Top 10 Most Ridiculous Kevin Garnett Antics

At this point in Kevin Garnett’s storied career, he’s past his Twilight. There isn’t another championship in his future (short of a miracle) but that's okay because he's got those rings already. His s

At this point in Kevin Garnett’s storied career, he’s past his Twilight. There isn’t another championship in his future (short of a miracle) but that's okay because he's got those rings already. His stats are slowly declining. Yet, he's already cemented himself amongst the greats. He's done it all, taking home every award from the MVP award to Defensive Player of the Year, to Olympic gold. The Boston Celtics will surely hang his jersey from the rafters. He's playing to play. He can do whatever he wants at this point.

But, he’s always done that.

Garnett’s been accused of being a fake tough guy. Sure, that's valid argument. But Garnett's never picked fights with smaller players than him. He’s not one of those forwards who knocks around guards just because he can. He picks legitimate opponents including Carmelo Anthony and David West.  

In 2013, he got into scuffle with then 24-year-old All-Stars like Kevin Love. Love would have been seven when Garnett was drafted. 

When Garnett retires, it will be the end of an era. He is the last true trash talker. His wit and well-crafted responses are both original and humorously insulting. Most of the time.

These days, NBA players become acquainted at tournaments like the McDonald's All American Game. The Dwyane Wade-Chris Paul-LeBron James-Carmelo Anthony connection is just one example. Nobody wants to tell their buddy from the eighth grade anything nasty. Those guys know your mom.

Garnett's career has been legendary, both on and off the court. For his basketball achievements and his antics. Here are the top ten ridiculous Kevin Garnett antics.

10 The Time he Head-butted Dwight Howard 

The time Garnett head-butted Dwight Howard was actually just a few short days ago. But apparently, according to Brian Scalabrine, Garnett has disliked Howard for years.

The Houston Rockets' Howard has lost the respect of some of his peers and this little episode between the two centers highlighted this. It made it official.

KG threw the ball at the back of Howard 's head and followed it up with a head-butt. Howard responded with a slap. Because there is nothing more emasculating than slapping KG when everybody already thinks your soft. 

According to a teammate, Garnett became incensed years ago, after Howard bragged about having more All-Star votes. Garnett was ejected and suspended one game for his behavior.

9 The Time he Attempted to Bite Joakim Noah 

There is no bitting in basketball.

Ok, maybe there is a little bitting. 

In all fairness, Joakim Noah's condescending clap is enough to warrant some backlash. But attempted bitting is a little out there.

While Noah was attempting to guard Garnett, he placed his right arm near Garnett's mouth. In turn, Garnett decided to make Noah's job a little harder. He began to snap at Noah's hand, but he never made contact.

Noah called the stunt crazy and amazing.

After the game, Garnett told reporter Tom Lorenzo, "If I wanted to bite him...(pause)...shout to Mike Tyson."

8 The Time he Blew into David West's Ear

When Lance Stephenson did it, it was weird enough. Yet, at the same time, it was obviously an attempt to throw LeBron James off, mentally. He was desperate. It was the Eastern Conference Finals. He had to dig deep.

Garnett blows into David West’s ear after fouling him. 

Garnett is known for his ability to get into the head's of his opponents. It worked, West pushed Garnett after the incident and received a technical foul.

Garnett's head game totally worked.

7 The Time he Called Rasheed Wallace Fat 


These two were the two of the best power forwards of their generations. They had numerous battles against one another, and even were teammates for a short period of time.

Years later, after Wallace retired from his assistant position, Andrew Keh of The New York Times Garnett if he knew what 'Sheed was doing these days.

Garnett responded, "I talked to Sheed the other day. He was at home, on the couch, being fat."

6 The Times he did Interviews with Craig Sager 

Garnett has two classic interviews with Craig Sager on record.

In the first, Sager rounded up Garnett for a typical post-game interview after a big win over the Orlando Magic in January of 2012 in which the Celtics came back from a 27 point deficit. Garnett hadn't settled down yet.

Garnett ignored all questions posed. Instead, he told Sager exactly how he felt about the game. According to Garnett, the game was comparable to a "bar fight."

This wasn't the only time Garnett gave Sager a talking too. Once, Garnett used his post-game interview as an opportunity to deliver a public service announcement.

