Top 15 Basketball Players Who Hooked Up With The Most Women

Say what you want about them, but these are the stories of the top 15 basketball players who have hooked up with the most women.

NBA players tend to be pretty popular guys. While not every professional basketball player enjoys the same lifestyle of superstars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Steph Curry, they’re still more wealthy and more famous than the average person will ever be. With all this wealth and fame comes plenty of opportunities to enjoy a few vices. While some NBA players actually live relatively quiet personal lives, others choose to hit the club every weekend, throw their money around, and, of course, spend a little time with whatever ladies may happen to be around.

That last one is particularly interesting. It sometimes feels like there are two different kinds of NBA players. Those who marry relatively young and stay married for a long time and those who live sex lives the likes of which haven’t been seen since the Roman empire. That’s not exactly true, but the shocking nature of the stories involving NBA players who have a particular weakness for the ladies are so unbelievable that they make everyone else look like simple family men in comparison. Say what you want about the way they spend their time, but these are the stories of the top 15 basketball players who have hooked up with the most women.

15 Jason Caffey


It wouldn’t be too surprising to hear that you don’t remember Jason Caffey from his playing days. After all, he didn’t really do too much on the court worth remembering. Despite winning two championships with the Bulls in the late ‘90s, Caffey never really put up jaw-dropping numbers. Well, that is unless you’re counting "number of children" fathered as a stat. It’s believed that Caffey fathered 10 different children with about eight different women during his playing career. While that’s an astonishing number in its own right, you really have to consider it to be just a preview of what Caffey was really up to.

After all, it’s not like he was having children every night that he spent with a different woman. This makes the number of women he did sleep with up for debate, but likely quite remarkable.

14 Dwight Howard


So far as his sexual adventures go, Dwight Howard is a strange guy. Publicly, he is known as one of the most deeply religious players in the league. Howard noted he wanted to use his NBA career to raise the name of God throughout the world, and his work with various Christian charities and organizations is well-known. However, Howard has openly admitted on several occasions that women are his great weakness and one of the greatest challenges of remaining an honest man in the NBA.

Howard has certainly fathered a few different children with a few different women based on the number of paternity cases he has participated in throughout his career. Due to the nature of the legal proceedings, it’s not known exactly how many women and children we’re talking about, but it is clear that women are indeed Howard’s biggest weakness.

13 Rick Fox


Rick Fox is another player whose actual career really isn’t that remarkable in the grand scheme of things, but was fairly impressive nonetheless. As a member of the Lakers during that franchise’s historic Shaq/Kobe led dynasty, Fox had his best career years as a fourth or fifth option who could take advantage of openings in order to score some utility points. He’s wasn’t the kind of player you would link to some of the most attractive women in Hollywood, even though that’s exactly who he dated.

Fox actually had a child with a girl he dated while he was playing in Boston, but soon began a long relationship with singer Vanessa Williams. After that relationship ended, however, Fox proceeded to bounce between women like Eliza Dushku and Sharon Stone. It’s clear that he like to sleep around when he wasn’t in relationships and apparently didn’t mind doing so even when he was in one.

12 J.R. Smith

Sometimes, the reputation of an NBA playboy isn’t so much based on how many children they’ve had, women that have admitted to sleeping with them, or infamous sex scandals. Sometimes, it’s just a feeling. Well, it’s actually quite more than a feeling in the case of J.R. Smith. Anyone who ever followed Smith on social media knows that the vast majority of his posts seem to involve a number of beautiful women and rarely the same woman twice. On top of that are the numerous public – or publicly available – exchanges he has had with said beautiful women. The most memorable among them being the time he asked a groupie whether she was trying to “get the pipe.” Yeah, it’s safe to say that Smith likes to sleep around a bit.

11 Dominique Wilkins


While everyone has their favorite NBA era, many people tend to agree that the NBA was, in many ways, at its best during the ‘80s. In any case, the NBA was certainly at its most popular during that time period as new players became international stars season after season. One of these players was big man Dominique Wilkins who became famous for his gravity-defying dunks. When he wasn’t serving as the human highlight reel, Wilkins apparently liked spending quite a bit of time with the ladies.

Now, we say apparently because nobody is entirely sure how valid the claims surrounding Wilkins’ sex life are. It’s clear that he loved the ladies, but some people go so far as to say that Wilkins if the father of several children born during the peak of his career.

10 Dikembe Mutombo

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Dikembe Mutombo is not just one of the NBA’s great all-time defensive big men, he’s also one of the NBA’s great all-time personalities. Mutombo’s trademark finger wag became the bane of many players' existence. There were times when it seemed like it was impossible to get past Mutombo’s defending, and his skills were made even more infuriating by the way he loved to rub in his defensive stops. You would think that such a personality would be quite the ladies man.

While it’s true that Mutombo loved the many ladies he encountered on the road, it turns out that Mutombo’s personality didn’t really extend to his pick-up lines. In fact, Mutombo apparently loved to walk into parties, clubs, and any other place where women gathered and ask “Who wants to sex Mutombo?” Apparently, someone always replied in the affirmative.

9 Winston Bennett


Winston Bennett is the latest example of how an NBA player doesn’t need to be a world famous athlete to be a true playboy. Bennett was selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers with the 64th overall pick in the 1988 NBA Draft. The 6-foot-7 Bennett was entering the NBA at a time when big men still ruled and the Cavaliers hoped he could become a diamond in the rough. Despite a decent rookie season, Bennett just never lived up to his potential.

