15Nikola Vucevic

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Nikola Vucevic was drafted in 2011 by the Philadelphia 76ers with the 16th overall pick. He played only one season in Philadelphia before being sent to Orlando as part of the Dwight Howard trade (which sent the All-Star to the Lakers). Since then Vucevic has turned himself into a great NBA

player, and is a relatively unknown star simply because he is hidden in Orlando. Vucevic has turned himself into a double-double guy over the past three seasons, yet the Magic have not even sniffed the playoffs since they acquired him.

If Nikola could find himself in the right place, there is no telling how good he could become. At only 25 years old, he still has more improving to do and thankfully for Orlando, the center is under contract for two more seasons. The Magic recently hired coach Frank Vogul, and are hoping with the continued progression of Vucevic, as well as some other young talent, the team could potentially be a playoff caliber club in the next couple of years... but don't hold your breath.

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