Top 15 Embarrassing Things NBA Players Posted On Social Media

The NBA has been full of players and coaches alike posting some things on social media that they wish they wouldn't have.

Professional athletes have always been under the microscope of the public eye, but never more than they are today. With seemingly everybody being on social media and using a variety of different platforms daily, every single post an athlete makes is seen by thousands and thousands of people. While most of the stuff being posted is perfectly fine and PG, this isn't always the case. Many athletes have posted comments and selfies they probably shouldn't have, and some have accidentally posted some pretty embarrassing things.

In particular, the NBA has been full of players and coaches alike posting some things on social media that they wish they wouldn't have. Unfortunately, trying to erase something from the internet is nearly impossible, so the people on this list have to live with the embarrassing mistakes they made, and the public makes sure to remind them constantly.

Without any further ado, let's look at the top 15 embarrassing things that NBA players have posted or said on social media.

15 Damian Lillard Goes At LeBron James

Cary Edmondson/Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

A few years ago, when Damian Lillard was still a longshot to make the NBA, he took to Twitter to voice his displeasures with the way LeBron James was playing in the playoffs during his time in Miami. He sent several tweets that called out James's manhood and focus, and also claimed that he left his talents back in Cleveland. Not a very good look to go at the best player in the world that hard, while you yourself are still just a college player. Well fast forward a few years, and Lillard is playing in the same league as James and has even gone against him on numerous occasions. Thankfully, Lillard went to James before he ever saw the tweets to hash things out and apologize. James, who is used to a lot of criticism, said that the tweets were no big deal.

14 Paul George Comments On The Ray Rice Situation


Paul George is no stranger to speaking his mind and finding himself in some controversy, but this one might just take the cake. After the Ray Rice domestic abuse case, which is one of the darkest in sports over the last decade, George decided to take to Twitter and defend Rice. He sent out several tweets on his thoughts on the situation including that the NFL should just let him play, and that if a woman hits you first, responding by hitting her back isn't beating her. These are obviously terrible things to say and he got a ton of backlash from the public for these comments. George has since apologized for defending Rice, but by that point, the damage has been done and the tweets are on the internet forever. There is no doubting George likely wishes he never sent those tweets out in the first place.

13 Cody Zeller's Kissing Tweet

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This one is fairly harmless compared to the last entry, but is still incredibly embarrassing nonetheless. A few years ago, in 2012, Cody Zeller sent out a tweet saying that he is giving out free kisses to all the cute girls, and said he's got a family-sized bag of them to give out. This was just a very weird thing to tweet, and we're sure that it sounded a lot better in his head than it sounds in reality. This is the sort of tweet a 12-year-old would think about sending as a joke, but then reconsider. I bet that Zeller is wishing he could take this one back, as it just reeks of cringe. So it's pretty small and innocent compared to many of the entries on this list, but there is no doubting Zeller has got some heat from the public and his teammates alike for this embarrassing tweet he sent out when he was a much younger man.

12 Kurt Rambis Likes His "Entertainment" 


Rambis is a former NBA player that won four NBA titles with the Los Angeles Lakers. However, Twitter wasn't around back then, so Rambis makes this list for something embarrassing he did as a coach. While many on this list are here because of something they posted on Twitter, Rambis is here for something he liked. The thing he liked was, unfortunately, an Asian woman in a precarious position, with the caption "love female masturbation." Ouch.  He and the Knicks have claimed he was hacked, but most believe that Rambis simply didn't know other people can see your likes on Twitter, and got caught being a bit of a pervert. It was also revealed that he follows a couple of adult accounts on Twitter, which is even more evidence that the like likely came from him. Overall, this is just a very embarrassing situation and is one that Rambis wishes he would never have done.

11 RJ Hunter's Many Questionable Comments


RJ Hunter is a name you might not know, but that didn't top him from taking to Twitter and poking fun at some of the best basketball players on the planet. While these tweets were, of course, a few years ago when he wasn't actually an NBA player, that doesn't make them any less embarrassing. Hunter has made several questionable tweets over the years. Like Lillard earlier in this article, Hunter went at LeBron James and even went as far to say that he has no basketball IQ and is a dumbass. Also, he sent out Tweets basically calling Chris Bosh gay. In addition to these, he made several other questionable tweet as a young man, ones that he wishes he could take back, surely. While Hunter isn't as high-profile as many of the stars on this list, he still took a lot of flak for the various comments he made.

10 Markelle Fultz Makes a Sponsored Post Error on Draft Night


Fultz is still just a rookie and has barely played in any NBA games, but that doesn't mean he is immune from making stupid or embarrassing social media posts. While he is generally pretty solid on social media, he does have one giant blunder that led to face-palms everywhere. On draft night, Fultz was tasked with sending out a sponsored Instagram post for Tissot, the watch company. The post was supposed to contain "Excited to head to Philadelphia and join the 76ers", but instead, it read "Excited to head to (city name) and join the (team name)". He clearly didn't proofread the post before sending it out and within minutes, thousands of people had seen it and let him know how embarrassing it was. What a way to start your NBA career.

9 Terry Rozier Comments on Curry's Mom


One man should never make a comment on another man's mother. This goes double when you are in the public eye. Well, Terry Rozier clearly didn't know about that when he made a questionable tweet a couple years back (before he was in the NBA). It is no secret that Steph Curry's mother is an attractive woman, but the last thing you should do is announce that to the world on social media. Well, Rozier did just that as he took to Twitter to let the world know that he thought Curry's mom was attractive. Little did Rozier know that only a few years later he would have to play against Curry, talk about embarrassing!! While Curry doesn't seem like the kind of guy to hold a grudge or be upset about this sort of thing, you never know!

