Top 15 NBA Players Who Dated The Trashiest Celebrities

Relationship...or just “relations”?  To some, “NBA” could stand for “National ‘Bimbo’ Association”, as NBA players dating hot celebrities goes together like peanut butter and jelly or like Trump and Twitter. However, not every hoopster has the same discriminating tastes; some prefer their celeb connections to be on the wild side--and in some cases, the even wilder side!

Fairly liberal standards were utilized in compiling this list, but it does not include rumored relationships in which the athlete is documented as having denied being with the woman in question. For example, the Golden State Warriors’ Klay Thompson vehemently refuting claims he hooked up with “booty-ful” L.A. Rams cheerleader and Instagram model Cherise Sandra, as noted by TMZ.

These are the athletes who gravitate towards the sexiest model/celeb/Internet famous person they could find as another sign of their success. It's an unspoken axiom that goes something like this: “I’m a pro athlete, therefore I should be dating the most desirable women on Earth.”

And in a few instances, the opposite may have been the case--high profile celebrity women who seek “trophy athletes” to notch on their lipstick case, Indeed, GQ reported that NBA players could be considered as the “Victoria's Secret” model for famous females and thus these women make themselves available to the athlete who are seeking the glitz that comes with dating a woman of notoriety.

Admittedly, in the interest of striving to be as topical as possible, this list skews towards more recent players, but it also includes a couple of classic entries for balance and perspective. So kick back, read on, and get set for one crazy story after another counting down this list of the 15 NBA players who’ve gotten as down and dirty as any of their peers when it comes to celebrity hookups, long-term relationships, and in some cases marriages that challenged the very boundaries of the institution.


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Durant (in)famously switched teams from the OKC Thunder to the dynastic Golden State Warriors this past offseason, alienating the entire state of Oklahoma in the process. He also switched girlfriends, as it was reported March 2 by MTO that Durant is dating brunette beauty Brittney Elena, who was a former Nick Cannon Wild’n Out Girl from that “comedy challenge” show as well as being a TV correspondent. Durant--like many of his fellow round-ballers--was previously linked to chrome-dome cutie Amber Rose as recently as last month, per OK Magazine. Looks like Durant is broadening his horizons off the court as well, branching away from dating other jocks--he was previously engaged to two-time WNBA champion Monica Wright, but told GQ in 2015 the pair went their “separate ways.”


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Jordan is one of the top athletic talents on this list, as the center’s dominance was exemplified in his averaging 13.6 rebounds a game and pacing the NBA with a .704 shooting percentage for the 2016-17 Los Angeles Clippers, the number one team in Tinsel Town. Being kings of hoops in Hollywood means celebs of all varieties are available to players. Jordan has dated Amber Alvarez--one of those millennial celebs who wants to have it both ways, but ends up looking like a hypocrite--claiming she’s “deeply religious” as noted by Heavy.com, yet won’t turn down a job that requires her to pose provocatively. Jordan has also been romantically linked to “All About That Bass” singer Meghan Trainor, although all she would tell ET is that: ”DeAndre is a great friend of mine. He’s awesome.”


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The Cleveland Cavaliers' budding superstar Irving gets the “unlucky 13” placement slot on this list because of the unfortunate circumstances that resulted in the wake of his celebrity fling with Kehlani Parrish, a critically acclaimed R&B singer, who’s not above flashing a little flesh. Parish also appears to be quite the handful--including rumors she hooked up with her ex, the singer, PartyNextDoor, as reported by TMZ. Parrish also posted a picture of herself allegedly hooked up to an IV--as if she had just attempted to kill herself over the love triangle in March 2016. As reported by US Magazine, Irving promptly tweeted his support for Parrish but had to clarify they were not dating at the time of her suicide attempt.


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While Quentin Richardson is retired now, he often made waves over who he was dating. Before “Q-Rich” became happily married to Miya Manuel in 2012, the ex-shooting guard was as all over the map with women as he was traveling to and from the five NBA teams he played for during his 13-year career. The one thing that could not be denied regarding Richardson’s dating habits is that the man did not discriminate when it came to age. As summarized by Celebriot, he’s dated slightly younger, such as when he was engaged to ebony goddess Brandy Norwood aka “Brandy” as well as slightly older, with Keisha Knight Pulliam being one year his senior. But Richardson really stepped out of bounds while seeing actress Regina King, ten years older.


