Top 15 Hottest NBA WAGs Of The 2016-17 Season

Let's celebrate beautiful women. Ladies enrich life in countless ways, adding much-needed doses of caring, tenderness, moxie, liveliness, and truth. Their smiles ensure the world has reason to keep spinning. Beauty is a flexible word that takes many forms. But this is the internet, as you might have noticed, and there are standards to uphold, so for this list, we're going to focus on physical beauty.

Ranking the wives and girlfriends of NBA players based on their personalities will have to wait until next season. We owe it to ourselves to live in the now, in the 2016-17 NBA season, and offer a thumbs-up to the ballers who get to share a bed with these stunning ladies. So, let's take note of the women that range from gorgeous to voluptuous, from absurdly hot to staggeringly cute. I'll be the tour guide--some goofball getting upstaged by mouth-watering pics of amazing vixens. No argument here. 'Cause if looks were leaping ability, these ladies would be slamming 360-windmills from the free throw line.

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15 Ayesha Curry - Steph Curry

via people.com

Born in Toronto with the maiden name Alexander, two-time MVP Steph Curry knows what it's like to cuddle with this Canuck. The couple have known each other nearly half their lives--since she was 14 and he was 15. They met circa 2003 when the Alexanders moved to Charlotte (presumably to give their daughter the chance to find true love with the greatest shooter of all-time). Steph and his better half have been married since 2011. It didn't take long for them to experience the joy of making babies.

Considering her wide array of skills--actress, author, businesswoman, cook, model, TV personality--Steph's assists per game are barely more than the number of jobs his wife has. A smart and ambitious beauty, Ayesha's got better things to do than watch the Game Show Network while counting fat stacks of cash (although that does seem like a fun way to pass the time). With full lips, mocha skin, and eyes the shade of the jungle, Ayesha's been known to drain threes and fiercely defend her man, on Twitter or otherwise. If you don't want a Most Valuable Person like that in your life, your mom should smack you upside the head.

14 Kylie Bossie - Tim Hardaway Jr.

via playerwives.com

A second generation baller, there's reason to believe Tim Hardaway Jr. was taking notes from his dad--perpetrator of the UTEP Two-Step--on how to make it as a pro ever since he was confined in a playpen. Slight exaggeration--but the pedigree doesn't hurt, and after excelling for three years at Michigan, Tim has been scored a few buckets for New York and now Atlanta, where his numbers have climbed this season. Also, he's dating an overwhelmingly cute brunette named Kylie Bossie.

She followed him from New York to Atlanta when he got traded in June of 2015. That's a sign that she's into him, and Tim reciprocates the vibes by posting couple pics on the regular. Caption suggestions for Tim include: "Yup, still hot," "Shwing!" and "Where'd I put that card from All-Star weekend that says '10'?" The gorgeous Ms. Bossie is the doting owner of three French bulldogs. They're a rare breed of canines so adorable it's actually badass. (Note to self: Step up game by getting bulldogs.)

13 Destiny Marie - Paul George

snap 🤳🏽

A post shared by Destiny Marie (@theedestinymarie) on

Thank the lord for stunning girls with pun-friendly names. When a friend asks Paul George if he wants to hang out and play Xbox, he might have to decline and say, "Nah, I've got a date with Destiny." (Possibly true story.) Imagine the power a desired woman must feel with a name akin to fate. You think it was mere chance that brought you to her Instagram page? Child, please.

On the subject of power, Destiny believes in a higher one. She seeks harmony with God through prayer. Should the Pacers pull off a miracle upset over the Cavs in the postseason, fans might be obliged to thank Destiny. Her man is a four-time All-Star and elite defender who runs the fast break like a smooth operator, and chances are Destiny's too smooth to misspeak and introduce herself as "your density" like Marty's dad from Back to the Future did. If you're Paul George, she's your density--I mean, your Destiny.

