Top 15 NBA Players Who Do Not Like LeBron James

Have you ever wondered who the top 15 NBA players who do not like Lebron are?

If so, then you will love this article dedicated to those who do not like LeBron James (and those who LeBron James probably does not like either).

Our list is compiled with NBA players who at some time during their careers did not like LeBron and a few that have not liked him from day one. We tried our best to make it only players that REALLY do not like Lebron, but some of them are pretty hilarious and had to be mentioned.

It's no surprise really that LeBron has his share of people who don't like him. When you're the greatest in your profession, odds are not everyone's going to like you. Add in the fact that LeBron was touted as the next one all the way from high school. When someone comes into the pros with that much hype, it takes a while for them to win their peers over.

We may not have covered everyone, but we are sure that you will enjoy this article and at the very least be entertained thanks to Lance Stephenson....spoiler? Sorry.

For the record, I almost added Cleveland to the list because no one had more hate for LeBron than they did back when Sir James tipped his hat and left. But alas, Cleveland is not a single person it is a place.

Anyhow, our list begins with one of my favorite LeBron reactions to a foul by a former Brooklyn Net.

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14 Mirza Teletovic

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Some of you are probably saying, "why did Mirza end up on this list?"

I agree that Mirza really has no beef with LeBron and more than likely actually liked LeBron at some point. There was only one real time these guys "got into it" on the court and it honestly looked like Mr. James blew it completely out of reality.

Mirza wanted to wrap James up on the fast break, but at the last second James turned and got lower than Mirza anticipated resulting in what appeared to be an "around the neck" foul.

After the foul, James rushed Teletovic and accused him of a "non-basketball play" while Teletovic simply threw his hands up, smiled and laughed. (It was nothing compared to some of the fouls from guys on this list, clearly....but it was hilarious!)

So, Teletovic made the list because James thinks/wants Teletovic to not like him. Does James know that Teletovic grew up surrounded by war for most of his life and has gone on record saying he would die for basketball? Do you really want someone that tough to not like you?  Hindsight Sir James.....

13 Nate Robinson

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

This small, but tough player probably does not like James for more than my reason for putting him on the list. My reasoning here, King James decided to heavily sit on his throne (aka Nate Robinson's face in this case).

Okay, it did not happen exactly like that. They were both diving for a loose ball and James dove a bit late which resulted in him basically landing on Robinson's head/upper body which then resulted in Robinson's face slamming into the floor.

If that is not enough to convince you that Robinson does not like James, then here are a couple extras for you; Nate slapped the King across the face on a made lay-up on national TV and it went all over social media. Also, when Robinson tried to call the Heat for a job he was denied immediately.

12 Jimmy Butler

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Butler and James have played each other quite a bit and have also gotten into it during a game more than once. (Something about the Bulls not liking Lebron James...)

Anyhow, these guys certainly compete hard and Butler has made it very clear that he will not back down from and is not intimidated by James.

One play in particular sticks out in my mind and that is the play when James came down with Butler, tangled him up with his legs and made sure that Butler went down too.

Butler manages a smooth kick to the King's face right before the camera panned down to the other side of court. I would say Butler held his own and was "not intimidated in the slightest."

11 Jonas Valanciunas

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

James has taken a lot of tough fouls in his career, but the one from Valanciunas was definitely a hard "tackle" type foul that left James a bit frustrated.

After the hard foul (that was upgraded to a flagrant) James refused the helping hand of Valanciunas and jerked his hand away nearly starting a brief scuffle.

Although Valanciunas claimed he simply did not want James to get a dunk, there seemed to be some hint of malice with the hit and after when James refused his help up.

At least these two would be closer to a fair fight than most everyone else on this list.

10 Danny Granger

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Granger and James have a bit of a history when it comes to trash talk and close altercations on the basketball court.

Granger is an easy going guy, but he made it clear that he felt LeBron, the Heat and the league had been disrespecting his team. He also made it clear that he would not stand for it.

On one specific altercation James had made a steal on Granger so to stop the fast break Granger grabbed his jersey and pulled to stop James. As James came backwards and Granger went forward around him, James launched his elbow very close to where Granger's face was a second or two earlier. Thus Granger got in the King's face and let him know elbows aren't acceptable.

Seems like LeBron is causing a lot of these problems and almost forcing players to not like him....on a regular basis. LeBron: "He is doing it for his own psyche, it's stupid."

9 Patrick Beverley

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Here we have another case where it certainly appears that James is attempting to make players not like him and doing it against someone half his size....again.

On a bang-bang play, LeBron ended up on top of Beverley and would not let Beverley up afterwards then proceeded to push down on Beverley's chest in order to help himself get up while pinning Beverley to the court.

Of course Beverley (and no one else for that matter) was not having it and wrapped up LeBron so he could not get up. It then escalated into a small wrestling match until they were separated.