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The ex-NBA force at power forward currently playing overseas dated a wilder version of superstar Ciara before she converted to “classy” to win the hand of the Seattle Seahawks’ holy-rolling quarterback Russell Wilson. Ciara didn’t mind exploring her “trashy” side while dating the far less repressed Amar’e Stoudemire in 2011, as reported by TheYBF. Maybe she turned to a purer life when she got “kicked to the curb” by the former Knick. Also include Amar’e as among those who’ve been linked to Amber Rose per Page Six. If Stoudemire is still dating celebrities, they're probably of the Middle Eastern variety, now that he’s in Israel, currently playing for Hapoel Jerusalem.' He's actually been quite successful there, having won the league's MVP award this season.


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Humphries’ celeb marriage to Kim Kardashian qualifies for inclusion here, because pretty much anything Kim Kardashian has done or will do is fair game for any list such as this one--and Kim and Kris' union didn't exactly strengthen the sanctity of marriage in 2011. And, let's face it, without his 72-day nuptials to Kim K, it’s doubtful anyone but the most obscure-minded NBA geek would even be aware of the journeyman Humphries, who has averaged but 6.7 points-per-game in 13 NBA seasons. It seems he'll never be able to escape the label of Kim's former husband.

Following his highly publicized--some suggested “staged”--break-up with Kardashian in 2012, it didn’t appear Humphries got over his ex, as TMZ reported on his five-month relationship with Kim-look-alike and model Fatmire “Myla” Sinanaj.


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Jaric’s NBA career was hardly as impressive as most of the players on this list, as the Serbian shooting guard--a position that demands consistent scoring--never even averaged ten points once in his mediocre career, his high being 9.9 points-per-game for the 2004-05 L.A. Clippers. But off the court Jaric was far more successful, dating supermodel goddess Adriana Lima until they got married in 2009. Their marriage crumbled in 2014, perhaps because Lima prefers active athletes--as TMZ reported she wanted to bear Patriots’ receiving stud Julian Edelman’s child--until Edelman turned her down. But don’t cry for Jaric--by 2015 he was dating Serbian stunner, 23-year old model, Dušica Savić. While he's not in the NBA anymore, he can probably find solace in the fact that he keeps winding up with these stunners.


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The versatile guard has returned to where his career started--with the Dallas Mavericks. One noticeable difference between the Harris of 2004-05 and today is that he has since dated--then married--one of the more risque celebs on this list, former Fear Factor contestant, Playboy Cyber Girl, and oh, “softcore” video vixen Meghan Allen . As noted by various outlets, they started dating while Harris was playing for the New Jersey Nets at the peak of his career, averaging 21.2 points per game in 2008-09 season, and they married in 2013. While it’s true Harris’ career was better during his dating days before he became domesticated by the blonde bombshell, then again, “Father Time” may have caught up with Harris as well, now in his 14th NBA season.


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Fox is a player who pretty much had it all--superior basketball sills and movie-star good looks. Additionally, the small forward, whose full name is Ulrich Alexander Fox, got to play with both the famed Bird-McHale-Parrish trio of the Boston Celtics at the start of his career, and then for the Los Angeles Lakers during their Shaq-Kobe dynasty of the early 2000’s. Needless to say, Fox had his “pick of the litter” on the dating scene, eventually marrying model-actress Vanessa Williams.  However, their 2004 break-up was deemed the “wackiest Hollywood divorce ever” by the National Enquirer, as they went on family vacations together, even while he was openly cheating, with the marriage falling apart.

In more recent years, Fox has dated TV starlets like Eliza Dushku and AnnaLynne McCord, young enough to be Fox’s daughter (he was 45, she was 27).


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Like Quentin Richardson, Parsons does not shy away from dating older women--and younger women--than he, although Parsons goes to more extremes. Although in the case of the still sizzling actress Kate Beckinsale, does age really matter? Apparently not to the small forward for the Memphis Grizzlies, who was on a hot date last August with the leather-clad Beckinsale, who at 43, is 16 years Parsons' senior. More recently, Parsons was linked to a pair of beautiful 19-year-old celebs, Bella Thorne and Savannah Chrisley. At a Grizzlies game at Phoenix earlier this season Thorne wore his jersey like a dress and painted his number 25 on her pretty face--although it only inspired Parsons to score four points in the Grizzlies’ rout. As reported by Hollywood Life, the bisexual Thorne thrills Parsons with her dalliances with other women, while encouraging him to be free and play the court--or field, in this case.