He did, however, eventually write a book about his life and career called Fight for Your Life. In this book, Bennett claimed to be a sex addict. Actually, he claimed that at one point he was sleeping with over 90 women a month. That could be an exaggeration, but it’s supposedly not far from the truth.

8 Jason Kidd


Jason Kidd isn’t just one of the great team players in NBA history, he’s also supposedly a bonafide player in general. Actually, this is one of those rare cases where the word allegedly doesn’t really need to be used to describe the extent of Kidd’s exploits. While we don’t know all the details – Kidd’s ex-wife Joumana claimed that he loved to sleep with a large number of fans and strippers – we do know that the parts of Smith’s private life which have been made public tend to speak for themselves. Kidd has been involved with a number of high-profile supermodels and actresses over the years that include such names as Porschla Coleman and Hope Dworaczyk. Kidd certainly seems to have a type and that type is world famous beautiful women and lots of them.

7 Larry Johnson


Sometimes, players that like to sleep around choose to do so quite openly. Other times, players like to hide their indiscretions behind a marriage and a couple of children. Larry Johnson is one of the latter players. In the ‘90s, Johnson married a woman named Celeste Wingfield and the two had a couple of children. At the time, everything about Johnson’s personal life seemed rather normal. Over the years, however, it became clear that Johnson didn’t stop his socializing just because he got married. Johnson had a few different children with a few different women while he was a married man. He tried to convince one of them, model Laura Tate, to have an abortion, and the two ended up in a legal battle over the matter. Johnson lost that case, and everyone knew soon after that he experienced quite the sex life in his day.

6 Shawn Kemp


In the case of NBA players’ sex lives, it’s often true that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. In other words, if you hear enough stories about the promiscuous adventures of a particular player, more often than not there’s a very good reason why those stories came to be in the first place. In the case of Shawn Kemp, it’s really not so much a matter of whether the stories of his sexual adventures are true, but rather which of them are true. At a minimum, people tend to believe that Kemp fathered seven kids by six different women. However, some claim that number is actually as high as 11 kids by nine women. Again, though, it’s really just a matter of semantics at that point. Nobody has that kind of rumor follow them around unless they got around a lot themselves.

5 Kobe Bryant


Given that he’s a rich and handsome world-class athlete who was once arguably the most popular player in the NBA, you can imagine the kind of trouble that Kobe Bryant could get up to if he really wanted to. All signs point to the distinct possibility that Bryant often really wanted to get up to as much trouble as possible. You probably know about the infamous sexual assault case that haunted Bryant’s career, but what you might not know about are the stories from Bryant’s ex-wife Vanessa that came to light during the couple’s divorce proceedings. Vanessa claims that she knows of 100 women that Bryant slept with during the time they were married. To clarify, that’s 100 women she says she knows of, and those are only the women Bryant slept with during the time they were married. It’s a safe bet that Bryant’s total numbers are quite high, and we’re not talking about career points.

4 Calvin Murphy


When you hear some stories regarding the sexual adventures of certain NBA players, you really do start to wonder how these players found the time to actually get around as much as they did. Forget all the other factors, the amount of time these alleged encounters must have taken is simply mind-boggling. In fact, were it not for players like Calvin Murphy, we’d doubt that many of these claims were true. However, Murphy’s case makes it clear that anything is possible.

Calvin Murphy can lay claim to an astonishing 14 illegitimate children that he fathered during his career. It’s hard to imagine someone having 14 children in general, but 14 children across nine different women all while finding the time to put together a Hall of Fame career? You can’t help but be just a little impressed.

3 Dennis Rodman


Dennis Rodman had been called crazy, eccentric, arrogant, and narcissistic during his career, but there are two words that were never used to describe Rodman in his prime. Boring and overrated. Rodman’s almost inhuman defensive abilities and penchant for foul play made him one of the most feared players in the NBA. He’s also the guy that once wore a wedding dress to promote his book, so you know he isn’t dull. Apparently, Rodman’s combination of skills and personality caught the interest of many ladies during the ‘90s.

Just going off of famous names alone, we know that Rodman was involved with women like Madonna, Carmen Electra, and Jenna Jameson during his playing career. If those people are any indication of his type, we’re guessing that they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

2 Magic Johnson


Magic Johnson wasn’t the first NBA star, but he did achieve a level of fame that no other player had ever really achieved up until that point. Magic Johnson wasn’t just an incredibly talented player who was also one of the most recognizable faces in the world, he was all that during an era known for excess and wild lifestyles. Actually, people were left imagining what kind of lifestyle Magic Johnson must have enjoyed until Jerry West’s autobiography shed a little light on the subject. According to West’s book, Johnson once claimed to have slept with somewhere between 300 to 500 women a year during his prime. A woman or more a day on average? Can you really believe that such a thing is even possible? Well, we hope you can because even that’s nothing compared to our number one entrant.

1 Wilt Chamberlain


Well, who else could it be? As we’ve seen throughout this list, you sometimes have to take the claims of NBA players with a grain of salt. That said, you also have to respect that these are people who probably don’t have much reason to lie about such things and that even the most outrageous claims are based on some level of truth. So, when Wilt Chamberlain comes out and says that he slept with 20,000 women, you have to understand that even if that number is exaggerated by 10,000, it’s still far and away the “NBA record” so far as such things are concerned. If, however, 20,000 is an accurate number, then that means that Chamberlain would have had to sleep with an average of 1.4 women every day from the time he was 15 until he was 55. Wow.

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