15Pistons and Heat Swap Starting Point Guards

Leon Halip-USA TODAY Sports

In one of the bigger trade rumors making the rounds on the internet, it looks like Stan Van Gundy is ready to move on from point guard Reggie Jackson, a player the Detroit Pistons just gave a five-year, $80 million contract to last season. While Ricky Rubio seems to be

the player linked on the other side of a potential trade, there is another lead guard who may do a better job with the Pistons.

Like Jackson, Goran Dragic, too, signed a lucrative free agent contract last offseason. But the Miami Heat haven’t lived up to their own expectations and are looking to blow things up. In swapping Jackson and Dragic, the Pistons get a veteran point guard who can work as a floor general while the Heat would receive an uber-athletic youngster that can slide in perfectly next to Hassan Whiteside and Justice Winslow.

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