Top 15 NBA Players You Didn't Know Have Hot Partners

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You have no idea how hard it is to keep up with NBA players and their love life. One day they are married, then divorced, then they get back together. One hour they are engaged, the next they are sleeping with someone else, and then engaged again. One minute they are planning to propose, the next the woman is with another athlete in a different sport and having "someone's" baby. One second it is complete chaos I tell you, then it's quiet, and then back to chaos. CHAOS! Thank you.

The life of an NBA player has got to be surreal, challenging, and many get caught up in all the faces they see and people they meet. The money, the women, the secrets between couples and those outside the "circle of trust," are 50% gossip and 50% truth. There is so much deception and cheating, but also honesty and compassion, that everyone is constantly unsure of where their relationships stand.

Many of these athletes get so caught up in the superficial stuff, the desire to trend upward, name drop hip hop stars, or keep up with fashion they have more  "baby-mommas" than rings. Whether they are just to young to handle all the distractions, too immature, or just don't care, they are passing off relationships faster than assists. The drama escalates with reality shows, where wives and girlfriends marry and divorce as often as the boyfriend, fiance, or husband is traded. It's no wonder their sneakers make such squeaky sounds.

But there are guys that are as faithful and honest in their relationships that they are to the game. Their wife and children enrich their lives. The best players in the game are either married or completely avoid the circus. The men with rings know how to keep their private lives private or fall in... say it quietly... love. They decided to live with the sweat sound of all net.

As the world turns in the NBA, quicker than a spinning ball on a fingertip, there are all kinds. As Biggie wrote, "Now, who's hot who not/ Tell me who rock who sell out in the stores/You tell me who flopped who copped..." before it changes as quickly as a 1 point lead.

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16 Cory Joseph

via twitter.com

A woman wearing your jersey in a stadium must feel awesome, but a cutie like Stefanie Gazmin wearing it is hot.For Joseph, a late first round pick by the Spurs out of the University of Texas, where he played for only one year before turning pro, he must feel like he's living the dream. Then, he was part of the Spurs championship team in 2014, and got a ring that players also wait their entire career for. But his game never really took off and he is now a member of the Raptors. The 6'3" guard from Canada is hitting that time in his career where if he doesn't establish himself, he could be traded every two years. He's getting about 25 minutes a game but still averaging under 10 points per game.

Last check, his relationship with Stephanie was also at a crossroads. They were engaged, then not, and then again. I hope Joseph checks himself. He's just 25, and there are all types of futures out there he can have in the palm of his hands.

15 Matt Barnes

via enstarz.com

The 37-year-old has played for the Clippers, Kings, Knicks, Sixers, Warriors, Suns, Magic, Lakers, Clippers (again and why?), Grizzlies, Kings (did they miss something the first time around?), and the Warriors (are breakups that hard?). Phew. I would LOVE to know the reason for all of these transactions and what the GMs were thinking or hoping. Anyway, Matt seemed to get it right when he married Gloria Govan, with whom he has twins. However, his career changed when he was  arrested in 2010 on suspicion of domestic violence, and again, two years later, for driving with a suspended license and threatening a police officer. Wonder what the NFL would have done? Though the couple is reportedly  separated, the NBA seems to take this stuff lightly, but let's hope he's really changed if she decides to give him a second chance like three NBA teams did.

14 Ben Simmons

via blacksportsonline.com

It's a shame we didn't get to see Ben Simmons play in his true rookie season. Both because we would have liked to have seen what last year's no.1 overall pick would have done and we could have seen more of his girlfriend Brittany Renner courtside. Renner had previously been dating Colin Kaepernick but the fitness model has moved on to perhaps the next superstar of the NBA in Simmons. Unsurprisingly, Renner has 2.4 million followers on Instagram and her profile is only going to grow once Simmons is playing on a regular basis and we see more of her.

Oh, in case you were wondering, you could follow Renner on Instagram at bundleofbrittany. You can thank us later.

