Top 15 NBA Players Who Dated WAY Out Of Their League

In light of this aspect of professional basketball, we decided to make a list of the top 15 NBA players who have dated out of their league.

Ballplayers have great lives. If they play in the NBA, the odds are that they have loads of money, amazing houses, ridiculous cars, the best clothes, they eat the best food, and they get a lot of free stuff from sponsors. But more than any of those, a real trend among professional athletes is that most, if not all of them, have amazing girlfriends and wives. A few of them have great personalities, some of them not so much, but the rule of thumb is that one way or the other most of them are extremely attractive.

The problem is, while their husbands might be great guys, amazing athletes, and have a lot of money, a good portion of professional basketball players is made out of very unattractive fellas. If you search enough, you’re going to lose count of how many lists of ugly NBA players are out there. Nevertheless, that never seems to stop them from getting the best-looking partners off the court.

In light of this aspect of professional basketball, we decided to make a list of the top 15 NBA players who have dated out of their league. Now, remember, we won’t be dealing with personalities or anything like that on this list, this will be a proportional look for look decision in terms of ranking. So feel free to leave a comment afterward and let us know if you agree with the selections or you have a complaint to make. Better yet, if you remember somebody we left out of the list, leave a comment below so your peers can be judges as well. So get ready for some heartbreak because here are the top ballplayers who dated out of their league.

15 Zaza Pachulia


Zaza is hunting for an NBA title with the Golden State Warriors. He’s a hard worker on the court, helping out Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson whenever they need an offensive rebound in the rare case they miss one of the many three-pointers they shoot every game. For a guy like Zaza, playing on this Warriors team is certainly a win.

But his real victory was off the court because his wife Tika is absolutely out of his league. Zaza is far from being the ugliest guy on this list, but he might have the most attractive wife. The lucky Pachulia and his wife are a happy couple, and they have three children, two sons, and one daughter. Hopefully, for Zaza, he will be able to win the championship, but even if he doesn’t, we doubt he will too sad after he gets home.

14 Lou Williams


Lou Williams is one of the best sixth men in the league. Any team he has ever played for always had a reliable and prolific scoring presence coming off the bench. Williams even won the Sixth Man of the Year award in 2015. Statistics-wise, he has always averaged double-digit points since 2007. Today he plays for the Houston Rockets, and alongside a player like James Harden, it’s hard to imagine Lou Williams will be slowing down anytime soon.

Off the court, Williams is a prolific scorer as well. His most incredible scoring performance actually happened off the court as Williams had two girlfriends at the same time. Their names are Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell, or as Lou called them: “Blonde” and “Brown.”

The most amazing part is that the two seemed to be entirely fine with the arrangement. There are tons of pictures of them together on Instagram, and none of the three appear to have had any problem letting the world know what was going on. So here we take a bow for Lou Will because the man’s got game.

13 Thabo Sefolosha


Sefolosha has built himself a reputation as one of the most tenacious defenders in the game of basketball. He has been in the NBA since 2006 when he was picked up by the Chicago Bulls. And ever since then, he has featured in the nightmares of some of the most proficient scorers in the NBA. From LeBron James to Kevin Durant, they all had to deal with Sefolosha’s antics. Now with the Atlanta Hawks, Sefolosha is still trying to make his mark and finally win a championship while showcasing his stellar defense.

While he’s a master of it inside the court, Sefolosha also seems to be good when it comes to locking down outside of the basketball court. All you need to do is take a look at his wife, Bertille Sefolosha. The master defender and his wife have two daughters.

12 Klay Thompson


Klay Thompson might be a superstar, an NBA champion and much more, but he’s not a great-looking dude. Well, at least he’s not good looking enough to go out with Hannah Stocking. She is one of the most famous Internet stars of today and without a doubt one of the best-looking ones. The numbers speak for themselves as she has over 6.3 million followers on Instagram.

So we all know Klay likes to shoot a lot when he’s on the basketball court, and he scores a lot as well. His relationship with Hannah seemed to go pretty well, but the problem was that Thompson might shoot a little bit too well for his own good.

So Klay had it good for a while, but apparently, you can’t keep a shooter from shooting.

11 Iman Shumpert


A 2016 NBA champion, Shumpert is a sure feature in the defending champs Cleveland Cavaliers' roster. Shumpert was also named to the NBA All-Rookie first team in 2012 when he played for the New York Knicks.

He is the definition of a role player. He can perform with the best of them, but we won’t see him headlining any All-Star ballots. Nevertheless, Shumpert is one of those guys who made a pretty decent living as an NBA player and probably will still make one for years to come.

On the relationship spectrum, he’s about as lucky as he is in terms of the team he plays. He is married to singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer, actress, model, and rapper Teyana Taylor. Those are a lot of definitions for only one person to have. Still, one picture is all it will take for you to see how she is out of his league. But luckily for Shumpert, Taylor seems pretty happy with their marriage, and they have a daughter. Well played Iman, well played.

10 Amar'e Stoudemire


Stoudemire is one of those big men who defined a generation. His playing in the Phoenix Suns alongside Steve Nash is something those who witnessed it will never forget. They were arguably one of the most fun duos to watch in the history of basketball. After that, however, Stat seldom showed up on headlines again even though he played in the league until last season when he featured in 52 games for the Miami Heat. He was a good player after Phoenix, but never returned to his superstar status. Nevertheless, he did well enough to marry Alexis Welch.

The couple has been together for a long time as they married in 2012, but they have dated since 2002. Today Amare and Alexis have four children, and Stoudemire plays in Israel.

