Top 15 Fascinating Stories You Didn't Know About LeBron James

LeBron James, better known as "The King," is the subject of a lot of conversations. He is sometimes regarded as the greatest player of all time, the most athletic, the most serious, or the most controversial player, all depending on who you ask. Some of his actions are cause for serious speculation, perhaps most notably his decision to leave Cleveland for Miami, which provoked the wrath of nearly the entire NBA and its fan base. Let's face it. When you're the player that everyone seems to hate, you know you've done something wrong.

James' decision to leave Cleveland for Miami compelled his once vibrant fan base to question his allegiance to his home state of Ohio. James drove the nail further into his coffin when he took home two NBA championships back-to-back in Miami.

Since his controversial move to Miami, James may have redeemed himself by proving himself on the court and through his charitable endeavors, but he remains basketball's one of most talked about and interesting athletes.

Below is a mix of interesting stories involving the man nearly everybody loves to hate. You can hate LeBron, love him, or feel neutral, but it cannot be denied that he in an interesting dude. While it's true that James is larger than life, it's important to remember that he is just a person. Some of the stories listed below may not seem like a big deal to you, but to an eight grader getting national media coverage, it can be. As James continues to grow his star power, and adds Hollywood to his resume this list may change, but for now these are still some pretty crazy stories that LeBron has been involved in.

These Are The Top 15 Insane LeBron James Stories. As always feel free to let us know if you heard any of these stories in the comments below.

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15 Missing School

via essentiallysports.com

When King James was just a young buck, he barely attended school. In fourth grade, he missed 51.25% of school (82 of 160 school days). Why was he missing so much school?Well, during this year of his life, LeBron's mother Gloria spent a week in jail for petty crimes like trespassing and disorderly conduct. He also had to move several times throughout his youth, meaning more missed school days.

The good news is that LeBron had a perfect attendance in fifth grade.

14 Agents In Ninth Grade

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People began taking notice of LeBron's basketball skills as early as ninth grade, with sports agencies even trying to get a hold of him, which is bizarre.

The International Management Group was scouting King James before he hit puberty. IMG Academy knew how good he was going to be. IMG has some of the most skilled physicians, and sports agents at their disposal. LeBron was a special talent at a young age and everybody knew it.

13 Broke His Wrist Junior Year

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron was terrified at the end of his junior year when he broke his wrist, which put an end to his dreams of being a football player. He broke the wrist in Chicago during a serious AAU game. The King was frightened. Fortunately, LeBron had a personal trainer and orthopedist who nursed him back to health in no time. This story was kept on the down low because it wouldn't have helped his draft stock.

12 Tried To Declare For Draft Junior Year

via gamejames.com

When LeBron James lost out on the National Player Of The Year Award, and also the High School Championship, he was angry. Not only was he angry, but he wanted to declare for the NBA Draft. He wanted to forget high school, not get a diploma and get out of Ohio.

James made efforts to tell the NBA he wanted to go to the league, but it was to no avail. He ultimately stayed another year in St. Vincent St Mary's. Had James declared for the 2002 draft, he could have ended up with the Houston Rockets, who took Yao Ming first overall that year.

11 Won't Be Measured

via nba.com

In LeBron's sophomore year of high school, he grew taller than 6-foot-6. This height was special to him because it is Michael Jordan's height. Upon this milestone, he stated that he would not be measured by others. He said he was the best high school player, and wanted to remain private about his true height. It was a little hard to keep something like that a secret. By his junior year, it was figured out. Today LeBron stands at 6-foot-8 as one of sports' most magnificent specimens.

10 Earth Science

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In high school, LeBron claims that he really enjoyed his earth science course. Earth science can actually be a difficult course, and it deals with planetary science. I don't know how difficult classes were at St. Vincent St. Mary, but either way, the temptation is always there for student athletes to slip in the classroom in favor of their athletics. It's good to hear that James wasn't such an awful student in high school.

