Top 15 Current NBA Players You Didn't Know Have Hot Partners

This list of “unknown commodities” when it comes to NBA players’ WAGs and partners who possess the hotness is being compiled as we stand at the apex of the 2016-17 NBA season. The arrival of the NBA Finals squared the Golden State Warriors against the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers for the third straight season, the two titans engaging in pro sports’ best current rivalry. We know all about the “Dubs” and the Cavs being loaded with all-star talent, from KD to King James--and those players being associated with some rather high-profile ladies that you’ve read about countless times on countless lists.

Yet for every superstar and supporting cast All-Star, there are dozens of role players and even more riding the bench who rarely see live game action. Still, the odds are forever in each and every NBA player’s favor when it comes to the game of love. A simple breakdown of the numbers illuminates this unique dynamic--given that there are but 449 active NBA players, and thousands of women desiring each of them, it’s reasonable to conjecture, that, unlike the “real world” of man/woman intimacy and physical relationships, in the world of the NBA, it’s the male players who have their pick of the litter to choose from when it comes to quality females. This is reflected in the fact so many players that you’d never guess--or perhaps, never even heard of--have incredibly hot wives, along with the starters and the stars, as you'd expect. 

Thus, for this particular countdown, TheSportster focuses on NBA players' favorite females that somehow, some way, get overlooked--maybe due to the baller being subpar or a faded star, or that the relationship is too new or discreet to have established proper media buzz. Meaning, that at least for this one list of hot NBA partners, there will be no Ayesha and Steph Curry, no Tristan Thompson and some Kardashian (you're welcome). Yet, in commemorating the NBA Finals, we do begin our selections with the pretty partners of a Warrior and a Cavalier. So count down with us, and see how many of these babes you’ve never laid eyes upon--until right now.




Our first entry--the gorgeous Tika Pachulia--recently made news in an unfortunate way, as part of real-life threats to her and the entire Pachulia family, made by psycho San Antonio Spurs fans. The social media intimidation came after Spurs' coach Gregg Popovich recklessly compared Zaza Pachulia's injuring Spurs' MVP candidate Kawhi Leonard in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals to "manslaughter." Pop's inane comment came out of frustration, because when Leonard went down, so did any hope the Spurs had of taking down the nearly unstoppable Warriors. But the wrath of Spurs fans was scary enough that security guards were dispatched to the Bay Area schools Pachulia's three children attend.

Zaza also noted that his wife was alone while he was on the road--and you can certainly understand why he would want to keep the curvaceous Tika safe--living with her is like waking up next to a supermodel every morning.



During the Cavs’ Eastern Conference crown clinching triumph over the Boston Celtics on May 25, point guard Deron Williams revisited his former all-star form when he played for the Utah Jazz and New Jersey Nets nearly a decade ago. Coming off the bench, Williams scored 14 points in the first-half, as the Cavs took a lead they would not surrender in ousting the upstart Celtics.

When it comes to his marriage with the fresh-faced beauty Amy Young, Deron's story is different than most ballers--as he and Amy have known each other since the second grade back in Texas. They started dating in high school where Amy also played hoops, and married in 2006, the same year Deron was the number three overall pick of the Jazz. But despite the Williams' sweet story, there's no denying Amy's hotness--made even more so by her veneer of innocence, from her pretty face to her taut twins. 



No, as much as he has the perfect name for a Nashville crooner, Cole Aldrich is not a country singer--rather he’s a seven-year NBA veteran, the center being the very definition of a “journeyman,” having played for six teams already. His 6-11 stature is the primary reason Aldrich’s lasted this long, because if you haven’t noticed yet, height is a valued commodity in the NBA. However, Cole’s 3.3 career points per game average is nowhere near as memorable as his wife Brittany, a blonde haired natural beauty with high cheekbones and a beaming smile.

“Britt” as she likes to call herself, is an interesting study in contrasts--for instance on her Twitter page, she proclaims her love for all things Christ, yet she’s comfortable sending Tweets with casual swearing, as on her May 6 post. Not that Britt will be auditioning for “Bad Girls Club” anytime soon, but one can hope.



Mike Conley Jr. flies under the NBA radar in relative terms, but the point guard had a standout 2016-17 season for the Memphis Grizzlies, averaging 20.5 points per game while dishing out 6.3 assists per contest.  Conley’s steady play and personality seems a perfect match with his beautiful bride Mary Peluso, the dark-eyed Italian enchantress. The pair met while they were attending Ohio State University when Mike was there in 2006-07 fulfilling his one-year college obligation per NBA regulations.