9 Julius Randle


Randle’s only 22, and he’s already making waves in the NBA. His team, the Los Angeles Lakers, might not be in the best of positions right now, but Randle is a sure prospect of someone who will become an All-Star someday. After a devastating injury ended his rookie season, Randle came back and gave the Lakers everything they expected. Averaging nearly a double-double for his career so far (12.2 points per game and 9.4 rebounds per game), he is set to lead this team for the next decade to come.

His success, however, propelled not only his career. His fiancée Kendra Shaw has also reaped the fruits of Randle’s performance on the court. If you don’t believe that, just ask the over 21,000 followers she has on Instagram. The couple also has a son, Kyden, who was born in 2016.

8 Matt Barnes


Maybe it’s all the tattoos, maybe it’s his face, or maybe it’s his attitude, but the bottom line is that Matt Barnes doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who a woman as beautiful as Gloria Govan would want to marry. Be it as it may, they were married for almost three years.

On the court, Barnes is known for his tenacity and for sometimes taking shots at other players. And believe it or not apparently outside of the court Barnes wasn’t so different. He was arrested in 2010 on suspicion of domestic violence against Govan, and then he was arrested again in 2012 for driving with a suspended license and threatening a police officer.

Their relationship was well-publicized enough that Govan appeared on the TV show Basketball Wives LA.

7 Anthony Davis


Several legends have already come out and said that The Brow is the future of the league. An athletic, long, and versatile forward, Davis can do it all. He is a Kevin Durant who scores mostly inside the paint, but he has been developing his shooting. Also, with the addition of DeMarcus Cousins to his squad, the New Orleans Pelicans are slowly becoming a prime-time team in the NBA.

As his nickname speaks for itself, Davis is not the best looking of guys, which makes the fact that he dated Dylan Gonzalez all the more impressive. Dylan and her twin sister Dakota are basketball players who are good-looking enough that they even drew attention from Drake. Nevertheless, Anthony Davis was the one who got to date Dylan. Do you think she is out of his league? Cast your ballots.

6 Al Horford


Horford is one of the most versatile big men in the league. Every night he is a threat for a double-double, and every year he’s a threat for an All-Star spot. Since he joined the Celtics, Horford has solidified himself as the pillar big man on a team with a chance to compete for the title. Off the court, he’s also got himself a pretty good set up.

Since 2011 the Celtics' center has been married to Amelia Vega, a singer, actress, and model from the Dominican Republic. She has won titles in the world of modeling, including the Miss Dominican Republic in 2002 and the Miss Universe in 2003. And in her family, beauty runs in the blood as her mother Patricia was the Dominican Republic’s representative in the Miss World of 1980.

5 Kyrie Irving


Kyrie is an unstoppable force on the court for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He has already helped the King win his first championship in Cleveland and is now helping LeBron gun for a second one. His talent with the basketball is unquestionable, but his skills with the ladies are legendary as well.

Kyrie has been linked to several famous and beautiful women throughout the world of celebrities, social media stars, and several others.

Two ladies who lead the pack of Kyrie's conquests are Brazilian model Natalia Garibotto, who has also been linked to a relationship with football star DeSean Jackson, and none other than Doc Rivers’s daughter Callie Rivers.

So think about this next time you watch Kyrie destroy the Clippers while Doc Rivers is on the bench and Austin Rivers is on the court.

4 Andre Drummond


Drummond has been establishing himself as one of the best big men in the league. He led the Pistons yet another season averaging a double-double even as he played fewer minutes than last year. But we’re here to talk about his off the court antics. Their relationship might have ended a while back, but the hookup between Andre Drummond and iCarly star Jennette McCurdy was one of those that nobody saw coming. Their height difference by itself is almost funny when you think about it as Drummond is 6’11” while McCurdy is only 5’2”.

She is still out of Drummond’s league in terms of looks. The relationship also hit a bad note even after it was over as some lingerie pictures of McCurdy were leaked and fingers were instantly pointed at Drummond. Either way, Andre said he didn’t do it, and to this day nobody proved he did.

3 Nick Young


Swaggy P is one of those players who truly believes himself to be the best who ever played the game. So what stops us from thinking he thinks he’s the best at everything else? The answer might be nothing, but it might also be D’Angelo Russell. Unless you don’t follow sports at all, you know that Nick Young got caught on camera by D’Angelo Russell saying some stuff that ultimately led to the breakup of his engagement with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.

They have broken up and moved on, but this is still one of the big time relationships involving a professional athlete and another celebrity we’ve had in the past few years. And let’s be honest, Swaggy P might have one of the funniest personalities in the league, but Iggy Azalea is very much out of his league.

2 Landry Fields


Fields was a very promising player in an era that the New York Knicks much-needed promising players. He would rile crowds in New York with his dunks and long range shots. Fields even made an appearance on the NBA’s rising stars challenge. He then played a few years with Toronto before getting injured and eventually retiring.

But it was not all sadness for Landry as he scored big time off the court and married model Elaine Alden in 2014. The couple’s happily married, and they have a young son who was born in 2013. So even though Landry spends most of his time watching basketball from outside the court as a college scout for the San Antonio Spurs, we feel safe to assume that he is still a happy guy.

1 Omer Asik


We might as well say this guy won the lottery. The reports are a little iffy, but the sheer amount of them have to make us consider that this actually happened. Asik, the Turkish player who is mostly known as one of the goofiest seven footers in the NBA, actually went out with former Miss USA and Miss Ohio Lindsay Davis.

Asik is a good basketball player, and he can go night in the night out against the best centers in the league. But to say he’s got the looks to go out with this model is crazy. Davis even has a few film appearances and TV appearances on her resume. She appeared on shows like Entourage, White Collar, Gossip Girl, and even played a part on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

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