was making waves across the nation as a high school sensation, his girlfriend Savannah Brinson fell pregnant with the couple’s first child, LeBron Jr., during their senior year. Luckily for them, they wouldn’t have to worry about how to financially support the child as LeBron went straight into the NBA with the Cavs. The couple had two more children, Bryan and Zhuri. Forging one of the most awesome careers in NBA history meant it took a while for the couple to actually get round to tying the knot which they eventually did in 2013 in a ceremony in San Diego.

The tabloid newspapers have often been full of rumors of LeBron cheating on Savannah. To be fair when you are a global icon, thrown straight to the top of the NBA at such a young age, you are going to come across temptations. But it is a credit to LeBron and Savannah, that whatever struggles they have had, they have been mature enough to realize that every marriage requires work. They are both great role-models, and their story has been an inspiration for all young Americans.

11 Playboy - Nick Young

via cassyathena.com

Nick Young (Pictured Left) has struggled for minutes with the LA Lakers over the past few years, but he has not been struggling for women away from the game. Nick Young was engaged to the Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, a much-publicized relationship which was born on Twitter in 2013. Iggy broke things off with Young when she found security footage of Young bringing women home.

One of those ladies was Young’s ex-girlfriend Keonna Green. Nick and Keonna already had a child, Nick Jr., four years previously, and shortly after Nick’s engagement to Azalea was called off it was announced that Green was 22 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. Young certainly isn’t planning on committing with Green anytime soon, and has been seen in Beverly Hills with a number of women since.

10 Loyal Husband - Kyle Lowry

via thestar.com

Kyle Lowry has been embraced by the city of Toronto, where the Raptors are enjoying arguably the greatest period in their franchise’s history, being a genuine real threat to LeBron and the Cavs dominance in the East.

Lowry met his wife Ayahna Cornish at Cardinal Dougherty High School. They the stars of the school’s basketball program, where Ayahna set a school record 1,782 points during her career. The two managed to keep their relationship together despite going to separate colleges, Kyle to Villanova, Ayahna to St. Joseph’s, and married shortly after graduation. Now the couple live in Toronto where they run the LowryLove Foundation, which focuses on the underprivileged in Philly and Toronto.

Ayahna gave birth to their son Karter in 2011. With those amazing basketball genes, the kid certainly has potential.

9 Playboy - James Harden

via newsok.com

It appears women just can’t resist the unwieldy beard of James Harden. You don’t have to look hard on the internet to find photos of James Harden partying with groupies. The Beard has also been featured regularly on the pages of TMZ, after a relationships with Amber Rose, and then Khloe Kardashian.

Basketball players don’t seem to have much luck when they become involved with Kardashians, if you look at the examples of Kris Humphries and Khloe’s former husband Lamar Odom. So it’s just as well Harden never seemed likely to commit. Despite Khloe apparently being desperate for Harden to take their relationship seriously, Harden wasn’t willing to give up his playboy ways. Harden has reportedly spent thousands of dollars on high class escorts. Eventually Khloe gave up trying to tame Harden, and moved onto to Cavs center Tristan Thompson.

8 Loyal Husband - Paul Pierce

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The 2006-07 was a miserable season for Paul Pierce and the Celtics. The finished the year with the worst year in franchise history with only 17 wins. They then saw their potential no.1 draft pick slide to the fifth pick, and Pierce started preparing to be traded.

Pierce credits the support of his then-girlfriend, now wife Julie Landrum, who helped him get through this period. They started dating after the 2006 All-Star game in Houston and quickly formed a strong bond. “She really helped me through that year in 2007, provided me the support when I was down a lot. She’s an amazing woman,” Pierce said.

Of course the Celtics didn’t trade Pierce, and traded their fifth pick for Ray Allen, along with acquiring Kevin Garnett, and in 2008 Pierce had an NBA ring.

Pierce married Landrum in 2010, have been inseparable ever since, and they have three children together.

7 Playboy - Klay Thompson

via latimes.com

Young basketball stars are given so much money at such a young age, it’s not a big surprise so many make questionable decisions, particularly when it comes to women when so many groupies are flinging themselves at you. Steph Curry is an example of someone who ignored all the temptations off the court and stayed faithful to his teenage sweetheart. The same cannot be said of his teammate Klay Thompson.

While Steph probably celebrated the Warriors 2015 Championship with his wife and kids, Thompson was in Vegas, with girls grinding up on him. Like many a basketball player before him he reportedly was linked with Kourtney Kardashian. He also dated model Hannah Stocking who apparently finished things after catching Klay cheating on her. What Klay actually gets up to is unknown, but the evidence is there that Thompson is a playboy.

6 Loyal Husband - Manu Ginobili

via sanantoniomag.com

Unlike his Spurs teammate Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili (Pictured Right) has been faithful to his wife for nearly 15 years. Manu tied the knot with fellow Agentine native Marianela Oroño in 2004. Ginobili received possibly the best wedding present ever from his employers. Within a week of marrying Marianela, the Spurs offered Ginobili a $52,000,000 contract extension.