9 His Hummer

via autoworldnews.com

You might be asking yourself how one would be able to afford to buy a $50,000 Hummer for their son while living in public housing. Well, LeBron's mother was able to secure a loan based on LeBron's potential earning power. At 18 years old it had become evident that LeBron was going to the NBA and would be a millionaire in no time. A person spoke on anonymity at the time regarding how Gloria James got the loan. They replied "LeBron James is collateral enough.''

The Ohio High School Athletic Association investigated the matter to ensure the car was a legitimate gift from his mother. LeBron wasn't really concerned about how it would look to the athletics department. He didn't intend on going to college and was in line for a $5 million sneaker deal.

8 German Chocolate Cake

via sbnation.com

German chocolate cake has been LeBron's cake of choice for years. Even at 31 year old, he has German chocolate cake for every birthday, without fail. It all started when he lived with his coach, when his mother wasn't around. It's probably because the area in which he is from has a highly German population.

This is a cool, and kind of funny tradition he continues to uphold.

7 Adidas Basketball Camp

via fivestarbasketball.com

When James was a senior in high school, he was to attend the Adidas basketball camp. Upon arrival, he was wearing Nike sneakers. I'm sure so were plenty of other kids, but it is interesting that he wouldn't throw on a pair of Adidas.

As the best player in all of high school basketball, I'm sure no one gave him a hard time. When you're the king (or the prince at the time) you can pretty much do whatever you want.

6 10 Push Ups

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In high school, LeBron's coach was very strict with him. He was a friendly guy, but made him work. Perhaps he knew he could push LeBron harder than the other kids and felt he had to instill more discipline in LeBron. He would be forced to do 10 push ups every time he would use foul language. James learned quickly, and proper language resulted from this. In fact, to this day he avoids vulgarity, and his wife attests to this.

5 Why He Wore #6

Mike Stone/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

James wore the number 6 for some time in Miami. He did so because his kid was born on the sixth day in October, and his other son was born in June (the 6th month). LeBron also wore no.6 as his Olympic number. Some claim the number has other connotations, like the devil (#6). Though this is creepy and interesting to think about, it's probably false.

LeBron had a lot of motivation for picking this special number.

4 Dunked in 8th Grade

via dailydose.com

In the 8th grade, James did his first dunk in a teachers vs. students game. As the whole school watched, LeBron ripped down his first slam dunk. At only six feet tall, he slammed it home on some of his favorite teachers. I'm sure the student body was going crazy, as they knew this kid would be great one day. They could see it, feel it, and know it by talking to him. He was to be a great basketball player. You wonder if the teachers felt embarrassed or they too took joy in knowing how special he was.

3 Secret Handshake with Jay-Z

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LeBron James and famous rapper Jay-Z have their own private handshake that they always do. LeBron tried to teach it to Mario Chalmers once, but he didn't catch on. Like Jerry The King Lawler used to say in WWE, "it takes a king!". James uses this whenever he sees Hova, and interestingly enough, other people also have secret handshakes with Hova. James isn't alone in this special handshake business.

2 Loved Dr.J

via bleacherreport.com

In high school, James was number 32 because he idolized Julius Erving. Erving was his favorite player, and at first he commemorated him by wearing his number.

Then, James changed his number to 23, which he uses to this day. He used it on the Cleveland Cavaliers as a reminder of his past in Akron, Ohio and how he has got where he is today. He was number 6 for the Miami Heat, and Olympic Teams, but that is it.

1 Michael Jordan Asked To Watch Him Practice As A Sophomore

via youtube.com

As a sophomore in high school, James could not be more star-struck when the best player in the world asked him to watch him perform in a private scrimmage in Chicago. This best player was of course Michael Jordan, the greatest player to ever play in the NBA (arguably). Surprisingly, James never went. LeBron called Jordan's number, but was so nervous, he ended up just hanging up because he couldn't fathom the idea that he was actually about to reach Michael Jordan.

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