12 Juliet Richardson - Kyle Korver

via wagsr.com

The pixie look is too adorable to go unnoticed, and Kyle Korver's main squeeze knows how to rock it. Juliet also rocked the mic back in the day. In 2005, her single "Avalon" was a hit on the European Dance chart. Random Order stands her only major album, but hey, it's still more than I've done. Now she teaches yoga in Chicago, which means Juliet stays fit, supple, and she frequently wears the hottest pants ever invented.

Her beau is a sharpshooter from long range who holds the record for the highest percentage of threes made in a season (53.6%). With game like that, he might have an easier time convincing his bride to show off her elfin beauty in a Halloween costume such as a fairy princess from Zelda, clad in a forest-colored skirt that puts her toned, limber legs on display. Or there's always the Santa's elf costume for Christmas, which would favor stockings striped like candy canes. File it under maybe! Juliet is a vivacious pixie any way she gets dressed up.

11 Brittany Renner - Ben Simmons

via mediatakepout.com

Born in Australia, Ben Simmons earned phenom hype at a young age and moved to Florida, USA to play high school hoops. From there he had a cup of coffee at LSU, then became the third number-one pick in 11 years to hail from Melbourne. The future of basketball in Philly endured a setback with an ankle injury in September. The 76ers can't wait for Simmons to make his pro debut after the All-Star break, and neither can a girl he's been linked to, the astoundingly curvy vixen, Brittany Renner.

With over two million followers on Instagram and a wild flow of thick, curly hair that brings to mind a tropical paradise, Brittany has no trouble promoting hair products to folks on the 'Gram. In the past, she's been linked to Colin Kaepernick, along with heaps of drama, but they parted ways, and now it seems she might be fond of a lanky dude from Down Under. Aside from his own, Simmons has damaged the ankles of many defenders who tried guarding him in vain, and we can safely assume that Renner has caused as many injuries to the necks of men who turned their heads with too much force as she walked past them on the sidewalk.

10 Hazel Renee - John Wall

via complex.com

Like Bradley Beal, his counterpart in the DC's backcourt, John Wall has a delectable girlfriend. These guards for the Wizards date spellbinding beauties. To maximize happiness, the dudes should plan a double-date each time one of them stuffs the stat sheet with a double-double. With a diminutive body that pops out splendidly in the right places, Hazel has won the attention of Wall and thousands of folks on Instagram.

Wall is a four-time All-Star on a Wiz squad we might see in the Eastern Conference Finals. If that's the case, fans should be on the lookout for a pint-sized temptress whose features blend the most enticing traits of Filipino, African American, and Puerto Rican descent. (That might sound awfully specific, but rest assured, she's worth spotting in a crowd.) Hazel was educated Michigan State and she's into music, the entertainment scene, and modeling. That last one probably seemed like a safe bet given the titillating pics of her posing in a bikini deep within a tropical jungle.

9 Alexis Deviyan - Hassan Whiteside

After two years of college ball at Marshall, Hassan Whiteside was picked by the Kings in the second round of the 2010 draft, but he struggled in Sacramento. From there, his career took a series of detours--from Sioux Falls and Rio Grande in the D-League to the Sichuan Blue Whales in China--but he's finally starting to flourish for the new-era Heat. All those tales of travel, adventure overseas, and battling through letdowns to find redemption make for great stories to share with ladies. Perhaps Alexis Deviyan has heard a few.

Miss Deviyan is a fitness fanatic who possesses ethereal beauty and a winning smile. She works at a fitness club in Charlotte and holds the rare distinction of being a girlfriend of an NBA player who also works as a barista. Who wouldn't gulp down six cups of coffee and four shots of espresso in an afternoon if Alexis Deviyan was spotted behind the counter? It's only sensible. Anyway, she seems driven to succeed and focused on keeping her body fit and toned. So far, so good on those goals. What a lady. Somebody give Whiteside a high-five. Maybe bring a step stool, though, 'cause the dude's seven feet tall.