At least James didn't sit on Beverley's face.

9. David Blatt

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Yes I know he is LeBron's head coach. Or wait, is LeBron Blatt's coach?

Not only does Lebron disrespect other players only to play the victim afterwards, but he also disrespects his head coach openly, blatantly humiliating him in front of the team, the other team, the fans, the league and the world.

Is this what should be expected from a players who claims to be the best in the world and is potentially a legend in the making? Absolutely not.

During the Finals, LeBron called timeouts, made his own substitutions, refused Blatt's plays, openly/loudly scolded Blatt when he disagreed with LeBron and the list goes on.

Did I mention that James actually shoved his head coach David Blatt about five feet in the middle of a televised game against the Suns and then claimed he was saving Blatt from a technical foul?

8 Nazr Mohammed

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This is by far one of my favorite fouls on Lebron James and possibly my favorite of all time (although James Harden kicking him in the groin was a bit funny... just kidding, shame on you Harden we are all adults here).

Nazr attempted to foul James on a fast break opportunity and as he fouled him James did a slick spin move and helped/shoved Mohammed to the ground immediately receiving a technical foul.

Apparently, Mohammed really did not like that (and does not like James) because he got up and while James argued the technical call, Mohammed two-hand shoved James who went about 3 feet backwards before falling and sliding another 5 feet.

Mohammed was ejected, but received an ovation and a roar of approval from the crowd before exiting to the locker room. If you have not seen this, you must YouTube it.

7 Jermaine O'Neal

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

O'Neal (and a number of former Celtics) do not like LeBron and have had many hard fouls on the King over the years, most of them coming in the playoffs.

In this case, O'Neal has made it very clear he does not like James to the point of waiting outside the locker room in order to confront James after a number of hard nosed (dirty) plays back and forth.

It is pretty clear to see why O'Neal does not like James because in most of the hard plays O'Neal certainly takes the worst of it.

6 Kevin Garnett

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

It's no surprise the former Celtic is on this list, although I think we could easily make the case that KG does not like anyone, nor do many like him...

Anyhow, KG has made it very clear that he does not like LeBron and has been trash talking and hard fouling LeBron for years. LeBron certainly did not help the situation by talking a bunch of nonsense back to KG and the Celtics, but I digress.

KG had to make this list because of all the hard fought games he played against LeBron and the malice/animosity built up from the battles.

5 Mario Chalmers

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Chalmers played the "little brother" role on the talented and veteran stacked Miami Heat with LeBron and it quickly became a love/hate relationship.

No one in the NBA was yelled at or scolded more than Chalmers during his stint in Miami. This got so bad that the two of them almost got into a fight while on the bench during a timeout. (Maybe they should have been put in timeout?)

At this point, Chalmers dislikes LeBron so much that he won't even say Lebron's name anymore and refers to LeBron as "that guy" these days.

Another player who does not like LeBron because of disrespectful behavior.....

4 Delonte West

via cleveland.com

Where to begin....

How strange this relationship became back when they were teammates. According to West, LeBron helped him out him out when West was going through some rough times in his life. It seemed like they had developed a close friendship.

However, for years there have been rumors swirling around West including one involving the King's mom and a possible relationship she had with West. ( I still can't believe this...)

Does that sound like something a good friend would do to a good friend? Or does West REALLY not like Lebron?

3 Lance Stephenson

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Now the fun begins!

These two players have a long and unique basketball history ranging from hard fouls, to trash talk, to simple (and epic) comedy.

There is no love lost between Stephenson and James who continue to meet each other in the playoffs with crucial games.

Typically it is hard fouls and/or trash talk, but Stephenson tried a different approach in their most recent battle....softly blowing in Lebron's ear during a game....

By far the funniest thing I have ever seen in a basketball game (to date, what will he do next year?). If you have not seen this, I strongly suggest you check it out.

2 Paul Pierce

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

No question here. Pierce has gone on record saying, "I can't stand" LeBron or any of the young generation of the NBA in an interview with the Mike and Mike show.

For years Pierce and James have battled in and out of the playoffs. There has been a lot of very hard and even questionable fouls, a lot of trash talk and a lot of near brawls between these two and teams...no matter what teams they are on.

With Pierce being so open about his disdain for James and his entire generation, he earned the number two spot on the list.

1 Joakim Noah

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

You guessed it, Noah of course has to be the number one candidate on our list of NBA players who do not like LeBron.

"Do not like" may be a serious understatement in this case as Noah has openly called LeBron some very nasty and disrespectful things that cannot be repeated in this article.

They have probably gone at it (verbally and physically) more times than anyone on this list and unlike Stephenson's antics, this case is not very funny.

There is a long history of hate between these guys and I do not ever see it stopping. With that said, the number one NBA player who does not like LeBron is.......Mr. Joakim Noah who apparently needs some Orbits gum for his "dirty mouth."

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