Top 15 NBA Players That Don't Like Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin is one of the most dominant and athletic players in the NBA. He is adored by many fans because he is a high flyer and has thrown down countless breathtaking dunks over the years, but he is also a hard nosed player and one that will put in 100% each game. He may be a favorite with a large percentage of fans, but he is not a particular popular figure amongst other players in the league and particularly with other Big Men (and the Golden State Warriors).

Griffin has carved out a reputation as being a tough player and will be involved in a number of physical battles every single game. He will foul players hard and stare them down, but he will also be on the receiving end of hard fouls and plenty of pushing and shoving. He has a habit of getting under his opponent's skin as he is also criticized of flopping and playing dirty, and when you are a man of Griffin’s size and stature this is particularly bad and it has lost him a lot of respect among other Bigs in the league.

In addition to being a physical player but one that is guilty of flopping and annoying his opponent, many players do not like Griffin because he tries to dunk on other players and embarrass them at any given opportunity which shows a lack of respect. Griffin is a much improved player now, but for a few years he would do little but attempt to dunk on everyone and recklessly chase after the ball like a dog after a tennis ball, and this infuriated many other NBA players. He may be entertaining to fans, but Griffin is not a popular player on the court and many players have not shied away from showing this.

Here are 15 players that don’t like Blake Griffin.

15 Dominic McGuire

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As this list will demonstrate, many players have become so infuriated with Griffin that they have lashed out. This usually does little harm, but the former Golden State Warrior Dominic McGuire managed to land a blow that Floyd Mayweather would be proud of (although McGuire would claim it was accidental). As McGuire went to set a screen, he threw an arm out which saw him land a punch to Griffin’s head – Griffin then fell to the ground where he remained for the rest of the play. It was feared he had suffered a concussion, but he was just slightly dazed and confused and was able to carry on. The shot may seem inadvertent, but this seems unlikely due to the bad blood between the Warriors and Griffin, and I’m sure there were a few players that enjoyed seeing Griffin get his bell rung by McGuire.

14 Klay Thompson

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Another player, and Golden State Warrior, who dislikes Griffin due to his flopping is sharp-shooter Klay Thompson. Prior to their fascinating and exhilarating 2014 first round playoff matchup (which saw the Clippers prevail in 7), Thompson stated that Griffin’s flopping was out of control and questioned “how can a guy that big and strong flop that much.” The Warriors SG also added that Griffin is “like a bull in a China shop”. As this list will demonstrate, Thompson is not the only Warrior that feels this way and there are many others who dislike Griffin more than Thompson.

13 Kenneth Faried

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Kenneth Faried, like many other Big Men in the NBA, has been put on a poster by Blake Griffin with a monstrous dunk over the Nuggets forward. NBA players do not like to be embarrassed, and Griffin has done this to dozens of other players. Faried is one of the braver players who will try and challenge Griffin at the ring, and this usually does not end well. Faried clearly is not a fan of Griffin and feels he is disrespectful, and his was most evident in 2014 after Faried hooked arms with Griffin and threw him to the floor. They both quickly got to their feet and faced up to one another, and it was clear that Faried was attempting to antagonize Griffin.

12 David Lee

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One of several Warriors players who hate Griffin, David Lee’s problems with the Clippers star date back to 2012. Lee and Griffin had a simple coming together under the basket, and Griffin greatly exaggerated this contact like he is known to do. The referees correctly made no call, but Lee decided to call Griffin out on his flop. Loudly enough for those in the nose-bleeds to hear, Lee shouted “stop flopping!” at Griffin, and the pair then got in each other's faces and had to be separated by referees. In addition to calling out Griffin and saying what the entire league was thinking, Lee was also smartly alerting the referees to Griffin’s continuous exaggeration of contact.

11 David West

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When each team has a hard nosed and physical player, it will often come to blows at some point in the game. This is exactly what happened between the Clippers and Pacers in 2014, with David West being the player to become ruffled by Griffin. After the buzzer had sounded at the end of the first half, Griffin and West had a heated exchange under the basket after the two had reached for the rebound, which saw West throw an elbow to the head of Griffin. West was issued a flagrant 2 foul and consequently he was ejected from the game, plus he was fined $15,000 by the league.

10 Mario Chalmers

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When you give up around 8 inches and 60 pounds on someone, you will usually try and avoid getting into a scrap with them. Blake Griffin clearly infuriated Miami’s Mario Chalmers so much, that he forgot or no longer cared about his much smaller frame (or he knows that Griffin will do no more than stare him down). The pair were trash talking after one possession, and this angered Chalmers who had to be held back by LeBron James and a few Clippers players. This saw both players pick up technical fouls, but this is not the only time the two have clashed. Two years after this incident, Griffin attempted to set a screen on Chalmers who then attempted to go through the screen and threw an elbow to Griffin’s throat. The play was later reviewed and upgraded from a foul to a flagrant 2, and Chalmers was (also) fined $15,000.

9 DeMarcus Cousins

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The Sacramento Kings Big Man is another player that is not a fan of Griffin, and this stems from an incident back in 2012. A physical battle ensued between the two, including a pushing and shoving contest where Cousins also appeared to elbow Griffin in the head. Cousins fouled out after just 18 minutes of play, but he felt that Griffin was flopping and that he was not getting calls on the other end. After the game, Cousins stated that Griffin was “an actor” and that the officials “baby” him – this resulted in a $25,000 fine. Griffin jokingly responded, “I guess he’s seen some commercials and stuff and I appreciate it.”

