Top 15 Reasons People Love Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry has had the best year of his career.  He won the 2014-15 season MVP award and then went on to lead his team to their first NBA Championship since 1975 this past June.  Since then, Curry's fan base has gone through the roof, not only for his play on the court, but also for his actions off the court involving his family and others.

Curry is the most popular NBA superstar in the league at this point, no questions asked. His personality, his family, his unselfishness, and of course his shooting and play on the court has gained him respect from fans, coaches, and players.

Curry and the Warriors were the center of attention to start the 2015-16 season as well as they started the season 24-0 before finally losing to the Milwaukee Bucks.  Curry has been unreal this season. Just when you thought Curry could not get any better, he proves all the doubters wrong. Curry and the Warriors are looking like they want another NBA Championship and Curry may add another MVP trophy along with that.

What makes Curry so loved by the public?  Is it his family, his humbleness, or just his exciting play on the court?  Well there are various reasons to love the current MVP and everything he does on and off thee court.

Here are 15 of those reasons.

15 Following in Father's Footsteps 

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If you know Steph Curry then of course you know his father Dell Curry, who played in the NBA for 16 seasons.  People that were fans of Dell in the past are most likely fans of Steph, especially other former players who have their sons playing in the league as well.

14 Curry's Passion/Calmness

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Curry shows his passion for the game every time he steps on the court.  Curry really shows his love for the game when he hits a big shot or a three pointer, which is basically every other play.  Although Curry shows that he is passionate, he is also a very calm player.

13 Looks

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12 How Curry Met Ayesha Curry

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Curry met his current wife Ayesha Curry when they were in North Carolina.  They  were both part of a youth group at the Central Church of God in Charlotte, N.C. and started dating as teenagers.  After dating for three years, Curry proposed to his Ayesha in her parent's driveway in 2011.  The following year they had America's favorite daughter, Riley Curry.

11 Dancing

10 Good Father

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In a world where children not having a father in their lives is becoming the norm, especially in the African-American community, Curry has proved that there are still good fathers out there who care for and love their children.  America met Curry's daughter Riley last year during the NBA playoffs and fell in love with the bond her and Curry shared.

9 Funny/Humorous

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8 Team Player

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

You would think that as good as Curry is, he would be a Westbrook, Kobe, or Allen inversion type of player that demands the ball and then basically shoots or passes on their own terms.  However, Curry is far from that type of player.

7 His Pure Shooting

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Curry has become the type of player that every time he shoots the ball, opponents hold their breath.  Curry's shooting has become so surreal that people are more surprised when he misses a shot then when he makes one.  What makes his shot even better is the release of it.  Curry releases the ball as quick as 0.3 seconds, which means he doesn't need much time or space to get his shot off.

6 Humble

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With all this talent, the MVP award, the NBA Championships, starting this season 24-0, you would think Curry would have a little cockiness to him.  That's not the case. Curry is the same person that he was when he first entered the NBA with the Warriors in 2009.

5 Relationship with Wife

Ayesha and Stephen Curry are not your typical couple.  They love to have fun and live life to the fullest.  On social media they are seen making parody videos together.  Their latest video on Instagram was a parody of the movie Frozen, where they acted out a scene together that got over 648,000 likes.

4 Social Media 


Curry is not only entertaining on the court, but off the court as well.  Curry finds a different way all the time to keep his 6.9 million followers entertained on Instagram. Whether it's videos of him, his wife, daughter, friends, or teammates, Curry finds a way to keep his followers satisfied.

3 Religion

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Curry has expressed his religion publicly multiple times and is never ashamed to talk about it.  Every time the ball goes through the net, he shows his faith in Christ literally.  "I try to use every game as an opportunity to witness. I try to do a little signal every time I make a shot as a way to preach the message in little ways that I can," Curry told Active Faith. "Each game is an opportunity to be on a great stage and be a witness for Christ. When I step on the floor, people should know who I represent, who I believe in."

2 His Daughter Riley

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

During the NBA Playoffs of the Golden State Warriors NBA Championship run earlier this year, Curry's daughter reveled herself to the crowd.  It's not uncommon for players to bring their kids to press conferences after the game, like LeBron James, Chris Paul, and others have done in the past, but usually their children sit there quietly and stare at the hundreds of people asking their fathers questions.  Not Riley Curry.  Riley acted like she was home during Curry's press conference.

1 Exciting Player

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The most obvious reason to love the current NBA MVP is because he is the most exciting player we have seen since Allen Iverson.  Curry has become that player you want to watch play every game. Whether the Warriors are playing the Philadelphia 76ers or the Cleveland Cavaliers, as long as Curry is playing, it's a must watch game.

From his shooting, to his dribbling, to his passes, Curry puts on a show every time he steps on the court.  Curry is getting better every year, which means we can expect to watch this show for many seasons to come.

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Top 15 Reasons People Love Stephen Curry