13 Harrison Barnes

via youtube.com

Barnes was taken with the 7th overall pick in 2012 and he must have envisioned a long, happy marriage with the perennial winners. Instead, after his Warriors won the championship in 2015, he was unceremoniously shipped to the Mavs and instead married Britt Johnson and won Gold for Team USA. Not a bad way to start a career! Though I'm sure he'd still like to be on Golden State, his stats are starting to improve and he seems to be a part of the Mavs future. But he's also at that precarious point where younger guys are going to push him. Though he's just 24, these next few years are key for Barnes to make a name, establish himself, and to also enjoy his life with his wife.

12 Jrue Holiday

via pinterest.com

The 17th overall pick by the Sixers in 2009 is now playing for the Pelicans. In the summer of 2013, he married United States soccer player Lauren Cheney, who he met at UCLA. They began dating after he was drafted by the Sixers, and started a combination camp of soccer and basketball at their Alma Mater. In 2016, Lauren was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and Jrue took a leave from the Pelicans to take care of her. After giving birth to their first child, a daughter, she had brain surgery and began her rehabilitation. Her health is improving, so maybe that can inspire Jrue.

The 6'4" point guard is only 26 and a 1 time all star. He'll be entering his 9th season, and though his numbers seemed to have plateaued , he's shown so much loyalty and character he deserves to find a good home, with a contender, and a key role.

11 Kyle Korver

via fabwags.com

Korver, now in his 14th season, married the singer, artsy looking Juliet Richardson in 2011. She became popular in 2000 as the singer for "1 plus 1," and their single "Cherry Bomb" reached the Top 40. She also hit it with her 2005 album entitled, "Random Order" and the track "Avalon." So while she's making music, Korver might finally win a ring with the Cavs as his career draws to an end. He's also played with the Sixers, Jazz, Bulls, Hawks, and predominantly came off the bench to provide a spark and try to get on a run of sinking three pointers. Korver started a charitable foundation wherever he went with the "Kyle Korver Foundation."He began a coat drive while with the Sixers, the "Socktober Drive" where he collects socks for homeless people in Atlanta, and participated in the NBA's Basketball Without Borders.


9 Kosta Koufos

via starstalentstudio.com

So what happens to most 7 footers who play one year of college ball and think, "Wow, this is easy. I'll go pro!" Well, on the court they get terribly exposed and play for 5 teams in 9 years. They usually pay for their decision the "hardaway," and have very little to show for it, save for a nice collection of jerseys and a few million that slowly disappears. Off the court, players get to meet people like the 2012 Miss Utah contestant, Leia Sergakis. The couple is engaged, and you know that by playing 20 minutes a game, averaging 6 points and 6 boards, that she has got to be the best person in his life.

Also, when he ends up being forced to play overseas, the beauty queen will most likely follow and look for opportunities in modeling or acting. I guess that's NOT a bad result of having a forgettable career.

8 Julius Randle

via gotceleb.com

The Lakers selected Randle with the 7th pick in 2014 draft, and already there is some speculation he may be on the trade block. He's another 7th pick with issues, and maybe thr Lucky #7 isn't so lucky after all. One area where he did strike it rich is with wome, in particular his made for a bikini wife, Kendra Shaw. But Randle's having trouble getting started after only 1 season at Kentucky (stay in school!), as he's averaged 28 minutes per game. In 2016, Shaw gave birth to their first child, a son. I am sure he doesn't want to get out of bed in the morning, but with a wife and child I hope he focuses on his game on the hardwood.

7 Jason Maxiell

via salutemag.com

The 6'7", 2260 pound Maxiel played 8 years in Detroit but just started playing in Turkey. Leave it to reality TV and the NBA to find the drama. His wife, Brandi, at age 24 was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and suffered through the mental, physical, and emotional effects of sickness. She lost her hair, was sick, and weak. Jason was with Orlando at the time and stood by her as she fought her way back to health. However, she later found out he cheated, and they separated with her having custody of their son.

He was in the doghouse for sure, but when she told him there would be "plenty of men waiting in line," and you can bet there will be more than plenty, it seems he heard her loud and clear and is flying right.

