Top 10 NBA Bloopers Of The 2014-15 Season

We love to watch pro athletes do their thing be it on a court, a field, or on a diamond. We pay huge amounts of money to see the best at what they do performing breathtaking feats of skill. We watch nightly on TV for that “where were you when...” moment. We are waiting for a thunderous dunk, a dribble which defies belief, or a game winning three at the buzzer from three quarter court which will go down in history as one of the greatest finishes of all time.

There is another side to this craving to watch sports though. A side which has been passed down from generation to generation and which provides just as much of a talking point as the best finish to the best game of the season.

The blooper.

As much as we love athletes who are able to light it up, we also love seeing these multi millionaires dropping to our level sometimes. With every free throw which becomes an air ball, every dunk which smashes the rim and bounces back to half court, every missed layup on a fast break, we are suddenly able to do something better than the stars. And we revel in it.

It seems that the bigger the star is, the more enjoyable to blooper produced will be. When LeBron James, or going back a little way Michael Jordan, does something which defies belief in a bizarre way, then we will pick up on that and run with it. Shows like SportsCenter and Sports Nation routine roll blooper highlights (lowlights?) into their programing, because they know that people love to see that omg moment which makes no sense at all given the level of athlete performing the mistake.

With all that being said here is a look at the top 10 bloopers of the 2014-15 NBA season.

10 DeMar Derozan passes to Joakim Noah

9 Mason Plumlee spills all the beer

8 Brandon Knight's Awful Turnover

7 Brandon Knight's Missed Game Winning Layup

6 Tony Allen Misses Four Layups in 10 Seconds

5 Ronnie Price Missed Dunk

4 Aaron Brooks Missed Layup

3 Russell Westbrook High-Five Reaction

2 Manu Ginobili Gives a Ref a Technical

1 Fan Destroyed in the Face by the Ball

Call this reason number one for not messing around on your cell phone during a sporting event. This is especially true if you are in the first few rows of the crowd and thus you are more likely to find yourself in harm’s way if a pass goes astray. This is exactly what happened to this Hornets fan as a pass from Lance Stephenson comes rocketing into the crowd. Sure, the reaction time was almost zero as the halfhearted attempt to block the flying ball by the guy in orange to the woman’s right shows, but maybe she would have been able to avoid a bloody nose had she been paying more attention to the game.

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Top 10 NBA Bloopers Of The 2014-15 Season