He told Sager to burn the pink suit jacket and red dress pants he was wearing, regardless of how high quality it was.

Sager responded by asking Garnett if there was any part of the suit he found acceptable enough to keep. Garnett did not feel that any part of the suit should be spared. Even the Ronald McDonald clown shoes had to go.

Garnett was looking fresh, it a well tailored suit, just to better get the point across. He was once listed on Vanity Fair's nest Dressed List after all.

5 The Times he Terrorized his own Teammates 

Fun fact: KG once made a grown man cry on national television.

During a Portland Trail Blazers-Celtics game in 2008, Boston was beating Portland badly through three quarters. As a result, Garnett and the other Celtics stars were on the sideline for the remainder of the game, having done the job.

Then Portland went on a long run in the fourth quarter and Garnett had to re-enter the game.

During a timeout,  Glen "Big Baby" Davis, now with the Los Angeles Clippers, was trying to hide on the outskirts of a huddle. Garnett grabbed him and dragged him inside, presumably to scold him for poor play or do something else that caused tears. 

Davis didn't last long in the face of Garnett's wrath, getting as far away from him as he possible could. He quickly found a seat at the end of the bench. There, Davis did what we all would do in the same position; he cried it out. 

 Garnett isn't just a one time offender.

Garnett reportedly punched teammate Wally Szczerbiak in 2000 during practice, according to the Washington Post. He's also has allegedly punched someone during a pick up game.

4 The Time he got Ready for War During the Playoffs 

KG started to list all of his weapons. Not like, "I've gotten a decent enough defensive presence to dominant this game," "I was the first player to be drafted straight out of high school in 20 years" or "I'm a 15 time All Star."

He literally listed his weapons prior to heading into Game 7 against the Sacramento Kings in a second round series in 2004.

What are Garnett's weapons, you ask? Well, they include a pump, a couple M16s, a couple 9s, clips, grenades, and a couple missile launchers.

3 The Times he Took Trash-talking way too far 

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

When asked about his reputation as a trash talker, Garnett asked, "Me? You just hear stories about me talking trash." He continued. "You never have living [proof] that I talk trash."

Garnett was accused of calling Charlie Villanueva a “cancer patient” during a Boston Celtics- Detroit Pistons game. 

In a statement issued by Garnett, he clarified. He says his comment to Villanueva was in fact: "You are cancerous to your team and our league.”

Garnett's then coach, Doc Rivers, defended him, saying, “I actually heard what Kevin said. I was right there, what he really said is in the statement. I’m going to leave it at that.”

In another instance, Garnett targeted the San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan. There are rumors Garnett once told Tim Duncan, whose mother passed away when he was 14, "Happy Mother's Day" on Mother's Day.

2 The Time he Cut off Ray Allen 

When Ray Allen's free agency commenced, the Miami Heat were the team to play for. Allen took his opportunity, packed his bags and moved to Miami.

Garnett dropped Allen cold turkey. He deleted Allen's number from his phone.

Garnett and Ray Allen both found themselves as members of the Celtics prior to the 2007-08 season. Together, they turned the team around. They celebrated championships together.

Paul Pierce says he, KG, Big Baby, Kendrick Perkins and Rajon Rondo all have a group text. Allen is notably absent from the 2008 Celtics roster's group text.

Upon the first meeting between Garnett and Allen, the former Celtic walked over to the Boston bench to say hello to his former team. Garnett sat on the bench and ignored him.

Allen says that both Garnett and Pierce refused to speak to him after he left for the Heat.

1 The Time he Fought with Carmelo Anthony

Honey Nut Cheerios. Who can even come up with that off the top of their head?

In early 2013, the New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics met for the first time that season. Carmelo Anthony and Garnett went at it throughout the entire game. Both received technical fouls. They resisted further conflict until the game ended.

After the game, Anthony went looking for Garnett in the Celtics' locker room. He was turned away, so he went to Boston's team bus, surrounded by security guards and waited for Garnett. When he came out, the two got into a screaming match. And, TMZ captured it all on tape.

Garnett had said something, which according to Anthony, was in the category of, "there's some things as men that you just don't say."

What he said was that Carmelo Anthony's wife, LaLa Vasquez, tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios.

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Top 10 Most Ridiculous Kevin Garnett Antics