Top 15 NBA Players Who Absolutely Embarrassed Another Player

There are disrespectful moments in sports, especially basketball. Whether it be dunking it on somebody or making someone fall with an excellent crossover move, almost every person who has played the g

There are disrespectful moments in sports, especially basketball. Whether it be dunking it on somebody or making someone fall with an excellent crossover move, almost every person who has played the game of basketball has either been disrespected on the court or have disrespected another while playing the game. This doesn't change when players enter the NBA by any means. You would think that professional athletes playing for money would be better when it comes to being disrespectful, however the NBA's history is full of moments that makes fans say "oh don't do him like that!" That's what makes the game of basketball so fun, as a player really can be embarrassed if they slip up for just a second.

In this article, we will be looking at the top 15 most disrespectful moments in the NBA's great history. From powerful poster dunks with taunts added on to embarrassing ankle breakers, this article is for anyone looking to see how dangerous the NBA is when it comes to being disrespected on the court.

As always, feel free to leave any other disrespectful NBA moments in the comment section, for we would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.

Here are the top 15 times an NBA player embarrassed a fellow player.


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15 LeBron James DESTROYS Jason Terry


LeBron James on the Miami Heat was an absolute animal. Arguably in the prime of his career when it comes to efficiency, LeBron in the black and red was not anyone to mess with. Jason Terry learned this the hard way, as he was unfortunately put on a poster by LeBron. The game was being broadcasted on ESPN, as it was a marquee matchup between the Heat and the Celtics. The play seemed to happen out of nowhere, as it was started by a Boston steal that the Heat took back quickly which ended up with Jason Terry being the only one in front of the basket while four Miami players looked to score. Some quick Miami passing led to a Norris Cole alley-oop pass to a soaring James. Jason Terry for some reason tried to meet James at the top, the only problem being he was about two feet lower than James. James put Terry on his back as he stepped toward him staring at Terry as the crowd only could watch one of their veterans be disrespected by one of the all-time greats.

14 Scottie Pippen vs. Patrick Ewing And Spike Lee


One 0f the greatest rivalries in sports history was between the '90s Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks. Scottie Pippen added heat to the fire however, as his iconic dunk against the Knicks is easily one of his career highlights. Great passing on the fast break led to Scottie Pippen taking off as he slammed down a monster slam on New York Knick superstar Patrick Ewing. Pippen threw down Ewing and stepped over him which led to Ewing pushing him off of him as the two had to be separated from each other. What else is great about this play is that after the slam, Pippen walked over to Knicks super fan and icon Spike Lee. As you can read Pippen's lips as he tells Spike to "sit down."

13 Shawn Kemp Embarrasses Alton Lister


Shawn Kemp was one of the most athletic NBA players of all-time, as the dunks he performed over the course of his career were really incredible. His most patented dunk however, was most likely his slam against Alton Lister, as the play has been seen by almost every fan of the NBA. The play goes like this; Kemp received a pass from one of his SuperSonic teammates and then grabbed the ball literally like a football as he took his two steps to soar through the paint as he demolished the unfortunate Alton Lister along the way. Lister went crashing into the court, which led to Kemp laughing and pointing at Alton, which ultimately became one of the most disrespectful plays in the NBA's great history.

12 Joe Johnson Drops Paul Pierce


Paul Pierce just said his final goodbye to Boston's TD Garden a few days ago, however this is more of a memory in that arena he would probably like to forget. You could even say Joe Johnson is a legend in his own right, but no one would probably put Johnson and Pierce on the same level. The play happened a few years ago, as both players were out of their prime. Pierce tried sticking the crafty Johnson, which turned out being a bad idea as Joe dribbled the ball low and hard right in front of Pierce. The Truth reached for the ball just after Johnson crossed over leaving Pierce on the floor and Johnson rising up to knock down a clutch fourth quarter basket. Seeing one of the legends on the floor after being embarrassed by his opponent had to make Pierce feel ill in some type of way.

11 Kobe Bryant Shuts Down Brooklyn

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Kobe Bryant is easily one of the greatest NBA players of all time, as his highlight reel could go on for hours. His later years in the league led to less and less highlights, however Kobe did turn back the clock a few years ago as he put down one of the meanest dunks in NBA history. Kobe got the ball at the three-point line and blew by defender Gerald Wallace. Wallace stayed on his trail for the chase down block, however Kobe didn't just dunk on Wallace, he also crammed on Kris Humphries as well and all three players seemed to converge on each other.

Bryant, being one of the best players to ever touch down on the NBA hardwood, was able to put it through the hoop in one of his best, and most disrespectful, career plays.

10 Javale McGee Denies Wesley Matthews


It's sad to say, but Javale McGee has become more of a joke around the NBA than being a respected player. All of his Shaqtin' a Fool moments has turned his career into more of a comedy show than a real legacy, however McGee really is one of the most athletic big men to play the game. One of his career highlights could easily go down as one of the best blocks in NBA history, which you have to respect. Both on different teams respectively, Matthews of the Trail Blazers and McGee of the Wizards met at the top during one of their games years ago, McGee getting the better of the two.

Wesley went up for a dunk across the baseline, only to be met by McGee who literally ripped the ball out of Matthews' hand as Javale brought it into his body, making it one of the most disrespectful blocks in NBA history.