8 Olivia Harlan - Sam Dekker

Thanks for having us Rolling Stone #superbowl51 @gettyimages

A post shared by Olivia Harlan (@oliviaharlanespn) on

By dating Michigan alum Bailey Scheich, Sam Dekker proved that Wolverines and Badgers can smooch if they feel like it. But that was about as 2015 Joe Biden memes, and if you recall nothing else from this countdown, remember to live in the now. The Rockets forward is currently seeing Olivia Harlan. Like Scheich, she's a blonde siren. Unlike Sam's ex, she's a fellow Wisconsinite. It seems that mutual love of cheese and the Packers really does conquer all.

You might recognize Olivia from her gig as a sideline reporter for college football on ESPN. She also covers the Atlanta Hawks on Fox Sports South. As we learned from Sam's prior relationship with a golden-haired femme fatale, he doesn't mind stirring up conflict when it comes to his girlfriend's devotion to a basketball team. He could posterize Paul Millsap and drop 30 to beat her Hawks, thus winning points as both a bad boy who torched her team as well as a good boyfriend who did his job. Sam is a Wisconsin kid who deserves a toast of Miller High Life.

7 Meghan Allen - Devin Harris

via lolwot.com

The story goes that Meghan was tending bar at a club in Dallas when Devin Harris strode up and started to chat with her. To maintain the attention of a beer-giving goddess while she serves dozens of other patrons--many of whom would also love to get her number--is no easy feat, but Harris kept his cool and made a first impression so strong that the two have been an item for a decade. They married in 2013 and congrats to them for making two babies together.

Meghan was the January 2008 Playboy Cyber Playmate of the month, as you might have guessed from her tantalizing curves, flourish of golden hair, and sky-blue eyes. She's had gigs on Couples Fear Factor and she's appeared on The Howard Stern Show, in a segment where Stern probably asked a few questions about her breathtaking body. Looks aside, kudos to her and Harris for making their relationship work for the better part of Harris' 14-year career. Hey, if she's willing to follow you to four different zip codes and she's also a Playmate, that means she's a keeper.

6 Dylan Gonzalez - Anthony Davis

via niketalk.com

There's no reason a dude with a unibrow can't find true love. That could be the tagline if a movie ever gets made about the life of Anthony Davis. Forget about Dylan Gonzalez' looks for a second. Get a load of her talents: She's a gifted athlete who lettered in basketball, volleyball, and track and field. In high school, she garnered first team all-state honors in 2012 and 2013 in Napoleon Dynamite Country (also known as Idaho). Dyl can carry a tune, too. Paired with her twin sister Dakota, she sings a rendition of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep." It's on YouTube, so it's free.

OK, now that we've covered her talents, let's remember her looks. Whoa! Yow-zah! Dylan Gonzalez is so hot she sizzles. But The Brow realized that is but another to treat her like a lady. Miss Gonzalez seems like the type of gal who finds it easy to dig a man in spite of his imperfections, and if she has any, let's hope Anthony Davis reciprocates the mercy. Everyday mortals can try to get her digits, but be warned: Davis has a wingspan so long he could maybe punch somebody from across state lines.

5 Amber Alvarez - DeAndre Jordan

Serious question, what do your Saturday's feel like?

A post shared by Amber Alvarez (@theamberalvarez) on

Rim protector, shot blocker, and dunk extraordinaire, DeAndre Jordan is also a devout Christian, and one of his prayers must have gone swish the day he caught the attention of Amber Alvarez. She's a dainty sight for sore eyes, bounding with glamour and a brunette flow of hair so exquisite she should appear in Vidal Sassoon commercials. Living in glitzy L.A. with her man DeAndre could better her chances of doing so.

Granted, they've been through plenty of turmoil in their relationship, but it's hard to give up on a supermodel, or conversely, an alley-oop master who could easily go as Soul legend Barry White for Halloween. In addition to Amber's alluring pics online, she expresses her thoughts on Twitter as well. She stood in solidarity of the Women's March on Washington, and she re-Tweeted the following: "What a powerful weekend for women. Persevere with passion!" That's a great message. Be a cool dude who helps women persevere with passion.