Conley took the Buckeyes to the title game before falling to the Florida Gators, but took home the real prize from that one season in Columbus in the person of Mary Peluso. They've happily been together ever since as Conley is enjoying the good life, earning a max NBA contract.



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This relationship that eventually became a fully bonded marriage is truly a story of endurance for both parties. The 14-year Miami Heat veteran big man Udonis and Faith met at the University of Florida in 1999, coming from two different worlds; Haslem bred by the mean streets of Miami, Rein raised in a comfortable Virginia suburb. Ms. Rein broke it off with a football boyfriend when she met Udonis, the pair embarking on a 14-year relationship/courtship that put full-time commitment on hold. Rein even became pregnant once by Haslem before he was drafted, but exercised her right to choose and got an abortion.

Then, when she and Udonis were financially and emotionally prepared--when they actually wanted to have children, they did so. The result? Faith and Udonis have produced two wonderful sons. Even now in her mid-30s, Ms. Rein has a body that can compete with--if not surpass-- women a decade or more her junior.



“KCP”, as Kentavious is known, is a Detroit Pistons shooting guard who doesn’t shoot all that well, with a ho-hum career .405 field goal percentage for a Pistons team that's only made the playoffs once (in 2016, getting swept in 4 games by the eventual champion Cavaliers) during his four-year career in Motown. Therefore, KCP’s greatest contribution to modern society has been marrying the elegant, busty brunette McKenzie.  Per Galia Lahav, when KCP first spotted McKenzie at a Dallas event, he was too shy to speak to her, but got a friend to introduce them. KCP was so into McKenzie, he didn’t mind that she already had a child from a previous marriage. For most younger players, a woman with kids is like kryptonite to Superman,  but KCP showed class and accepted her son as his own.



This Serbian couple qualifies as the “most underrated” on this list in each of their respective categories; Nikola as an NBA player and Natalija as a fresh-faced babe to be gazed upon! Jokic is the more-than-capable center for the Denver Nuggets, averaging 16.7 points and 9.8 rebounds per game during the 2016-17 season while shooting an impressive 58 percent,. Nikola's nickname is "Big Honey" and he landed himself quite a big honey of his own in Ms. Macesic, who embodies the sweet girl every jock wants by his side when things are tough as well as when you're on top. Yet she still brings the hotness with her cheekbones you could cut diamonds on. It's a little puzzling as to why there isn't more info on her.




And you thought the only skill Atlanta Hawks small forward Mike Dunleavy had was shooting some--turns out, he can spit a bit of game, as well, landing the bubbly blonde Sarah. Although, this was almost the relationship that never was, because the couple almost never met while Mike was raining three-pointers at Duke. Sarah’s father had to force her to return to Duke, when she left just one day after arriving on campus her freshman year, crying and homesick. Sarah stuck it out, and got her degree and of course, met Mike.  Funny how fate works, as Sarah actually blazed the higher education trail for her younger siblings to likewise attend Duke.

The couple got engaged and married in 2008, around the same time, Sarah had the first of their children together. Sarah’s been a loyal wife and mother as Mike has bounced around the league playing for six teams over the last 15 seasons. 


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There are interesting elements to this romance involving the transcendent Tia and the Chicago Bulls'  point-guard Carter-Williams.  They've been on-again off-again on-again at least since Michael was the 2013-14 NBA Rookie of the Year for the Philadelphia 76ers. One issue has been maintaining a long-distance relationship, which Tia has expressed concern regarding.  A resident of Los Angeles, Tia's sister, Tahnee, became a medical marijuana patient after she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at the tender age of 22.

The Family Shah demonstrated their full support for their daughter by investing in an L.A. medical marijuana dispensary!  As far as Tia and Michael, at some point, the cuddling couple broke up--or took a break--but they're back together. Per Ms. Shah's personal Tumblr account, she answered a question regarding the break-up and reconciliation from a fan confirming that she was back with Michael, but apparently taking it one day at a time.



J.J. Reddick’s world views include progressive opinions on the loss of universal healthcare and women’s right to choose. Redick's a self-described “voracious reader,” who obviously likes to keep himself aware and politically astute--and proof that liberals can end up with beautiful women just like the play-it-straight conservatives, as the blonde beautiful Chelsea lights up any picture she’s in. Redick is a reflection of his coach, the world-wise Doc Rivers who openly encourages his players to be more socially conscious.

