Top 10 Worst NBA Coaches in History

While it is understood that players are responsible for the final outcome of the game and are the ones who get most of the credit for a win, blame always will go around to the head coaches. If appropriate adjustments are not made throughout the game, after the halftime whistle blows, then the coaches stand to be heavily scrutinized. Many will determine that if changes were made by coaches, the outcome would have been different. In some cases, coaches will call certain players off the court because of too many fouls. Some will pull a player who has had a hot hand during the game instead of giving him extended minutes. Should coaches stick to their regular rotation or go with the flow during each game?

There is an overabundance of questions that NBA coaches must ask themselves in an attempt to find the right solutions in leading their teams to the next win and beyond. Some coaches have done a great job at leading their teams to victories and these include Phil Jackson, Gregg Popovich and Mike Woodson, among others. These coaches have figured out how to maximize the abilities of different players by instructing them well and putting them where they contribute the best. These are the primary reasons for their success.

Coaches that lead teams doing poorly will experience the embarrassment of being tagged the reason for most of the team’s failures. Some will ask, why did the coach allow a certain player to stay on the court for only 10 minutes when it should have been longer? What better play could have been chosen after the timeout? Why wasn’t the star player on the opposing team double-teamed after his stellar performance in the first half? The expectation of team performance will have a lot to do with how the coach is being viewed. Despite a bad overall record, coaches that do a good job with developing their players might not have made the list of worst coaches in NBA history. Here are 10 coaches that weren’t an asset to their teams during their tenure. You decide if this is true or not!

10 Randy Wittman

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It's a little puzzling how Randy Wittman has kept getting head coaching jobs. While the Washington Wizards have improved the last couple of years, Wittman's whole body of work is being taken into account. He coached the Cleveland Cavaliers, Washington Wizards and Minnesota Timberwolves. His tenures date back from 1999 to 2008. His overall record as a coach was 100-207. He was hired as the Wizards' head coach in 2011. Taking into account his record with Washington, his overall record is now 220-342.

9 Don Casey


8 Garry St. Jean


7 Wes Unseld


6 Larry Krystkowiak

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5 Rick Pitino

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4 Eric Musselman


3 Bob Weiss


2 Stu Jackson


1 Johnny Bach


Johnny Bach coached the Golden State Warriors. He had two tenures with the Warriors, once in the 1979-80 season then from 1983 1986. His overall record as a coach was 95-172. Quite the dropoff from his predecessor Al Attles. During the 1985-86 season, under his coaching, the Golden State Warriors had a record of 30-52. That record got them last place in the Western Conference. Bach decided to retreat to his supporting role with the Bulls.

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Top 10 Worst NBA Coaches in History