Top 15 Most Expensive Jordan Sneakers

Air Jordans are some of the most expensive sneakers in the entire world. As an occasional sneakerhead myself, I enjoy purchasing and selling these unique shoes. The truth is, people die over Jordans,

Air Jordans are some of the most expensive sneakers in the entire world. As an occasional sneakerhead myself, I enjoy purchasing and selling these unique shoes. The truth is, people die over Jordans, which is the sad part of this article. As millions of people wait in line for hours upon hours, the conditions can be rough.

Most of my favorite Js aren't necessarily the most expensive. Certainly very nice and cool ones are pricey, but likeness doesn't define expensive. The sneaker scene became prominent in the 1990s. Before Air Jordans were "the thing", there were Adidas, Converse, Reebok and other brands of sneakers. Of course these brands were still around, but after Jordans came out, they were not as cool. Jordans aren't just sneakers anymore, but more of a fashion symbol, sometimes put on the same level as jewlery; see the lyrics here by rapper Nas:

"I drop jewels, wear jewels, hope to never run it/with more kicks than a baby in her mother's stomach."

Jordans are expensive too, it's undeniable. With prices up to $160 for retail, many are priced out of the market, but many sneakerheads find ways to buy these shoes. They try to not spend as much, and get money back by selling older sneakers and continuing this process until they have a steady flow.

This list is compiled of the priciest Jordans in resale value. Usually all Js retail at the same amount, so that wouldn't make sense for a list. These shoes are rare, expensive, and also stunning. The sneakers  aren't good looking in all cases though. The materials in the sneakers may make it more pricey, or the rapper who wore them first.

Here is our list of the top 15 most expensive Jordan sneakers. This includes Limited, and Player editions. As always let us know which pair of Jordans were your favorite in the comments below.

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15 Doernbecher V (2013) - $975


The DB Fives look pretty sweet on the web, but priced at an estimated resale value of $975, you won't come across them very much. Modeled after a kids design at Doernbecher Hospital, this sneaker is unique. The original retail was only $180, but they sold out immediately after. I probably wouldn't wear these if I had them, but I would keep them on the shelf for the value to rise.

14 I Bred Banned - $1,000


Released in 2011, many sneakerheads swear by this pair. Hovering at an estimated $1,000 resale value, few were lucky enough to snag a retail pair. Although they came out with a $110 retail value, they skyrocketed up, mostly because of sentimental value of this re-release, and the nice appearance of the shoes.

These are highly regarded as maybe the nicest and most popular Air Jordans of all time. Since they are Michael's first sneaker many rush to the stores for them.

13 VI Doernbecher (2009) - $1,050


These Jordan 6s were released in 2009, and since then have skyrocketed in price value. Now worth around $1,050, they are very extremely valuable. There was much anticipation by sneaker fans for this one, and it sold out very quickly. The truth is, all DBs sell out very quickly, as they support cancer patients, and are all pretty sweet sneakers. The texture of the shoes are so different than any other pair of Js, which could add to the demand.

12 VI/XI Defining Moments Pack - $1,050


Now worth $1,050, similar to the DBs these are sweet shoes. They released in 2006, at a nifty retail of $295. The shoes have gold chains on them and are two different sneakers. You're getting a bang for your buck if you caught this retail sale, because you can make some serious money selling the shoes individually, or bundle them together and shoot for over a grand. The shoes look great in either black or white, due to the sharp gold touch on them.

11 V Premio "BIN 23" - $1,050


Also worth $1,050 (estimated) these sneakers are dark gray with white laces. The material is mostly leather, which brought the price up and caused the retail price to shoot to $175 for these. Jordan fives usually always sell for a lot, as one of the most popular sneakers of the 21st century. This is not an original colorway, but either way, I wouldn't mind having a pair on my shelf. Who would have thought, you'd be able to make a 1,000% profit on these?

10 XX3 Titanium - $1,100


These shoes were released in 2008 for a pricey $250 retail value. They usually sell for around $1,100. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the shoes, but the colorway on them  is sweet. The light blue reminds people of Jordan's days in Chapel Hill, and matches perfect with a UNC shirt. It offers a different part of Jordan's career. This was a super limited release, there were only around 1,000 pairs made. This was very anticipated.