9 Shaq Shows Chris Dudley Who's Boss


Shaq is easily one of the most dominant big men to play the game of basketball, and this play is one of the reasons he was so feared around the league during his playing days. Now when Shaq got good position in the post, it wasn't an uncommon sight to see him power over the defender for a nice slam. This certain play was all the same, however after the dunk Shaq pushed Dudley over into the cameramen behind the basket. This led to an enraged Dudley picking up the basketball and hurling it at the retreating Shaq. One of the funnier plays fans of the NBA have ever seen, Dudley probably didn't think anything was that funny, as he most likely felt very disrespected by Shaq as he got dunked on and pushed over onto the court floor.

8 Dwyane Wade Steps Over Anderson Varejao


Dwyane Wade has turned into one of the more crafty players in the league, however his time in the NBA in the 2000s was successful due to his extreme athleticism. One of the prime examples of this was his disrespectful dunk against Cavaliers center Anderson Varejao. This is why coaches always tell their players to stop the ball, because Wade took the ball from one end of the court all the way down to the other, building speed up along the way. Rising for the slam, Anderson must've thought it would be a good idea to try and block the superstar, but this just led to Anderson smashing into the basket pad after totally being put on a poster by Wade. The disrespect didn't end there, as Wade then stepped over Varejao before he could get up, putting the icing on this devastating cake.

7 Kobe Bryant Dunks On Dwight Howard


When Kobe wore the number eight, every opponent of his on the court had the chance of getting dunked on. Period. He was a high flyer, and he could easily soar through the air and put down wicked dunks during his younger days in the league. One of his most epic slams came against his soon-to-be teammate Dwight Howard. Howard was a beast on the Magic, which makes it even more embarrassing Kobe posterized him during his prime. This play got even better as the two became teammates and eventually had a falling out as they couldn't play together. If they ever got into a confrontation, all Kobe would have to do is show him a picture of him dunking all over Dwight, and the conversation would stop right there.

6 Blake Griffin Posterizes Pau Gasol Twice In One Game


Blake Griffin is one of the best high flyers fans of the game has ever seen. His great dunks have helped him put together a pretty serious highlight reel together, even though his career still has a long way to go. One of his most disrespectful plays came against Clippers rival Lakers, as he absolutely destroyed Pau Gasol...twice. Who could have known a missed shot could lead to such an awesome play, as Griffin's teammate blew a wide open three that Griffin caught as it rimmed out and slammed it in. Later in the game Griffin, off the pick and roll, slammed it down on Gasol once again, leaving the NBA legend on the floor for the second time in one game. It's hard to imagine Gasol getting posterized like that today.

5 Shannon Brown Flies High For "The Stuff"


The reason I put quote marks on "the stuff" in the title of this entry is because a foul was called on the play, however there really was no foul seen. To be honest any player who got blocked like this wouldn't have felt better by having a foul called. During the play Mario West got a steal on the other end and brought it down the court with Brown on his tail. Little did West know that his dunk attempt would be absolutely swallowed whole by Brown, as it really is one of the most eye-opening plays in NBA history.

It's funny to see Kobe and the other Lakers teammates on the bench react to the replay on the big screen, as they all freak out once they realize how high Brown really got to block that shot...that shouldn't have been called a foul.

4 Vince Carter Dunks It On Duncan


Vince Carter and Tim Duncan are both NBA legends, however no one will dispute who has the better leaping ability. During a matchup between the two players, Duncan unfortunately, found himself in the wrong position as Vince Carter was nobody to mess with during his time on the Raptors. Carter got the ball from his teammate as he quickly blew past Manu Ginobili and raised up from the paint. It looked as though Duncan didn't expect Carter to dunk it down, as Duncan didn't even jump off the ground. In hindsight, he should have jumped because it may have been able to slow down the former Slam Dunk Contest Champion. Carter is still going strong in his NBA career, as this past season he has had some pretty cool highlights he can add to his reel that includes devastating plays like this.

3 LeBron Talks To Curry After Block

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

This past NBA Finals was easily one of the greatest series of games that fans of basketball have ever seen, as the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors went to seven games, with the Cavaliers ultimately winning the series. LeBron had a few epic plays during the series, however the most disrespectful came during Game 6 of the series. LeBron viciously blocked Stephen Curry in the fourth quarter and proceeded to talk trash to the back-to-back MVP Curry. Nobody else in the league could have talked to the league's MVP like that except for James, as he really is one of the greatest NBA players to ever live. Curry will most likely want to get LeBron back for that, and Steph will look to beat him in this year's Finals.

2 Jordan Finger Wags Mutombo


Dikembe Mutombo is one of the greatest defensive big men in all of the NBA's long history. Sending back shots all throughout his career, Mutombo's patented finger wag was always something fans looked forward to seeing when watching him play. The wag, which usually followed blocks, always riled up everyone in the arena after it happened. Dikembe probably never thought he would be on the other end of a finger wag, however, Michael Jordan is one of the few players to be able to pull it off.

The play was simple really, as Jordan jammed on the legendary big man, but his decision to finger wag at Dikembe after that ultimately made this play one of the most disrespectful plays in NBA history. Only MJ could get away with that one.

1 Allen Iverson Steps Over Tyronn Lue


Did you expect anything other than this to be the number one on this list? This iconic play is what made me want to write this article, as almost every fan of sports has seen Iverson step over Tyronn Lue. The moment happened during game one of the 2001 NBA Finals, as a hot Iverson scored 48 points en route to a Sixers victory against the extremely dominant Lakers team. While the 48 point performance was memorable, his play against Tyronn Lue will go down in the history books. His step back shot led to Lue reaching out and falling on the ground, however once Iverson hit the shot, he stepped over Lue in the play that defines Iverson's Hall of Fame career. Oh yeah, I bet Lue felt a little disrespected after that play as well.

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