Cynics would point to a report in 2013 that Redick had an "abortion contract" with ex-girlfriend Vanessa Lopez hammered out by attorneys to ensure that JJ wouldn't be stuck with an unwanted kid from a short-term relationship. But now that he's part of a loving, committed marriage, JJ and Chelsea have two wonderful sons, Knox and Kai. 


Guanacaste ?

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Just like you and your spouse probably did, in 2016, Brittany and Harrison got engaged in tropical Costa Rica.  No? You had to settle for popping the question at some sushi restaurant downtown?  Ah, the life of an NBA player, as Barnes and Johnson made the ultimate interpersonal commitment  in the rainforest rich Central America locale, per The Big Lead. And in this relationship, Ms. Johnson is not only Mr Barnes's better half, she's kind of his secret weapon whenever the pair get confronted by the media, for the beautiful Brittany was a graduate student in multimedia journalism at UC-Berkeley per Daily Mail.   They started dating while Barnes was playing for the 2015 champion Golden State Warriors, per Players Wives, which was perfect for Brittany as she was already a "Dubs" fan ,and didn't have to switch team loyalties!  Now, however, the soon to be bride must root for Harrison's current team, the Dallas Mavericks.



I'll take you anywhere I go, anywhere?

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The higher we ascend this list, the more obscure some of the names become, but the beauty remains. Here we have the Phoenix Suns' rookie power forward Marquese Chriss, who had a decent rookie campaign in the desert, shooting 45 percent while posting 9.2 points a game. Yet by far, Chriss' season highlight was not when he he playing, but while being a simple spectator spotted at an Arizona Wildcats home game last January 29, accompanied by the intoxicating Janae Mullan, a University of Arizona sorority sex-bomb with a face--and bod--not far removed from the dual angelic/salacious features of supermodel Kate Upton.

You'd think Mr. Chriss would've popped the question the night of that date, just to secure Janae for his very own! But young NBA players often don't appreciate what they have in hand, always looking for the next woman to conquer. Still, we appreciate Marquese's superb taste in taking Janae Mullan out in public for all the world to admire--and drool over. 



Like the great Cameron Crowe movie about an up-and-coming rock band, this wanna-be power couple consisting of pro sportscaster Olivia Harlan and pro power forward Sam Dekker are “almost famous.” Meaning, they're not quite Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers.  However, the pair recently got engaged over the Memorial Day weekend. Perhaps by uniting they will become a "human gestalt"--wherein the whole being is greater than the sum of their individual selves. Blonde bombshell Olivia's s an ESPN/FOX reporter of the vivacious variety, while he’s a young forward for the Houston Rockets, but they will soon become one, at least symbolically. Dekker had a decent sophomore season in 2016-17, averaging 6.3 points a game while shooting 47 percent..  ut he did much better snagging the mega-hottie Ms. Harlan.



And you thought the only thing interesting about Atlanta Hawks' shooting guard Thabo Sefolosha was his Wheel-of-Fortune style name? Nope, he also can brag on his wife Bertille, a Cameroon-born beauty of the most unique variety that surely draws all attention to any room she enters.  Her unique name is French for “bright maiden” and Bertille certainly embodies that, as she’s very bold and brave, and more openly sexy than a lot of her NBA wife counterparts. Yet Mrs. Sefolosha is always classy, never trashy.

(Reading this, Kardashians and Azaleas?)  The beautiful Bertille loves showing off her electable thighs in solo shots, as well as photographs with husband Thabo. We ask you, is there anything about Bertille that doesn’t exude an exotic flair of the most satisfying? Good luck finding such a defect when this French goddess is dressed to kill. 



With some entries on this list, it's a bit of a challenge to find a pic that truly embodies the woman's hotness.  That's not the case with this list's number one hot NBA partner, lingerie model Johanna Lundback, the wife of Boston Celtics' power forward Jonas Jerebko. The real difficulty was narrowing down one from too many hot pics of Lundback--but it's a good problem to have! Lundback and Jerebko may be superstars in their native Sweden, but in the U.S. they bathe in relative obscurity--although power forward Jonas gained some new notoriety with strong play off the bench during the Celtics recent run to the Eastern Conference Finals, until they were crowned by a king named James.  But Jerebko always has a queen by his side in the luscious Ms. Lundback.  

He has provided a castle for his queen with a $2.2 million mansion purchase in Oakland Township, Michigan, that Jonas bought from Detroit Pistons Ben Gordon, a former teammate of his. And it comes equipped with workout facilities so Jonas can practice--and more importantly, so Johanna never loses her incredible figure!


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