Top 12 Whiniest NBA Players

Some NBA players like to whine. They have the luxury of close contact with the officials, something NFL players don't have. As a result, they like to complain to the referees. After all, they have never made a correct call. No even once. These same guys love to complain to the point they get coaches fired, like they are Jay Cutler or something. Sometimes general managers too. And, no matter what the circumstances are, they are never at fault. Ever.

Some players have just never committed a foul and the officials are crazy to think otherwise. The replay is just a bad angle. Other NBA players will do anything to get the competitive advantage and use it as a strategy. Kevin Garnett's guilty of this. Everyone who has ever watched a San Antonio Spurs game knows Tim Duncan's disbelief face.

Extreme examples include that time Allen Iverson got so upset he threw the ball at the referee or Spike Lee at pretty much every New York Knicks game.

Sure, Mark Cuban isn't an NBA player. But, when the Dallas Mavericks win, Cuban acts like he was out there shooting 3-pointers with Dirk.

It's estimated that Cuban has racked up somewhere around two million dollars in fines. Between 2000 and 2013, Cuban accounted for 10 percent of all the fines handed out, including those given to other owners, players, coaches and teams. All of the other owners only made up nine percent of total fines. The only one in Cuban's territory is Shaquille O'Neal who also racked up a huge bill throughout his NBA career. He had 17 fines, including one $35,000 fine for criticizing the ref.

Of course, Shaq and Cuban are only students in the school of referee criticism. The founder, Dean and teacher is Rasheed Wallace.

Here are the 12 biggest whiners in the NBA.

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12 Joakim Noah 

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

In all fairness, with Derrick Rose constantly out with injury, Joakim Noah needs every competitive advantage he can get. Complaining and whining over calls is one of the many little tricks he has. Others include sarcastic clapping.

Other times, Noah has fiery outbursts.

That one cost him $15,000.

Although Noah has cleaned it up in the more recent years, Noah gets booed in every NBA arena. One of the major reasons is his whining.

The Chicago Bull is so widely disliked that a Miami fan once gave him the middle finger as he was being ejected from a Heat/Bulls playoff game.

11 Manu Ginobili

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

It's only right that one of the league's most notorious floppers loves to whine. Ginobili loves to contest every foul he's awarded.

Ginobili is one of the dirtiest players in the game. It's just part of his skill-set. And, it's never been checked. Gregg Popovich has been Manu's only NBA coach. Pop is the Bill Belichick of basketball. He's going to do what it takes. And his players may or may not be in on it.

10 Tim Duncan

Via Got Em Coach

Tim Duncan has played pro-ball for 17 years. In that time, he's never fouled anyone, according to him. It's likely that contesting everything is pure strategy. Other members of the San Antonio Spurs partake in it as well.

Duncan's complaining about a foul face (pictured above) is as common in a Spurs game as a rebound.

Twitter knows what's up:

9 Kevin Garnett

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Garnett will do anything to get the advantage over the other team, especially when he senses things are going downhill for his side.

KG will blow in opponent's ears and talk trash about their moms. And, regardless of how evident the foul is, the ref is going to hear about it.

In the Eastern Conference Finals against the Miami Heat a couple seasons ago, the Boston Celtics wouldn’t let up about the calls that the refs were giving them. In Game One of the series, the Celtics were awarded a total of four technical fouls.

8 Kobe Bryant 

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Kobe Bryant's whining largely stems from teammates he dislikes and losing.

When the Los Angles Lakers hit a losing streak (or season in their case), Kobe goes in. He's called his team "soft like Charmin" and complained to his general manager that the team doesn't practice hard enough for his liking.

And nobody can forget the Shaq days. The big man's weight and the fact that he was slightly little out of shape drove Kobe nuts. About 10 years later, Dwight Howard would fill the void in Kobe's life that Shaq left.

7 LeBron James 

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So, credit where credit is deserved, LeBron James has matured a lot over the years.

During his first run in Cleveland, LeBron habitually complained to the refs every time he was called on something. It continued in Miami.

When James first ventured into South Beach, he was one of the most hated athletes on the plant. It stayed like that for several years. So, when the Heat were losing, a lot of people took pleasure in it. LeBron and company responded by whining.

