10Serge Ibaka, Oklahoma City Thunder

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a challenging start to the campaign for the Thunder, who have been held back by a number of injuries to players in almost every position and to their stars in particular. This means that they have not quite got going yet, but they have managed to hang

around and with key players fit and healthy again they will now look to push above .500 and earn themselves a playoff berth.

Ibaka has been productive despite these troubles, and his physical presence has continued to create problems for opponents on both sides of the ball. Ibaka has also added a new weapon to his arsenal this year, the ability to knock down an open 3. He attempts nearly four a game and is shooting a brilliant 41.7%; this has been huge for the Thunder this year and could be crucial when matching up in the playoffs. In what could be a season changing win against the Warriors, Ibaka had a mammoth performance with 27 points (14 in the 4th on 6-for-7). The teams just ahead are now looking over their shoulders at a Thunder team gathering momentum.

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