Top 15 Hottest NBA Daughters

The sons and daughters of today's NBA superstars are more renown then ever before. Stephen and Ayesha Curry's eldest daughter Riley is an internet darling who oozes cuteness. Their younger daughter Ry

The sons and daughters of today's NBA superstars are more renown then ever before. Stephen and Ayesha Curry's eldest daughter Riley is an internet darling who oozes cuteness. Their younger daughter Ryan has big shoes to fill! Lebron James and Savannah Brinson's son LeBron James Jr appears to be quite the basketball prodigy in his own right. Their younger son Bryce will have even loftier expectations considering the success of his father and the early success of his elder brother. Derrick Rose's son P.J. is infamous for an unconventional look he gave at a presser. Carmelo Anthony's son Kiyan has taken his fair share of shots on the Madison Square Garden hardwood.

While the forenamed sons and daughters are the more recognized names by fans, they are mere youngsters. Moreover, the majority of today's NBA players children haven't hit adulthood. This is where the NBA coaches and former NBA players come in handy! Here, we take a look at the fifteen hottest NBA daughters.

24 Mallory Edens

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The 2014 NBA Draft Lottery saw the Milwaukee Bucks grab the number two overall pick. While Bucks fans were certainly happy to see Duke Forward Jabari Parker selected second overall in the NBA Draft, they and NBA fans worldwide were certainly happy to see who the Bucks had selected to represent them for the 2014 Draft Lottery. The daughter of Investment Banker and Bucks co-owner Wesley Edens, Mallory Edens became an overnight celebrity once audiences were introduced to her at the lottery. Mallory at the time was a high-school Senior in New York that had 250 followers on Twitter prior to her appearance. Fast forward to the next day and Mallory's follower total had skyrocketed to 33,000! She might not be Katherine Webb, but she sparked up plenty of interest in her own right.

23 Jasmyn Wilkins

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Jasmyn Wilkins is the niece of former Atlanta Hawks Hall of Fame swingman Dominique Wilkins, the daughter of former New York Knick Gerald Wilkins and her older brother is Damien Wilkins who has had his fair share of time logged in the NBA and is currently in the NBA's D-League. Jasmyn's younger sister also attended college on a basketball scholarship. The Wilkins clan certainly has a knack for basketball, and Jasmyn was no slouch in her own right when it came to athletics. However, she's followed a different path and has embarked on a career in nursing as she is a student at Georgia State University. She also claimed forth runner up in the 2012 Miss Universe pageant. Not too shabby, Jasmyn, not too shabby!

22 Cheyenne Kidd

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Jason Kidd had a storied career in the NBA as he was a 10x NBA All-Star, named to the NBA First Team on four occasions, shared the Rookie of the Year award in 1995 with Grant Hill and was named to the NBA's All-Defensive First Team on four occasions. He's currently trying to parlay his success as a player to the sidelines as he is serving in his third season as the Head Coach for the Milwaukee Bucks. Kidd's daughter Cheyenne is an attractive young woman but proceed with caution! Cheyenne has been accused of being a Hollywood "street walker" and has had a stint in rehab. She has also accused Jason of being a dead beat father in the past. Did I mention to proceed with caution?

21 Kajun Russell


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Byron Russell was a solid defender throughout his playing days, but his belief in his defensive prowess may have been his greatest enemy. Michael Jordan, who is frequently and most often regarded as the greatest of all-time, referenced Russell in his 2009 Hall of Fame induction speech. MJ recalled a conversation with him and Russell in 1994. Jordan said, "At this time, I had no thoughts of coming back and playing the game of basketball'. Bryon Russell came over to me and said, 'Why did you quit? You know I could guard you.' From this day forward, if I ever see [Russell] in shorts, I'm coming at him." Now, Russell's defining moment is "His Airness" jawing him for his sixth championship. Not the prettiest site; but, Russell's daughter Kajun is. She's a knockout just like MJ's Game 6 1998 NBA Finals over Russell.

