Top 15 Hottest Women These NBA Players Allegedly Cheated On Their Spouses With

When we think about unfaithful athletes, the first name that comes to our minds is Tiger Woods. There is little we can do to steer away from that fact. No one will ever get close to Tiger in terms of how hot his mistresses were, nor on the amounts of mistresses he had. But still, there are a few athletes who tallied conquests that could get to at least rival Tiger’s. Many of these athletes are former NBA players, and there are even a few who are still active. We cannot stress this enough, as the title explicitly says, these are all alleged cheating scandals that have boomed around the NBA.

Anyone would have to agree that being an NBA player cannot be easy in terms of being faithful to your wife or girlfriend. These are young men who get paid ridiculous amounts of money to play basketball and be in the spotlight day in and day out. They have women throwing themselves at them from the West Coast to the East Coast. Not to mention that most of their time during the season is spent away from home and their families. Don’t get us wrong, cheating is an abominable act, and no one should ever get married if they knew it would eventually come to this. But we also have to remember that these guys are human, and sometimes humans succumb to the pressure. That fact might especially be true if the pressure came in the form of one of these 15 ladies.

15 Erin Barry (Tony Parker)

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The Erin Barry scandal is an especially messed up one because it involves two levels of cheating. The first is the obvious adultery committed when it came out that Tony Parker was having an affair behind his wife Eva Longoria’s back. But the fact that made this case especially messed up is that Parker did not cheat on his wife with just some girl he met at a hotel or a bar. He cheated on his wife with one of his teammate’s wife. Yes, Tony Parker allegedly cheated on Eva Longoria with Brent Barry’s wife, Erin.

Brent and Tony were teammates for four years playing for the San Antonio Spurs. Not only that, but the couples were apparently such good friends that the Barrys attended Parker’s wedding to Longoria in France in 2007.

14 Vanessa Lopez (Shaq)

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If there is one NBA player who could be considered the Tiger Woods of basketball, it would be The Big Diesel, Shaquille O’Neal.

Shaq is one of the most awesome personalities on the court and off of it. He only seems to have one bad aspect to his personal life, and that is the amounts of alleged mistresses he had.

One of the most notorious out of this bunch was Vanessa Lopez, a former mistress who Shaq allegedly harassed after she told him that she thought she was pregnant. And let’s be honest, if there is one person you do not want harassing you, it’s Shaquille O’Neal, because that is a terrifying man. Either way, even for Shaq, Vanessa Lopez seems like one hell of a beautiful mistress to have.

13 Lisa Miceli (Michael Jordan)

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To this day it’s is impossible to tell if Michael Jordan actually had an affair with this woman are if she was legitimately just a crazy stalker. Our best bets are on the second option, but we still thought it would be funny to tell you this story.

It all started in 2004 when Miceli filed a lawsuit against Jordan claiming that he had fathered her son. Jordan was not too happy about that, but still did the paternity tests the courts asked him to do. Two paternity tests came out negative, but that did not seem to matter to the Pennsylvania woman, who kept bugging Michael and his camp despite having restraining orders against her.

Luckily for Jordan, after some time it seems that Miceli finally gave up on him and decided to pursue other celebrities, but that is a hilarious story for another day.

12 Laura Govan (Shaq)

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And here we are, just a couple of entries later and we are already back on the Shaq train. This time O’Neal was not exactly the one doing the cheating, but he was an accessory to the fact. Laura Govan was the wife of former NBA star point guard Gilbert Arenas. Their marriage never seemed to be the best of unions, but still, it had to hurt when Gilbert found out that she was cheating on him with The Big Diesel himself.

For us who were onlookers on the outside of the problem, this led to a hilarious email and social media battle between all sides. The funniest part of which has to have been the Instagram post where Gilbert Arenas referred to Shaq as “itchy O’Neal,” claiming that Shaq had given his wife STDs.

11 Gabrielle Union (Dwyane Wade)

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For all of the mistresses out there, this is one story with a happy ending. An affair that later became a marriage, the story of Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade is one that is worthy of a movie.

The two of them allegedly had an affair before splitting up with their respective partners. Soon after they started dating and eventually the two of them got married. But if the fact that the two had an affair before was true, there is some kind of karma for what happened later on. As the two split for a short period of time, in which Wade managed to get together with a longtime friend and have a baby.

Weird or not, the two eventually reconciled and married and are still together to this day.

10 Michelle Money (Carlos Boozer)

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Carlos Boozer might not have been the greatest player in most of the teams he played for, but he sure had one of the hottest mistresses in the NBA. A former contestant on the TV reality show “The Bachelor,” Michelle Money did not shy away from admitting that she had been the woman Carlos Boozer cheated on his wife with while he was still married.

Boozer and his wife CeCe had been married for six years before they eventually divorced in March 2009. The couple had three children. Another interesting fact in this story is that despite the fact that Boozer and his wife got divorced in March, it didn’t take long for the NBA star to split with Michelle Money, as they supposedly ended everything in June of that same year.

9 Vanessa Curry (Kobe Bryant)

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If Shaq had his share of mistresses, his former partner in crime in Los Angeles also had his share of controversy when it comes to marital affairs. It was back in 2008 when Kobe Bryant allegedly had an affair with an 18-year-old Lakers cheerleader named Vanessa Curry. This bomb came out right when Bryant was getting in the thick of playoff action as the Lakers battled the Spurs in a gruesome series. Nevertheless, the issue took center stage, as a legal battle between Bryant’s legal team and the lawyers of the website the broke the news ensued.