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Here a Kardashian, there a Kardashian, everywhere a Kardashian. If you’re an NBA player associated with a Kardashian, you’ll wind up on this list--even if the end result was once again marriage. Except in this case, the marriage is where the well-documented trashiness began. The final straw was when Kardashian allegedly found a crack pipe in Odom's rental house in June 2016 as reported by TMZ.  As noted by Hollywood Life, Odom turned to a sexy stripper in July 2016, apparently to “recover" from Khloe’s rejection. Also, Odom's inclusion here links to #2 on our list, Tristan Thompson, as the pair had to be “physically separated” fighting over Khloe’s hand--and other body parts, most likely, earlier this year. However, Odom supposedly has been getting “huggy”--but not romantic-- with his Khloe-look-alike assistant, per US Magazine.


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In his 15-year stint as an NBA small forward, Glen Rice proved himself to be a solid scorer, be it in Miami, Charlotte or L.A. , averaging 18.3 points in his career. And Rice apparently did some major scoring off the court as well, if a 2011 unauthorized biography of former Alaska governor--and 2008 U.S. vice-presidential candidate--Sarah Palin can be believed. As reported by the National Enquirer, the book alleges Palin had a one-night stand with Rice in 1987 while she was a sports reporter at Anchorage TV station WTUU and he was a junior star at the University of Michigan, Rice apparently satisfying Palin's "fetish" for sleeping with black men. Rice supposedly confirmed the affair to the book’s author, thus ensuring his inclusion on this list.


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When it was first reported Los Angeles shooting guard Nick Young was dating “hip-pop” superstar Iggy Azalea, this coupling felt more like a case of the hoopster wanting to up his own "Q" rating by dating an upper-echelon celeb--instead of the other way around. Though the Lakers are no longer are lords of L.A., playing for the “purple and gold” still holds considerable cache, and it landed Young the blonde queen of booty, Azalea. However, even Ms. Azalea’s considerable “talents” didn’t seem to be enough for Young’s appetites as People reported that Iggy dumped Nick for cheating on her with “entrepreneur” Keonna Green in 2016.

Allegedly, Young brought Green to his crib while Azalea was on tour and she caught his infidelity by reviewing the security footage. Young shares two children with Green, so they obviously shared a connection Iggy could not provide.


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The second entry on our list from the champion Cleveland Cavaliers, Tristan Thompson has recently been making the tabloids more than the sports pages--despite his achievements, such as setting the franchise’s consecutive-games-played streak at 362 in March 2016. Apparently Khloe Kardashian doesn't find him as reliable on the court, as it was reported on March 9 by The Hollywood Gossip that the blonde Kardashian is so worried that Thompson has resumed sleeping with ex-girlfriend and Instagram model Jordy Craig, she’s enlisted “spies” to watch Thompson’s every move.

Her suspicious mind has some grounding in reality--as Thompson and Craig do have a child together, Craig having given birth to their mutual offspring last December 12. Khloe can also consider herself officially warned, as Iggy Azalea was reported by Hollywood Life as stating Khloe is risking “serious heartbreak” trusting Tristan Thompson.


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Rodman is in basketball’s Hall of Fame, having been inducted in 2011 and is now a Hall of Famer on this list ascending to the top by virtue of his wild fling with superstar Madonna. Yes, long before Madonna adopted a British accent and became classy, she wrote a book called Sex in 1992 and got all kinky and nude. That’s why she was a perfect match with “Worm” during the pierced-and-tatted '90s.  After a romp with actress Vivica A. Fox--including being her date at the 1997 Academy Awards--Rodman went on to marry the gorgeous Carmen Electra in 1998--until the marriage blew up after a year. Lately, the biggest celeb Rodman has had a lovefest with is the "trashiest" of all--North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un, as the Worm infamously hung out with the militaristic despot in 2013.

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