20 Abby Hornacek


Knicks President Phil Jackson caught everyone off guard when he selected Jeff Hornacek to take over the coaching reigns of the New York Knicks. The belief was always that Jackson wanted to hire one of his own. Moreover, Jackson was tone-deaf to any and every one who was not a proponent of his triangle principles. With the Zen Master bringing father Jeff over to the Big Apple to run the sidelines, Hornacek begins his second run as an NBA coach, with his first run being in Phoenix. Hornacek's daughter Abby is a USC graduate and is a co-host of the 120 Sports show The Rally. Abby has also previously interviewed her father while he was with the Phoenix Suns. Abby's certainly got the look for bigger and better opportunities in the sports world.


18 Jasmine Jordan

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The daughter of Michael Jordan, Jasmine Jordan wasn't blessed with the hooping talent of her father. Not everyone can be genetically superior now right, Charlotte Flair? Jasmine studied Sports Management at Syracuse University. However, her experience at Syracuse can be described as bittersweet. In an interview with The Boss Up Jasmine tells it as so, "when I first got here I honestly hated it. About a month or so before I officially moved in, there was an article written about me coming to Syracuse and next thing I know the world knew where I was going. I had over 1,000 Facebook requests and who knows how many Twitter followers I gain. Needless to say, that article brought unwanted attention on me and it made my first year hard because everyone knew my face and assumed they knew my story as well. Jasmine may have hated it but she must've received plenty of attention from those who did and didn't know she was MJ's daughter. She is currently dating former Syracuse Orange player and current NBA D-League talent Rakeem Christmas.

17 Anjali Ranadive

The circus that is the Sacramento Kings is a mess to look at and has been so for the past decade. Whether its DeMarcus Cousins famously reading a mean tweet on Jimmy Kimmel that called him an emotional lesbian (the claim isn't exactly absurd), the jettisoning of coaches left and right, its ability to constantly strike out on first round picks (sans Cousins) or Rudy Gay letting officials know that he likely wouldn't be returning to the team once his contract is up, this team seems to get little right. However, majority team owner Vivek Ranadive's daughter is a sight for sore eyes - for both Kings and non-Kings fans. Anjali is a twenty-four year old musician who has had the likes of French Montana and Tyga featured on her songs. She is also quite the advocate for marine conservation.

16 Danni Tisdale

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The late Wayman Tisdale passed away in 2009 at the age of forty-four. Tisdale had battled cancer since 2007, but his death two years later still came as a shock as just a month earlier he announced that he was ready to set out on a twenty-one day concert tour. On the morning of May 9th, 2009, Tisdale complained to his wife that he was having difficulty breathing. Tisdale was admitted into a hospital and tragically met his maker six days later. Tisdale left behind his wife and four children. One of those children, Danni is quite the stunner. Danni is a designer/wardrobe consultant and has her own website Like her father she is an Oklahoma native and a fan of the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs.

15 Madeline Kerr

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It seems like an eternity ago when current Golden State Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr was whether he'd coach the Golden State Warriors or the New York Knicks. By choosing the Golden State Warriors it's clear as day that Kerr made the right decision! Coach Kerr's main reason for not wanting to coach the Knicks wasn't the roster; it was their location. Kerr's family resided on the West Coast and he was very reluctant to part from the Golden State. One of Kerr's daughters, Madeline, better known as Maddy currently plays volleyball for the California Golden Bears. Maddy's got game too as evidenced by her 459 digs in the 2015 season which was good for ninth best in California Golden Bears history.

14 Paige Hoiberg


When looking at Paige Hoiberg she looks to embody the same personality and demeanor as he father. But, let Chicago Bulls all-star Jimmy Butler tell it. Butler said of his coach Fred Hoiberg last season after a defeat, "I'm sorry, I know Fred's a laid-back guy, and I really respect him for that, but when guys aren't doing what they're supposed to do, you got to get on guys, myself included. You got to do what you're supposed to do when you're out there playing basketball". Well, when you lose by double digits to the New York Knicks, you'll say things like this! Paige is a student at Kansas University where she works in the Kansas Jayhawks basketball office. She's also got talent on the basketball court as she averaged a team leading 13.6 PPG in her Senior season back home in Ames, Iowa.

