Top 15 Most Promiscuous NBA Players

The life of an NBA player seems like a pretty good one!

The life of an NBA player seems like a pretty good one. They make millions of dollars to play a game many do for free, and they have millions of fans from all over the world. Of course, there is hard work involved, but many would say it's worth it. However, one other benefit to being an NBA player is that they're pretty popular with the ladies.

Whereas some players keep to themselves or start a family or a long-term relationship, other players take advantage of this little perk and get with their fair share of different ladies. Add their wealth and fame to the fact that these men are big and strong, and you have a recipe for most of them to pretty much get with whatever women they want. While some can control it, others let the power and pull over women go right to their heads.

Many players throughout the history of the NBA have exhibited a weakness towards ladies and some players have been with more women than you could even count. Those men are the topic of this article as we will now take a look at 15 of the most promiscuous NBA players in the history of the league. Some you will expect to see, while others will definitely be surprising!

15 Dennis Rodman


While Rodman was a tenacious defender and rebounder, he was without a doubt known more for his off the court antics and his looks than for his playing. He was a bit of a crazy guy and always had a new strange and colorful haircut or piercing to show off. However, this all seemed to work for him as he has quite the history when it comes to the ladies. The roster of women he has been with includes famous names like Jenna Jameson, Madonna and Carmen Electra, all while they were in their primes. Those are just a few of the names of the likely hundreds of different women that Rodman had been with. So sure, Rodman might be pretty strange and a weird dude, but he has (and had) no problem picking up the ladies.

14 Winston Bennett


That's right, even if you aren't on the level of a LeBron James or a Michael Jordan, the ladies still love NBA players. Winston Bennett is a perfect example of that, as he lands on this list despite playing only three seasons and never even averaging 7 points per game in a single season. A former Kentucky Mr. Basketball who went on to star for the Wildcats, he had a lot of potential as a player, but was never able to capitalize on it and become the star that many thought he would.

After his retirement, Bennett wrote a tell-all book about his life and career and in the book, claimed that he was a sex addict and was sleeping with over 90 different women every month. While that could be an exaggeration, it is definitely plausible at the least. Also, he was recently fired from a job he had after ten weeks for sending sexually inappropriate emails, so it seems that his mindset and addiction haven't changed in all these years, despite getting older and being out of the public eye.

13 Kobe Bryant


For a long time, Kobe Bryant was one of the best and most popular players in the NBA. So while this led to a ton of achievements and accolades on the court, it also led to it being quite easy for Mr. Bryant to get into some trouble with the ladies. Of course, everyone knows about the infamous sexual assault scandal that haunted Bryant's career for years, but what you might not know about are his alleged infidelities. Bryant has been married to his wife, Vanessa, for years, but apparently, it didn't stop him from seeing other women. In fact, his wife has claimed that she knows 100 different women that Bryant has gotten with while the two of them were married. That is a ton of women, and remember, those are only the ones we actually know about!

12 Scottie Pippen


Scottie Pippen had the join of playing alongside Michael Jordan for a large chunk of his career, and that earned him a few NBA titles and a lot of praise on the court. However, off the court, he was more often than not alongside a woman. Pippen hasn't been shy about his love for the ladies and actually has seven different children from four different women. He has been married a while, but there have been some issues in the marriage as apparently, Pippen hasn't shied away from "socializing" with the ladies. Despite this, he and his wife Larsa remain married, but it is hard to know if he had stopped seeing other women on the side or if his wife has just accepted the fact he likes them too much to stop.

11 Scott Skiles


While Scott Skiles is best known as a head coach in the NBA (as he was the coach of a variety of teams), he was also a solid point guard during his prime during the late '80s and early '90s. In fact, he actually owns the NBA single-game record for assists with a whopping 30. In addition to doing pretty well for himself on the court, he was also doing pretty well off of it, if you know what we're saying. Skiles has fathered six children with multiple women and he hasn't talked about this fact that often, so there is definitely a chance there are more out there. Who would have thought a guy who looks like Scott Skiles would find himself on a list like this. He hasn't coached a team in a year, but is good at his job, so don't be shocked to see him return to the NBA to coach at one time or another.

10 Magic Johnson


Magic Johnson will likely go down as one of the best NBA point guards of all time and revolutionized the position and could do it all. In the late 1980s, before Magic was diagnosed with HIV, the Lakers locker room was a very interesting and intense place. In his book, Jerry West said that Johnson would regularly bring girls back to the saunas and steam rooms and have sex with them after games. He also claimed that Johnson once told him he sleeps will 300-500 different women every single year, until his diagnosis didn't allow his lifestyle to continue on the past it was on. So it turns out, Magic Johnson did a good job of living up to his name, in more ways than one.