9 XIII Premio "BIN 23" - $1,200


Anyone lucky enough to have grabbed a pair of these is a happy person. Valued at nearly $1,200, there were under 2,000 pairs made. The orange material compliments the red, and the classic marble looks great in the shoe. The bottoms are white, which is not my preference for shoes. Either way I would not wear these, but keep them on the shelf for value purposes. The value of these may go even higher.

8 The "Quentin Richardson" 8 - $1,600


Can you believe these kicks are worth nearly $1,600? Only 24 pairs were released in 2008, so these shoes are crazy limited. Few obviously got these, but whenever you see them on the web, they sell big, sometimes for more than the price  mentioned above. People loved the Knicks colors, and the strap is essential to the Jordan 8s. My favorite 8s are the Aquas. Considering all the heartbreak MJ caused the Knicks though, wearing these would be quite ironic.

7 Premio "BIN 23" IX - $1,600


These Jordan 9s are pretty sweet shoes. With gold lining around a white base, the consumers couldn't have gotten a nicer sneaker. Worth around $1,600, I would still wear these shoes. Only around 1,300 pairs were produced, so sneaker fans who bought these weren't sad. Even a used pair of these is worth buying, because they will still sell nicely. As a very valuable sneaker, fans would die for these. Literally, people died for these.

6 V  "Tokyo23 " - $1,750


Personally, I'm not a big fan of these Jordans. The yellow suede looks cool on the internet, and is apparently worth $1,750. They originally came out overseas, then trickled into America over the past few years. Clearly the shoe isn't worth this, just the minimal release count, and difficulty to get raised the value. No wonder in America, they retail for thousands of dollars. Seriously... Come on Nike.

5 II Eminems - $2,400


Eminem designed these bad boys with Nike, and they are worth around $2,400. In 2008, Slim Shady and Nike collaborated for these eccentric sneakers. I don't like the IIs a whole lot, but obviously these are cool for sentimental value.

Only 313 pairs of these dropped, exclusively in Detroit. People probably got killed for these, considering the value, and the location in which they came out. One question, does the mask come with them?

4 I High Strap "Just Don BHM" - $2,500


Only 37 pairs of these black shoes were released. All of them were auctioned for nearly $2,500 a pair. The money went to charity, so people were willing to splurge on a pair. The African black print looks sweet, and the swoosh has a nice texture with the all black sneaker. People also really liked the orange on the sole, as another color to make the shoe looker cooler than just a black sneaker. The shoes came out with a matching hat.

3 IV "UNDFTD" - $4,000


A total of 72 pairs of these coveted shoes came out in 2005. Pricing in at $4,000, people were excited to get a pair of these limited edition sneakers. Some sneaker fans call these the most famous, and coveted shoes because of their nice, and simple design. They could almost pass for regular shoes if you're far away from them. If you see these in store, be prepared to drop $4,000-5,000. Maybe even more, because less than 72 are around now.

2 VIII Sugar Ray - $4,850


Released in 2007, the Sugar Rays are now worth nearly $4,850! No, it's not the material, no it's not the design. It's Ray "Sugar" Allen. Ray's PEs came out for retail at a price of $140. Can you believe only 24 pairs of these were released? One recently sold on eBay for five grand. Someone willing to spend that much money on shoes, cannot be willing to wear them. But if you're famous and/or a rapper, they will wear these then throw them out one day. It's just how famous people roll.

1 XI Silver Anniversary Jumpman - $8,000


These All- White holy grails are a sneakerhead's dream shoe. Clocking in at a resale value of nearly $8,000, be prepared to not pay your life insurance. These were released separately from the original shoe, because they included the "jumpman". Only 25 lucky people got their hands on these, and haven't looked back since.

One recently sold for $7,500 on ebay! Nearly 20 of the pairs have not been sold on the internet, as noted by google. But a couple have been auctioned for crazy prices.

Either way, these are the most expensive Jordans ever.

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Top 15 Most Expensive Jordan Sneakers