8 Carmelo Will Pay You If You Slap His Ex


Despite being a huge star, Carmelo Anthony made a tweet that wasn't a very good look for him. Anthony was obviously very upset about something an ex of his did and instead of venting to friends and family about it like most people would do, he decided to take to a social media platform. And instead of just complaining, Anthony actually said that he would pay someone $5k if they slapped her in the face and recorded it. This is probably one of the worst things he could have posted and he got a ton of backlash for it. Basically, Anthony put somewhat of a "hit" on an ex and asked his hundreds of thousands of followers at the time to help him commit violence. Not only that, but he also included her handle so everyone knew who he was talking about. Simply put, this is a terrible and very embarrassing thing that Anthony did.

7 Michael Beasley's Unfortunate Background


Michael Beasley has been an interesting character throughout his NBA career. He has all the talent in the world, but many questionable decisions and work ethic concerns keep him from being a star. One of those took place way back in 2009, when he posted a seemingly innocent photo to Twitter. Beasley was flexing in the photo, showing off his new back tattoo. However, the tattoo isn't what lands him on this list. See, in the background of the photo, you can see a few suspicious baggies that are on the table, which are fashioned in such a way that make them look like drugs of some kind. While it is hard to see what is in the baggies, Beasley has a history of abusing drugs, so there is a good chance whatever was in those bags, was likely illegal. This is embarrassing as it landed him in hot water, and didn't help his public image much either.

6 D'Angelo Russell's Secret Recording

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This one was all over the news for weeks and may have even possibly led to why Russell was shipped out of Los Angeles. Let's break it down, shall we? Well, during a conversation, the then-rookie Russell was speaking with Nick Young and was secretly filming it all, without consent. They began to talk about Young's fiance at the time (Iggy Azalea) and eventually, it came out that Young had been cheating on her. Not only did Russell keep recording, the recording eventually found its way on social media, which was embarrassing for all parties involved. While Nick Young is no saint in all of this, Russell broke the trust of a teammate and put out a very personal video, that no one knew he was filming. That is wrong on so many levels and is a clear violation of Young's privacy. We bet he wishes he had never sent out that video, as it caused him lots of hardship over the past while.

5 Jonathon Simmons' Many Strange Posts

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Simmons is currently balling out for the NBA's Orlando Magic after breaking out for the Spurs a year ago. So while his life on the court is going great, things haven't always been so peachy for Simmons. This is especially true when it comes to his social media game. A few years ago, before Simmons was the player he is today, he had a field day posting strange, weird and very embarrassing things on his Twitter account. These include various posts about his love for oral, how he can't be with a girl who has ugly feet. While he didn't know he would be an NBA star and have his life under a microscope, these are strange things to share to the world. Now that he is finally blowing up, there are a fair share of people constantly reminding him of these past mistakes that he is likely still embarrassed about.

4 Ray Allen Shares A Spicy DM


Like many people who are a little bit older, Ray Allen has had some troubles with Twitter in the past. While he used to shoot his shot on the court, it appears that he also shoots his shots in the DMs on Twitter. While his Twitter feed is pretty normal, his fans a few years ago got the shock of a lifetime when they got a very X-rated post. The post (which was clearly meant to be a DM to someone he was chatting with), went into very explicit and sexual detail about what he wanted to do to a female. This mistake was embarrassing and even caused Allen to move over to a new handle! Allen has complained that he was hacked and this was not him, but that is a very convenient excuse for what is likely him just messing up and accidentally sending a private message to his public audience.

3 Al-Farouq Aminu's Many Homophobic Tweets

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

While he is a talented individual, Al-Farouq Aminu seems to have a vendetta against a certain kind of person. In a number of tweets, Aminu seems to show his dislike for gay individuals and their lifestyle. His tweets range from telling anyone with a gay roommate to kill themselves, to asking how someone can be gay and a virgin, and many others that are equally as offensive.  The tweets are all many years old, but that doesn't make them any less embarrassing or offensive. Since these Tweets were uncovered, Aminu has said he didn't author those tweets, but people hardly believe him. Whether hacked or not, these tweets are very embarrassing and do not shine a good light on Aminu in the least. In fact, some are still up on his Twitter if you dig deep enough!

2 Kevin Durant's Burner Accounts

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

While these aren't offensive or "wrong" when compared to other entrants in this list, it might be among the most embarrassing. What happened was that it was revealed that Kevin Durant created fake social media profiles to argue with people who said bad or negative things about him online. This came out when Durant made a post on his real handle, that was meant to come from one of his "burner" accounts. This quickly got shared around and thousands were cringing at the thought of Durant doing this. Every athlete and NBA player deals will trolls and hecklers from time to time, but for some reason, Durant can't help but to respond to them and engage. This whole ordeal made Durant a laughing stock among the public and the NBA for a few weeks, and I bet he's wishing he would have just ignored the trolls now, or at least remembered to log into his burner account.

1 Draymond Green's "D" Pic

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

First off, sending a d*** pic, in general, is pretty embarrassing, no one wants to see that. However, it is even more embarrassing when you accidentally broadcast that "d" pic to tens of thousands of followers on social media. While this would be hugely embarrassing and damning for anyone, it is made much worse when you are an NBA superstar at the level Draymond Green is in. On his public Snapchat account, Green sent out a "d" pic to his public story, which was obviously meant for a one on one conversation. It was quickly deleted, but not before likely thousands and thousands of people screenshotted it. He first tried to admit that he was hacked, but then later owned up to it. While it is good he owned up to it, it will take him a while to get over this one, and he is likely to be heckled about this embarrassing ordeal for years to come.

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