As for Vanessa, she seems to have done pretty well for herself as a dancer after parting ways with the Lakers because of the alleged affair. She became a member of The Pussycat Dolls and even appeared on Dancing With The Stars as a dancer for Pitbull.

8 Sundy Carter (Larry Hughes)

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If you are a lightweight NBA fan, you might need some help remembering who Larry Hughes was. He was never the top dog on his team, but Hughes was always a great scorer to have on your roster. He became a journeyman and played for teams like the Warriors, the Wizards, the Cavaliers, the Knicks, and a few others. But while he let his play do a lot of the talking during his career, there was one off the court issue that haunted Hughes for a while.

There were some rumors about him having a mistress, but it all came crashing down when some tabloids caught Hughes meeting his alleged mistress Sundy Carter and a child whom the tabloids deemed to be his young daughter. While all of this was happening, Hughes was a married man who lived with his wife and their four children.

7 Rihanna (LeBron James)

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LeBron James is without a doubt one of the best people in sports. This guy is an example any young man aspiring to be someone should follow. And that is exactly why we do not want to believe the rumor that James allegedly hooked up with superstar singer Rihanna.

By now this is an old rumor that never really found solid evidence. But the fact that people still consider it makes it worth a mention. And that is not counting that if it ever turned out to be true, which we hope it will not, everyone has to admit that Rihanna would be one of the hottest mistresses in NBA history.

Either way, we are happy to see the King married to his high school sweetheart and we hope he never jumps the fence because this guy is a priceless example of excellence in every way.

6 Amelia Vega (Al Horford)

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In a similar story to that of Wade and Gabrielle Union, both Amelia Vega and Al Horford were in committed relationships when they first met. Vega was engaged to a man who helped fund her music career, while Horford was already planning his wedding when their affair began. Apparently, the two clicked so well that they eventually broke off their respective engagements and decided to make their relationship official.

It literally took a few weeks from Horford breaking up with his former fiancé to him tying the knot with Amelia. The two are still happily married and have two children. While the way their relationship started was kind of messed up, they have some things in common like the fact that they are both Dominican and that they were both stars as Amelia is a former Miss Universe.

5 Sheneka Adams (Carmelo Anthony)

Carmelo Anthony has been in a relationship with his wife Lala for more than a decade by now. And despite him being one of the highest profile athletes in the NBA, there have not been as many alleged affairs surrounding Anthony as one would’ve expected. There was, however, one notorious instance in which Anthony was accused of jumping the fence.

Anthony has allegedly made his way into a book about the escapades of a woman named Sheneka Adams. He is far from being the only famous guy to be included in this book, but when it comes to the NBA, he was the most high-profile athlete in there. Either way, in her book, Adams describes how she was approached by an NBA player whom the tabloids deemed to be Anthony, and how their night went. Let’s just say that Lala would be far from pleased if she ever got her hands on an excerpt from that book.

4 Eva Longoria (Matt Barnes)

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If we are to take the word of Matt Barnes’s former fiancée and television star Gloria Govan, Tony Parker was not the only NBA player with whom Eva Longoria spent some quality time with. Despite both Barnes and Longoria vehemently denying that they had any sort of romantic relationship, it seems that Govan put into her head that the main reason behind the split between her and her former fiancé was his relationship with Longoria.

Barnes himself said that the big reason behind their separation was that Govan was the one having an affair. Either way, if this case were true, it would make for a hell of a story. The rumors first started flying when Barnes and Longoria were seen eating dinner together in New York as well is partying in Vegas. Both of them, however, were quick to deny any relationship.

3 Jessica Burciaga (Kobe Bryant)

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Yet another alleged conquest of Kobe Bryant, this Playboy Playmate might’ve been by far the hottest woman Bryant ever supposedly got with. Neither her nor Bryant ever confirmed that they had an affair. As a matter of fact, when TMZ asked her if she was the one Bryant jumped the fence with, the model simply said no. She also seemed quite upset on social media about the rumors that were following her name.

Nevertheless, Playboy’s Miss February 2009 is nothing short of a bombshell when it comes to looks. And even though Kobe might not have had an affair with her, if he was to get a divorce either way, does anyone think he would be wrong to pursue this beauty? Who knows, maybe he learned a thing or two from Shaq while they played together.

2 Krissy Freiberg (Kevin Garnett)

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One of the most disputed rules in the NBA is the rule that keeps high school players from being drafted until they play at least one year of college. From a sportsman standpoint, this rule is just ridiculous. Just ask 90 percent of the specialists and pundits out there, and they will tell you that they don’t agree with the rule. And yet, there are times when players who went to the NBA straight from high school do things that are so stupid that it makes you consider that the rule might not be such a bad idea after all.

The perfect example of it was the affair Kevin Garnett allegedly had in 2011. While you expect most guys jumping the fence to be low-key about it, KG had a different idea. Instead of keeping things quiet he decided to buy his mistress season tickets so she could watch his games.

1 Dominica Westling (Shaq, Again)

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We cannot finish this list without one last bow to Mr. Shaquille O’Neal. This time, we have to talk about his most notorious affair, and if you are not one who can bear shocking language, we strongly advise that you stop reading right here.

Supposedly, Shaq had an 18-month affair with a Swedish model named Dominica Westling. With all that we’ve heard so far on this list, this doesn’t seem too bad, right?

Well, the innocence stops right here. In the best Tiger Woods-like fashion, Shaq exchanged some rather raunchy messages with the Swedish model. Messages that were eventually leaked and exposed a very naughty side of The Big Diesel. If you are interested in what these email conversations were all about, just follow this link, and it will get you there. But beware; you are on your own as soon as you click that.

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