4 Kamiah Adams - Bradley Beal

Forehead kisses 😍💋

A post shared by Kamiah Adams (@kamiahadams) on

She's a starlet on Instagram with nearly a million followers and he's a two-guard on the rise who's already playing in his fifth season at the ripe age of 23. With the Wizards emerging as a force in the East and Kamiah by his side, life for Bradley Beal could get even better if Washington can make a deeper run in the postseason. As for Beal's deal off the court, he's got a lovely roommate, and the pair own two dogs named King and Diesel. (Because naming them LeBron and Shaq would be silly).

Driven and chic, Kamiah's got a photogenic confidence that shines in pics ranging from casual to elegant to bikini-clad sexy. Beal found the slam to his dunk, a petite doll-face with exotic allure and a powerful presence. She seems into self-improvement and positivity, too, as evidenced by some of online posts, including: "Build someone up. Tell them they're magical. Be light in an often too dim world." Here's a wild idea for Beal: Set a night aside to write haikus with this girl. She'll dig it.

3 Amelia Vega - Al Horford

via basketdominicano.blogspot.ca

This darling of the Dominican Republic was named Miss Universe at the age of 18. Ay dios mio! What keeps a young woman driven after she has already been deemed the most beautiful creature living on any of the billions of planets and moons? Well, she had to go out and find her man, for one thing, and that turned out to be Al Horford. They're both Dominican-born. Being bilingual spices up both pillow talk and wedding vows.

Her father is a doctor and her mother is a pilot. Was she named after famed aviator Amelia Earhart? Perhaps, but one thing is certain: It doesn't get much better than pronouncing the name "Amelia." Some of us have to say it in the voice of a ridiculous Italian stereotype like Super Mario because if we say "Amelia" sincerely, we might fall head-over-heels and buy roses for Ms. Vega, and Al Horford would not be cool with that. After years in Atlanta, the four-time All-Star joined the Celtics this season. The dude's married to Amelia and now he's got the luck of the Irish? He can't lose.

2 Alex Reid - Andrew Wiggins

Go Kansas

A post shared by Alexandra Reid (@thealexreid) on

A Canadian with serious game, Andrew Wiggins was a one-year sensation for the Kansas Jayhawks before the Cavs picked him first overall in 2014. Not long thereafter he was traded to the T-Wolves in the Kevin Love deal. Wiggins and Love share another thing in common. They both have ravishing girlfriends. The dunking Canuck has established himself as a franchise player for a squad on the rise, and his main squeeze posing in a revealing tank-top might be the best sight you see today.

Ms. Reid loves hoops, so that means she's probably cool. She's a die hard fan of the Jayhawks, with or without Wiggins, so don't be shocked if she fills out a bracket this year and predicts glory for Kansas in the Big Dance. The bae of Wiggins is also passionate about music. She's a singer/ songwriter who lives in Los Angeles. That's a long way from Minnesota, but at least it's where the Lakers used to play--so there's a tidbit of small talk for the couple to gab about on the phone. Anyway, her skin tone is like the perfect mix of coffee and milk, guaranteed to make a man both alert and healthy. Drink up, Wiggins.

1 Kate Bock - Kevin Love

via sportschatter.com

It's no wonder Kevin Love gritted through smack talk that he couldn't gel with LeBron James to win a title. Look at his girlfriends. (His ex Cody Horn made last year's list--on account of, you know, being super-hot). When haters had the gall to call him the poor man's Chris Bosh, it was easy to wipe that dirt off his shoulder and return to a hotel suite where a babe from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue awaited. Kate Bock has made eyes pop and jaws drop posing for Maxim and Victoria's Secret as well.

Another bilingual belle, Bock is fluent in French. She's one more Canuck to add to this list, too. Forget about the current administration--these gorgeous Canadians offer the best reason to migrate north of the border. Bock's beau Dr. Love is the nephew of Beach Boys singer Mike Love. On Valentine's Day, Kev could win major points by singing "God Only Knows" to her in French. That, or just buy her an Austin 3:16 shirt to match the one he's got, and if she's into it: Oh, Hell Yeah! Put a ring on that finger, 'cause TheSportster said so.

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