9 Jason Caffey


Caffey was a solid NBA player who was a contributing member of the Chicago Bulls during their heyday, and was a part of two NBA championship-winning teams in the late-90s. After those few seasons, he was traded to the Golden State Warriors and then re-signed for a $35 million deal. He was making millions and was a former NBA champ, so naturally, the ladies loved him. And Caffey loved them back, maybe a little bit too much. During his playing career, Caffey fathered 10 children with eight different women. That in itself is crazy, but then when you consider all the other women he was with who he didn't impregnate, there is a good chance Caffey got around about as much as anyone else in NBA history. So while he wasn't always too busy on the court, he seemed to be up to a lot of trouble off of it.

8 Dwight Howard

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard is a strange guy. When he first came into the league (and became one of the best big men in the last few decades, we might add) he said he wanted to use his voice and platform to spread the word of God. That is an admirable thing to want to do, but Howard hasn't really lived up to that. He has long said that women are a weakness of his, but he has given in to that weakness more than he hasn't. Howard has fathered at least a few children from a few different ladies, but the exact number isn't known as Howard has reportedly paid many of them off to keep them quiet over the years. We may never know the number, but it is very safe to say Howard deserves his spot on this list.

7 Larry Johnson


Now, there is nothing wrong with sleeping around a bit if you are single and the people you are doing it with are clean and fine with just having a little fun. However, not every player in the NBA is single. Unfortunately, sometimes not being single doesn't stop these men from engaging in questionable behavior. One of those players is Larry Johnson. Johnson got married in the 1990s and had a few children with his wife. Things seemed to be pretty normal, but behind the scenes, they most certainly were not normal. He was still getting with many different women while he was married and even had a few children with some of them. While his escapades weren't as common or well-known when they were happening, he still needs to be included on this list.

6 Shawn Kemp


Shawn Kemp was ferocious and tenacious on the basketball court, as well as in the bedroom. The "Reign Man" played for a variety of teams over his 14-year career and it just so happens he spent some time with a variety of women as well. There are many rumors about Kemp's sexual history and whenever there are that many legends about something, they can't all be made up and there has to be some truth behind them. We know Kemp has at least fathered seven children from six different women, but there are rumblings that the number could be closer to 11 children from nine different women. Either way, that is a lot of children and mothers, and just to think, there are probably dozens (or hundreds) more that he didn't have children with.

5 Kenny Anderson


Despite not being much of an NBA superstar when compared to many others on this list, Kenny Anderson might be the biggest playboy of them all. His love for the ladies is very well-documented and he has become famous for something other than his basketball career. Not only has he been married three times, but has also has seven different children by five different women. The cast of ladies he has been with is also very impressive and features stars like Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada. In fact, there are rumours circulating that Anderson was actually in a relationship with both of those women at the very same time, which is a pretty crazy thing.

4 Dikembe Mutombo


In addition to being one of the best big men in NBA history, Mutombo also is one of the silliest and most fun-loving NBA player of all time. Even on the court, Mutombo couldn't stop himself from smiling and having a jolly ol' time. However, when he was off the court, he also liked to have fun, but of a different variety. While Mutombo certainly got a lot of ladies on the road, his method of picking them up was fairly unorthodox.

Instead of buying them drinks or flashing some bling like a lot of NBA players might do, Mutombo would simply enter a room and ask a very simple question of "Who wants to sex Mutombo?" And according to rumors, he would often get what he was looking for. While he might not be the most suave or handsome dude on this list, Deke has definitely been around the block a few times.

3 Willie Anderson


Willie Anderson might be one of the most unknown players on this entire list, but don't get it twisted, he definitely deserves his spot. While he was a serviceable player in the NBA and averaged well over 10 points a game throughout his NBA career, he was never able to become a household name. However, that didn't stop him from taking advantage of his situation in life and having a lot of one on one time with the ladies. Anderson had nine children from seven different mothers and that is just in his 11-year NBA career. There were surely many other ladies in his life before and after his career. For a guy like Anderson to be able to do this is further proof that if you're an NBA baller, the ladies just seem to flock in your direction, even if you're a journeyman like he was.

2 Calvin Murphy


Despite standing only 5'9" and weighing about 165 lbs, Calvin Murphy was one of the best guards of his time and averaged nearly 18 points a game throughout his career. Murphy also comes in as the shortest NBA player ever to be voted a Hall of Famer. So while he was doing amazing and unheard of things on the court, somehow, the things he was doing on the court were even more insane. During his career, Murphy fathered a staggering 14 different children from nine different women. This guy had enough children to have an NBA roster-full. That number is crazy high and we are shocked he didn't think of the consequences of each of those children. People often learn after one or two, but not Murphy.

1 Wilt Chamberlain


Come on now, you had to know this was coming. Who else would we have put at the number one spot on a list like this other than Wilt Chamberlain. Not only was Wilt putting up staggering numbers of all different kinds on the basketball court, but he was also doing the same in the bedroom. According to Wilt, he had sex with over 20,000 different women during his NBA career. While many do no believe the number could possibly be that high, you just never know. Even if he doubled his number, that still means he slept with 10,000 women, which is still probably the most by any NBA player ever. Simply put, there is no NBA player that can hold a torch to Wilt when it comes to being a playboy and getting the girls.

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