6 Devin Harris

via lisimg.com

Though the Mavs may regret trading up to eventually acquire Harris as the 5th overall pick in 2004, he's not regretting meeting and marrying Meghan Allen. Though his career has been a little unstable, playing for the Mavs, Nets, Jazz, and Hawks, he was an All-Star in 2009 and has a pretty solid home life. Meghan has been on the television show "Fear Factor," posed for Playboy, and been on The Howard Stern Show. But most importantly, aside from being a mother of two children, she hosted a fundraiser for ovarian cancer. Devin may not be living the stereotypical high life on the court, but he's certainly making the right choices off the court.

5 Al Horford

via arteymedia.com

Al was born in the Dominican Republic and won two NCAA Championships with the Florida Gators. He works his on court magic with the surging Celtics, is a 4 x NBA All Star, and in 2011, he married Amelia Vega. She was the first Dominican woman named Miss Universe in 2003, when she was just 18 years old. Amelia has hosted the Mexican reality show "Segunda Oportunidad," been featured in "Cosmopolitan" and "Glamour," is a musician, and owns 2 boutiques in Florida. Even cooler, she is has traveled the world with different organizations as an outspoken supporter for education and awareness about AIDS and HIV. The couple has a son, Ean Horford Vega, and a daughter, Alía Horford Vega.

4 DeAndre Jordan

via blogspot.com

It's a shame we don't know more about DeAndre Jordan's girlfriend Amber Alvarez. We know she's a model and here she is showing off her stuff on top of a car (every guy's dream, right?) Alvarez got her modeling start in Dallas but in 2011, she wound up moving to Los Angeles to further her career, which is likely where she met DeAndre. Remember the whole fiasco of Jordan almost signing with the Mavs a few years ago only to back out and re-sign with the Clippers? Well, perhaps Alvarez begged him to stay in L.A. so her modeling career could keep going in a bigger market. It's remarkable that Alvarez has somehow managed to fly under the radar even though she's among the hottest NBA WAGs out there.

3 Carmelo Anthony

via wikimedia.org

Carmello Anthony is living a pretty interesting life, on and off the court. The Brooklyn native, a small forward at 6'8" and 240 pounds, won the NCAA championship with the Syracuse Orangemen in 2003. Taken 3rd overall in 2003 by the Nuggets, he's returned to his hometown Knicks and is a 10 time All- Star. However, he's also been in trouble off the court, was busted for marijuana and a DUI. Still, he's been involved with charity work by organizing Christmas parties, opening a youth center in Baltimore, and he donated 1.5 million to The Living Classrooms Foundation in Baltimore.

In 2010, he married the bright and attractive Alani Nicole Vazquez-Anthony. She's a Howard graduate, appeared on television, wrote a New York Ties' best seller, and is a fashion designer. They have a son together, and set an example of how entertainers, athletes, and couples can be positive influences even after making a few mistakes.

2 David Fizdale

via youtube.com

We may be cheating a little here by including a coach's wife, but David Fizdale really has scored an incredible looking woman. Natasha Sen-Fizdale. We managed to see Fizdale deliver an inspiring rant for his players during these playoffs during the Grizzlies' series with the Spurs, so perhaps Fizdale's charisma and passion is what drew Natasha to him. Natasha runs a marketing company and by the looks of things, she appears to be a lot younger than David, although her exact age remains a bit of a mystery. Natasha got a lot more attention this spring with her husband guiding his team to the NBA playoffs, so that probably means we should be rooting for Memphis to advance further next year.

1 Paul George

via fabwags.com

Paul George may have a big decision to make in the next couple of years of whether he wants to continue his NBA career in Indiana or if he wants to make the jump to his hometown of Los Angeles. Well, we'd assume that he'd have to run his decision by Destiny Marie. He should be doing everything he can to make her happy because Destiny was there for George through his gruesome leg injury suffered a few years ago and we figure he'd want to keep her around, wherever he goes. Perhaps if George makes the move to L.A. we'd be hearing more about Destiny given that he'd be playing in a bigger market. Looks like everybody wins in that case.

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