8 Trevor Booker

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Even preseason games against Griffin will get the blood pumping for many NBA players, including Utah’s Trevor Booker. During last season’s preseason fixture between the Jazz and Clippers, Booker committed a flagrant foul on Griffin which saw the two immediately square off and have to be separated by several players. In the scuffle, Griffin lashed out by grabbing Booker’s head which lead to a technical foul for both players (plus a flagrant for Booker). The two had been jostling earlier in the game, and clearly Booker was getting frustrated like so many do against the Clippers superstar. A budding rivalry could be brewing between these two.

7 P.J. Tucker

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It takes a lot for an NBA player to punch another in the face, as aside from being an unpleasant thing to do, NBA players are aware that they will get hit with a big fine and face suspension. In an incident in 2014, Phoenix Suns Big Man P.J. Tucker either forgot the consequences or no longer cared, as he punched Griffin in the face whilst the two were on the floor. In a common sight in any Clippers game, Griffin got tangled up with his defender and the two hit the deck. Griffin then laid on Tucker who punched him straight in the face; the pair then continued to brawl as players, officials and coaches rush in to attempt to break up the fight. Tucker was ejected and faced a one-game suspension for his actions.

6 Matt Barnes

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In any sport and at any level, you know you must be doing something wrong if your own teammate vocalizes their displeasure at your actions. In one of several scuffles between Griffin and Serge Ibaka, Barnes came to back up his teammate and consequently got ejected for getting involved. Barnes later Tweeted “I love my teammates like family, but I’m DONE standing up for these ******! All this **** does is cost me money.” In addition to this, Barnes had voiced his issues with Griffin back when Barnes played for the Lakers. He accused Griffin of flopping and also said that he was a “fake tough guy.” The pair seem to get along now, or are at least able to coexist, but should one move from the Clippers you can expect there to be more bad blood between them.

5 Jermaine O’Neal

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During his time with the Warriors, Jermaine O’Neal became another Golden State player to hate Griffin. The incident occurred in March after the infamous Christmas day matchup (more on this later), and it saw O’Neal follow Griffin over to the Clippers bench to have words after a run in during the game. O’Neal was issued a technical foul for doing so, but this was not the end of the confrontation. After the game, O’Neal hunted Griffin down in the hallway to attempt to finish the heated discussion. Griffin snarled “why you going to walk up on me like that? Leave that s*** on the court.” O’Neal would later explain the reasoning for his actions, stating that Griffin had crossed the line during the game, but he would not specify how.

4 T3. Draymond Green

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Christmas Day is supposed to be a friendly and loving time, but not when Blake Griffin is involved. During the Xmas day game between the Clippers and Warriors, Griffin would make several enemies and would also be one of two players ejected from the game (more on this next). The first player to go would be Draymond Green, who appeared to elbow Griffin on the last possession of the 3rd quarter. The pair then squared up to each other and both were given technical fouls in addition to Green picking up a flagrant 2 (straight ejection).

Green was later fined $15,000 for failing to leave the court in a timely manner after his ejection. Since this incident, there is clearly no love lost between the two, with Green recently stating that he was sitting out a game against the Clippers because “I’ve got Blake-itis”.

3 T3. Andrew Bogut

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Another enemy that Griffin made in that Christmas contest was Green’s fellow Big Man, Andrew Bogut. After Green’s ejection things got even chippier than before, seeing Bogut and Griffin getting tangled up and having to be separated by other players and the officials. Another pair of double-technicals were handed out (plus a flagrant 1 for Bogut), and seeing as this was Griffin’s second technical it meant he was also ejected from the game. So much for Christmas spirit. After the game, Griffin criticized the Warriors of being “cowardly” and this has added fuel to a fierce rivalry between the Clippers and Golden State.

2 Serge Ibaka

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Oklahoma’s Serge Ibaka traded blows with Grifin in Game 4 of the Western Conference semi finals in 2014, and this was after a lot of physical play between the two throughout the series. As Griffin looked to attack the basket (like he so often does), he appeared to punch Ibaka in the groin as he did so. Kendrick Perkins then inadvertently pushed his teammate into Griffin, with Ibaka dealing his own shot below the belt to the Clippers forward.

Griffin was immediately winded and struggled to get to his feet. Ibaka claimed it was an accident, but this may not be entirely true and the league later upgraded it to a flagrant 2. The two have tangled plenty before too, including Ibaka being ejected from a game in 2013. This is an intense rivalry between two physical players (who are the same age) and it is certainly one to keep an eye on in future matchups.

1 Zach Randolph

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If there is another player that can match Griffin’s physicality, then it is the Grizzlies' Zach Randolph. Unlike Griffin however, Randolph does not have a reputation as a dirty player or a flopper and instead is just known to be extremely physical on both ends of the floor and he clearly knows how to throw his weight around. He and Griffin have had dozens of heavyweight battles over the years, including a big scuffle in Game 4 of the 1st round in 2012, Randolph punching Griffin in Game 7 of the same series and another altercation on opening night of the 2012-13 season. These dust ups ensure that it is always a fascinating fixture anytime these two face off against one another, and you would not want to be caught up in the middle of one of their battles down low.

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