They had twin boys in 2010 and third son in 2014. Manu, a proud husband and father, often puts up pictures of his wife and kids at home on his twitter account, including photos of the family travelling together for road games.

NBA fans saw a glimpse of how much his wife means to him after the Spurs won their fifth NBA Championship in 2014. Through the crowds of people celebrating on the court the camera caught Ginobli desperately trying to find someone amongst the mass of people, before Marianela appeared from nowhere under his arm. In a touching moment Ginobli’s eyes lit up as he saw his wife.

5 Playboy - Kevin Durant

via hauteliving.com

The Durantula is an incredibly private man. And the 28-year-old small forward who moved to Golden State last year is still trying to find that special someone. Despite being listed as 6-foot-9 Durant said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal he likes to tell women he is 7-feet. He was also spotted partying with Dan Bilzerian, and we know that when Bilzerian is around, women wearing very little clothes are usually not too far away.

Kevin Durant was engaged to two-time WNBA champion Monica Wright. When they split, Wright said it was due to a clash in religious belief. Wright, a devout Christian, said, “I was going in a direction that unfortunately a lot of people aren’t willing to sacrifice their lifestyle for.” The comments were a little odd because Durant is also very pubic about his own faith, and even visits a pastor before every match.

Durant has been linked with a number of women since. But one thing you cannot accuse Durant of is having a lack of respect for women. Earlier this year Durant took part alongside LeBron James and Serena Williams in a Nike advert that called for “equality for all.”

4 Loyal Husband - Chris Paul

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Chris Paul has had an elite career in the NBA, and if he and his Clipper’s teammates stay healthy he may get a chance to lift the Larry O’Brien trophy before he retires. CP3 has been recognized as great role-model for the way he plays the game. He is also a great role-model off the court.

When Paul was in High School, Jada Crawley went to the rival school, but a friend brought them together. They started dating, married in 2011, and Paul has been a one-woman guy ever since.

One person who struggled to understand Paul’s commitment to monogamy was former Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling. At a party in 2012 Sterling threw to celebrate the Clipper’s making the playoffs, Sterling brought Paul on-stage and announced to the crowd, which included Jada, “Why is this guy married? Look at all the beautiful women in L.A.” Paul looked at Sterling uneasily and said, “Because I love my wife.”

Paul played a big part in getting Sterling banned from the NBA in 2014 following his infamous racist comments.

3 Playboy - Dwight Howard

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When Dwight Howard entered the league, Howard said it was his mission to use the NBA as a platform to preach the word of God. Whether Howard practices what he preaches is open to question. Dwight Howard fathered a child with former Magic Dancer, and Basketball Wives star, Royce Reed, and in an ensuing custody battle Reed suggested that Howard had possibly up to eight other baby mama’s. That is certainly taking fatherhood to Biblical proportions.

Howard has a son with musician Christine Vest, who famously stile North West’s bathing suit. Fitness model Hope Alexa, who confirmed Howard was the father of her child in 2013. In 2015 a lady called Tiffany Render sued Howard for child support. To be fair to Howard, he has tried to make peace with ladies and tried to be there for his children as much as he can, Alexa even moved to Houston from Vancouver when he was with the Rockets so her daughter could be closer to her father.

2 Loyal Husband - Deron Williams

via netsdaily.com

Deron Williams has known his wife, Amy Young, since the second grade. They started dating in High School, and have been by each other’s side ever since, through Deron’s journeyed career. The couple had their first daughter, Denae while Deron was in college playing at Illinois. Amy used to road-trip with her daughter from their home in Dallas to watch Daddy play home games, staying at a motel or with Williams and his college roommates. The couple have another daughter Daija, a son Desmond and DJ who was diagnosed with Autism. Because of their son’s condition both Deron and Amy have been very vocal in raising awareness for Autism. The couple also run The Point of Hope Foundation which they started in 2007 to help improve the quality of life for struggling families.

Amy has been one of the most supportive WAGs in the NBA, holding the family together, even during a period in 2011 when Williams went to Turkey during the NBA Lockout to play for Besitkas. This year could be the biggest yet for the Williams family, as Deron will be trying to help the Cavs win a second NBA Championship.

1 Playboy - Chandler Parsons

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It’s not hard to believe that incredibly rich, very attractive, professional basketball player Chandler Parsons doesn’t have too much trouble meeting girls. But just in case you did doubt him, Parsons obligingly has uploaded countless photos of him hanging out and partying with different women on a near constant basis. He’s been in dozens of “relationships” including Kendall Jenner and fitness model Jen Selter. And when he’s not linked he is literally flocked with groupies wherever he goes.

Parsons has had a pretty good NBA career, but off-the-court he is one of the greatest ballers of all time. He had a promising career in the NBA, that was blighted by injury. He hasn’t lived up to his potential, but it’s very hard to feel sorry for Parsons for too long. He seems to be doing fine.

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