Charles Barkley made the most amusing statement concerning their complaining and overall bad attitude on CBS Sports:

"Listen, I like Dwyane a lot, I like LeBron a lot," Barkley said. "They're really starting to get on my last damn nerve. Listen, I've heard Dwyane say it twice, I've heard LeBron say it twice, that 'America is happy now' that the Miami Heat are losing. First of all, Dwyane, let me break it to you, you know I love you, nobody cares about the Miami Heat. The only people who hate the Miami Heat are the Cleveland Cavaliers fans. Nobody else cares about y'all. We just want you to play better and stop whining. Stop sitting at every press conference like somebody killed a family pet. It's annoying."

Those days are no gone. LeBron's changed a lot since then. Even his reputation as a serial flopper has started to phase out.

6 Matt Barnes 

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While Matt Barnes loves to complain on the court and has been slapped with so many technical fouls that he swears he's being targeted and receives harsher punishments than other players, his main channel of whining isn't on the court. His bread and butter is social media. On Instagram, Barnes leaves chapter long captions about how people know nothing and how NBA life is hard. He typically accompanies such diary entries with a shirtless selfie.

After Barnes was assigned a $25,000 fine for cursing at a fan after he had just receive a technical foul, he went off on Twitter.

5 Dwight Howard 

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This Houston Rocket has been called it all: Immature, selfish, childish, spoiled, whiny. During his short tenure in LA, Howard and Bryant often complained about their problems with each other to the media.

Here's a fun one of Dwight and Steven Adams synchronized complaining.

Of course, Dwight's gained a reputation as a complainer because he complains about stuff. Here is a list of just some of the things Dwight Howard loves to whine about:

1. Kobe Bryant

2. Playing for the Orlando Magic

3. Not playing for the Brooklyn Nets

4. Playing for the Los Angeles Lakers

5. Playing for Stan Van Gundy

6. Hard fouls

7. Any fouls

4 Dwyane Wade

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Dwyane Wade has a strong reputation as a complainer but has tried to tone it down in the most recent years. Wade disliked it when he saw his one of his sons complaining to the refs during their youth-league games:

"So I go to their games and I hate, I hate, to see them talking back to the ref. I hate it. It burns me up inside every time. I'm like, 'Get back on defense.' And then I look in the mirror and say, 'Well, how can you tell him not to do something when you're doing it?' I look at that and I think that's helped me understand."

3 The Denver Nuggets 

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When the Denver Nuggets players broke their huddle with a chant of ''1-2-3 ... Six weeks," it was interpreted by most as a countdown to the end of a season gone very, very wrong. Mostly because there was six weeks left in the season at that point.

Just the week before it occurred, the general manager of the Nuggets, Tim Connelly seemed to confirmed Shaw's job security, saying: "We were hopeful we could dig ourselves out of the hole, play more respectful basketball," Connelly explained. "Unfortunately, our struggles have been pretty immense and led to today."

There had been reports Shaw had caused issues with the team when he banned cell phones during film study. However, he did try to relate with his young team. He read books about millennials.

A lot of people came to Brian Shaw's defense, including the Indiana Pacers' Paul George who tweeted his support for his former coach.

2 Blake Griffin

Via Golden State Marketing

Blake Griffin has played with Chris Paul for a while now. As a result, he's picked up some of CP3's tendencies. Good and bad.

Good: Blake can play point forward if necessary. He's a great passer and distributes the ball well.


Griffin takes hard fouls. He's been vocal about it. However, when players spend a significant portion of the game in the paint they get bumped around a lot. Adding in the factor that Griffin is known to prefer a very physical style of play, it's hard to determine if Blake gets it worse than others or if he's complaining about something everybody has to deal with. Regardless, Griffin's already mastered the Tim Duncan (which you can see above).

1 Chris Paul 

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

As a team, the Los Angeles Clippers are winning the whining game. Even coach Doc Rivers takes part in the Clippers complaining culture.

Paul of course implemented the culture. CP3's arrival in Los Angeles summoned in not only Lob City but also Sob City.

When Paul wouldn't stop complaining during a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, referee Lauren Holtkamp had enough and started handing out technicals. After the game, Paul couldn't help himself and criticized Holtkamp in his post-game interview, saying she didn't "belong." It cost him $25,000. Paul called it a bad call but, according to the rulebook, it was totally allowed. In 2010, the NBA created a new rule to cut down on the whining and general vulgarity that sometimes follows a foul call. Players can earn a technical foul if they cannot keep themselves from complaining and and acting out.

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