13 Laura Stockton

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The NBA's all-time leader in assists may not currently be involved in the NBA, but when you're a Hall of Famer and are the NBA's all-time assist leader by over 3,000 dimes, we can make an exception. It also helps when your daughter looks as good as Laura Stockton does. Laura is carrying on the family basketball legacy as she plays for her father's alma mater Gonzaga. The 5'8'' guard averaged 6.7 PPG as a freshman and made her father proud as she was second on the team in the assist department. Laura may have the necessary tools to make it to the big leagues, the WNBA, as after her Senior campaign in High School she was named the Seattle Times State Player of the Year. Filling the shoes of her father is no easy task, but Laura seems to have an impressive skill set in her own right.







6 Lexie Woodson

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Atlanta Hawks fans and New York Knicks fans don't have many reasons to thank Mike Woodson; but, one reason they can thank the man who resembles the Pokemon Diglett is for Lexie Woodson. Lexie is the elder of Woodson's two daughters and dabbles in the Kiwi Plum line, although her sister Mariah seems to be at the forefront of the company. Lexie was born on October 16th, 1989 and stands a tall 6'1'' just like her sister, Mariah. Lexie, whose birth name is Alexis may not have taken her talents to the hardwood like her old man, but she made an impact in volleyball down in the swamp for Tim Tebow's alma mater, the Florida Gators. Lexie is twenty-seven and can occasionally be seen at Clipper games as her father is an Assistant Coach for the "Lob City" team.

5 Mariah Woodson

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Mariah Woodson's father may look like Family Feud host Steve Harvey. But, we can all thank Mike Woodson for giving us Mariah, who is the youngest of Woodson's two daughters. Mariah has her own brand, Kiwi Plum, which "encourages women to embrace who they are. Be who you want to be, unapologetically" as stated in the page's Instagram bio. The brand's identity doesn't seem to be fully carved out as of yet, but it looks like swimwear is where the brand will divert the majority of its focus, if not all of its focus. In March of 2016 Mariah coordinated a swimsuit photoshoot that included a number of NBA daughters (who also appear on this list).

4 Whitney Kroenke


Whitney Kroenke's father Stan is universally hated all throughout St. Louis, Missouri for moving the Rams back to Los Angeles. To make matters worse, Stan is a born and bred Missourian who was pivotal in moving the Rams from Los Angeles to St. Louis in 1995. "He giveth and he taketh away" at its finest. Kroenke is also an owner of the NHL's Colorado Avalanche as well as the NBA's Denver Nuggets. None of his teams have won a championship under his ownership. However, Stan's daughter Whitney is a gem in her own right. Not much is known about the beautiful blonde besides being an film producer and a philanthropist; perhaps that is because she sticks to the "Silent Stan" protocol of which her father is known for as he rarely gives media interviews. At least her looks speak volumes for her.



1 Callie Rivers

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She's the daughter of Los Angeles Clippers Head Coach Doc Rivers. She's alleged to have once dated Indiana Pacers superstar swingman Paul George as well as Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Point Guard God Kyrie Irving. According to a tweet from Dwain Price, a Dallas Mavericks beat writer, "a source said he believes Doc Rivers' daughter, Callie, got to DeAndre Jordan and convinced him 2 change his mind and return 2 the Clippers". Mavericks fans this woman is mortal enemy number one in your world; Clippers fans this woman is your savior. Austin Rivers isn't the only Rivers sibling with athletic talent as Callie had quite the volleyball career in her own right. Callie played for the Florida Gators in college where  and she played professionally in Puerto Rico upon completion of college.


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